Authors note: I was uncertain of whether this would fit better in the Fetish, NonHuman, or Transsexuals category as you will understand as you read on. I tried a different writing style, first person, and I hope it worked out.

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This is the story of my rebirth. My life before is a bit hazy in my memory but I remember that night and my following life with absolute clarity.


I was walking up my driveway, slightly drunk and disappointed by another Friday night of striking out at the bars. I don't think I'm that bad looking; 35, a bit overweight but tall and strong with broad shoulders and a square-jawed face and a well groomed beard. I'd been going out every weekend since a month after my wife left me, just trying to find someone to warm my bed and hopefully help with my loneliness. Before I met my ex I can remember being pretty decent at picking up girls but now I was striking out again and again. It might have had something to do with the fact that every so often I remembered how I walked in on my wife having the orgasm of her life, experiencing pleasure on a level I had never been able to give her, getting eaten out by our neighbor's twenty year old daughter. Now, this might sound like a fantasy scenario for some, but seeing my Sarah with someone else had brought me to my knees and I was still trying to get up. I can only imagine the look on my face when the image flashed before my eyes but it definitely scarred any potential conquest away.

I walked up the steps of my porch and got the front door open. To my surprise I saw that the back window, at the far end of the hall, was open and a trail of dirt and knocked over stuff led towards the bathroom. I cursed loudly and slammed the door behind me before I grabbed a nine-iron from the closet and headed towards the bathroom, intent on kicking some serious ass. If I had been sober I probably would have called the cops but I wasn't, I was angry and sad and a burglar would be a legitimate target for my rage.

I tore open the door with a shout and my club raised to strike. I had only a moment of surprised confusion at what I saw before the golf club was ripped from my hand and I was pulled forward into something fleshy and pink. My entire body was suddenly submerged in translucent pink gel, it worked its way into my nostrils and I started to panic and struggle. Something grabbed my flailing arms and legs and easily stopped my struggles, and as I looked over through the pink gel I saw that there were purple tentacles wrapped around my arms and legs, and more heading towards me. Two thin tendrils made their way up my nose and suddenly I could breathe again. This eased my panic some, from; I'm drowning! to a slightly more manageable; Oh my God, I'm gonna be eaten alive!

The tentacles worked their way up the legs of my jeans and tore them from me without any apparent effort. My shoes, shirt and underwear swiftly followed and I was left naked, floating in pink goo. The way the tentacles moved against my body made me feel really uneasy, the way they slithered and caressed was obviously meant to arouse. Getting raped by tentacles was something that happened to Japanese schoolgirls, not to a big, brawny American man!

This was exactly what was happening though. A new group of tentacles approached in front of me, different from the ones holding and massaging my arms and legs. Two ended in large suction cups and headed straight to my chest where they eagerly latched on. What felt like small mouths sucked and licked my nipples and it felt strangely good and I realized to my shame that my cock was starting to swell. A third tentacle, that looked an awful lot like a fat dick approached my mouth and started to nudge my lips, trying to get in. I turned my head from side to side and clenched my jaw tight, determined not to let it in, but then another tentacle opened at the tip and swallowed my shaft whole. The incredible pleasure of it made me gasp and the tentacle at my mouth took full advantage and filled my mouth.

The shaft in my mouth tasted unbelievably good and I couldn't help but to lick the slick surface and swallow the tasty, addictive goo. When the jelly reached my stomach I got a rush of ecstasy all through my body that made my hair stand on end as I moaned loudly. I swallowed greedily again and the tentacle took advantage and pushed itself into my throat. The taste and feeling of ecstasy was so good that I eagerly let the purple cock fuck my throat, I even tried to make it feel as good as possible, licking and sucking and bobbing my head as I relaxed my throat. At the same time the sheath was sucking, massaging and sliding up and down my cock. It felt like a an incredible combination of the milking walls of a cumming pussy, the tightness of a virgin ass and a soft tongue licking my cock head and the sensitive spot beneath the opening, all at the same time. Normally I would have cummed within a minute from this much pleasure but somehow I could ride the high without exploding.

A strange tingling started in the skin beneath my beard and pubes and spread all over my body except for beneath the hair on my head. I had closed my eyes when I first tasted the tentacle in my mouth but now I opened them to see what was happening. All of my body hair and my beard was floating away and dissolving in the pink goo and my body was left completely smooth. As I was wondering what this meant I felt the tentacles holding my legs pull my knees up and apart until it was like I was floating in doggystyle position. I looked on in horror as a thick tentacle, like the one in my mouth but bigger, came up from below. There was no doubt in my mind where it was heading and I started to struggle again, I was terrified by the size of it!

There was no stopping it however, the tentacles were much stronger than me and the slick head was soon nuzzling up against my vulnerable ass. It was pushing almost gently, like it was waiting for me to accept it. The memory of when I took my college sweetheart's anal virginity suddenly popped up in my mind, how I had nudged my cock slowly into her ass, there were tears in her eyes and she begged me to stop but I told her that if she relaxed and pushed out it would hurt much less. It had and over time anal even became her preferred way to have sex. I realized that the creature that held me was using my own memory to tell me to do the same. I reluctantly gave in and started relaxing and pushing out. The head of the huge purple cock plunged inside me and I groaned loudly from the sudden intrusion. It stopped just an inch or two beyond the head and let me adjust to the size. I felt incredibly stretched out and full, but there was less pain than I had expected, just sharp pinch and then a dull ache that acted as a nice counterpoint to the pleasure from my cock, nipples and mouth.

When the creature sensed I was ready it began slowly pushing in and out of my ass, going deeper and deeper until it bottomed out. Somewhere on the fifth or sixth stroke I felt a surge of pleasure from deep in my ass, it surprised me that this could feel so good and without thinking I attacked the tentacle in my mouth with renewed vigor, trying to give back some pleasure to the creature. On the next thrust I shifted my hips so that the cock in my ass would hit that spot again and moaned loudly. The tentacles sensed my acceptance and started fucking me faster, bringing me closer and closer to the best orgasm of my life.

A new tentacle with a strange sucker at the tip enveloped my balls and started sucking and massaging them lovingly. There was a series of sudden sharp stings in my nipples and both of my balls, like thin needles had been inserted, but the pain went away as soon as it had come and I was too far gone to care. I was bucking against the purple cock in my ass which was now fucking me hard and fast with what must have been ten inches of thick purple meat. I remember thinking that if I ever got out of this I would have to buy a nice dildo so I could feel like this again.

My balls felt big and swollen as they drew up against my body and prepared to release the mother of all cums. My ass was completely relaxed and felt fucking awesome as my prostate was rubbed on each stroke of the fat cock, my balls and nipples felt great in their suckers. My mouth felt really good as well, almost like a sexual organ, and my lips seemed full and swollen. Just as I was about to come I felt the tentacles in my mouth and ass swell. We exploded together, the creature and I, and it was the greatest feeling I've ever had. My mouth was flooded with the tastiest treat I've ever tasted and it flowed down my throat as I greedily drank. I could feel my ass filling with the creature's cum as well and my cock pumped volley after volley of cum into the sheath which was hungrily guzzling it down. I came for longer than I thought humanly possible, it felt like my body was being sucked out through my cock, and in fact it was! I could feel myself becoming shorter and when I stopped cumming I could swear I was two inches shorter and a bit narrower over the shoulders. The thought entered my mind that this was the way the creature consumed its prey but I felt so good that I didn't much care. What a way to go!

As I hung limply after cumming, the tentacles pumping lazily in and out of me, I realized my cock was still hard as a rock in the sheath and my balls were quickly filling again. The suckers on my chest suddenly began sucking hard and it felt like something was being injected into my nipples. As I looked down the suckers seemed to be slowly filling and I realized that the creature was making me grow breasts. Just as I started to struggle again the tentacles started to fuck me hard, I was unable to stand against the barrage of pleasure and started bucking against the cock in my ass again.

Soon I was being pounded as hard as before and was fast approaching another massive cum. The tentacle in my mouth swelled and started shooting load after load down my throat in a never ending stream and I couldn't get enough. My stomach didn't fill up either, it seemed like the cum was being absorbed into my body. My balls drew up to my body again and the tentacle in my ass swelled started spewing cum up my ass as I started cumming myself. It was just as incredible as last time and seemed to last even longer. I moaned again and again around the tentacle spurting into my mouth as I grew dizzy from the pleasure I was receiving.

Again it felt like my body was being sucked out through my cock and as I looked down over my body after I stopped cumming it seemed that I wasn't just smaller, my body was changing shape and developing more and more feminine curves. My new tits looked to be a-cups beneath the suckers now and were still slowly growing. In my mind I felt something change as well, like my masculinity, my whole personality was receding and something new was taking its place. I was terrified yet I couldn't stop loving and responding to the things the tentacles did to me. I looked down further over my stomach, where my gut was gone and a waist was beginning to develop, and down to my cock, fearing it was disappearing as well. Thank God this wasn't the case, instead both my dick and balls seemed larger beneath the tentacles!

After my orgasm the tentacles didn't slow down like last time, they just kept on going, in fact it felt like the tentacle in my ass had found its way past the bend in my colon and was penetrating new depths. This new sensation felt fucking awesome and I was pushed over the edge again in just a minute. I came hard again and again, the creature drank all of my cum and I all of its. I never wanted this to end, I just wanted to be enveloped in this pink goo and be fucked and sucked by these insatiable tentacles forever. My body shrank and reformed along with my face and my cock and tits continued to grow until I was completely exhausted from cumming and passed out in the pink goo.

I came to as I was being pushed out of the pink creature, from a tight slit that looked disturbingly like a vagina. It was like the creature was giving birth to my new form as I slid out onto the floor of my bathroom, covered in pink goo. The creature slithered out of the bathroom and out the way it had entered, its pink skin shimmering as it crawled out of the window into the dawn and out of my life. I was still completely exhausted and the only thought in my mind was to crawl into my bed. I was too worn out to stand so I got up on my hands and knees and crawled. It was only a short distance to my bed and it was unmade so it was just to get in and pull the covers over me. I didn't care that I was still covered in goo and fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillows.


I have never felt as well rested as I did when I woke up from the sun hitting my face through the bedroom window. I must have forgotten to close the blinds last night. I looked over at the clock radio on the bedside table and got the first hint that something was wrong, it said it was 7:18 AM on Sunday and the last I could remember it had been Friday. As I shifted in bed my morning wood dragged along the cover and made me moan, but the moan didn't come out in my voice, it was a very sexy and very feminine moan. After a second of confusion it all came back to me; the break in, the creature, the incredible pleasure, the change...

I threw the covers back from my body and stared in shock for a while. I was much, much smaller than before, maybe a foot shorter than my previous six foot four. I had perky breasts that looked big on my small frame and my cock looked positively gigantic. I ran my hands over my tits and down my flat belly, my skin felt baby soft under my small hands and turned me on incredibly, pushing everything else to the side. I was surprised by my own reaction at seeing and feeling my body but I couldn't help myself as I started stroking my big cock with one hand while the other played with a sensitive nipple.

As I slowly stroked my long, thick tool I couldn't help but notice how close it was to my face. An idea popped up in my mind and I just knew I had to act on it. I shimmied down the bed and then pushed up with my legs as I curled my body so that I rested on my shoulders with my knees on either side of my head. My cock pushed past my lips and I was giving myself a blowjob! It felt incredible for two reasons; one, my dick was enveloped in an incredibly soft mouth, and two, my lips had become a source of pleasure and felt so good sliding along my fat pole. The way my neck was bent meant I couldn't go very deep so I used my hand to jerk the rest. After a while I realized that something was missing. I thought back to the tentacle monster and then looked up at my butthole in realization. It looked slick in anticipation and as I brought the fingers of my other hand there to explore I realized I was producing some sort of lube back there. I eagerly pushed my index finger all the way inside and moaned around my cock in appreciation. God, that looked so fucking hot!

One finger was not nearly enough after what the creature had done to me. My index finger was soon joined by my middle finger and after only a few more thrusts I added my ring finger as well. Now it was starting to feel really good and my cock was leaking precum into my mouth but after a couple of minutes I wanted even more. I pulled my fingers most of the way out and made a duck bill with my hand before pushing in again. I felt stretched to my limit as the widest part of my hand made its way past my sphincter and it felt so fucking good I came straight into my own mouth. I eagerly drank my cum as I jerked off and fisted myself, trying to prolong the orgasm for as long as possible. It felt much better than it ever had before the creature but those tentacles had brought me to an entirely different level that I couldn't hope to achieve again.

I gently eased my hand out of my ass and watched as it gaped open and quivering. It was a very sexy sight but a bit scary, seeing my insides like that. I gently ran my fingers around the tender rim to see if there was any damage but it just felt good. I focused on closing my ass and it slowly puckered up again. I was relieved as I unfolded my body so that I was lying flat on the bed again, my cock slowly wilting on my stomach. My hand was shiny with ass-lube and I was curious as to what it would taste like. I brought it to my lips and gingerly licked at my index finger. It tasted really good! Kind of like my precum but sweeter, tangier, with a hint of something a bit like cinnamon. I eagerly licked my hand clean and reveled in how debauched it felt.

As I started to calm down I started thinking my situation over. I couldn't call anybody, not the police or the hospital, they would just think I was some crazy transsexual weirdo. It would be completely impossible to pretend to be my old self for any length of time and I didn't think there was any chance of changing back, and even if there was I wasn't so sure I wanted to. It felt like I should feel ashamed by my behavior or feel a sense of loss over the person I used to be but instead I felt better, happier than ever and only wanted to explore my new body more.

I decided I needed to see what I had to work with so I got up from bed. As soon as I got up I almost fell over, I had completely misjudged the height of the bed, and in fact everything seemed much taller now. As I headed to the hall where the full length mirror stood I felt parts of myself jiggle that never jiggled before, both my tits and ass. I also seemed to walk with a natural sway to my hips that made my cock slap gently against my thighs.

The woman that met my gaze in the mirror was gorgeous and to my surprise looked to be no older than 22 while I had been 35 before the creature. That was definitely a welcome bonus of my transformation. My formerly reddish brown hair was now a rich red and fell to my shoulders but was a bit matted down and messy from the pink goo. I could tell it would be beautiful once I washed it. My face looked almost completely different but familiar at the same time, maybe like a younger sister or cousin would look. I had big blue-green almond shaped eyes, a bit too strong eyebrows, high, round cheekbones, a wide mouth with great lips and dimples in my cheeks when I smiled at myself. It was a bit strange that I loved how cute I was but with all the other changes this seemed like a minor detail.

I was tiny, maybe five foot nothing, with perky breasts that looked big on my small frame but were maybe a c-cup, a slender waist and flat stomach that led to curvy hips and perfect legs that looked long on my short frame. I turned and posed to get the best view of my ass, and I was amazed! It was the sexiest ass I had ever seen in real life and it was mine! My cock hung low between my legs and looked incredibly sexy on my female form, but I wondered how the hell I was going to conceal it.

I decided that that could wait and that I really could use a shower so I headed to the bathroom. There were some pink stains on the tiled floor but I could see no other trace of the creature as I turned on the water and stepped into the tub. My ex and I had installed a Jacuzzi style tub that doubled as a shower so that we could easily shower together. We had it fitted with waterfall nozzles in the roof and two massaging hand shower nozzles. The water felt incredible as it rained down on my much more sensitive skin and I just stood with my face turned against the heat for a long while.

I began with washing my hair and quickly realized I had to use much more shampoo than before and that it was harder to wash out afterwards. As I washed my body I deliberately left my tits, ass and cock for last because I knew I would be distracted. My entire body was so incredibly smooth and hairless that just running my hands down my legs had my cock rising again. I was a bit amazed at how fast I recovered, this was like when I was a teenager and could jerk off ten times in a day! I gave in to my horniness and began lathering my knockers, toying with their weight and twisting, pulling and pinching my hard, sensitive nipples. My cock and asshole was aching for my touch but I held out for as long as possible; my fascination with my boobs was more important.

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