tagMatureThe Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 38

The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 38


Chapter 38

Rebecca's Tales -- Part 3

Rebecca sat at the counter work station, finishing up the latest entries from Mrs. Peterson's examination, when her cell phone chirped. She pulled the device from her smock and checked the entry. It was from her daughter Audrey.

"We have to cancel. Sorry. Paul's in bed sick. Call me later."

Rebecca had been looking forward to dinner that evening with her daughter and son-in-law. Her son Carl and his fiancé Nina had agreed to watch Jasper, her five-year-old grand-son, while she and her husband went out to the Texas Roadhouse with Audrey and Paul. She was disappointed at having her plans changed. Rebecca looked at her phone and debated passing the text on to her husband.

Rebecca was finding it more and more awkward to be around both her husband and son. Since she and Carl had started fooling around more than two years before, Rebecca had found she was less and less excited by her husband. Ron was still a handsome man, and his work out at the Gen. Bradley Research Center seemed to keep him fit enough. Unfortunately, his long hours had taken its toll and he seemed to rarely have enough energy to enjoy their life together. On those rare two-day weekends, Ron didn't really seem to recover until it was time to head back. With the up-coming 4th of July weekend, Ron would have a full four days to spent at home, and she was looking forward to giving a little something back to her husband. It had been more than a year since he had taken a vacation and Rebecca needed some time away from work, and Regal Bay all together.

With Carl now engaged to Nina Masters, Rebecca was finding that her son was paying less attention to her. Not that there was anything wrong with that, so realized. What had been wrong was engaging in a sexual relationship with her son in the first place. Even if he had been the instigator, at least at first.

And then Luke Vaughn came to mind. He had added something entirely different to her life, and promised more excitement. Rebecca hadn't paid that young stud a visit in a couple of weeks, however. In fact, she'd not been intimate with anyone in that time. "Damn! I need to get laid!" she murmured.

Rebecca closed out the file on Mrs. Peterson and checked the time. She still had two hours left in her day, though Dr. Charles, her direct supervisor, had already left for the golf course. Wednesday afternoons were all the same, and she recognized that she, too, could leave, letting the younger nurses finish straightening up the clinic. But Rebecca wasn't one to skip out on her duties. Usually.

"Hey, Angel," she called to one of the nurses as she passed by. "I'm going down to take a break. Can you keep an ear out for the phones?"

Angel Ridgeway, a younger nurse who besides being an accredited OB/GYN nurse, was also the mother of five. She was only 33 years of age, but motherhood had not been kind to her body. She was only 5'3" to begin with, but she was painfully skinny, in Rebecca's eyes, and looked older than Rebecca's own 48 years in her face. Angel could easily be handed her AARP card, should that company ever get a look at her, no questions asked. Despite her appearance however, Angel was a hard and energetic worker. She was also very reliable and was always willing to help around the clinic in one way or another.

"Sure, go ahead, Becky," Angel replied cheerfully. Angel was one of the few who insisted on using the shortened form of Rebecca. Her son Carl had also begun calling her Becky, at least when they were getting sinful. So did Luke.

"I'll bring you back a Diet Coke," Rebecca offered as she gathered her purse up from the under-counter cubby hole.

"That would be great, thanks," Angel replied as she settled into the chair at the reception position along the counter.

"I won't be long. I just need a cigarette and some fresh air."

"Now that's a contrary statement if I've ever heard one," Angel laughed behind her. Rebecca flipped her colleague the bird, and then used that middle finger to stab the elevator's down button.

Outside, Rebecca found a free bench just inside the shadow line along the walk. She had purchased a Sprite on her way out and twisted the cap off. After a long drink of the lemon-lime soda, she closed her eyes and settled back on the bench. She wanted a cigarette, but fought the urge. She was trying to quit. She'd also begun to spend more time in the hospital's rehabilitation gym working off some of her middle-age muffin top. She often wondered if it was for herself, or her son, that she was beginning to take her health a little more seriously of late.

Her cell phone rang, breaking her out of her relaxed state. She pulled it from her smock pocket and saw that it was Paul calling.

"Hello?" she answered.

"Hey, Rebecca! How are you?" Paul's voice came to her through the phone.

"Just taking a break. I got a text from Audrey. I guess you're too sick to go to dinner?"

"That's why I was calling," he replied. "I still think we could go out tonight. I'm not feeling all that bad, not with all the meds I've been downing. I took the day off to rest. In fact, I'm lying in bed right now, resting."

"Well, if you're not up for it, we can always try again Friday night."

"I haven't seen you in more than a month," Paul reminded her. "And, well, it's been longer than that since we, you know."

"Yes, Paul, I know." Rebecca was beginning to wonder where this was going.

"Well, I was sleeping," Paul continued, "and I had a dream with you in it. It was very much like our first time, you remember? But it was more like we are today. Older."

"You're obviously taking way too many drugs to be dreaming about this old woman," she replied.

"I can't help it. I've got a boner from hell," he admitted. "I'm stroking it right now," he added.

Rebecca had reached for her purse and pulled a cigarette out. In the pause, she lit one and sucked in a deep breath of smoke. She could see in her mind Paul's long, hard cock. He had been the first affair she had had after she and Ron had married. Her phone chimed and she looked to see that Paul had just sent her a message as well. She tapped the screen to open the message, and a close-up view of his familiar cock, standing upright and wrapped in his left hand, filled her screen. She took in the sight for a moment before closing the file and returning the phone to her ear.

"You're a naughty boy, Paul," she told him. "Audrey will check out your phone history and see who you sent that to. Then where will we be?"

"I'll erase the history after we hang up," he said. "Besides, she hasn't a clue that we're still sneaking around, even after what, more than ten years?" Rebecca knew that Paul thought that he was the only other man in her life, besides Ron, and she knew that she was the only other woman in Paul's life. Still, he was a wonderful distraction, and had been since long before her daughter had married him.

"Are you hoping I'll leave work early and come nurse you, is that why you're calling, Paul?"

"Well, now that you mention it. Audrey won't be home from the church until nearly six. Jasper's still at day care. I'm here, all alone, for at least another two, maybe two and a half hours. And I really don't want to waste this hard-on I've got."

Rebecca was very tempted, but told her son-in-law, "I'm sorry Paul, but it looks like you're going to have to take care of Mr. Willy yourself. I really can't get away until after five today. I'm sorry, I really am."

"Okay, I guess it was worth a shot," Paul replied disappointedly.

"Why don't you send that picture to your wife. She'd just love getting a picture like that while sitting at her desk in the church office. Who knows, maybe Father Julio will be in the office when she opens it," Rebecca laughed.

"Not a good idea, Rebecca!" Paul replied with a laugh of his own. "It's not like I'm getting much these days, anyway. She'd cut me off until our anniversary if I did something like that to her at work."

Rebecca could imagine the rage her daughter would get into. Audrey had begun spending more time in church, working and worshipping. She'd always been a good girl, and was turning out quite the opposite of her mother. Paul was a good and loving husband to her, but he was also a young man, just 30 years old, and had his needs. In fact, he'd had those needs for a long time, and still Rebecca tended to them, though not nearly as often as she used to.

"I've got to go, Paul," she told him. "I'll see you later."

"Okay. I'll be thinking of you, while I take care of this," he warned before cutting off.

Rebecca lit a second cigarette from the butt of the first and relaxed. She closed her eyes once again and thought back to that fateful first time she'd given in to Paul's advances.


Nearly a decade before, Audrey was a student at Gonzaga University in Spokane. Audrey had always been interested in the church as a girl and then a young woman. She was taking courses in Divinity and Theology, as well as Business at Gonzaga with the hopes of one day working in the church in some capacity. Audrey had never seriously considered becoming a nun, however. In addition to her fascination with the church, she also wanted to be a mother someday. To that end, she needed to find a good man to be her life-long partner.

Paul was also attending Gonzaga, studying Veterinary Medicine. The two met at a school-organized charity function, introduced to one another by a mutual friend. For Audrey, it was love at first sight. For Paul, it may have been only lust. Audrey wasn't a virgin going into college, but had refrained from promiscuity in her two years up until that point. Still, she wasn't going to his bed easily and Paul had to work for it. Despite the infamous "three-date rule", Audrey didn't agree to sleep with Paul until their eighth. Even then, it was only because her friend had warned her that Paul was losing interest in her.

Audrey had come home for summer vacation and told her family and friends all about Paul. He had already planned to return to his own family in Wisconsin and spend time on the family farm. However, Rebecca and Ron did finally get to meet the love of their daughter's life at summer's end, when the two of them drove down from Spokane for the long Labor Day weekend.

It was during spring break that next year when Audrey and Paul paid another visit to Regal Bay. This time Audrey announced to her family and friends that she and Paul would be getting married in the summer. Rebecca was thrilled, as both she and her husband found Paul to be a charming young man. With the two spending their spring break week in Regal Bay, Rebecca had time to get to know Paul better. Later, she would insist that she never made any overt approach towards him in any way. Things just seemed to happen one afternoon.

That afternoon was a Thursday near the end of their spring break week. Audrey had left Paul behind to go out shopping and then down to the beach with her friends, as it was rather warm that early in April. Paul had used Ron's club pass and had spent the morning working out in the golf club gym. Rebecca had the afternoon off after an all-night shift at the hospital watching over the new-born babies. After a short nap, followed by a hot shower, Rebecca set about tending to the house and making plans for dinner. She was surprised when Paul returned and offered to help. So, she put Paul to work vacuuming around the house.

Rebecca took a break and settled into the front room sofa with a new magazine the postman had just delivered. A few minutes later Paul joined her. "Audrey just called," he informed her. "She told me that she and her friends, Ginger and Melissa I think she said, were going to dinner at Thera's this evening. I guess I'm on my own."

"That's a shame," Rebecca replied. "I'd made plans for five of us, but now with Audrey staying out, and Ron called a while ago letting me know that he wasn't coming home tonight either, and with Carl spending the evening playing video games with his friend, I guess that just leaves you and me for dinner." Rebecca noticed that Paul wasn't looking at her so much as looking at her legs then. She was wearing a black skirt with a blue blouse, and black stockings. She hadn't thought about why she had dressed as such, with the idea of working around the house, but something in the back of her mind might have been driving her, she imagined later.

Before she could do anything about how she was sitting, Paul told her, "You've got some nice legs, Mrs. Thomas."

Rebecca turned her eyes from the magazine to his and replied, "My husband likes them, too. Audrey's are much nicer, however."

"But I can see where she gets them from," Paul smiled. "And not only her legs, but her entire figure as well." His eyes seemed to appraise her body then, coming to a rest on her ample bosom.

"I think my breasts are a bit larger, however, didn't you?" she asked her soon-to-be son-in-law wickedly.

"Maybe, but not by much," Paul replied. Rebecca knew for a fact that Audrey was still only a 36 c-cup, where she herself had been a 40 dd since after having her second daughter, Heidi.

"After one or two children, maybe," Rebecca grinned, while subconsciously pulling her shoulders back ever so slightly, raising her breasts just that much.

"I wish Audrey dressed more like you," Paul said then.

"And how is that?" Rebecca asked.

"You know, a little sexier." Paul paused, his eyes going back to her thighs. "I'd like to see her wear skirts more often, and stockings, like you. Maybe you could talk to her?"

Rebecca laughed then. "I've had more than one conversation about how that girl dresses in my life-time, Paul. Audrey is a very conservative young woman and I don't see her changing any time soon. Slacks, long skirts and dresses, blouses and sweaters, that's her wardrobe. I don't even think she has ever owned lingerie, just run of the mill panties and bras. She's her own woman now and won't listen to some old broad like me, not in this point of her life."

"You're not some old broad, Mrs. Thomas," Paul replied. "What are you now, 35...36 maybe?"

Again, Rebecca laughed. "You know damn good and well that I'm 41 now. Audrey told you that little fact over dinner last night, if I recall. And I'll be 42 next month, by the way."

"Still, you're looking very nice. I only hope Audrey looks as good as you do when she's in her forties."

"Oh, she will, she will," Rebecca sighed. "It runs in my family, you know. We Galveston women hold onto our looks well into our sixties. You should see my mother, Paul. She could pass for half her age. She still picks up guys down in Ft. Myers half her age and younger!" Rebecca again laughed, and then turned to look at Paul. She could feel his eyes on her, and could almost read his mind. To this day, she has no idea what came over her in that next moment.

With Paul looking at her, Rebecca laid the magazine on the end table, and then pulled up the hem of her skirt to expose her black and white panties beneath. "I just bought these," she informed him, watching as his eyes went to her crotch. "Do you think Audrey would like things like these?" She also wore a garter belt, latched onto the tops of her stockings. Paul took the sight in with wide-opened eyes, absorbing as much as he could in the fear that he'd never get to see it again. He needn't have worried about that.

"Those are nice," Paul finally managed to answer. "Sexy."

Rebecca didn't immediately push her skirt back down, either. Paul added after a moment had passed, "I'd like to see her in them, or ones like them." He then looked up into Rebecca's eyes and continued with, "I'd also like to see you out of them."

Rebecca parted her thighs ever so slightly then, and Paul reached a tentative hand out to touch her stocking-covered thigh. "Soft," he muttered as he stroked down, and then up. The second time, his hand slipped higher, until his first finger glanced across the bulge of her panty-covered pubic mound. Both she and Paul sucked in a breath and held onto it in that moment, and then Paul let his hand move back down her thigh.

"Would you like to see more, Paul?" she asked in a quiet voice, to which he replied with a slight nod. She smiled as she saw this young man of 25, the fiancée of her oldest daughter, revert back to an innocent young boy before her eyes. So innocent, she thought as she reached up and slowly began to unbutton her blue blouse. Paul's eyes followed her movements and grew wider as she pulled her blouse open. Beneath she wore a matching bra in the same nearly shear fabric as her panties, in a similar black and blue lace. Her nipples bulged outward and her areola, wide and dark, could easily be made out beneath the fabric.

"Geez, your tits are big," Paul admitted under his breath.

"See, I told you mine are bigger than Audrey's," Rebecca smiled. "They're softer, too, I'd bet. Big and soft."

Paul hesitated, and then reached up to cup Rebecca's right breast in his hand. She sighed under his gentle grip. "Audrey doesn't have near this size of breasts," he admitted. He noticed then that her bra clasp was at the front, between the large mounds. He looked at Rebecca's eyes, and seeing no resistance, he used both hands to pop the clasp. She gasped as both of her large tits fall into full view of Paul.

"Damn!" he huffed as Rebecca's tit flesh, along with her large areola and thick nipples, came into sight. They were very much different from Audrey's and yet he could see a resemblance in them. If this was what Paul had in store for him, in the future, he was going to be very pleased with his choice in wife, and mother-in-law.

Rebecca twisted slightly towards Paul and leaned back into the corner of the sofa. She let him play with her breasts, exploring her flesh with his fingers as well as his eyes. He looked so much younger then, and she even caught a glimpse of her own young son, Carl, in Paul's eyes. It was a look of discovery and desire. Carl was only fifteen, but would soon be discovering girls, if he hadn't already. Rebecca wondered what Carl's face would look like when he first fondled a young girl's breasts.

Her mind came back to the young man at hand when Paul leaned in and gave her left nipple a kiss. "Oh, Paul, you really mustn't," she protested, and yet she did nothing to detour him. In fact, she stroked his short-cut dirty-blonde hair with her fingers as she felt his lips close around the nipple of her right breast.

"I shouldn't be doing this," Rebecca sighed.

Paul lifted his mouth from her right nipple and asked, "Why not? Am I turning you on?"

"Yes, Paul, you are." She stroked his hair and added, "I'm married, I'm Audrey's mother, and some-day I may just be your mother-in-law, as well as the grand-mother of your children."

"Forget all of that. This is spontaneous. It'll probably never happen again. We'll never get another chance. Let's just enjoy ourselves tonight. We're here, by ourselves. Your husband is away. My fiancé is away. Let's just enjoy this evening, without regrets." All the while Paul spoke, he kissed upon her nipples, driving Rebecca onward towards giving herself up to him. Not that she didn't want to. She just didn't want to give Paul the wrong impression of her, at least this first time together.

Paul continued to suck and squeeze upon her breasts for another few minutes, and finally sensing that she wasn't going to turn him away, Paul pulled back and began to unfasten his jeans.

"What are you doing?" Rebecca innocently asked.

"Taking my pants off," he replied. "That's what you want, isn't it?" Rebecca nodded in reply. Paul was beginning to take control of the situation and had grown more aggressive, something Audrey had told her about Paul in the past. It was something Rebecca herself enjoyed in a man. Ron was like that, when he was in the mood. Where ever they were, when Ron wanted her, he took her.

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