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With a sigh Rebekah rolled over and turned off her alarm. Opening one eye, she grimaced when she saw the time flashing back at her... 7.15am... She had only collapsed into bed at 3am! With a groan, she turned back onto her back and flung her arm over her eyes. Suddenly, the memories of the night before came rushing back, and she felt a blush begin at her toes and course through her body...

She had taken special care getting ready last night, as she was meeting up with someone special. She had spent the afternoon at her beauty spa, having a massage, a facial, a manicure, a pedicure, then went on to her hairdresser where she had her luxurious mane of mahogany hair washed, dried and styled. Rebekah smiled as she remembered the feel of the glorious silk sheath dress she had worn -- it was the colour of finest spun gold, and with her gold and diamond jewellery (a gift from a former lover) and Jimmy Choos, she knew she looked good... good enough to eat!

She started as she felt a hand on her naked leg... turning her head sharply to the left, she saw the owner of the hand, and smiled. She received a smile in return.

"Good morning, sexy" she heard, in that gloriously husky voice that she found so thrilling. Parting her lips, Rebekah ran the tip of her tongue around her suddenly dry mouth, feeling her heart begin to race, and her breath catch in her throat. She remembered that voice whispering in her ear all they things they could do together, and indeed, had! She heard the sharp intake of breath which indicated that the tongue on her lips had been seen, and she felt a very familiar ache in the bottom of her belly, a clutching hand of desire... and moistness gathered at the junction of her legs...

She felt the hand on her leg start to move up, up towards her most sensitive place and gasped as it reached the wetness. Slickly it slipped between her nether lips, and rubbed over her very sensitive bud. Her limbs became restless, and she moved her legs.

"Be Still" -- this was said with a quick slap of her thighs. Catching her bottom lip between her teeth she concentrated on the feeling the wandering fingers instilled in her... Closing her eyes she felt the warmth spread from her inner core... And then her hand was grasped and pulled up above her head... she felt the cool metal around her wrist and before she could react, her other hand was clipped as well.

Twisting her head to look up at her wrists she felt her ankles meet a similar fate... She was spreadeagled to her bed, in a tangle of silk sheets and lacy underwear.

"That will teach you to move when I say be still." It didn't matter what was said, the sexy voice excited her so much she couldn't think straight.

She could feel the cool morning air from the open window blow gently over her flushed body sending a river of gooseflesh over her. She shivered and pulled gently at the bonds holding her down.

Her nipples hardened to the point of pain and suddenly a wet mouth engulfed one of the rose pink nubs. With a cry she arched her back, pushing her breast deeper into the hot mouth suckling at her. She fell back onto the bed with a sigh, feeling the desire grow to the point that it was almost spiralling out of control. Her other nipple begged to be touched, licked, anything... and suddenly she felt the whisper of silk sliding over her eyes... blocking out her vision. She opened her mouth to protest...

"Quiet!" This was growled in her ear... and she nodded once, quickly, to show she understood.

Now that her senses were reduced, she could feel the hairs on her body rise in a direct response to her excitement. She concentrated on the feeling the fingers were eliciting in her.

Through the desire... she felt the hands, the fingers, the lips, the mouths... sharp bites on her nipples, gentle licks on her inner thighs, her clitoris being sucked between two lips... at the same time as she felt her nipples being sucked into a mouth.. how could that be right? Two mouths?? Two tongues...

Rebekah tried to sit up, forgetting that she was bound to the bed. She could feel hands, lips, tongues all on her heated body and was trying to twist away -- to no avail. Suddenly she became still as she felt the first wave of orgasm through her body... surprising her with its intensity and suddenness. She gasped as the feeling raged through her.

"You have hidden depths, little one" an unfamiliar voice whispered in her ear, before the owner licked along her cheek to her full lips kissing her deeply, drawing her tongue deeply into a hot wet mouth, tongues fighting, tasting, biting. She moaned into the mouth that had captured hers... and then felt another mouth start a lazy plunder of her wetness... a tongue darting in and out... she was finding it hard to concentrate with her mouth being bruised by passionate kisses and her breasts being suckled and the other mouth between her legs -- yes, she could feel at least 4 mouths on her fevered body.

She allowed herself to be pulled towards the vortex of total abandonment. Moaning incoherently, her sounds being swallowed by the mouth on hers, she gave up control, gave up all pretence at resistance and allowed herself to enter the whirlpool of orgasm, she is climaxing so fast she cannot breathe... with one final shudder she sees the stars shooting in front of her covered eyes and collapses, gasping, her sweat covered body shaking with release.

Gentle hands undo the shackles around her ankles and wrists, fingers rubbing the spots where she has pulled against them. Gentle murmurings in her ear, as she is stroked with featherlight touches... coming down from the most incredible experience of her life.

She felt movements from the bed and heard the door open and swish shut. Her limbs felt fluid, she was unable to move. One weight remained.. cool fingers removed the blindfold...

"All right, baby?" that sexy voice enquired. Nodding she languidly moved her limbs. She had never felt so satisfied... but still, deep inside, there was a coil of need... Reaching up, her hands tangled in hair, pulling that glorious mouth down towards her, tasting herself on those lips, the tongue.... A deep throated chuckle brought her eyes open, her pupils wide with desire.

"Again? You little minx...."

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