Drained, I let my body and my legs fall back on the bed. A few stray shots hit my boobs before my cock slowly started deflating onto my belly. The dildo was still vibrating on max, all the way inside, and it was getting too much so I reached down and turned it off but left the dildo inside. I ran my hands slowly along my body as my breathing returned to normal, working the stray shots of cum into my skin. I was struck again by how right it felt, dirty but right, to play with my ass, play with cum and suck a cock, even if it was my own. It was something the old me would never have done and would even have thought of as gross.

I stretched catlike in bed and got up, the dildo still inside, and picked up the giant. I wanted to try something new, I wanted to see myself and I wanted to feel like I was getting fucked by someone else. I headed down the hall to the full length mirror, it stood opposite the archway to the living room and I decided this would be the perfect place. I licked around the edge of the suction cup to wet it and plopped it onto the archway at about knee height. The floor looked hard so I grabbed two pillows from the couch and placed them on either side of the archway. I aimed the mirror so I could watch myself and got in position.

I reached behind me and pulled the ribbed dildo out of me with a moan. Before my ass had a chance to close I forced myself back on the huge dildo and cried out, "FUUUUCK!," at the sudden burst of pain and fullness. I felt more stretched than from the tentacle, more than my fist, and I loved it! I started pushing myself backwards in short strokes, groaning as I took more and more. When I felt like I was completely full I looked up at the mirror. I looked like a complete wanton slut, sweat and tears messing up my makeup, a look of pure lust on my face. My tits were bouncing as I fucked myself on the dildo and looked so hot. When I looked back at my ass I saw that I only had two thirds of the cock inside me and I was determined to take it all, even though I felt full to bursting. I pulled myself forward until the head caught on my rim and then slammed myself backward so that my ass bounced against the archway. It hurt so good I screamed out loud and came all over the floor, without even touching my cock.

I felt possessed, like the pleasure was in control of me. I just continued slamming my body backwards, filling myself beyond capacity each time. For a while after my orgasm my cock flopped between my legs but was soon filling with blood again. I looked at myself getting fucked in the mirror and started talking dirty to myself, "You are such a dirty girl, taking a big black cock up your ass! Oh God! You like being dirty though, you like being a slut! MMM! Fuck yourself hard you sexy slut, take it deep!"

I was getting close again and it was getting hard to talk so I just moaned and screamed until I felt my balls drawing up against my body. I got up off my hands with the dildo all the way inside and grabbed hold of both my nipples and pinched hard as my back arched and shot after shot of my cum splattered out over the hardwood floor. I came for a long time and it felt different from when I played with my cock as well, more of a whole body experience. I felt the pleasure in my breasts, in the quiver in my stomach and thighs, from the sound of my own moan, in my prostate, ass, balls and cock, just everywhere at once. I seemed to never stop spurting jism, for almost as long as when the creature took me.

When I finally finished I slumped forward, drained, and the dildo left me with a slurp. I laid down into the pool of my own cum and breathed heavily as I recovered. I slowly felt my strength returning and got up on my feet. On my first step I slipped on some cum and fell on my ass. I burst out laughing and crawled away so I could stand without slipping. I plopped the dildo off the wall and went to the kitchen and tossed it and the vibrator in the sink before getting some paper towels. Now that the horniness was wearing off I felt dirty walking around covered in my own sweat and cum. After wiping up the stain I jumped in the shower and cleaned myself up, the warm water felt good and I realized I had gotten a bit cold being naked for so long.

I dried off and brushed and blow dried my hair. Then I put on a pair of my old boxers and an old t-shirt to use as a nightie, I wanted to feel close to my old self, it felt like he was slipping further away from me as I embraced this new one. I curled up under a quilt on my couch to watch a movie, Kill Bill, an old favorite, before bed.

It was still as good now, the fifth time, as the first. When the movie finished I brushed my teeth and got into bed naked. As I curled up on my side I hugged my big tool and wondered what tomorrow might hold in its grasp.


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