tagErotic HorrorRebecca's New Haunt Ch. 03

Rebecca's New Haunt Ch. 03


When Rebecca's mind wasn't overcome with a desperate desire to be fucked senseless, she was able to piece things together. From the two prior incidences it became clear to her that whatever spirit was lurking in her home could only perform at his full potential every so often. He just wasn't strong enough. In between, he tortured her by getting into her mind and arousing her passively throughout the weeks. Maybe that was even how he grew powerful enough to materialize and fuck her, by sucking away at her energy. An incubus maybe? A demon?

Lately she'd been having dreams of him, intensely arousing dreams that left her wet and gasping. They weren't just sexual however, they were leaving her hints. Images of him as a real man and not just a spirit. But somehow, the man didn't look exactly right. He appeared washed out and tired, more corpse than living man. This frightened her and made her curious all at once. She wondered if he was trying to communicate some kind of message to her while she slept at night. The dreams became more vivid as the days crept by and without knowing when the connection was made, Rebecca found herself on the internet researching necromancy.

What she learned from various crackpot websites was that there was a ritual she could invoke. It involved all manner of terrible, disgusting and vile things. She would need to make some kind of 'sacrifice' in order to animate the recently buried (had to be fresh) body and keep it active long enough for the spirit to possess it. What a sacrifice involved varied wildly from site to site. Some claimed it had to be a blood sacrifice while others said she could give up her own body after invoking a specific incantation to get things started. Rebecca felt violated for even considering this. Wasn't this necrophilia? There couldn't possibly be anything more taboo! Regardless, the thought stuck in her head. And then it came to her in dreams and soon, she was planning her next move.


She'd watched and carefully plotted her trip the cemetery. The man who'd been buried only hours earlier met her requirements. He was the same age as her, handsome and rugged. Despite being athletic some freak heart problem had to led to an early death. In the late hours of the night, she arrived with a shovel and began to dig down. The only hitch to her plan was how she would get him out of the hole, but she'd brought rope and hoped to haul him out that way. She even knew when the grizzled graveyard keeper fell asleep, so she didn't have to be worried about being disturbed.

Except that she did. She'd made it all the way through the soft dirt and was prying open the casket when the bobbing glow of a flashlight shined down on her. She felt her throat constrict and she couldn't even make a sound as she stared up at the man looking down at her. "Well, well. What do we have here?" The older man asked, sounding smug to have caught her. It wasn't the outrage that she would have expected. That made her even more nervous.

"I- I need his body." Rebecca stuttered, not even able to come up with an appropriate explanation for what she was doing. Was there even one? A little voice told her no, she wondered if that was her conscience.

"Yeah, I've heard that before. I've heard it all girly. Get up out of that hole. Now. Or I'm calling the cops." He fixed her with a firm look, even as his lips were twisting into an evil smile. Obediently she climbed out, her thoughts racing.

"Please, please, please don't call the police. I didn't think this would hurt anyone. Please, if you'll just let me go I won't come back ever." Rebecca begged, using her best wheedling voice.

"Mmhm." The old man started, staring at her with that lecherous smile. His eyes seemed to already being undressing her, ogling her flesh. He patted the front of his pants. "I think we can come to an agreement. You take care of me... I don't call the cops and afterwards, I just leave." There was a pointed looked at the hole she stood in front of.

Her stomach twisted as she looked at his salt and pepper beard, his worn clothes and tired face. He wasn't someone that she'd let fuck her normally. "Oh, please don't ma-" He stepped forward, pressing a surprisingly strong hand onto her shoulder and forcing her down.

"Keep saying please. I like it when a girl begs." His laugh was awful as her knees hit the dirt and he unzipped his pants. His cock was already hard, bursting out and springing into her face. She was surprised by the length and girth of it. Without any other choice available to her, she closed her eyes and opened the lips of her pouty mouth and surrounded the head of his cock. He groaned, pressing his hips forward and starting to rock into her face. She gagged around him, slurping her tongue over his shaft and sucking hard. She kept thinking if she just gave it her all, he'd cum quickly. It had to have been forever since he'd had a real woman, a hot woman, he'd probably shoot into her mouth soon.

His hips bucked and Rebecca thought that this must be it. He'd spray down her throat, but instead he reached down and yanked up her shirt to reveal her large, creamy breasts. Her nipples hardened in the cool air, visible in the light of the moon. "Shit, whore. Keep sucking." She was amazed by this stamina and gobbled his cock even more, she wanted this to be over. But her enthusiasm certainly gave him the wrong impression. "You're a horny little bitch in heat, aren't you? I know what you need, you filthy cumslut." Her heart caught in her throat as he pulled his cock out. Was he going to try and fuck her? As much as he repulsed her, it had been weeks since she'd last had any. Her cunt was growing wet.

Slapping her in the face with his dick, he left a wet glistening mark on her cheek. He wrenched her up by the arm and marched her to the headstone of the man she'd been digging up. The old gravekeeper pushed her over the cold, hard marble and yanked her tight jeans down. Her panties didn't even get in his way as he practically tore them off of her. "Beg for me to fuck you." He instructed her as he dragged his cock along the length of her slit, bare skin to bare skin. "Then you can leave and take this stinking corpse with you."

Without thinking, Rebecca groaned at the contact from his dick. She remembered her spirit master's instruction. That she'd take men bareback from now on, that she would leak their cum from her holes. It triggered something in her, despite her disgust for this man she wanted to please her master back at the house. And wouldn't he be happy when she came home freshly fucked? "Please fuck me, please, shove it into me!" She began to beg, squirming against this stranger's dick out in the open. Her breasts came out of the top of her bra and swung out over the tombstone, bumping into it as they swayed. The old man smiled wickedly and slammed his dick into her. Her scream ripped through the night air and she had to bite down on her palm to keep from further cries.

His balls slapped against her and their juices mingled together, her tits tingling from the cold and the insistent banging into the friged stone she was bent over. Rebecca pushed her ass against him, encouraging his cock to drive deeper up her cunt and bang up against her cervix. His dick stretched her out wide and she could hear the sloppy, wet sounds of him driving in and out of her in long punishing strokes. Pulling her hand away she moaned, "Do it, cream deep into my pussy. Yes, yes, yes, yes." Her little cries started to turn into a long scream again so she cut it off by clamping her mouth shut. A part of her mind was horrified and couldn't believe that she was begging this hideous stranger to blow a load inside of her. She was no better than a rutting animal!

But the rest of her mind didn't care. It had given over to these sensations and very soon her pussy was tightening and the waves of her orgasm rushed over her body. "Oh fuuuuuuck." She cried out despite herself. That finally was too much for the old bastard, he started jerking hard up into her cunt. Thick, hot strings of his cum shot up inside, filling her and dripping out onto the ground. She could feel the heat all the way up into her womb as he finished slamming into her with abandon. He gasped and stayed in her for awhile, panting until his cock slipped out. "You can finish what were doing now." He told her in between breaths as he stepped away, zipping up his pants. Rebecca was left leaning over the tombstone, half naked as the glow of his flashlight bobbed away. Droplets of his sperm leaked down her leg. And the night had only just begun.

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