I couldn't hold out for long though. I abandoned my tits and moved one hand to stroke my cock while I moved the other to my ass and promptly worked a finger inside with a moan. Even my own moans were a big turn on and I deliberately started mewling and moaning louder as my fingers delved deeper inside my ass. As I looked around in the shower my eyes fell on a tube of conditioner with a very interesting shape; it was like a series of balls, maybe one and a half inches in diameter, fused together to form the bottle. I eagerly grabbed it, got down on my side in the tub and spread my legs so I could begin working the bottle up my butt. At first the flat bottom made it really difficult to get in but once I twisted it the right way it popped right in with a delicious twinge of pain. After I took a couple of breaths and began stroking my cock again I continued pushing my makeshift dildo deeper and deeper. Each ball opened my ass and I loved the feeling of being stretched again and again.

As my butt got used to the penetration and I could start really fucking myself I began really working my cock again. It had tasted so good before and I wanted that debauched feeling again. With a bit of work and some lying down acrobatics I could keep the pace with the bottle in my ass while my mouth bobbed on the first few inches of my swollen dick. I moved my other hand to my tits and started pinching and pulling hard on my nipples. The bottle was going so fast in and out of me now that it felt like my ass was vibrating and each ball of the bottle pressed hard on my prostate, pushing me closer and closer to orgasm. I felt my testicles pull up against my body and pushed the bottle deep. My mouth filled with jet after jet of cum which I hungrily swallowed, not missing a drop.

I gently eased the bottle from my ass and groaned at the empty feeling it left behind. I licked my cock head clean of cum and stood to wash myself again. This time I managed without getting too aroused and soon left the shower to dry off and look for clothes. I had no female clothes in the house but I remembered how much I liked seeing my ex in my big sweaters so I grabbed a t-shirt to have underneath and then my favorite knit sweater. They both hung past my ass and looked really cute as I twirled in front of the mirror. My cock hung down beneath the hem of the sweater and I wondered again how I could conceal it. It seemed pants of any kind were out of the question, any kind of constriction would definitely create a bulge so a skirt or dress seemed like the way to go. I put on a pair of my loose-fitting red plaid boxers and started searching. I looked through every wardrobe and finally struck gold in my ex's old walk in. High up on one shelf there was an unclaimed box of stuff and after a bit of climbing I got it down on the floor. In the box were a pair of her old Nikes, an old paint stained top, some other rejected clothes and a knee length grey plaid pleated skirt. I guessed she had rejected the skirt as too small in the waist because it fit me snuggly and I was much smaller than her.

I suddenly realized that thinking of my Sarah didn't hurt me anymore, sure I felt sad but that gut wrenching anger and sorrow was nowhere to be found. In fact, I felt happy and strangely at peace with everything. Maybe I could make a better life for myself as this new person who I was still getting to know.

My stomach suddenly growled and I realized I had eaten nothing but cum, the creature's and mine, for the last two days. I remembered I had nothing to eat at home so I decided to head to the mall to eat and get some new clothes. I sniffed the Nikes to see if they were fresh and slipped them on my bare feet, they were a bit big but would do. I removed the cash and credit card from my old wallet and put them in the pocket of my sweater along with my iPhone. I hoped that if someone questioned me paying with someone else's credit card they would buy that it was my dad's. I'm pretty well off financially actually, I had a well-paying job, a big savings account, about a hundred grand tied up in stocks and the house paid in full. Also, because of our prenupt and the fact that I caught my wife cheating, I got to keep it all. A plan was starting to form in my head about how to keep my disappearance and my new existence under the radar and still keep all that I owned but for now the main thing was food and clothes.

I grabbed the keys to the pickup and looked myself over in the mirror again. I made a few cutesy poses and giggled and smiled, acting all girly came so naturally since the creature unlocked that part of me in my head. I noticed that I had forgotten to brush my still damp hair so I pocketed the keys and started brushing. I started experimenting with different hairstyles but soon realized I needed to get a haircut as well so I added that to my mental to-do list. In the end I left my wavy red hair parted to the side and walked out and locked the door behind me.

As I headed down the driveway towards my Chevy Avalanche pickup I heard my neighbor's voice calling out, "Hey there, girlie!"

I turned towards the sound and saw him leaning against a shovel on the other side of the low hedge that separated out yards. I smiled at him and said, "Hey there yourself, Old Man!" with a smile on my face.

Geoff chuckled and said, "You've got quite the mouth on ya. Who are you?"

I thought, 'Oh hell, it looks like I'll have to test out my lie earlier than expected,' and answered, "I'm Anastasia, Ben's cousin. He was feeling really depressed over the divorce so he took a sort of open ended vacation and invited me to live here while he is gone." I always really liked the name Anastasia and remembered it meant something like resurrection, which seemed really fitting.

Geoff looked genuinely saddened as he answered, "I would have hoped he would've said goodbye first but I understand a broken heart. I went on a month long bender when my wife left me, and I had it coming, not like Ben... Oh well, welcome to the neighborhood!"

"Thanks, see you around!" I smiled and waved goodbye before I walked to my car. I got the door open and had to actually climb in, the car was so high. After the door was closed I breathed a sigh of relief before I tried adjusting the seat so I could reach the pedals and see over the steering wheel at the same time. This proved to be difficult and not at all comfortable when I finally got it right, so now I had to get a new car as well.

After a twenty minute drive I was parked at the mall and headed towards the food court, I felt so hungry it hurt. I went to the Asian buffet, paid for the All You Can Eat, and started loading my plate. I must have been thinking as if I was still a man because after wolfing down only a quarter of the plate I felt quite full and could only pick on the rest of my plate. I was in a secluded corner so I decided to put some of the rest of my plan for my new life in motion and pulled out my phone. I sent a long mail to my best friends, Sarah and Dave, explaining why I had left town indefinitely and asked them to check in on my young cousin who was staying at my house. I explained that she was from a small town and could use some older friends that could help her fit in in the city.

Next, I sent a text to an old army buddy of mine who I knew had gone into intelligence and could create false identities. I made up a story about a female friend on the run from her abusive husband needing a new identity so good that she could start a whole new life with it. He answered quickly that it was possible but that it was going to cost me, even with the friends and family discount, then he said the girl would have to meet him, but it had to be either tonight or in five weeks because he was going abroad. I replied that tonight was fine and added that the girl was seriously hot but that if he tried something he would have to deal with me. It felt strange to write that but I figured it was necessary, Gus was an insatiable pussy hound and would definitely put the moves on me.

He wrote back that he would try to control himself and that the girl should bring a good picture of herself and fill out the form he sent over, then he texted where and when to meet and how much it was going to cost. 5 000 dollars! It was more than I had expected but I knew Gus was very good. I quickly filled out the form, I chose my new name, Anastasia Harper, and sent it back to him. The last name, Harper, was my old one and I figured it would help with claiming to be my cousin.

With that done it was only quitting my job left, and as it was Sunday that would have to wait. I got up from the table and started walking through the mall, and for the first time I could feel men's eyes on my body as I walked. I had been too distracted by my hunger before but now I definitely noticed and it actually felt kind of nice but exposed at the same time. What was even scarier was that I caught myself thinking that some of these guys were really cute, I'd never thought like that before but what the creature did to me and what I did to myself was arguably pretty damn gay. I put those thoughts out of my mind and started looking for the things I needed. It was a bit strange to be so much shorter than almost everybody else after being used to tower over people and using my height to my advantage.

I bought some socks and casual wear at H&M, along with a few cute tops, skirts and dresses. I stopped in at a salon and got my hair cut, a mani-pedi and my eyebrows shaped, that hurt like hell, and my face made up. I paid close attention to how the girl applied everything so I could do it myself, but I was afraid I would never get it this good, because I looked amazing.

After I got all dolled up I bought all the makeup and hair care products I would need and then headed on through the mall. I stopped by one of those photo booths and got the pictures I would need for my new identity. I found a shoe shop and got some more shoes, mostly cute canvas top sneakers in bright colors and a few dressier flats, shoes that I would be able to walk in, but I couldn't resist a pair of knee high suede boots with a killer stiletto heel. I had no idea how to walk in shoes like that but it would be fun to try. I slipped on some dark blue knee socks and a pair of my new sneakers, bright red canvas tops that were really cute, and headed on.

Next stop was a lingerie shop. As soon as I stepped in I really had to struggle to keep my monster down, partly because of all the sexy women but also because I kept imagining myself looking sexy in all the different outfits. It was a relief that I still found the women as sexy as when I was a man, at least that hadn't changed. I approached one of the girls who worked there and tentatively asked if she could help me get sized for a bra. She just smiled and led me to the back as she started up her friendly sales pitch. Apparently I wasn't weird for not knowing my bra size, a lot of girls were uncertain and she made me feel very comfortable. She was very quick and professional with her tape measure and I quickly found out I was a 30C. She helped me pick out sport bras, push-ups, demi-cups, and even a very sexy corset. I could see the dollar signs behind her eyes as my shopping basket filled more and more but I didn't mind, she was being very helpful and deserved her commission. I picked out some panties as well but only two or three, I knew I would probably not fit in them with what I was packing but they were just so cute and sexy. I borrowed a dressing room and put on one of the bras so I wouldn't bounce around so much. It was really hard closing it behind my back but then I remembered how my wife had done it and snapped it on backwards around my waist before turning it, putting my arms in and pulling it up.

When I left the shop my credit card had taken a serious hit and my arms were so full of shopping bags that I decided to leave the rest of my shopping for later and head on home. I got out to my car and loaded in all the bags, and then remembered that I had no food at home so I walked over to the grocery store on the other side of the parking lot and got food to last for a few days. When I finally got back to my car again I felt exhausted and my feet ached from walking for so long.

I drove off for home and was halfway there when I saw a shop I had passed many times before without entering. It was a sex shop, but looked more like a boutique. Suddenly I didn't feel as tired and with a smile I parked the huge car and confidently entered the store. The clerk was occupied with a customer so I looked around on my own and quickly found what I was looking for; anal toys and dildos. I was like a kid in a toy store as I touched, hefted and rifled through the wide selection. In the end I picked out a few butt plugs, ranging from medium to huge, some very interesting anal dildos, and the pièce de résistance, a twelve inch suction cup dildo thicker than my arm. Before my transformation I would have been so embarrassed to even be in a shop like this but now I was almost proud as the female clerk rang up my items.

I headed home and unloaded the car. I was hungry again so instead of trying out my clothes or my new toys I cooked up some salmon and rice. As I was cooking I realized I would have to rearrange my whole kitchen. Half the things I needed were too high up and I had to use a chair as a ladder to get them down. The food was really good but I could only eat about half before I was full, I would be saving a ton on food costs once I learned to get the portions right. When I did the dishes I washed the new toys as well, loaded them with batteries and placed them in my bedroom, all laid out on the bed for later. As I was cleaning up I noticed the time and realized I had to meet Gus and get my new identity. I wrote a check in my old name for the five grand and jumped in my car.

The meeting went absolutely great, I got a new ID, a driver's license, a birth certificate, bank accounts with a financial history but no money and I would even turn up in the government systems. Damn it was good to have a friend at... come to think of it, I don't even know where, but I guess NSA, CIA or some other three letter spy organization. Gus leered and was a bit flirty which felt really weird, to have an old buddy who you'd chugged beers and sparred with look at you with that glint in his eyes. My earlier warning must have worked though, because he didn't try anything all night. When we parted he told me I was lucky to know Ben, because this identity was as ironclad as the ones the US Marshals made for their witnesses. Then he told me he was happy Ben had found someone new and that I should fuck his brains out tonight as a thank you. Instead of being offended like he thought I would be, I just gave him a naughty smile and said that I surely would. He laughed out loud at that and told me to call him if it ever ended with Ben.

As I drove off home I envisioned the huge dildo and thought with a smile, 'Oh, Ben is definitely going to get his brains fucked out tonight'. My cock started growing as I drove and my nipples tented my top. I was getting really hot and couldn't help playing a bit with my tits and almost missed the turn to my driveway. I was sporting a massive hard on now and it was lifting my skirt perpendicular to my body when I stood up. I grabbed my new documents, looked around for any neighbors, thanked God it was getting dark, and made a quick dash inside. As soon as the documents were on the hall table and the door was locked I pulled my sweater over my head and started making my way towards the bedroom, leaving a trail of clothes along the way.

I was naked when I got to the bed, my thimble sized nipples and very hard cock leading the way. On the bed they were all laid out, waiting, my soon to be best friends and lovers. I ran my hands gently over the toys, feeling their smoothness, their shapes and texture, imagining how they would feel. As I ran my fingers over the smallest butt plug I told it, "I think I'll start with you tonight." I giggled at myself and moved on along the line until I came upon a strange vibrating dildo. It had six gradually larger bulbs that each looked like a cock head, ending in a large flat base so it wouldn't disappear inside me. I told it, "My, don't you look interesting, I think I'll have you second." Lastly I came to the giant, I leaned down and kissed its bulbous head and whispered to it, "I've been thinking about you since I first saw you, I'm a bit scared of you but I know you'll fill me like the creature did."

I got in bed from the other side and picked up the first toy of the night, I brought it to my mouth and gave it a sloppy kiss and said, "Hi cutie, are you gonna get me warmed up?" I nodded it and giggled before rolling over on my side so I could get to my ass from behind. I had already felt myself get wet back there during the car ride so I just rubbed the tip of the little guy along my crack until I found my hole. I gently nudged the plug inside, at first just a bit at a time but the tapered shape made taking this easy after what my ass had already been through, so after a few strokes I just pushed it all the way inside until my hole closed around its waist. I moaned loudly and told the toy, "My, you were a bit thicker than I thought!" I loved the snug feeling of my rim squeezing the toy's waist and stirred it around inside. I then began pulling it out and pushing it in again, loving how my hole popped past the flange and closed around the base. With my other hand I started to jerk off and much too quickly I felt myself getting close.

I left the toy inside and rolled over on my back. My hands left my dick and caressed up along my stomach as I got my breathing and arousal under control. I loved how my new body felt under my hands and contented myself with exploring my thighs, my bellybutton and my ribs as I arched my back. I looked over at the big dildo and thought to myself that I really wanted as much time with it as possible so I reached for the strange looking one and told it, "Well, it looks like it's your lucky night! You get to fuck me until I cum so that I can last for a long time with your big brother."

I slid the plug out of my ass, licked it clean and got up on my shoulders like I did in the morning, my fat cockhead filling my mouth. I figured I would need both my hands to work the toy and this way I could still pleasure my cock as well. It felt so good to have my shaft between my lips again that I lingered for a while and just explored the different sensations. My lips sensitive and swollen by arousal, my tongue caressing the sensitive skin of my bell-end, the taste of precum leaking from the slit and down my throat and the sexy view of my big hairless balls, beautiful round ass and slightly gaping asshole.

I picked up the dildo and placed it against my pucker, watching as it slowly stretched me open and then plopped inside. It was always one of my greatest turn-ons in porn to watch a girl get her ass stretched by a toy, her rim buckling inwards on the push in and then bulging out before letting go as the toy was pulled out, and now I could watch it and feel it at the same time. I pushed the first head in and out again and again until it slid without resistance, then I moved on to the second, bigger head. There was just a moment's resistance and then it was in and it felt so good that I just forged ahead with the third head. The first head pushed against my prostate just as my ass opened with a twinge of pain, and the combination felt marvelous! I let my ass rest for a while and just sucked on my cock, I just loved how dirty I felt.

I suddenly remembered that the dildo could vibrate and clicked it on to medium. Man, that felt awesome, it felt like the vibrations spread pleasure through my prostate, into my balls and all the way to the tip of my cock. I let out a muffled moan and plunged the toy in and out, leaving only the first head inside. It started going easier and easier and before I knew it the fourth one was in, and then just a few strokes later the fifth, even bigger head was in as well. I was getting closer and closer with each stroke and just as my balls drew up against my body I plunged the last and largest head inside and clicked the vibrations to high. I came like crazy, filling my waiting mouth with mouthful after mouthful of tasty cum, so much that I almost couldn't keep up.

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