Hi everyone this is my first story here on literotica and I'm really excited for this. This story is inspired by the work of Dmitrys Futa so all the credit goes to him. And yes this story is outrageous, but then again aren't we all. So if weird freaky science experiments or extremely endowed hermaphrodites don't interest you than you don't have to read it. If you do please comment and review any help is greatly appreciated, and if someone wants to be my editor than that's great. Leave me a message in the comments section and email me. Thanks and enjoy.


"Fuck... huh... where am I?" Murmured the man as he groggily opened his eyes, he tried to move but found out he was unable. Then with sudden panic he realized he was manacled to the steel table that he was lying on in cross eagle position and he was completely naked. He looked around, fear in his pale green eyes. The room he was in resembled an operating room, with high ceilings and one bright fluorescent light that was shining down on him and filled the room with an eerie glow, white walls, green tiled floor, and machines of all kinds were set in the room especially some that looked particularly menacing; to Daniel one of them looked like a torture device, the machine had hundreds of long vials that were encased in a steel ring that was two feet wide, coming from the vials were long flexible clear tubes that ended with a sharp mosquito thin needles that glinted in the room by the fluorescent lights. Another resembled a piston attached to some kind of motor, and another looked like a suction machine. Additionally across the room were monitors that were currently turned off.

"Hello... Hello... shit... SOMEBODY HELP ME!" he screamed.

Less than a minute later, Daniel heard a latch being unlocked before the door creaked open. Light flooded the room from outside and blinded him. He could make out a woman's silhouette in the doorway. As the woman walked closer, her high heels clicking with every step, Daniel's heart started to beat faster and faster; then out of the light came the most beautiful woman he's ever seen, but as his eyes traveled downward he saw something that wasn't supposed to be there: a cock and a pair of balls. The cock was massive easily eight inches flaccid and was pierced at the underside of the tip with a sapphire studded curved barbell. The balls were hairless, even smooth and were also pierced with a similar piercing at the base.

Her nipples were adorned with stylish jewelry. She wore emerald studded nipple rings combined with dual studded belly button bars. The ball on her tongue was, of course, surgical grade stainless steel. Two tattoos's adorned her body and her tramp stamp was elegant and refined, which was a reflection of her essence. Her face was soft with high cheekbones and succulent delicious red lips, piercing icy blue eyes, long elegant blond hair with streaks of pink and red that tumbled down to her mid back, her skin was golden, and to Dan's assumption soft and silky. She was also wearing a pair of white leather thigh high boots over a pair of pink leggings, matching fingerless arm length gloves, a spiked bracelet on her right wrist, and a series of straps crisscrossing her 36 EE tits.

Suddenly, the table that Dan was lying on started to move and angle its self till it was perpendicular to the floor. He came face to face with the 'woman' and felt the gaze of her scrutinizing stare. He opened his lips to ask, but the young woman suddenly put a single finger to his lips silencing him. She gave him a mischievous, yet sultry stare as she turned around and started to walk towards the small steel cart in the corner of the room, giving Dan a very nice view of her long, slim, and shapely legs which led to the most amazing ass anybody had ever laid their eyes on. As Dan continued to stare at this amazing young woman he felt a familiar sensation in his dick and realized he was getting horny. 'Oh, god that's fucked up' thought Dan as he realized his dick was now standing straight up at its full height of 6".

"Oh... *gasp* what do we have here?" The woman's melodious voice snapped Dan out of his thoughts and he lifted his head to see the woman smiling at him brightly with perfect white teeth. Dan couldn't help but be transfixed at the perfection this woman had, 'Well almost perfect... she's probably a tranny.' Dan thought. She then stepped aside to reveal the contents of the cart and Dan's eyes opened in fear and trepidation.

On the cart were a sharpie marker and six syringes that were filled with various colored chemicals.

"Pl... please y- you... what are you doing... h- h- how did I get here?"

"You don't remember? Good! Well, Dan let's just say that from today on wards your life will be vastly different, and it's all for your benefit. I've been watching you for a very long time Dan and I know that... every day you feel you're the most insignificant person on the planet. I know that you want something different... to be ... reborn, to have a whole new life." She said as she turned back to the cart and started to push it towards him, "And sadly... it's true you are insignificant and unloved. You have no family, no real friends, no anybody. However, after the next few days you won't feel that way again. The feeling of being reborn, Dan, you'll feel it. As have I and I can tell you it's great. Now, I have a purpose a... passion to move forward.

As she said this she kept her intense gaze into Dan's pale green eyes. Sensing, somehow that in the bottom of Dan's heart that she was right and to her credit Dan realized how could she know and perceive Dan that well. How could she know that he did feel lonely and unwanted in this world, he's felt this way ever since he was a small orphan in Chicago, surviving and running from life itself.

But then a sharp pain in his neck tore back to reality and Dan realized that, while lost in his thoughts, the young woman picked up a syringe that was filled with a red chemical and punctured his neck shallowly and injected the entire chemical into him.

"AH... what the fuck lady!?... what the fuck was that stuff?" said Dan as feared came flooding back into his body. 'Shit... and I thought... fuck... what the hell is going ON' thought Dan, his eyes close. Then the pain came back but this time much more intense. Dan looked down and saw the woman inserted two more syringes into his nipples deeply and plunged more chemicals into his system.

"AGGNNNNHHHHHH... ha... ha... ha... pl-please l- le- let me go... I swear I won't go to the cops... pl-please... wait... wait please don't do it againNNNGHHHHHH"

The agonizing scream that ripped through Dan's mouth was reverberated throughout the room as the lady again plunged two more syringes into him, but this time it was his balls that were now filled with the volatile chemical.

'SHH SHH SHH... it's okay, my love. Remember it's all for you... for us. "Whispered the young woman seductively as she came closer, she then curled her left arm around Dan's shoulder and brought his head close to hers. Her body was now smashed comfortably against his. Her tits swelled against his body and Dan couldn't help it, despite the fear coursing through his veins, his cock was now harder than ever. He saw her lean closer to him. Her parted lips exhaling hot breath onto his face making his skin feel electric. Then she kissed him passionately, their tongues dancing in each other mouths fighting for dominance. Dan moaned ecstatically against her and she did the same. Her lips were softer than he imagined and if he weren't tied up he'd embrace her tightly bringing her body closer to him. The heat of it all was causing Dan to sweat; he never felt this... love... this passion towards one person, even if the person was holding him against his will. He parted lips due to lack of oxygen and stared back at that beautiful face.

"Ha... ha... ha... what was that for?" panted Dan

"I love you, Dan and I only want what's best for you. Believe there will be more of that later... much more." She giggled cutely. She then picked up the final syringe and held in front of Dan's eyes. She saw the fear, but only momentarily. He looked back at her and with the briefest of nods he gave her his consent to do whatever is necessary, to do whatever her heart desired. She smiled brightly with love and gave him brief kiss on the lips before kneeling down to face Dan's hard-on.

Pre-cum was forming at the tip and she quickly gave it a lick. Dan moaned at this and looked down with heat and want in his eyes. "Please... more."

Her eyes lit up and in one fell swoop she engulfed his entire cock into her mouth.

"AAAHHHHHH" Dan moaned in pleasure.

She swirled her tongue around the delicious cock and sucking it gently. She moaned against it sending waves of pleasurable heat throughout Dan's body. When she suddenly stopped sucking and moaned out something unintelligible, Dan opened his eyes and looked down. Pulling his dick out of her mouth she brought the syringe up and stuck the needle at the middle of the shaft. Dan gritted his teeth in pain, but that pain was soon replaced with softness as he felt her lips against his again. He moaned in her mouth and kissed back as hard as he can. Sensing that the pain subsided, she pulled back and walked towards the machine with all the needles and long tubes. She brought forward and locked the wheels in place. Dan than felt the machine move back into its previous position, when he was parallel to the floor, she pecked his cheek affectionately and started to take the needles and putting them in various places around his body.

"Do you trust me?" she asked, looking into his eyes.

Despite, all that has happened Dan truly feels that now she is the only person in the world he could trust.

"Yes... do what you want... make me feel reborn... and... I love you too."

Her eyes than shone with tears at what he just said and kissed him deeply one more time on the lips; she then pulled back reluctantly and went back putting the needles into his body. He watched her do it and tried to hold in the pain. The needs were thin so it didn't cause him that much pain as did the syringes. When she was done there were needles everywhere on his body. His head, arms, torso, nipples, cock, balls and legs and thighs, even on the sides of his body there were needles. She then flipped the machine on and a whirring sound came to life.

"The chemicals that I just injected you with the syringes were special enzymes that allow for the proteins in this machine to work faster and more efficiently to change you DNA structure. They also had a dosage of sedatives in them."


"Yes... I'm afraid the process of being reborn is not without its hardships. It's painful... Daniel... very painful... it takes about a week for your DNA structure to be changed and in the meantime your body will change. Afterwards, there are the side effects of the DNA restructuring and body modifications. Such as intense pain, the only way for you to bear it is to put you in a induced coma for two and a half weeks. I'm sorry but ... it's the only way.

Dan just stared at her after hearing the news. Finally, he decided to go through with it. He loves her and will do anything to be with her.

"It's okay I'm fine with it lets just get this over with." Said Dan with a sigh.

The woman blew him a kiss and turned on the machine and right on cue the sedatives kicked in and Dan feel into a deep sleep. His final thoughts were of being reborn into something beautiful, elegant, and strong.


So this is the end of the first chapter. Let me know what you guys think and an editor will be really nice. Email is at the beginning of the story. Thanks and have a great life.

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