tagSci-Fi & FantasyRebecca in the Maru

Rebecca in the Maru

byWayne Extreme©

Note: If you've read my other stories, you may notice a recurrence of names. I like using my first and middle names in the stories. That away I really get a feel for my writing. Like the others this is a fictional story. I really appreciate any comments

* * * * *

I was new to the crew of the Andromeda Ascendant, rescued after being hunted by Dragon's for stealing something that didn't belong to them at all. The bastards took a necklace that had a picture of my dear beloved wife, that was not only brutally raped by members of the Drago Catsof pride, but was also killed by them as well. They beat me when I came home and found my wife dead and stole the necklace. After a long bit of planning, I was able to avenge my wife's death and manage to get my most beloved possession back as well. I escaped one of their slave worlds by stealing a star-fighter, luckily for me, when I was about to become apart of space, the Andromeda showed up and saved me.

I talked with the captain of the ship, Dillan Hunt, and his most executive officer and the avatar of his ship Andromeda (Romie for short), and managed to convince them to let me join the crew and help them in their fight not only to defeat the Dragon's but help save and re-unite the entire galaxy. That all happened maybe a couple of days ago, and now I'm familiar with the entire crew, especially Seamus Harper who I now consider to be a real good friend, and the ship herself Andromeda. In her spare time Romie taught me about my new High Guard Staff which is a very gentle looking, but deadly weapon. One day I was walking through the halls of the ship when I saw her, Rebecca Valentine, captain of the Urika Maru and also the pilot of the Andromeda.

Lately, I've noticed how much she looked like my late wife. And every time I saw her, I knew that I had to have her and one day I got my chance. The entire crew went down to one of the former Commonwealth planets in order to get them back into the new Commonwealth which was founded by Captain Hunt. Like I said, all the crew went except for Rebecca and me. Rebecca opted to stay behind and work on repairing the Maru and I wanted to stay because I wasn't very skilled in the ways of diplomacy like the others were. I knew that they would all be gone for a while and decided that I may never get another chance like this.

So, I hurriedly made my way down to the docking bay, where the Maru was, went inside and found Rebecca working on the control systems at the front of the ship. "Hey, Nick." She said. "What are you up to?"

"Oh nothing." I replied. She turned her back to me and I looked around and quickly spotted a bunch of wire that I could use to tie up her hands with. I looked down at myself for a second; I stood maybe 6'3'' tall, but weighed maybe 160 pounds. I brushed my brown hair aside, and rubbed the sleep out of my sea-blue eyes. I knew that if I could get her hands close together she was mine. Even though I don't appear it, I am rather strong. I quickly grabbed the wire, grabbed her hands and pulled them hard around her back and tied them up and she didn't resist a bit, but I bet she was confused.

"What in the hell are you doing?" She asked.

"You'll see." Was all that I said.

I turned her around to face me, and ripped her shirt right off of her back, now she was struggling. I grabbed the remains of her shirt and stuffed it into her mouth. I grabbed a pair of cutters and cut off her bra revealing her lovely breasts, and then pushed her flat on her ass. I jerked her shoes and socks off, and slowly slid her pants down revealing a pair of black, lacy panties. There was no visible hair, which I really liked; shaved women always turned me on. I reached down and pushed some of the material into her slit. Even though she was still struggling to break free, she moaned through the gag.

I pulled the material out to find that she was very wet. "You're enjoying this aren't you?" I asked. She just furiously shook her head in disagreement. I found two small poles protruding from the deck and drug her over to them and grabbed some more wire. I pried her legs apart and tied each one to a pole so that she was practically spread eagle except for the fact that her arms were tied around her back.

I slid down easily in between her legs and let my tongue slowly snake out and touch her clit. She inhaled deeply through her nose and gag. I then started a rhythm going fast and slowing down to an unbearable speed that made it almost torture for her. Her instincts finally took over after awhile because she started to buck her hips and moan in pleasure at my pussy eating. I kept the rhythm up for about five minutes when Rebecca came all over my face, I mean it was like you turned on a faucet of cunt juice. Now she started to furiously shake her head, I ignored it so I could get undressed and when I pulled my underwear down I could tell that Rebecca was impressed.

My nice hard eight-inch cock was flapping in the breeze. Even though it was long it wasn't very thick. Again Rebecca was shaking her head and this time I pulled the gag out. What she said shocked the living hell out of me.

"I want you in my mouth, now." She ordered.

"Huh?" Was all I could say.

"I want your hard dick in my mouth now, you son of a bitch. Every since I saw you I've had a crush on you. I want you now. Especially since it's been awhile since I've seen something as magnificent as your cock. Also, I want to thank you."

"Thank me, why?" I replied.

"For giving a great orgasm with that magnificent tongue of yours. Also could you please untie me, I won't do anything. I promise hotshot."

A little nervous, I untied her arms and legs and before I knew it she was moving, but not for anything she could use for defense, she was reaching for me. She pulled my mouth to hers and we had a furious battle of the tongues until we were out of breath.

"Now," she said, "I want you to sit against the wall and I'll repay you for your kind efforts." I just froze in place. Quickly Rebecca reached for her gun and that was enough; I got the point, and sat against the wall. She pried my legs apart and slowly sank towards my waiting rod and engulfed half of it on the first try. Her hot mouth and wet tongue covered everything in her mouth with spit. Instinctively I grabbed the sides of her head and forced the rest into her mouth, which made her gag a little, so I eased up.

Now she was bobbing like mad all the way into her throat and even a little down it. I started to warn her but it was too late as I shot wad after thick wad down her throat. After she made sure that she had gotten all of my cum she spit my dick back out and I held her in my arms.

"That was great." She said.

"The best part is that it's not over."

We locked eyes on each other and she just smiled. She reached between my legs and started to jerk me off, bringing my "little" friend back to life.

I looked into her eyes again and said, "Take it back into your mouth, but spit it out when you get it thoroughly wet." She nodded and did as she was told and a minute later or so she spat it back out. "Now, get on your hands and knees." Which she eagerly did.

I pried her ass cheeks apart and she said, "No, not that. Anything but that, I've never been fucked up there before because of fear of the pain."

I smiled and said, "Don't worry. I'll go easy, you can trust me." Unfortunately for her, she actually believed me. Instead of most men lubing her asshole up and slowly stretching it out, to make sure I got the best amount of friction and the tightness of her asshole I put the head of my cock to her puckered rose and pushed the very tip in which caused Rebecca to buck a little, but I held her tight. I pushed the head of my cock into and past her tiny hole and in one fell thrust put the entire length into her asshole. My god, was she tight. I thought I'd lose my cock because she was cutting off the blood to my dick.

She screamed bloody murder and said, "Please, take it out, it hurts so bad." Her arms gave out and she started to cry from the pain. I refused to pull out; I was determined to give her the best sex she's had in her life. I pulled out a little and she was thanking me, but when I started to push back in, she started to cry out in pain.

"Rebecca, relax. Just let your body get used to it. I promise, the pain will go away very soon." About five minutes of slow thrusting and she began to moan a little and even push back some.

She looked back at me, with red eyes and said, "You lying bastard, I thought you were going to take it easy?" I just shrugged. Now I started to pull out and thrust in only a couple of inches at a time. She soon started to get used to the feeling of cock buried in her ass and started to encourage me to fuck her harder, which I obliged. In and out, in and out, harder and harder each time, bringing out moans and cries of pleasure. I knew when I first thrust into her, that I wouldn't last long and only being inside her for a couple of minutes I felt like I had to cum, so I thrust faster and harder into her, while she was coaching me on. "Yes, that's it. Harder, faster, cum in my ass." After she said this I froze in place and dumped my load into her ass, while she simultaneously had an intense orgasm of her own.

I collapsed onto her while she somehow was able to keep herself upright. My cock shrunk up and I pulled it out with a loud pop. As soon as she regained her strength she turned around and gave me a real hard slap in the face and then quickly kissed me. She cuddled into my arms and started to thank me repeatedly.

"Why should you be thanking me?" I asked. "I mean I practically raped you and all, hell I figured that you'd turn me in to security or else try and kill me."

"Kill you? Why would I kill someone who's just given me sex like that." She replied. "Actually, I was hoping that we might be able to do this again sometime."

"Trust me, we will and maybe even more."

"What do you mean by that?" She asked, now looking deep into my eyes.

"Well, there is one other woman that I'll bet has never even had sex." I said.

"Romie?" She asked a little freaked out.

"Hell no. Romie's just an android. I doubt she could experience the kind of pleasure that a real woman can."

Rebecca just looked even more confused. "Then who else is there...No, way!" I simply smiled.

"Yes, I'm going after Trance, our little purple friend."

To Be Continued...

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