Rebecca's Haven


James Haven woke up. He shook his head, taking in the freshness of the morning. It had been a busy night.

As he turned over, James again saw the naked woman beside him. She was sleeping peacefully, her hair tousled. He smiled as he looked at her. He was glad he had invited her to come to the premiere.

What a night it had been! He had attended the premiere of his sister's new documentary. Normally, Angelina made features, but this was an important cause. He knew that his date shared her concern for children, so he invited her to the premiere. He had enjoyed the documentary and his sister's success. And he really had enjoyed the after party.

It was at the party that things had begun to get interesting. Rebecca St. James had looked very attractive in her black silk blouse, black skirt, and boots. He could see that blouse on the floor right now. She had stuck close to him most of the evening.

He recalled how Rebecca began to kiss him, softly at first, but gradually in a much more romantic way. She was an aggressive kisser. She led him into a small side room. Rebecca began to insert her tongue in James's mouth. She unbuttoned the top button of her blouse.

"Come closer now," she said. "Hold me."

James came over to Rebecca. Again their lips met. He took hold of her butt and pulled her to him. She rubbed herself against him.

"Rebecca, we can't do this here," he said.

She pulled away from him. "You burn like a fire within me," she said.

"Then meet me upstairs," James responded. Both had been invited to stay the night. Rebecca smiled at his words.

"See you there," she said. She returned to the party. "I'm tired," she said and she excused herself. Now Rebecca headed upstairs with a smile on her face.

James mingled for a few minutes. Finally, he too declared that he was tired. "See you in the morning," James said to his sister. He headed upstairs.

James opened the door to find the bed turned down and Rebecca's skirt and boots on the floor. She sat there with the top two buttons of her blouse open.

"Close the door behind you," she said. Now she walked over to him. She began to unzip his pants. James quickly removed his jacket and tie.

"Mmmm, that's better," Rebecca said. She could see him getting hard. "Come here," she said. "You burn like a fire within me."

James came over to the bed. Rebecca grabbed him and pushed him down on the bed. She undid his pants and pulled them off. He undid the rest of the buttons on her blouse. Rebecca threw it off. James took off his shirt.

She lay on top of him and kissed him. James undid Rebecca's bra. He slipped it off. Her naked tits shone in the light. They were so round and juicy, he thought to himself. He couldn't resist fondling them. Rebecca felt herself getting wetter and wetter.

James smiled at the sight of her. Rebecca rolled off him and onto her back. As she did, she pulled off her panties. James began to finger her. She reached over and slipped off his shorts. Now she took his firm cock in her hand and slowly began to rub it.

"You are what I ask for," Rebecca said. "You are what I'm longing for. I am so in love with you." She shifted position, placing her wet pussy in James's face while she inserted his cock in her mouth. He felt her tongue feverishly running up and down his love stick while he plunged his tongue into Rebecca's tasty cunt.

James began to dribble and Rebecca lapped it up. "Mmmm," she said. She lay flat on her back. "I'm yours," she said, "so take me, take me now."

James rolled over and stuffed his love rod deep into Rebecca. He was able to keep pumping for quite a while. Finally, he felt his rod exploding with cum. Rebecca bit her lip to avoid making noise. She came ecstatically and dynamically.

Shortly afterwards, Rebecca and James dropped off to sleep.

James was enjoying the thought of it when he felt a stirring on the other side of the bed. Rebecca was waking. She yawned and smiled at him.

"Hey, stud," she said. "How are you doing this morning?"

"Great," he said. "Good morning."

Rebecca snuggled close to him and began to kiss him. She kissed him up and down his body. Once again, he felt himself getting incredibly hard. He began to finger her. He couldn't believe how wet she was.

With a kiss she grabbed James and rolled him over on top of her. Rebecca spread her legs wide. Again James entered her. He thrust in and out, up and down, into Rebecca, letting himself enjoy as much of her as he could. She kissed him. She was wriggling sensually beneath him.

Once again James felt himself spewing his jism deep into Rebecca. Her lip trembled. The jerking of James's cock inside her brought Rebecca to orgasm. She couldn't breathe. Finally, they both peaked. He withdrew.

"That was really good," she said. "I can't believe it was that good!" She laid her head on James's chest. Quietly the lovers shared the moment together.

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