tagBDSMRebirth Pt. 02

Rebirth Pt. 02


Authors note: I started to write part two of Rebirth over eighteen months ago so it may pay for readers to read part one before settling down to part two. I hope that my patient and loyal fans will not have to wait as long for my next story.


For the next few days Noel Wilson and Kari kept in regular contact by phone while the nurse worked the morning shift at Maroondah Hospital. They were both over the moon about their first meeting and subsequent D/s session and both made secret plans for their next meeting. Kari also phoned Jayne to let her know how successful the day had been after the initial introduction. Jayne was thrilled and made plans with Ron, her Dom, to invite Mr. Wilson and Kari for dinner sometime the following week.

Kari finally finished her Friday shift at the hospital, showered and changed her clothes. After a little supermarket shopping she drove immediately to meet up with her mature Dom for what she hoped would be two days of mutual BDSM pleasure. The happy submissive was confident that she had finally found a trustworthy dominant who would treat her with care and understanding while maintaining the firm control she needed so badly. She parked her car in the driveway, collected two bags from the back seat and strode confidently to the front door.

"Welcome my subbie." Mr. Wilson opened the door before Kari had a chance to ring the bell.

"Thank you Sir." Kari smiled happily as she stepped into the hall and placed her bags on the floor.

"Stand at attention." The Dom looked keenly at Kari's loose fitting dress that was held up by a bow on each shoulder and asked. "And what would you be wearing under this dress?"

"Nothing Sir." Kari answered as she stood as directed.

"Then let's see."

Mr. Wilson smiled as he reached up and pulled an end of both bows. The dress caught for a second on Kari's large breasts before falling onto the floor. The subbie had taken great care with her shaving and her Dom showed his appreciation with an almost inaudible whistle of approval. Kari shivered as she felt his fingertips test the smoothness of her shaven labia before his firm hands guided her to turn a full circle.

"What's in the bags?" Mr. Wilson asked as his hands fondled his subbie's large breasts.

"Some clothes in one and some food in the other." Kari replied. "I took the liberty of buying some groceries for our meals Sir, I hope you don't mind. Ohhhhh that feels so nice."

"Of course not, the kitchen is your domain while you are here, and you're welcome to it." Noel smiled at her reaction to the breast play. "Anything need to go in the fridge?"

"Yes please Sir." Kari was pleased with her new Dom's praise. "And I have two pieces of good news too."

"Good news?" Mr. Wilson's eyes twinkled at Kari's words. "Very well, put the food away and then come to the spare bedroom."

"Yes Sir!" Kari grabbed the bag and hurried to the kitchen. The subbie had expected a discussion with Mr. Wilson before any physical action and she was delighted at the surprise start to their two days together.

The happy Dom walked slowly to the spare bedroom, closed the door behind him and checked his preparations for the umpteenth time. The first successful session with Kari a few days ago had renewed his enthusiasm for life and he had spent most of the last two days preparing for this time with his subbie. A soft knock on the door was answered with a one-word reply.


Mr. Wilson's preparations were complete but he was well aware of the effect that waiting could have on a submissive. Some handled it well and remained calm while it could have the opposite effect on others. He was eager to see Kari's reaction but waited five or six minutes before opening the door. His subbie was standing serenely at ease with her arms behind her back and legs apart but her eyes opened wide when she saw the changes to the room. A straight-backed, sturdy wooden chair stood on the polished timber floor with many coils of smooth rope hanging from a specially built rack. Mr. Wilson crooked a finger as a silent invitation for his subbie to enter the room. As Kari moved into the room she saw an office chair on castors that stood to one side together with a small chest of drawers. The single brass bed had leather cuffs attached to each corner by strong looking chains and a variety of straps, floggers and canes hung from hooks attached to the walls.

"Sit in the chair."

Kari moved silently and sat on the hard timber seat. She had quickly recognised that Mr. Wilson was a man of few words when controlling her and she had vowed to only speak when spoken to. The Dom placed his walking stick on the chest of drawers, sat himself on the wheeled office chair and pushed with his legs for the chair to carry him over to the rope rack. Kari nodded and smiled in appreciation as Mr. Wilson pushed himself to take position in front of his subbie. The office chair made it easier, safer and less tiring for her Dom than hobbling around with the aid of the walking stick. It also let him use both hands and he was soon securing Kari's ankles to the front legs of the chair with short lengths of rope. Similar lengths of rope were passed around the front chair legs and tied just under the subbie's knees.

"Hands on head." Mr. Wilson ordered as he pushed himself back to the rope rack and selected a long length of clean white cord.

A nervous shiver ran through Kari's body as she quickly obeyed the instruction. She knew that this was a test of her trust in her new Dom but the last time she had been tied was nearly five years previously when she had been bashed and ended in hospital with a broken jaw. Long deep breaths made her large breasts rise and fall as she fought to keep her mind on the present and not on her past. Mr. Wilson tied one end of the rope to the back of the chair at the level of just under his subbie's armpit then guided it under her right breast and over the left. He looped the end of the rope through the upright of the chair back and pulled the full length through until it tightened. The rope was then guided under Kari's left breast, over her right and again pulled tight through the chair's upright. Mr. Wilson was aware of Kari's past experiences and repeatedly glanced at his subbie's face to gauge how well she was coping with the bondage. As the Dom kept repeating the process with the rope it formed a figure eight laid on its side across Kari's chest. The subbie was secured very firmly against the back of the chair as the rope cut into the soft flesh of her large white breasts. She had never seen her nipples stand out so hard from the aureole and the aroma of a sexually aroused woman seemingly filled the quiet room. Mr. Wilson pushed himself behind his lovely submissive, secured the end of the rope to the back of the chair and guided her arms down. A quick push back to the rope rack enabled the Dom to select some more cord that he used to secure Kari's arms comfortably behind her.

Mr. Wilson pushed himself back in front of Kari and checked his rope work and his subbie's emotions. He was delighted to see Kari's eyes shining with excitement as she sucked air through pursed lips. The neatness of his bondage was pleasing after more than three years of inaction. The experienced Dom looked at Kari and raised his eyebrows as a silent question of her readiness to continue. She licked her lips, gave a half smile and nodded her approval for her Dom to carry on. Part of Kari's mind wondered what was going to happen next but she was also aware of a wonderful calmness through all her body as she watched Mr. Wilson turn and pull a small insulated container from a drawer. The subbie's eyes opened wide as he opened the container and withdrew a small cube of ice.

"Ohhhhhhhh,." Kari moaned as Mr. Wilson ran the ice block around and over her left nipple.

The subbie's body strained against the ropes as the frozen cube glided over both breasts with extra time being spent on both the erect nipples. Cold drips of icy water ran down over her tummy and around her freshly shaven pussy. Half the ice block had melted when Mr. Wilson unexpectedly popped it into Kari's open mouth. The subbie sucked noisily on the welcome liquid as she watched her Dom grasp another ice block from the container.

"Noooooooooo!" Kari screeched as the ice cube was rubbed around her labia before being pushed into her vagina.

Two more blocks of ice quickly followed the first as Kari experienced another first in her life as a submissive. She closed her eyes as strong new sensations had her body shaking within the confines of the ropes.

"Owwwwwwwww!" Kari's eyes flew open and she shrieked as the sudden sting of a light leather flogger burst across her breasts.

Noel Wilson was in his element as he raised the flogger again and flicked it again over Kari's wonderful breasts. Over many years he had learnt to tease his wife in two or more areas at the same time and now his new subbie was getting the rewards of his experience. The flogger was never still as the light strokes across Kari's breasts were occasionally mixed with harder stinging blows across her thighs. The nurse's mind was whirling as the ice dripped from her pussy and the flogger stung so wonderfully over her smooth white skin. Noisy yelps were mixed with almost continuous moaning as Kari verbalised her reactions to the mixture of pleasure and pain.

"You said you had some good news to tell me?" Mr. Wilson asked as he suddenly stopped using the flogger.

"W'what?" Kari panted as she looked incredulously at her Dom.

"Tell me one part of the good news." The instruction was accompanied by a half-smile.

"Oh God, yes Sir. Ummmm I met up with an old friend with whom I did my nursing training with years ago, and she owwwwwwwww!" A firmer stroke of the leather strips across her breasts interrupted Kari's flow of thoughts.

"Continue please."

"Oh Sir," Kari paused for a few seconds before saying, "She is now in charge of a new rehabilitation unit at Maroondah Hospital and," She stopped talking as Mr. Wilson raised the flogger and cracked it across her thighs. "Yahhhhhhhhhhh, oh God!"

The Dom remained silent as he looked expectantly for Kari to continue.

The subbie was sucking air noisily in and out of her lungs as she fought to concentrate on her news. "And she thinks she can arrange for you to have some sessions of hydrotherapy, physio and massage all paid for by your private health insurance, owwwwwwwww, Jesus Christ!"

Mr. Wilson flicked the leather across Kari's breasts again before replying, "That's wonderful my subbie, great news."

"Sir, please?" Kari pleaded.


"The ice has, ummmm I need to empty my bladder, quickly."

"You've lasted well." Mr. Wilson chuckled as her reached between his subbie's legs and turned two clips that were hidden from view under the chair. "Not enough time to untie you."

To Kari's amazement a central piece of the timber seat dropped from underneath her and was placed to one side. Her Dom then opened a different drawer, lifted out a baby's plastic potty and slid it under her bottom on a purpose-built shelf.

"I was a scout, be prepared." The Dom laughed at the look on his subbie's face. "Ok, pee away."

Kari blushed bright red as she strained to hold on, "Sir please, not while you're watching."

"Of course while I'm watching, a good Dom never leaves a tied up subbie alone." Noel was enjoying himself.

"I can't, I just can't." Kari pleaded.

"Just like Jayne, humiliation is obviously low on your fantasy list." Mr. Wilson chuckled as he selected another cube of ice. "Maybe this will help you?"

Kari shrieked as her cunning Dom casually rubbed the ice over her clitoris before pushing it deep into her vagina. A few seconds later the subbie lost control of her bladder and the yellow stream splashed into the potty. The nurse was mortified that her Dom had seen her pee but she suddenly giggled as she realised that the situation was totally out of her control.

"Such a sudden change." Mr. Wilson wondered as he retrieved the potty and placed it carefully in a black plastic bag. "What's so funny?"

"I feel awful about peeing in front of you but I suddenly realised that I have no control, and that's what I've been craving for years, to submit to total control!"

Mr. Wilson smiled in recognition of his lovely subbie's comprehension of her situation. To her surprise he got up off the chair, stood beside her and slipped a blindfold over her eyes. Kari moaned as her Dom grabbed a handful of her hair, pulled her head back and kissed her deeply while his free hand squeezed her roped breasts.

"That news about the hospital is wonderful Kari." Mr. Wilson said as he sat back on the chair.

The sudden change back to normal conversation took Kari by surprise again but she managed to reply, "I'Im sure that the therapy will help your, owwwwwwww, Oh Chriiiisssst!"

The flogger interrupted the sentence again as its leather strips stung across Kari's thighs. Rapid strokes of varying strength across her breasts, tummy and legs had the subbie crying out loudly as she felt a powerful orgasm building within.

"Don't cum!" The order was short and definite.

Mr. Wilson noted his subbie's tightly clenched hands and rigid muscles as she strived to obey the instruction. Suddenly the only sound in the room was Kari's noisy breathing as the flogger stopped and the Dom used silence to build the suspense. The wheels of the chair squeaked as Mr. Wilson pushed himself over to the bed and retrieved a small rattan carpet beater from beneath the covers. He moved directly in front of his waiting subbie and silently placed the head of the beater where the potty had rested, about twelve inches under her exposed arse. A tremor of anticipation ran through the Dom's body as he grasped the handle with both hands and jerked it upwards.

"Yahhhhhhhhhh!" Kari screamed as the rattan cracked against her arse cheeks.

"Cum on the sixth stroke!" Mr. Wilson called as he whipped the beater upward for the second time.

'Crack!' - "Noooooooo!"

'Crack!' - "Ohhhhh God!"

'Crack!' - "Yowwwwww!"

'Crack!!' - "Aaaahhhhhhhh!!"

"Last one Kari, cum now!" The final blow was the strongest.

'Crack!!' - "Urrrrrgggggghhhhhh!"

All of Kari's muscles tensed against the ropes as a powerful orgasm shuddered through her body. Mr. Wilson slipped the blindfold off and sat back on his chair watching his new subbie with satisfaction. After the necessarily slow start to their first session last Saturday he had wondered how Kari would react to an intense start to their two days together. He was thrilled by her unquestioning obedience to his instructions and her acceptance of some painful blows without resorting to the safe word. The Dom took an old Polaroid camera from a drawer and snapped a couple of photos of his wonderful subbie. Perspiration glowed on Kari's face as she moaned and sucked air into her lungs. She gazed directly at her Dom as she slowly shook her head from side to side in wonder at the strength of her orgasm.

"You are a remarkable young lady." Mr. Wilson said as he reached into a drawer and grasped some clothes pegs.

"Thank you Sir, I think you are the remarkable one." Kari puffed as she looked warily at the clothes pegs that she realised were joined by thin cord.

"Did you know that the Americans call these clothes pins? Just another example of how they've murdered the English language." The Dom said as he manoeuvred his chair close between the subbie's legs and played his fingers over her swollen labia. Kari moaned as Mr. Wilson held her glistening right labia between the thumb and forefinger of his left hand and carefully attached the first clothes peg. The nurse winced and gritted her teeth as a second and third peg gripped the sensitive labia. Mr. Wilson quickly repeated his actions with Kari's left labia and the six clothes pegs stood out like sentries at the entrance to his subbie's vagina. An almost continuous moan came from Kari's pursed lips as she watched her Dom move back a short distance and carefully tighten the six lengths of cord attached to the pegs. When he was satisfied with the tension of each strand he wrapped them around his hand and looked directly into his subbie's eyes.

"Count slowly from twelve to one."

"Oh God." Kari moaned before taking a deep breath and counting. "Twelve, eleven, ten, nine..."

"I said slowly, start again."

Kari emitted a long sigh and started again slowly, "Yes Sir, twelve, eleven, ten, nine, eight, Aaaaiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

On the count of eight Mr. Wilson yanked suddenly on the cords and the clothes pegs were released in unison from his subbie's labia. A second powerful orgasm shot through Kari's body as her loud scream filled the room. Her body was shaking strongly within the confines of the ropes as unintelligible noises came from deep in her throat. The Dom pushed himself so he was sitting beside his subbie and stroked her hair while she calmed and regained her breath.

"Looks like eight is your lucky number, just like the Chinese believe." Mr. Wilson eventually said with a smile.

"Noel, Sir, a rest please." The subbie panted.

"I've nothing else planned for today Kari, just r and r. I hope I didn't overload you too quickly?"

"You sure surprised me, I nearly used the safe word for those bloody clothes pegs." Kari admitted. "But it was amazing, worth it."

"What happened to the subbie who didn't like pain?" The Dom asked with a wry smile.

"I'I guess that she never knew that pain could result in such pleasure." Kari replied shakily.

"I was in two minds whether to use the zipper," Mr. Wilson admitted. "But you accepted the flogger so well I went for it."

"The zipper, is that what it's called? It's well named." Kari sighed and repeated, "It was very painful for me, but worth it for the result."

Mr. Wilson just smiled, wheeled himself behind the chair and started to untie all the knots. Kari stretched her arms gratefully then held them above her head to allow easy access to the ropes binding her breasts. The Dom and the subbie both smiled with delight when they saw the marks that the cord had left on Kari's breasts. She pointed to the camera and Mr. Wilson was thrilled to take a close-up photo of her marked breasts. The ropes confining her legs were soon dispensed with and Kari was able to stretch all her limbs as she waited for her Dom's next command.

"I think a drink is in order." The Dom said as he retrieved his walking stick and carefully stood. "You rest as long as you like and I'll put the kettle on."

"Ahh, allow me to do the drinks please Sir." Kari replied. "I took the liberty of bringing my coffee plunger so we could have real coffee, I hope you don't mind."

"Real coffee instead of instant? Wonderful!" Mr. Wilson leant over and kissed his subbie. "It's in your hands sweet Kari, are you ok to get up?"

"My adrenalin is pumping so hard I think I could run a marathon." Kari quipped as she pushed herself up off the chair. "I'll wash and be right with you and I'll tidy up in here later."

"Of course you will my subbie."

Kari was thrilled by the expectation that she would attend to all the minor chores around the house. The happy couple hugged tightly before the subbie rushed to the bathroom while Mr. Wilson moved to the living room with a smile of contentment on his face. He rested on the leather sofa while Kari hummed cheerfully as she tended to the coffee in the kitchen. A short time later Kari appeared wearing a long white towelling robe and carrying the coffee and two small buns on a tray. She placed the tray on a low coffee table and sat on the floor at her Dom's feet.

"Sit up here Kari." Mr. Wilson said as he patted the couch beside him. "And pull the table closer."

"Yes Sir." Kari replied with a smile as she quickly followed his instructions.

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