tagNonHumanRebirth Ch. 05

Rebirth Ch. 05



Aiden was tired, more tired than he'd ever been. Blood and cuts covered his body, his breath heaving in and out of his body. They'd long since abandoned their fiery walls and resorted to hand to hand combat, materializing weapons with a thought. Aiden was now armed with a single blade and Evil Aiden, twin swords. All around them the walls that protected Aiden's mind were in shambles yet Evil Aiden, not nearly as bloody or torn, laughed with glee.

Bipolar villain that he was, Evil Aiden's expression suddenly changed to one of angry hatred and with a burst of supernatural speed he rushed at Aiden. Bringing his weapon up, Aiden was forced back as the blades clashed, sparks flying off the sharp edges. Their eyes only a few inches apart, there was no way Evil Aiden could not be aware of Aiden waning will to fight. Panicked, Aiden brought his leg up, barely missing his opponent who flipped away to come to a graceful stop a few feet away.

Evil Aiden did not give him a chance to recover from this latest attack.

Aiden was not fast enough protect himself this time and was sent reeling. He broke his fall and landed in a crouch. The sound of a blade slicing through air flashed and he back flipped twice, landing a few paces away. He stood to meet the full frontal attack but stumbled. Evil Aiden's blade caught him across the chest, adding to the gory collection. He almost did not feel this addition, numbness spreading quickly. The strength went out of his legs and he landed hard, the toll of the long fight catching up.

"Ready to give up, Aiden?" He did not answer and an evil laugh echoed, shaking the unstable environment. "You make me sick. You are not worthy of this power but I am. I will show the world what the phoenix is truly capable of and they will bow at my feet. They will beg for forgiveness, for mercy but there will be none."

Evil Aiden's word came as if from a distance and no matter how hard he tried, Aiden could not find the resolve or strength to move. Prone, on his back he watched vague images float above him, his memories invading. Blood, war, crime, odium. The world's malice filled his mind and swamped him. The voices of murderers, thieves, rapists echoed around him. His head exploded in pain as their self-pity, their anger, their hatred tried to consume him, feeding the strength of the part of him he longed to bury.

"Yes!" was Evil Aiden's hiss of pleasure.

All the reasons he fought became more and more obscure until a softly smiling face came to his rescue, her image secure behind his closed eyelids. Sadness shined in her eyes, showing the traumas of her past but nothing could diminish the good that was so much a part of her. Like a domino effect that glimpse of good had him recollecting all the deeds, small and large that made humanity redeemable. A stranger handing a coin to the man on the street, the grandchild taking some time to spend with a lonely grandparent, people handing out food at the homeless shelter. The list was long and written in the hearts of those who cared.

Seemingly lost amidst all the bad, there was good. One tiny human female reminded him of that. No matter how far darkness reached, there was always a glimmer of hope, always a spark of good even in the most wicked of hearts. Human nature could never be categorized as strictly good or bad. Neither could he. Human history was riddled with great acts of violence and would always be but amid all the chaos, there was always some act of kindness that tipped the scales. When did he lose sight that?

He tried to remember when he became this way, so jaded and bitter. He realized with a start that it was from man's first betrayal. With every other treacherous act, his resentment grew larger and larger until he was spilt down the middle, his soul torn between remaining loyal to his duty and his longing to punish those who caused his pain, his self-doubt. Those who destroyed the goodness in him.

The more he tried to suppress the malevolence the stronger it became until it manifested itself into a separate, willful being. They were both parts of him and neither could exist without the other. Just as day could not exist without night, every molecule of good in him needed the darker passions he harbored. It was what made him stronger, what made him persevere.

With his acceptance of his shortcomings, of realizing that fighting this inner demon would only lead to his downfall, he forgave the grievances transgressed against him, knowing there was no moving forward without absolution for himself or for humanity.

Distantly he heard the heavy fall of footsteps, a sword scraping the floor before a shadow fell over him. "Hey, get up so I can kick your ass."

A foot nudged him.

He opened his eyes and whatever Evil Aiden saw there made him back away, swords up and ready, for the first time the cocky confidence leaving his expression. Around them the shattered walls crumbled further as the ground shook, disappearing into dust.

"What's going on?" Evil Aiden glanced around, his movements panicked as the scene fell away and water rushed in to fill the space, a flowing lake surrounded but lush greenery. The liquid took hold of Aiden and he rose, watching the blue sky above him, the tranquil sound of a peaceful breeze, the chirp of birds, the faint buzzing of bees calming his soul. The serenity was broken when a snarl sounded. "What the fuck is this feng shui shit?"

It was time to tame his inner demon. For the sake of all those he swore to protect, for his near damned soul, for the love of his mate, it was a task he would not fail. He pushed himself to his feet, using his blade for support. Immediately he was attacked, the blow sending him spilling across the water's surface.

He smiled and rose again, the same result repeated time and time again until they stared at each other, arm's length apart. For the first time, Evil Aiden appeared winded and he raged, "Why do you get up? Why do you persist for the undeserving? Why, Aiden? Dammit, defend yourself. Why aren't you fighting back?"

With each word his other half grew louder, anger pulsing in the slashing gestures he made.

"Because you're right. We are one. I accept you. You've made these years bearable but I don't need you anymore. I need to face their world, my new life, without this animosity in the way."

Evil Aiden looked away, somehow managing to look hurt by the turn of events. "So you're just going to abandon me? For them? For her?"

"No. I'm doing it for me." He walked up to his dark twin and embraced him. The clone looked at him suspiciously, stiffening in shock at Aiden's action. "It's time for you to go," he said and Evil Aiden slumped against him, accepting Aiden's will for it was the first time he really meant his words.

"I will never truly disappear," Evil Aden stated his parting shot, his essence becoming transparent and melting into Aiden's body. The two flowed into one being leaving behind an almost whole Aiden. He closed his eyes and savored the feeling.

"I know." No being was completely good or bad. Everyone was painted in shades of light and dark. While his dark desires once worried him, he now knew with absolute certainty he could control the darkness within him because he finally found a reason to save his soul, battered and scarred as it was.

He opened his eyes and left the spiritual world behind. Around him the flowing rock was displaced, his volcanic cocoon gently rumbling. Shedding his human persona, the orange glowing protective bubble that protected his skin vanished, the ashes at his feet a symbol of his rebirth.

The phoenix took over. Increased power pulsed through him, the strain that once weighed his shoulders gone. The heat around him fed the phoenix's satisfaction at being set free after so many months.

His senses searched for the one who made everything he did, he'd done and will do worthwhile.

Got you, he celebrated, his target located.

With a loud screech, his wings close to his body, a powerful lunge sent his body slicing through the molten lava like a knife. Too fast for human eyes to see, he broke through the crater, the boom of rock crashing back to earth resonating. Airborne, he raced to his destination in search of the last piece of the puzzle that completed him.


Mac rolled onto her left side and fit the pregnancy pillow between her thighs. The reason for her sleeplessness continued his one-man dance-a-thon and she winced, rubbing at the spot. She felt the imprint of a tiny foot and her heart melted despite the discomforts that plagued her.

Determined to get some sleep, she closed her eyes. The last few weeks of back pain, limited mobility, and frequent trips to the bathroom left her with many sleepless nights, tonight no exception. The overhead fan whirled, the overworked device hardly dousing the internal heat that had her nightshirt sticking to her swollen belly. The sound was soothing though and her mind drifted into that space between blissful unconsciousness and persistent wakefulness.

Out of a dark cloud he came to her, his light shining bright and warm. Her fantasy was set in a tower, large bricks surrounding the huge round bed with black satin sheets. She was wet and ready for him, clad in nothing but her birthday suit and an eager, hungry look. Muscles rippling, he stalked her, coming to rest between her spread thighs. His lips greeted hers in welcome and he teased them both until the need to be joined overpowered. Grabbing the globes of her behind, he lifted her into his down stroke. Pressed tight against him, her suppliant nipples loved the abrasion against his chest as light from a mysterious source shined on them, illuminating their sweaty, straining bodies.

Her body quavered on the edge of the abyss only to be brought back to reality with a thud by a sharp fissure of pain in her lower abdomen. Determined not to be ignored, the baby gave a particularly hard kick and she yelped, her almost dream vanishing. She kept her eyes tightly shut, hoping the image would return but no such luck. The achy feeling that made her skin tingle kept on tormenting her though. Her legs shifted restlessly, the squirming action stimulating her tender bud as her nipples chafed against the large shirt's material.

Aiden never left her thoughts, memories of his hard body driving into hers, his lips sucking at her aroused nipples, hands leaving no place untouched filling her mind day and night. Every time she closed her eyes, he chased away the monsters that masqueraded as nightmares to heat her dreams. The downside to the erotic visions was waking with a pulsating clit, a pussy that ached to be filled, a heart that throbbed in demand and a needy cry on her lips.

Sighing, she struggled into a sitting position and looking down at her stomach, she grumbled. A glance at the clock on the bedside table made her sigh again. Five thirty-two a.m. The sun would be up soon and she decided she might as well get up. But still she lingered in the bed watching drizzling drops hit the sliding glass door that opened her bedroom onto its private deck.

The framed sketch of Aiden stood next to the clock and her eyes traced the lines. Since he left, her art had taken on sexual edge that reviewers raved. It was little surprise when she spent hours in her studio with thoughts of the hours they spent together as her hands slashed and crafted, her creative energy renewed. She usually ended a painting session amazed at the new depth her work exhibited , her panties soaked and squirming in the refurbished stool that earned a special place in her heart.

Another hard kick startled her away from her thoughts. The rain tapped on the glass door a little harder than before. Like an invitation, the taps seemed to whisper come out and play. She giggled at her crazy musing but was helpless to resist the call none the less. She pushed the covers aside and, with some maneuvering, got out of bed. She wobbled across the bedroom, her seven and a half month bulge leading the way. Pushing the sliding door to the side, she stepped out into the downpour, the cool deck beneath her feet. The cotton T-shirt was soaked within seconds and stuck to her like a second skin, clearly outlining her baby bump. Immediately the breeze cooled her fevered skin although it did nothing about the heat within. She took one step, then another and another until the wooden banister halted her progress.

Fingers lightly trailing across the wood she looked out onto the Caribbean Sea. Although she could not see the shore, the sound of the waves lapping at the sand soothed her, blending perfectly with the tap, tap, tap of the rain. Despite the heavenly shower, clouds hardly littered the sky and already light streaks of blue cut through the black cover, stars still twinkling in the early morning. In the war between day and night, the moon stilled shined its light, the pale sphere hanging low. The sparse moonlight slithered along the surf forming a deep 'V'. The calming drops also took on the silvery hue, like small diamonds falling from the sky only to break into a million tiny pieces as they touched the wooden deck.

She closed her eyes and lifted her face to the rain. The warm tropical air blew against her cheeks and carried with it the sound and smell of the nearby sea and floral undertones, the intense red rose scent from the bush directly below the balcony her favorite. Her decision to move to St. Lucia stemmed from the desire for a new start, something radically different from the icy isolation of the Montana Mountains and away from the controlling thumb of her parents, who weren't too pleased at the news of her pregnancy, especially with no doting father at her heels.

While she learned to conquer the instinctive fear of males that Grayson instilled in her, she lapsed into old patterns sometimes. She still could not bear the thought of small spaces or growing her hair out and staying out alone after dark was out of the question. But she made great strides in the last few months and while she would like to think that she would have reached this point in her life this quickly without meeting Aiden, she knew it was a lie.

Despite the shortness of their time together, Aiden had given her so much. Because of him she found the courage to rejoin the world, to reclaim herself, to live again. Because of him she found the strength to look back on the past, make peace with it and leave exactly where it belonged. Because of him she looked forward to the future with open arms.

Every day was a gift she planned to cherish because he gave her the greatest gift of all. Her son. Only after discovering her pregnancy did she realize the full significance of his tear on that fateful night. She viewed the entire gestation as a miracle-a term coined by her doctor. From seeing the first ultrasound to feeling those first fluttering kicks, each new experience was infinitely precious.

Fears of her ability as a mother, of repeating the mistakes of her mother, invaded the maternal bliss sometimes even manifesting themselves in her dreams. She joined a first-time mom support group and the weekly meet-ups helped but it was Aiden's presence she desired most. Though she tried not to dwell on her situation, alone and pregnant, she could not quench her longing to have someone, Aiden, to reveal her fears to, someone to marvel at all the small and not-so small changes that pregnancy brought, to hold her hand at doctor visits, to rub her sore feet at the end of the day.

Hormones are a bitch, she griped internally trying to shake off her sad thoughts but still she felt the telltale tingling around her eyes signaling a waterworks session. Only yesterday she bawled her eyes out after watching a tender scene between mother and child in a commercial. That was one of the least embarrassing crying sessions she had. She still cringed remembering having the same effect seeing a flower blowing in the wind.

Her feet started protesting and she opened her eyes. The yard below was now clearly visible, the neatly manicured lawn beautifully decorated with trimmed hedges, colorful splashes of flowers and a stoned path leading to the beach below. Giving the peaceful scene one last look, she took two steps toward the bedroom before freezing.

The air changed.

There was no subtle shifting. Although the rain sang its song just as before, the wind stilled. She closed her eyes, swallowing the lump in her throat, too afraid of the disappointment to hope. But the suspense was too much, the fragile hope already taking root. She opened her eyes slowly, drops of water plopping onto her cheeks. Like a vision right out of her most luscious fantasy, there he stood, no more than a foot away. Until then she did not realize how much she worried that her move would prevent their reunification.

Power emanated from him. Small rivers of water sleuthed down his bare chest, clinging adoringly to the washboard abs that carved his stomach before disappearing into the loose jeans that hang low on his hips. He looked down at her with the same intensity that scorched her dreams. His hair was longer but otherwise he looked the same but for a new lightness surrounding him. With him so near the incessant need she told herself was just an overblown memory was back stronger than before. Her pussy burned in readiness, wet and pulsing, aching for his touching, aching for completion.

He had to know. The way her nipples pressed against the thin material of her top was a dead giveaway. And if his sense of smell was a strong as it used to be, there was no way he could miss the scent of her dripping pussy. Suddenly breathless, all she could manage was a soft, "You came."

He cupped her cheeks and she leaned into the caress. His thumb traced her lips, his eyes hungrily following its path before imprisoning her with blue fire. "Nothing could keep me away."

She threw herself into his waiting arms, his comforting warmth already thawing the confusion of the last few months. Their lips met and clung and her pussy clenched in remembrance of those special nights atop a snowy mountain. His hands on her hips, Aiden pulled her into the strength of his arms and ravaged her mouth. His passion was a formidable thing but the strength of her desire matched his. Long seconds passed as their tongues dueled and explored. They were nothing short of perfection together and emotion nearly overwhelmed her.

The moment of passion was broken when her hyperactive bundle resumed his rambunctious play. The powerful kick made her gasp. The look in Aiden's eyes said he felt it as well. Feeling weirdly tentative she said, "There's someone who wants to meet you," she said to Aiden, watching his face for his reaction.

They never talked about kids and she had no idea what to expect from him. Would he be angry, happy, disappointed, suspicious? What if he thought she found someone else? Already boarded on her panic train, her eyes widened when he knelt at her feet and lifted the material away from her tummy, large hands tracing the distended shape. There was another kick against his hand and awe lit his eyes. He leaned over and kissed the spot. "Hi there, little guy. It's your old man. I know we've only just met but I already love you. I promise to protect you, and be there whenever you need me." He took her hand and brought it to his lips. His eyes were bright, emotion turning them almost black. "Thank you, Mac. You've given me more than I could ever hope for."

She urged him to his feet, his height dwarfing her, making her feel small and feminine, a feeling she liked more than she cared to admit. "I should be the one thanking you. None of this would have been possible without you. Thank you for this little miracle, Aiden."


Aiden looked down at the arousing picture Mac presented, a vision loveliness made all the more enchanting by the fact that she carried his child. Possessive pride swept through him, hot arousal intensifying the emotion. Atop the hoary mountain she was beautiful, a hidden gem. Now, her body nurturing a new life, she was exquisite. Her internal light shined brighter and bigger than ever, giving her skin a rosy hue.

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