tagSci-Fi & FantasyReborn Ch. 01

Reborn Ch. 01



[Author's Note: I would like to thank "milady sabine" from the bottom of my heart for her help in editing my story. Her aid and encouragement were critical in my personal writing process. Thanks, milady!]

David Wynne's life was appallingly dull. He got out of bed, making middle-aged grunts that decried his lack of fitness. After cracking every significant joint in his body, he performed his morning routine. Looking in the mirror only to comb his hair, he avoided the spectacle of his "middle age expanse", which was more like a "middle age continent".

"I'll make a new start on my fitness routine Monday," He thought, knowing that he wouldn't.

He dressed in his usual charcoal gray suit, white shirt, and red tie before grabbing his briefcase and heading to the kitchen.

Laura was in the kitchen in her bathrobe washing the breakfast dishes when David entered. He kissed his wife on the back of the neck, moving her long blond hair out of the way. God, he loved her! He didn't deserve a wife so good-looking, especially after four kids.

"Where are the kids?" he asked.

"The three hellions are on the school bus, the pooper is watching Barney, and you're late for work!" she replied, looking back from her dishes with a cute smirk.

"Shit! I gotta go, darlin'. See ya late tonight!" called David, walking quickly out the door.

"Do well today, honey!" shouted Laura in return, "I love you!"

David squeezed into his tiny economy car and drove carefully to the entrance of his subdivision, avoiding the kids who were walking to school.

Then, it was "bat out of hell" time. David hit the accelerator and tore out of the subdivision. He weaved in and out of traffic, using the agile car's small size to his advantage. After he had merged onto the freeway, he began to use the shoulder lanes on each side of the road to pass particularly slow blocks of cars -- just a regular day.

Unfortunately, the left shoulder had a broken-down car hidden from his view by the 16 wheeled semi truck that he was passing at the time.

The last thing David Wynne saw [J1]was the maroon-colored back end of a 1979 Ford.

One moment, there was the sight of the back end of the car rushing towards him. Then, existence was a bright moment of pain which instantly dissolved into blackness for what seemed to be a second. The next event in David's awareness was him sitting up from a prone position and gasping for air, wincing at the bright light around him.

Chapter One

As David sat breathing heavily, he slowly became aware of his surroundings. He was in a standard white hospital room, sitting up in a bed. He turned his head to look around the room, but became disoriented and had to look straight down at his lap to overcome the vertigo and nausea. He saw his penis, beneath his flat stomach and his well defined abdominal muscles.

Wait a minute, I haven't seen my penis in 10 years ,thought David. Abdominal muscles? I'm at least 60 pounds overweight, and that's being kind! This isn't my body! Am I dead?

Fear and vertigo overcame him, causing him to hyperventilate before passing out again.

David dreamed. In his dream a nurse walked into his hospital room. She was dressed in what could only be called a nurse's costume, because he'd never seen a nurse's outfit like the one she wore...outside of a pornographic movie. It was a short white dress that ended mid-thigh and buttoned all the way down the front. It clung to her lithe body, having perfunctory sleeves just covering her shoulders. Her smooth, flawless legs ended in white patent leather pumps.

She was Asian. Her eyes were very wide, making her look more Thai or French Vietnamese rather than Japanese or Chinese. She had a very petite frame, almost fragile looking, with smooth and healthy skin.

"It's time for your bath, Mr. Wynne," she said with a slow smile. Her voice was soft and sibilant.

"Let's see what we have here," she continued.

David decided then that he loved to hear her pronounce words containing the letter "s". Each enunciation caused a current of pleasure to race up and down his spine, relaxing him almost hypnotically. He was basking in the sound when he realized she was lifting up his bed sheet.

As she pulled the sheet down below his thighs, David's cock began to respond, slowly filling up with hot blood. She leaned over his responsive penis, her long, black, shiny hair falling from her shoulders onto his stomach and thighs. It was much softer than it looked and felt like cool silk against his skin.

His cock was hardening, pointing towards his face and rising upwards away from his abdomen. As it grew, the nurse held her hand close to it without touching, and he could feel the palm of her hand graze the sensitive underside of his cock as it became fully erect. She seemed to study it for a moment.

"I'm going to put some antibacterial ointment on you, Mr. Wynne. Please don't be alarmed. It's ok to enjoy it."

The joy of hearing her utter more "s" words was compounded by what he groggily realized lay ahead of him. Was this really a dream?

It has to be. This isn't the kind of thing that actually happens in real life, David thought. Any feelings of guilt concerning marital infidelity that he possessed melted away into the dancing, swirling pleasure of the moment.

The nurse pulled a tube out of one of her front pockets. After flipping open the hinged cap, she squeezed a large mound of a clear gel-like substance onto her hand, then sealed the tube one-handed and put it on the night stand.

She rubbed the gel between her hands, making sticky wet sounds as it glopped onto David's chest and abdomen. Afterwards, she began to lay her hands on David's stomach. Pleasure flowed into him from her touch as she slowly slid her hands over his torso. Surprisingly, the gel wasn't cold, but warm to the touch.

Sleepily, he noticed that he had no body hair. Before, he had possessed a large amount of chest hair, along with leg and pubic hair. Now it was completely clean: chest, legs, pubic area, and balls. David absentmindedly wondered if his head was bald too.

After the nurse had covered David's chest and abdomen with glistening warm gel, she moved her hands to his fully erect cock and began to stroke it softly at first, then more forcefully. The sticky wet sounds of her small gel covered hands sliding up and down his cock, coupled with her throaty breathing, were a lustful symphony sending him into a rapture of pleasure. Even the touch of the pillow on his neck sent electric jolts throughout his upper body.

The sensuous motion of her soft hands on his turgid, glistening cock caused David's eyesight to blur. He began to feel the familiar sweet tickle of an oncoming orgasm at the base of the tip of his penis. It rushed along the underside of his cock and spread throughout his body, stunning his muscles into contraction, and causing his eyes to roll back in his head. For a moment he couldn't breathe as pleasure wracked his quivering body.

As he relaxed, the room came back into focus. David noticed that his cock was still hard.

Why didn't I come? He thought. The sheets should be soiled! If this were a dream, I'd be awake by now, changing my pajamas.

The nurse had stopped stroking his cock. As she began standing upright beside the bed, she started to flick the white buttons of her dress out of their button holes. She licked her delicate lips and began to gaze hungrily at David. He quickly forgot his objections to this reality and surrendered himself to her gaze.

She removed the short nurse dress and let it fall to the floor. Underneath, she wore a soft blue satin and lace teddy; the shimmering satin showed off the sexy contours of her breasts and hips as it clung to her delicate body. She slid her hands across the satin up to her small breasts, cupping and softly stroking their undersides through the soft fabric with her small hands, leaving dark wet stains from the gel wherever she touched.

"Hhhuhh...I'm...ah...afraid...huh...I'm going to...have to use your body, Mr. Wynne," she moaned. "Please forgive me...huhhh."

She slid the thin spaghetti straps of the teddy off of her shoulders and pushed the satin slowly down over her slim hips and her smooth thighs until it fell uselessly onto the floor.

The nurse leaned in to kiss David's lips. Their lips met softly at first, then harder and hungrier. Becoming more aware of what was happening, David cupped the back of her head with his hand, feeling her body heat through her soft hair. She responded by pressing her sweet tongue into his mouth. As their tongues slid around one another, she made sharp moaning noises deep in her throat. He became briefly aware of his cock, which had been slowly deflating, now twitching back into stiffness. She pushed herself up, breaking the seal of their mouths, leaving a small trail of saliva behind.

The petite Asian beauty took the tube of gel from the night stand and flipped her white pumps to the floor as she climbed up onto the bed, straddling David's legs. He could feel the wet heat of her hairless pussy straddling his thighs as she pressed gel out of the tube onto her chest. She began sensually spreading it over her small breasts and flat belly until they both glistened like satin.

She moved forward to place her pussy at the base of David's cock. Slowly and purposefully, she slid it up the bottom of his shaft, its humid lips folding open along the bottom of his cock, feeling like a mouth opening up.

As her pussy moved up to the head of David's cock, the head of his penis slipped easily inside. She began to sit down slowly as his cock felt the cool temperature of the hospital room transition sharply to the hot wet silk of her pussy walls.

A flood of relief overcame David as he felt her tight pussy slide over his cock. His relief became pleasure as she began to move her shiny hips forwards and backwards, up and down, undulating in an erotic dance. The wet iron velvet of her pussy belied the delicacy of her frame as she bore down on his cock again and again.

David couldn't help but moan as she gasped out "Yessss" with each glistening thrust. He reached up to cup her glistening breasts in his hands. He decided that they weren't too small; they were nice handfuls of soft, warm flesh. Her hard nipples danced in his hands as her hot, gel-covered breasts slipped and slid in his grasp. David gasped as his hips began convulsing upwards towards her pussy.

The friction of her beautiful pussy sent waves of pleasure throughout his body as she thrust it down onto his volatile cock. He felt the familiar sensation of an oncoming orgasm at its head. As the pleasure spread down its shaft and throughout his body, he felt the base of his cock turn to hot stone as the pressure of ejaculation built up and flowed out. David's cock shuddered, then spasmed over and over as he felt his hot sticky cum rush through the center of his penis and then blast out into her tight pussy in copious ropes. Over and over his cock throbbed, sending blasts of cum into the warm satin embrace of her pussy as well as blinding spasms of pleasure throughout his body. He barely even noticed her shuddering orgasm.

After their climax, the two still moved over one another a little more, enjoying the slurping sounds of the hot pudding their loins had made together. Aftershocks of pleasure caused both of their bodies to jerk periodically, making the nurse chuckle softly.

Eventually, she slid her pussy off of David's cock, letting it empty some of its hot sticky contents onto his bare pubic area. She slowly got out of the bed, wobbling unsteadily on the floor while picking up her clothes.

"Thank you, Mr. Wynne. You may go back to sleep now," she said with a fond smile on her face.

As she padded barefoot through the door, small drops of pearly fluid dropped to the floor where she walked.

Spent, David rolled over on his side away from the door. As he fell asleep, it occurred to him that, after a car wreck bad enough to send him to the hospital, he was apparently feeling good enough to fuck like a stallion. The mystery of the moment was as quickly lost as his consciousness.

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