tagErotic CouplingsRebel Rose Ch. 01

Rebel Rose Ch. 01



There was no other word to describe the way I was feeling right now. I was completely drunk on his attention and every perfect word he sent my way.

Wilder Vaughn even his name was sexy. He was the notorious bad boy of our school and every girl wanted him... me included. I wasn't sure why we were all so infatuated with him.

Maybe it was his eyes, they were an unusual navy blue that enveloped you when his stony gaze was directed your way. At the moment I felt like I was drowning in them, but I didn't want to be saved.

If it wasn't his eyes though then maybe it was his lips. So full, so tempting, and always pulled into an almost sinful smirk.

If it wasn't his lips then it was his hair. Black as night, pushed back carelessly, and just begging for my fingers to run through it.

If it wasn't his hair then it was his body. A sculpted physique that not many of our fellow classmates had matured too. He had an Adonis face and body, both looked sculpted by God.

"Hello? You in there? I said can I bum a smoke?" Wilder said shaking my shoulder.

I felt like an ocean wave crashed down on me as my brain began working again. I must've looked like a complete dip shit standing there, mouth agape, my cigarette nearly burnt to a nub with a substantial amount of ash drooping from the end. Awkwardly I dropped my cigarette and put it out with my foot. I fished inside my pocket for my recently purchased pack and produced two new cigs.

"Here," I mumbled handing him one. His fingers brushed mine as he grabbed it from me and I swear I felt electricity shoot through me.

"Got a light?" he asked putting the cigarette between those perfect lips.

"Um yeah," I said shakily producing one.

"Here I got ya," he chuckled steadying my hand. His hand wrapped around mine and he flicked the lighter producing a flame that wasn't nearly as hot as his skin touching mine. His lips were centimeters from my hand as he bent down to light his cigarette.

"Sorry," I said shaking my head and taking a deep breath. I couldn't let him think I was a damn mental case.

"No problem, you're Kennedy right?" he asked taking a drag of his cigarette.

"Kennedy Rose," I said as I lit my own cigarette.

"You ditching today?" he asked gesturing to the gas station behind us. It was well into first period and we were both way past being tardy at this point.

"Not sure yet, I only skipped first so I could get some cigs," I shrugged. It'd been a long morning and an unusually cold one at that. My normal walk to school had been hell until now.

"Same, but I forgot my I.D. so I couldn't get any," Wilder said frowning in the direction of the station clerk.

"Glad I could help you out," I grinned.

"You and me both, it was cold as fuck on my bike, nicotine takes the edge off," he grinned back as he motioned to his motorcycle. It was an electric blue beauty that I had only fantasized about taking a ride on.

"Hey at least you get where you're going fast, my freezing ass has like half a mile left to walk," I joked.

"Do you want a ride somewhere?" he asked.

I bit my lip in excitement and nervousness. Even though I was eighteen now I was still deathly afraid of my parents kicking my ass. Getting on the back of Wilder Vaughn's bike was just asking for an ass whooping.

It was too good of an offer to pass up though.

"Sure that'd be cool," I shrugged nonchalantly.

"Well let's hit the road then," he said as he put out his cig. I followed suit and scurried over to his bike as he started it up. I was so short that his bike nearly came up to my hip and I frowned knowing I'd make a fool of myself trying to get on it.

"Need some help short stuff?" WIlder teased offering me his hand.

"I'm not that short," I grumbled as he helped pull me onto the bike. In all honesty I was probably barely five foot four, but my black studded boots gave me at least an inch boost.

"Sweet heart on top of looking like a doll you're doll size too," he said with a wink.

I'd always been told I looked like a pretty porcelain doll with my milky white skin, dark brown hair, and pale wide blue eyes. I had a heart shaped face, and full cupid's bow lips that were always naturally a pale rose pink. When I was younger my mother loved to dress me up in ridiculous frilly girly outfits because I looked just like a little baby doll. When I got older and finally developed a sizable chest (D), some curves, and a round ass I forbid her from coming anywhere near my clothes. All of her little girl stuff would've looked inappropriate on me so thankfully she listened. Now I despised anything pink and frilly opting for darker colors like black, navy blue, and occasionally a deep burgundy. Today I'd worn faux black leather skinny jeans with a Free People sheer burgundy long sleeve blouse. I'd also worn a burgundy lace bandeau under it so I wasn't freeing the nipple in front of the whole school. Anyways when my mom had seen my outfit she practically begged me to wear a horrible pink sweater she had gotten me, but I simply refused. Now as I shivered on the back of Wilder's bike, I sort of wished I'd taken that monstrosity of a sweater. The weather man promised it was going to be at least sixty five today though... lying bastard.

"Cold?" Wilder asked as he easily swung his leg over the bike. Sometimes I hated tall people and their unfair advantages.

"Kind of," I said trying to keep my teeth from chattering.

"Give me your hands," he chuckled. I hesitantly let him take my hands and I nearly fainted as his cupped mine. He pulled me closer and pulled my hands around his front and under his leather jacket. I could feel his rock hard abs under the thin material of his t-shirt as I clung to him. I definitely was not cold anymore... not at all.

"Better?" he asked as he pushed up the kick stand.

"Much," I mumbled into his back as I rested my head against it. I had to be dreaming... this could not really be happening to me right now.

"So to school or...?" he asked putting a sour tone on the word school. Usually I wasn't one to miss any class other than first period because it was just study hall, but it wasn't every day I was on the back of a motorcycle with Wilder Vaughn.

"I'm down for whatever," I shrugged.

"Chill," he nodded and then drove off. I held tightly onto him as he turned onto the main road and weaved through traffic. My hair whipped around wildly in the wind as we accelerated past the school and I felt completely exhilarated. My mind raced with all of the possible places we could be going and secretly I hoped he would take me somewhere private and ravage me. I knew he was the hit it and quit it type, but honestly it was Wilder Fucking Vaughn so who cared?

Not me that's for damn sure.

We drove for too short of a time and when he pulled into an unfamiliar driveway I was sad to have to let go of those amazing abs. Wilder slid off the bike first and without me even having to ask he easily lifted me off the bike. His ice cold fingers grasped my hips and I yelped in surprise.

"Holy shit your hands are so cold!" I exclaimed.

"Sorry," he laughed.

"No worries, thanks for the help," I said assuring him with a squeeze on the arm. My word his bicep was like solid stone... I wanted to drool.

"So where are we?" I asked as I followed Wilder to the front door.

"My buddy Scott's house, that okay?" he said opening the door and letting me go in first.

"Yeah sure," I muttered as I glanced around. It looked like a nice family home, pictures of kids over the fireplace, needle point pillows, and a fluffy dog bed in the corner. It was basically the suburban dream house the only thing that ruined the perfect image was the strong scent of marijuana permeating up from the basement. I wrinkled my nose in response to the smell. It's not like I'd never smoked before or anything, but I could never ever get use to that smell.

"You still cool with this?" Wilder asked seeing my reaction.

"Yeah, lead the way," I motioned towards the stair case.

Wilder sighed in relief and then happily led me down to the basement where we were met by two very stoned boys. Scott Kent and Jesse Baker were both passing a joint back and forth as they giggled at the cartoon playing on the tv screen.

"Hey guys," Wilder greeted them as he hopped over the back of the couch and took a seat. I stood there awkwardly for a moment before finally taking a seat next to him. The couch sunk in a little which cause me to slide closer to Wilder... I was practically in his lap. He didn't seem to mind though so I just went with it.

"Vaughn am I hallucinating or is little innocent Kennedy Rose sitting in my smoke den right now?" Scott asked grinning from ear to ear.

"Innocent?" I scoffed.

"The purest little angel of them all," Scott snickered.

"You smoke Kennedy?" Jesse asked after punching Scott in the shoulder.

"Sometimes," I shrugged.

"Bull shit!" Scott cackled.

I narrowed my eyes at him and wished I could pummel his stupid ass without losing my new cool factor with Wilder.

"She's a princess man, princesses don't smoke," Scott continued to howl.

"Yeah they do actually, and they can out smoke your bitch ass," I growled holding out my hand for the joint.

Jesse slowly put in my hand and just as slowly I put it to my lips. After smoking cigarettes for the last couple years my lungs had become accustom to the harshness of a long drag. So naturally as I took probably the longest hit of my life and puffed it out like a dragon the boys were rather impressed when I didn't cough like a wuss.

"Damn Kennedy," Jesse applauded.

"She's still a princess," Scott said no longer snickering at me.

On top of the very high feeling that was coming over me, I also felt very satisfied as well. I never really stood up for myself much, but by the surprised and impressed look in Wilder's eyes I was very glad I had.

To my amazement Wilder's hand reached out and squeeze my knee in approval and when he didn't bother to move it I squealed inside. Even with my dulled senses thanks to my dragon puff, my body still zapped with energy at his touch. Timidly, I let my own hand slide over his hand and to his thigh. I stopped at about his mid thigh and let my hand rest there, my fingers curling into his inner thigh.

With a sexy smirk Wilder's hand mimicked mine and slid up my thigh, his fingers parking themselves mere inches from my most intimate area.

I felt like someone needed to pinch me to make sure this was all real because I didn't believe it. In the many years we had been going to school together Wilder and I had spoken maybe a hand full of words to each other. Now his hand was teasing my thigh while I hung out with him and his friends... it was all too weird. Things like this didn't happen to me at all. I was just innocent little Kennedy Rose who Wilder Vaughn had never even noticed and now that had all changed.

"What do you guys want to watch?" Jesse asked switching channels as the show they'd been watching ended.

"Put on a movie," Scott suggested.

As they decided on what movie to watch I took a chance and snuggled in closer to Wilder. My heart was beating loudly in my ears as I scooted closer to him so that we were thigh to thigh, hip to hip and arm to arm. Wilder took it a step further and put his arm over my shoulder his hand dangling dangerously close to my breasts.

My entire being was focused solely on the fact that I could be groped by Wilder Vaughn at any moment. It was incredibly nerve racking to know that every naughty dream, every fantasy, every sexual thought I'd ever had about him could possibly happen.

"Have you seen this movie?" Wilder asked pulling me out of my head.

"What movie?" I furrowed my brows as I watched the screen.

"I don't know it's some Brad Pitt movie," Wilder shrugged. With that movement his hand just barely grazed my breast.

I gulped, "well then I've probably seen it, I love Brad Pitt."

I could barely concentrate on what I was saying, but somehow I managed. I knew I was probably blushing a bright red, but I tried to act like I didn't care.

I don't know why I was freaking out so much. I mean he was just a boy... a very, very attractive boy. I knew I needed to take a chill pill and quit acting like a bitch in heat. I wanted to be the cool confident seductress that wowed him. Not some silly girl who nearly fainted every time he touched her.

I knew most of my malfunction was due to the fact that I hadn't had sex in a good long while, but the other part was being totally infatuated with Wilder. Maybe hooking up with him would fix whatever seemed to be broken in my brain today... I hoped.

"So is this what you do every day instead of going to class?" I asked bluntly.

Wilder shrugged, "not every day just some days, I still want to graduate."

"Same, that's why I only ever really skip study hall."

"Do you want me to take you back?" he asked frowning slightly. I felt like jumping for joy at the fact that he didn't want me to leave just yet.

"No, I didn't feel like going today anyways," I assured him.

"We'll probably have to make an appearance at lunch," Wilder said as his fingers tickled my collar bone.

I shivered in delight and calmed myself before daring to speak.


"Munchies," he laughed motioning to Scott and Jesse who were still blazing away.

"Mmm I wish it were lunch time right now," I said making a pouty face. I guess I was hungry for more than just Wilder if the grumbling sounds my stomach was making were anything to go by.

"Well Scott does have a kitchen, I can make you something," he offered.

It was either stay downstairs with him and his buddies or be upstairs away from prying eyes alone with Wilder. I wasn't an idiot so I gladly took him up on his offer.

Without a word to his friends Wilder led me upstairs to the kitchen where he began rifling through the fridge. I leaned against the counter behind him and admired the very nice view of his ass that I was getting. My growling stomach was definitely forgotten as I openly stared at him.

"What sounds good?" he asked his head still stuck in the fridge.

"You," I muttered before my brain could stop my traitorous mouth.

One moment I was standing there blushing a crimson red and the next Wilder's fingers were tangled in my hair. His body pressed against mine and our lips devoured one another. I felt as if a bolt of lightning had struck me, I buzzed with energy and desire.

His hands roamed my body and squeezed my ass lifting me onto the counter. My legs wrapped around his hips and I ground myself against his growing erection.

His lips traveled from mine to my neck where he lightly bit down on my soft flesh.

"Wilder," I moaned, "I want you."

"What do you want me to do to you?" he growled his nails biting into the flesh of my hips. His hands traveled along the waist band of my pants and I opened my legs wide inviting him to come inside.

"Fuck me," I gasped as his fingers plunged into my panties and slid along my wet folds.

"I want to watch you cum first," he murmured rubbing my clit. Just that phrase nearly sent me over the edge, but I held on.

His free hand pulled up my top as he fingered me and I helped him remove it gladly.

Together we pulled off my bandeau and pants until I was left in only a pair of tiny lace panties. I moaned loudly as Wilder inserted two fingers inside me and I was left completely at his mercy.

I was right on the edge of cumming when Wilder's tongue flicked my nipple and his teeth grazed my sensitive flesh... I completely lost it. Wilder muffled my cries of pleasure with his mouth as I came.

When I finally came down from my intense orgasm I was already in desperate need of more Wilder. I needed him inside me and I needed it now.

Slowly... too slowly he began to undo his jeans and I whimpered impatient as he purposefully tortured me. When his jeans finally fell to the floor and pooled at his ankles I moaned at the site of his large member. If just his fingers could make me cum like that I couldn't imagine what his cock could do to me.

The only barrier between us was my wet lace panties, but Wilder made quick work of stripping those off of me too. I was completely naked, legs spread wide open, and in desperate need of his cock.

Wilder pulled me so my legs were wrapped around his hips and the tip of his cock pushed into my hole.

"I need you," I whimpered.

Wilder smirked as he began kissing and biting my neck as he slowly slid inside me. It was torture, but it also felt fucking amazing. He had a long thick shaft that filled me and stretched me as he began slowly rocking inside me.

"Mmm so fucking wet and tight," Wilder murmured in my ear. I bit my lip to silence my moans as his speed increased finally. I pushed the heel of my foot into his muscular ass to push him in harder and deeper and I nearly came as he rammed into me. I was lifted up off the counter and completely impaled on his cock as we gyrated our hips in unison. My tits bounced as I slid up and down on his cock with each powerful thrust I was closer and closer to cumming.

Wilder captured my lips with his and I moaned into his mouth as I became completely consumed by him. I raked my nails down his back and he groaned in pleasure and I bit down hard on his lip to further it.

"Cum," he growled as he began pounding me.

I buried my face in his neck as my pussy began convulsing, tightening around his cock as I came. I shivered and shook as I came and squirted all over his cock.

"Fuck I love squirters," he grunted as he kept fucking me. He gripped my ass cheeks, spanking me hard enough to leave an imprint as he came inside me. I mewed in approval as his load filled me and his thrusts slowed as he set me back on the counter.

"Holy fuck," he murmured.

I'd always fantasized that having sex with Wilder would be amazing, but nothing my brain could conjure up compared to the real thing. I had never had sex that good and by the look on his face he hadn't either.

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