Rebirth Ch. 05


For a few minutes before she became aware of his presence he watched her. Like a goddess, she stood with her head tipped toward the rain, her body outlined in nothing but wet, see-through cloth and moonlight. Like the hungry hunter he was, he cataloged every change, every line and curve of her body, inhaling her womanly scent now sweetened with a little something extra. The undisputable evidence that she was pregnant was like icing on an already delicious cake.

Now that she was before him, it was felt too good to be true yet there she was.


The transparent shirt, pushed over her belly, clung to her breasts, the hard tips pushing at the fabric. Unable to resist the urge, he leaned down to capture a nipple through the wet shirt. Her fingers speared through his hair. Pulling at the strands, her soft moan vibrated through them both and floating on the tranquil island wind. Her sweetness had him curling his tongue around the protruding flesh, pulling it deeper into the recesses of his mouth. She pulled him closer and pressed her flesh into his mouth. "Oh Aiden!"

Releasing her nipple he rasped his tongue over its temptation. She moaned her displeasure, arching higher and pulling harder on his hair. "Don't stop, please."

Capturing her hands, he imprisoned them at her back. Looking into her chocolate eyes, he saw his need reflected there. Her tongue licked at her full lower lip and he had to taste her, had to reacquaint himself with her addictive flavor. He nipped at her upper lip, keeping his touch light. "Please, Aiden. It's been so long."

Her plea sent a jolt of fire through him and he could no longer deny himself, deny her. The kiss was hard, a clash of tongue, teeth and lips that would undoubtedly leave them both bruised. His hips pressed against hers, seeking relief from the terrible ache, loving the new curves that greeted him. Pushing her back, he trapped her between the handrails and his body. She kissed him back and her body moved with his, pulling him deeper and deeper into the wed of arousal.

He wanted to savor her, to make this reunion memorable. So with tremendous effort he slowed down and took the time to properly explore her uniquely sweet flavor. He placed a tender kiss on the swollen cushion of her lips.

He pulled away to taste the graceful line of her neck, the combination of rain and clean woman heady. Letting go of her hands he traced the length of her silky thighs, caressing the curve of her belly before pushing the wet shirt over the hills of her breasts.

"You taste so sweet, baby. I can't get enough," he breathed against her neck. Backing away he looked at the prize he uncovered as he pulled the shirt over her head and tossed it away. Shyness entered her eyes and he caught her hands before she could cover herself, placing them on the balcony's ledge. Her fingers tightened around the wood as his eyes, longed denied, feasted.

The stiff peaks of her nipples tightened further under his gaze, proud in the night air. Swollen with the changes of her body, they were larger, the color of her areolas richer, the rigid jewels in the center reaching for him. He took possession of the rounded treasures, his thumbs rasping over the peaked centers. Just below, the tight basketball shape of her tummy was far sexier than he could have imagined. Moisture clinging to her, her skin reflected the elusive light of the fading moon, her black panties stark against the paleness of her skin. "Perfect."

At his reverent tone, her eyelids lowered, hiding her thoughts from him. He wanted no barriers between them. Lifting her chin, he looked into her eyes, he said, "You're beautiful. Exquisite."

There was a small silence as she searched his gaze. She answered, "You make me feel that way."

He kissed the valley between her breasts, his hands sweeping her sides before cupping her them. Plumping up the supple flesh, he kissed, licked and nibbled at the underside, relearning the shape and weight. Slowly, he moved around the globe, coming full circle. Moving about an inch higher, he repeated the action loving the way she moaned, her movements trying to force a deeper contact. Shorter and shorter the circles became before he just hovered above the pink tip. One hand fisted in his hair, forcing his gaze up. Frustration changed the color of her eyes, light sparks making them shine. "Don't tease me, Aiden."

With the tip of his tongue he laved her areolas, skirting the place that needed his attention most. Her fingers tightened in his hair and finally he relented. Holding her stare, he pulled her nipple into his mouth and groaned, his first unhampered taste in too long. With a flicker of his tongue he lashed at the distended flesh, humming at the prize. "You have the sweetest breasts. I could do this for hours."

Her answer was a stretched out moaned as he kissed a path to the other globe, giving it the same lavish attention before he knelt before her. Starting at the line of her panties, he kissed a path over her rounded belly. Sprawled over her flat tummy, his hand cradled the life that nestled there, the flutter that rippled beneath his palm reminding him that the cold, wet deck was not the best place to make love to a pregnant woman. He rose to his feet and lifted her. With a surprised gasp, she wrapped her arms around his neck. Their lips met with fiery passion and he carried her into the bedroom.

Their lips still clinging, he lowered her to the mattress, pillows at her back. He followed her down, lying at her side. Pulling away, he looked down as her in the semi-darkness. Dawn broke and rich color bounced off the walls and bathed her in warm light. Like the angel she so favored, her hair haloed around her head, spread over the white sheets. The only thing that obstructed his view was the pair of triangle panties. Shifting, he knelt between her legs and pulled them down her legs, his breath catching at the sight of her swollen cleft dewy with her juices, the pearly drops running down the crack of her butt cheeks.

His cock was pulsing, almost painfully full, begging for relief while his tongue felt swollen with the need to taste her. Go slow, he admonished himself and determined to do just that, he kissed her shoulder, trailing over her chest, nuzzling between her breasts, feeling the race of her heart. Lower, his tongue laved her now obtruding belly button, licking and sucking.

"More, Aiden. That feels so good," she sighed, her fingers once more tangling in his hair.

He trailed even lower, kissing her creamy thighs, caressing the arch of her dainty feet, retracing his path to the apex of her legs. Her thigh over his shoulder, his eyes devoured the sight, his nose flaring at the amazing scent. Using his tongue to separate the petals of her femininity, he licked her up and down. A rejoicing chorus went through his taste buds at that first taste. With a groan, he dived deeper, his tongue entering her fiery furnace. Peeking out from beneath it hood, her hard bud beckoned him. His hand opening her nether lips, his mouth latched onto her exposed clit. Mouth creating tight suction, he eased a finger into her tight sheath. The rhythm built into a love song of slurping noises, the clap of his finger sinking into her and the rustle of her restless movements against the sheets, her cries adding sweet soprano. He spat on her pussy using the added lubricant to ease another fingers into her.

"Yes, just like that, Aiden," her sultry voice encouraged.

Concentrating on that internal sweet spot, he increased the pressure just that little bit on her external bean and she exploded, the contracting muscles gripping his fingers. Air escaped her in a whoosh and a silent scream filled her mouth. Her hips bucked wildly as her thighs trapping his head, her fingers tearing into sheets. He rode the wave with her, keeping her still beneath his mouth.

He gentled his mouth as she came down from her peak. Her thighs relaxed and he left his prize to nuzzle her tummy. Standing, he shucked his jeans and the low riding briefs. Looking down at her, for the first time he wondered if doing this that the best idea. Immediately his cock protested the thought but his big head still deliberated.

Like she sensed his thoughts, Mac sat up and gave him a considering look. "It's okay, Aiden. We won't hurt him."

Still doubt plagued him and he hesitated until she knelt and fisted his traitorous cock. "Come to me, Aiden. I've waited so long. Don't leave me wanting."

So said, she pulled his head down to kiss his lips. Leading him by his cock, she beckoned him to the promise of proven absolution until they both knelt in the center of the bed. His body rallied her cause, his mind fighting to stay afloat in the sea of salacity. In one last-ditched attempt to ease his conscience, he asked, "Are you sure?"

"Yes. The doctor says its fine," was whispered against his lips and she straddled his thighs. Holding his gaze captive, she rose slightly and his cock found her entrance. Rocking back and forth, she worked his bourgeon head into her mound.

Retreating she did it again, working a little more of him into her. He caught her cadence and together they worked his length slowly into the heart of her. They both sighed, the remembered perfection of his body stretching hers just as right.

Lips on his, she was the first to move, riding him. Taking her lead, he countered her motions, pushing up as she descended, retreating as she rose, their tongues duplicating their actions. Her breasts bounced with his slow thrusts, her skin flushed pink, lightly sprinkled with a sheen of sweat. With a sob, she lifted her hands to his shoulders and her nails pierced his skin with quiet desperation. Her lips quavered beneath his as their movements became more frenzied.

Her warmth surrounded him as his length tunneled through her folds, the silken feel of her driving him out of his mind. Her scent filled his head, the euphoric cloud making it impossible to think of anything but her and the sweet salvation of her body. Her eyes trapped him in a sensual web. They shined with smoldering passion, showing every inkle of her desire.

Thumb on her clit, he stroked into her with hard flex of his hips. She screamed into his mouth and guilt laced through his passion. She was pregnant, for Ra's sake. He pulled his lips away intending to do the same with his hips but, arms clinging lovingly to him, she hooked her legs around his waist, her nails scoring his back, and said, "Don't stop, Aiden. Please, I need you."

"I don't want to hurt you or our baby, Mac. Give me a minute and I'll go slowly." Even through his words he could not stop the twitch of his hungry cock or the small movements of his hips as his body urged him to finish what he started.

"You can't hurt us by loving us. I don't want slow. I want you. Just you. Just the way you are."

Her words combined with the deep caress of her muscles nearly pushed him to the breaking point but there was something that needing to be voiced before they continued.

"I love you," he whispered, their lips no more than an inch apart. The intensity of the feeling echoed in his trembling voice, his body trying its best to show her the truth of his words. "I'm not perfect and I am more than aware of the fact. I'm jealous, overprotective and possessive, and I don't deserve you but I love you, Mac, more than anything else in this world. I need you to be my wife, my lover, the mother of our children. You may not feel the same way but-"

She stopped his tirade with a finger on his lips. "But I do, Aiden. With every beat of my heart I do. I love you and I need you just as much. I want to see the sun rise with you every morning and make love to you every night. For the rest of my life. And yours."

"Are you saying what I hope you are?" He remembered his offer of immortality and her uncertain reaction all those months ago. Had she come to the decision he hoped for?

Her voice was strong as she answered, "Yes. I can't imagine my life without you and forever is not enough but I'll take it."

His heart exulted with a skipped beat. "Marry me."

She smiled. "Yes."

He surged into her, hard and deep.

"Oh yes! Harder, Aiden. Please."

The sounds that came from him were earthy and rough, his words unrefined and full of his desperate emotion. Her high-pitched moans mixed with his bass tune. His body cried for relief but he pushed away from the promised bliss wanting the moment to last forever.

"Right there. Right there. Oh Aiden!" she chanted through trembling lips, her muscles gripping him. A millisecond later it was almost impossible for him to move through the tightness. She threw her head back on a scream, muttering incoherent words, her pussy gushing him with hot liquid. She hissed and cursed with the continued explosions that rocked her core, tears forced from the corner of her eyes. Her orgasm triggered his and he could not curtail his released anymore. His gritted his teeth against the pleasure-pain, snarling with the ferocity of his desire. A wild fire started at his groin and spread with the ferocity of a charging bull. His cock swelled and exploded, bathing her insides with his cum. His control unraveled, leaving only raw desire, raw emotion. Leaving only the two of them in a storm of yearning, clinging to each other, their two souls reaching and colliding.

In the wake of such tender violence, their eyes met as their lips touched, not kissing but simply sharing each other's breath. "I love you, Mac."

"I love you, Aiden."


Hair flowing past her shoulders, Mac watched her two favorite men. Swaying back and forth, Aiden fed the six week old baby cradled in his arms. It was a nightly bedtime routine that never failed to touch a spot in her heart. The epitome of male ruggedness, Aiden was dressed in a pair of comfortable jeans and a worn jersey, his large feet bare. His hair was cut short and dyed black in an effort to avoid complications from his last identity, a look she found just as scrumptious as his last. Now Nicholas Aiden Lenon, he taught English at a local secondary school. All his students adored him but none more that his son.

Garbed in a short sleeved vest and disposable diaper, baby Phoenix was a duplicate of his dad but for the blond hair curling around his face.

Comfy in one of Aiden's large shirt, she leaned against the entrance to the nursery and smiled in happiness, thinking how truly blessed she was. So much had happened in the last few months. She and Aiden married only one week after his proposal. Three weeks later Phoenix was born earlier than expected, weighing a whopping eight pounds. She reconnected with her parents after an unexpected, teary phone call and reconciliation was underway with her mother and father now visiting and considering a move to the tiny island with the approach of retirement. There were still rough patches to work through but they were all committed. She left her mortality behind in one erotic blood exchange and knew the future may hold untold difficulties but with Aiden and Phoenix at her side she was prepared to face it all and value each day.

Before the last suckle of the nipple, Phoenix drifted off. Some back tapping and a burp later, Aiden carefully placed the child in his bed. A flip of a switch and dancing animal lights shined on the walls and ceiling. Walking over, she leaned against Aiden's back. Putting her arms around him in a loose hug, she snuggled close as they watched their normal squirming bundle sleep.

He turned in her arms and pressed a kiss to her lips. Gently pulling his lips away, he looked at her in that way that made her feel infinitely beautiful and said. "I have waited for you for an eternity."

Her eyes misted. "I'm here now and I'm not going anywhere."

Swinging her into his arms, he walked them to the bedroom where he placed her in the center of their bed and followed her down. Long into the night softly whispered words and sighs bounced off the walls before they finally fell into an exhausted sleep, formerly singular anomalies united in a tie unbreakable even by time.


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