tagBDSMReborn: Tale of a Body Servant

Reborn: Tale of a Body Servant


Lori's eyes skimmed the pages of her newest paperback with a speed gained from many hours of such excursions into romance and chivalry. Whenever a paragraph concentrated on the hero of the story, one Nathaniel Broom, she'd sigh and squirm just a bit, imagining such a man sweeping her into his arms and mauling her lips with his. Often during these "moistening" paragraphs, she'd pry her eyes away from the written page just long enough to flip the cover flat to admire the cover artist's rendering of the brashly masculine Mr. Broom, the fiery, romantic rogue who continually swept the lucky Druscilla McVey off her haughty, aristocratic feet. The Victorian settings, the intrigue, the dark scandals and the sizzling chemistry between Nathaniel and Druscilla made the six buck price tag for the book worth every penny.

As she invisibly intruded on the lives of Nathaniel and Druscilla, cool air swept between her toes and soothed them, made them tingle pleasantly. It stopped for a moment, then continued, wafting around and through her toes, dancing partially along her instep and the ball of her foot. It felt dreamy, a delicious contrast to the dry heat of the day. She stretched and splayed her toes, allowing the air unfettered movement between them. She sighed aloud and then returned to Mr. Broom and his willing captive.

"Daniella Irons can be such a wimp," Lori murmured aloud as she lounged back in her heavily cushioned wooden lawn chair, "but she does have some scrumptiously masculine hunks populating her books. This Nathaniel fellow could hop in my bed any time he pleased." She felt a delicious twinge between her thighs at the thought.

"Excuse me, ma'am?" Thomas asked, lifting his eyes up to look questioningly at her, his head tilted to one side as if he thought he might've missed something important.

"Nothing....nothing," Lori sighed, her mind a relaxed yet stimulated mixture of the brawny Nathaniel and the dreamy comfort at her feet. "Just thinking out loud, is all. Nothing to concern yourself with. Continue, please. In fact, don't EVER stop. What you're doing is simply wonderful."

Instantly, the coolness began to circulate about the toes of her other foot, eliciting another sigh, causing her eyelids to flutter to a gentle close. This second set of toes likewise did their best to keep that heavenly coolness wafting around and between them. Enjoying the soothing gusts on her feet, Lori sat back in her chair, setting the book down on her lap for the moment. She smiled. "Yes," she thought, "Nathaniel is one hard-bodied hunk of a male, but would he do THAT for a lady? Would he sacrifice his macho pride to please and pamper his woman in all these LITTLE ways? Sure, I'll bet he can fuck like a bull rhino, but can he make a woman's FEET feel good like my faithful Thomas can?"

Her eyes fluttered open again. She looked down beyond her outstretched legs, below the well-turned ankles. Just as her mellowed eyes focused on her brightly painted toes, Thomas turned away for a moment. Bending down, he lifted a glass to his lips. The clink of ice could be heard as he tilted the glass up, his head back. When a goodly amount of ice had entered his mouth, puckering his cheeks slightly like those of a food-hoarding gerbil, he placed the glass back down on the small tray beside Lori's chair.

He did not chew the ice, nor did he swallow it directly. Rather, keeping it inside his mouth, he turned back to the task at hand. Lifting both of Lori's feet by the heels, he leaned forward until his lips were no more than an inch from the undersides of her toes. Puckering his lips into a well-rounded "O" shape, he blew a forceful gust of ice-cooled air from between them...directly onto Lori's appreciative toes. His tongue worked constantly around the ice, and he swallowed frequently to prevent any unwanted discharge of liquid onto her feet.

"Mmmm," she cooed, "that's just incredible. You are the best foot boy ever."

Looking to see what reaction that statement would bring, Lori was pleased to see that Thomas did not stop blowing on her feet for even a second. However, he was blushing ever so sweetly. And she could see a definite look of pride in that rosy cheeked face. As if that wasn't satisfying enough, the compliment induced him to work even harder at pleasing her, cooling her feet as best he could on this hot summer afternoon.

"Yes," Lori said, continuing her thoughts about Nathaniel, but once again unintentionally aloud. "Oh, yes...Nathaniel is one lusty man, all right. But would he be willing to sit down there at my feet and blow on them for hours at a time to keep them cool and comfy for me?" She looked to see if Thomas would react, or maybe venture an answer. He didn't. He continued blowing on her feet, now moving from sole to sole, his puckered lips blowing continuously in a long, slow path from toes to heels. So cool...so refreshing.

"And afterwards," Lori continued, "would he use that ice cooled mouth to worship my feet, to suck my toes with frigid lips, lick my soles and insteps with a chilly tongue? Would he then happily dry my feet thoroughly before massaging them completely with both his hands AND his lips? And could I count on the cocky Nathaniel to sit and patiently give all ten of my pretty toes a brand new paint job? No, I think not. For all his rugged good looks, he has no idea of how to TRULY worship and pamper a woman." Lori sat up and leaned forward, running her fingers through Thomas's hair. "Now, my faithful foot boy, on the other hand, will worship my feet until I tell him to stop, pamper them beyond my wildest expectations...and then service all my other needs, besides! Put THAT in your fancy leggings, Nathaniel Broom! I can get my body worshipped and serviced in any way I choose, for as long as I wish. And as for a good, hard riding crop between my legs, well, my little pet here can give me that as well!" Petting Thomas's head briefly, she then sat back again, closed her eyes, and sighed, a dreamy smile curling her lips.

"Now my pet," she said softly, "use those nice, cool lips of yours to worship and massage my feet all over. Do it like you did the other day. That was amazing. Then, fill your mouth with ice again and let my toes play in it. I want to wiggle them in icy water while you suck on them." Just talking about it was getting Lori incredibly hot, though that heat was thankfully more centrally located on her body, and not on her feet. More than just her toes were tingling now! Her toes tingled a refreshed, cooled tingle...the rest of her a warm, enticing one.

Thomas's lips were still quite cold when he began kissing her feet. Massaging them with his lips caused them to warm up fairly quickly, and he had to keep replenishing the ice in his mouth, even allow the ice in the glass to rest on his lips for a bit before taking it into his mouth. But he managed to keep his mouth, inside and out, cool enough for the purposes at hand.

Opening her eyes briefly, Lori smiled down at him. Then she closed her eyes again. She settled back into the luxuriant pillows, sighing at the dimming sky. The book, Nathaniel and Druscilla, had been completely forgotten. It slipped off her lap and fell to the grass below. No longer was it thoughts of Nathaniel's hard body that was making her squirm. Now it was an ice-cooled, hard working mouth kissing, sucking and lapping at her feet that was causing her to moisten. She licked her lips, sighing her pleasure for a very long time. She allowed that ambitious mouth to soothe and worship her feet until the blazing sun lost its ferocity. The heat abated - except that which sizzled between her legs. The light beyond her closed eyelids dimmed. The rest of her body slowly became almost - though not quite - as cool as her feet by the time she dreamily opened her eyes once more.

It was dusk. The sun had traveled across the sky, weakening minute by minute. When she finally looked down at Thomas, his mouth still going from glass of mostly melted ice to her pampered feet, she could barely make out his features in the encroaching darkness. Still he kissed, licked and sucked. Still he gave his all to please her. It made her smile, caused her heart to race. He worked so hard to make her happy. And as she looked down at her faithful foot boy she couldn't help but wonder. Was Druscilla getting the short end of the stick? Maybe she should write to Daniella Irons and suggest she make Dru more aggressive in her next novel. More...demanding. Maybe she should even tell her about Thomas, and suggest Druscilla tame the blustering Nathaniel until he sat at her feet just like her doting foot boy, working so fretfully hard to please her. And using much more than just an arrogant cock to do it.

Then she pondered the idea. Nah...if all women knew they could have attractive, sexy men fawning over them like puppies and then fuck them like a wild animal afterwards, it would make her relationship with Thomas...well...less special. It's his uniqueness in his willingness to please unconditionally that most excites her. He's one of a kind. On his knees, worshipping every inch of her body in whatever ways titillate her, then letting loose his amazing cock when she wants it. Could it possibly get any better than that? No...men like Thomas are a well kept secret. And that's the way it should stay.

Finally, the sun almost completely gone, Lori sat up, taking her feet from the exhausted Thomas. "That was delightful, as always," she said to him, "but you need a break before I find other ways for you to satisfy me. Put my shoes on my feet and let's go inside. My feet will need more attention, but there's more I need from you, too. I'll need my nightly massage and bath, but I'll give you such delicious rewards that it'll all be worthwhile." She smiled at him, her wicked look barely visible in the gloom.

After Thomas had slipped her shoes onto her still tingling feet, she stood up and began to walk toward the house, knowing full well that her sexy foot boy would follow along behind her immediately. She stopped short. Thomas almost walked into her. Looking down, Lori chuckled softly. Seeing her book lying in the soft grass, she kicked it with cool, comfortable toes. It sailed away into the darkness.

"Druscilla," she scoffed, "What a wimp. All that sexy hunka male, and she has no clue how to use him to best advantage. I however, will not make that mistake." She turned and looked at Thomas, undressing him with her eyes. "Follow me, my pet...you've got a lot of work still ahead of you."

"Yes, ma'am." he said quietly and politely. "Thank you, Mistress Lori. You know I'm always eager to please you in any way I can."

"Yes, I know, Thomas. And please me you shall. Come along."

Lori strode to the house, proud and haughty. Thomas followed along behind her. Both of them were already thinking in great detail about what was to follow. Each felt lucky to have found someone so perfect for them. Both were excited and tingling with expectation. Thomas followed Lori into the sprawling, Victorian style house. He closed the door behind them. And he knew his chores - though extremely pleasant ones, to be sure - had only just begun. And God, did he want to jump up and down with pure joy.

Lori just tried to keep from having an orgasm as she walked along, straight and tall...thinking of the paces she would be putting her slave through for the rest of the night. And make no mistake about it, whether he derived joy from it or not, and whether he was a foot slave or body slave or whatever...he was indeed her slave, servicing all her needs....from her head to her toes. And the compliant Thomas was in for quite a workout this night, for she was burning with a need that would be extremely difficult to appease. She foresaw the poor Thomas gasping for air and prostrate with exhaustion before she was through with him. And it made her smile.

As her high and mighty feet whisked her through the cavernous main hallway, Lori was eager to begin her night of pampering and pleasuring. There was no room in her plans for anything short of instant obedience on Thomas's part. She was much too sexually energized for that. She needed to be fawned over, catered to, and completely satisfied. So idle pleasantries were out of the question.

"Fetch me a tall glass of wine, my pet. Bring it to me in the living room. I'll be on my chaise lounge, relaxing before we begin. After you've brought me my drink, hurry upstairs and draw my bath. Put in my favorite oil, but fill the tub slowly. I want you to have time to massage me before you give me my bath. Hurry...I'm eager to feel those strong hands of yours all over me."

Thomas's "Yes, ma'am," was barely audible as he hurried to the kitchen to get the wine. He was even quicker than Lori had hoped, serving her her drink in just a few scant minutes. With a satisfied smile, she realized that he must be as eager to get on with things as she was, though he never allowed his face to show it. It was not a slave's place to show desire. And it was a never-ending source of humor and pleasure for Lori to see how hard he fought to hide it. Tonight, he fought fiercely to keep it from showing, but his success was minimal at best.

When he brought back the wine, Thomas said quietly, "Your wine, ma'am."

"Thank you, Thomas. Now, before you leave to draw my bath, kindly remove your briefs." Grinning down at his crotch, she noted, "I can see you're already...stimulated. No sense in hiding what can't be hidden under such circumstances anyway, is there?"

Blushing considerably, he replied, "No, ma'am," and tugged down his skimpy cotton briefs. It was all he was allowed to wear in Lori's presence, unless there were some reason why such a delicious decadence on Lori's part would not be practical...or legal.

Stepping out of his briefs, he then bent to pick them up. When he stood up again, Lori watched his genitals jiggle from his movements. She smiled. Already his penis was at least half erect. He may have somewhat mastered hiding his desires facially, but he could never hide the throbbing desire between his legs. And even after all these years, he still blushed a tiny bit when he stood naked before his Mistress and she ogled him openly. Lori casually sipped her wine as her eyes took in every detail of his inflating cock and the huge, sperm-filled sack behind it. Her eyes crawled over him with deliberate slowness. She looked at him like the sex object he was, sipping her wine, licking her lips hungrily. This was an incredible turn on for her, him standing there naked, aroused, just a bit embarrassed by her dehumanizing stares. This went on for some time, Lori taking great pleasure from her humbling objectification of her most prized possession.

"Come here, Thomas," she smiled, eyes twinkling wickedly.

Without a second's hesitation, he walked over to her, stopping a foot or so from where she lounged comfortably. He knew what she wanted, and exactly where he was supposed to stand. Shuddering with expectation, he stood motionless, arms behind his back, legs slightly spread, hips pushed ever so slightly forward. It was the stance he'd been trained to assume when presenting himself to her for whatever personal gratification she had in mind.

Sighing, Lori took another sip of wine, then reached out with her unoccupied hand and fondled her slave's "hardware." Teasing fingers stroked him lightly, jiggled his sack, enjoying the manly feel of his formidable package. What made it even more enjoyable for Lori was how he stood there, his posture of spread legs and thrust forward hips offering himself to her for her groping pleasure. She loved that. Him displaying himself like that to her for her to fondle at will was an even bigger turn on than the fondling itself. It made him truly her plaything, her property. It made her wet every time she did it.

Sigh after sigh escaped Lori's mouth as she squeezed and stroked her doting foot boy. She loved the feel of his hard testicles rolling around in his soft sack as she played with it. The steady rise and growing throb of his shaft mesmerized her. Her fingers explored freely, knowing he'd let her do as she pleased...as she HAD done so many times before. Her hand did not want to leave that warm, delectable area. And her eyes dulled in a trancelike state as she watched him grow long and firm in her hand.

Lori's pulse began to race. The area between her legs started bubbling and boiling deep inside. She was losing the ability to think clearly. She wanted to stroke him to orgasm, lick that fine tool, shove it between her legs. But a Mistress can't do such things, at least not right off. A slave has to EARN such honors. He has to pamper his Mistress, cater to her, prove his loyalty...and prove he is worthy of such attentions from her. Then, only after he's exhausted himself seeing to HER needs, would she deign to give him the pleasure he craves. That's how a Mistress keeps her slaves coming back for more. Her pleasure and satisfaction are paramount....his are incidental. It worked for both of them, as it has for all dominants and submissives throughout the ages.

Abruptly, Lori stopped toying with her slave. If she continued, his performance as a masseur and bath servant would surely suffer, because she would be too busy using him as a stud for either of those things to occur at all. It would not do to exhaust him before his duties - even above and beyond her sexual pleasure - had been completed.

With a final squeeze of his sack and some light-fingered kneading of his penis from its base to its tip, Lori reluctantly released his genitals. The long, thick shaft continued to bob slightly as blood continued to pulse through it. The dangling testicles behind it seemed to still be priming for semen ejection, though they were forced to slowly relax and retain their cargo. Thomas's face was flushed with desire, though he fought with every fiber of his being not to let his expression show any of that desire. To him, that would be insolence, and he would never even CONSIDER such a thing in Lori's presence.

Reeling herself in, Lori looked into Thomas's eyes and said quietly, "Go run my bath, then get back here quickly to massage me. You know how I get when I fondle you like this. Hurry, now. I need to be relaxed right away."

"Yes, ma'am," Thomas said, his face still rosy.

Instantly, he turned to head for the bathroom. As he rushed toward the doorway, Lori ogled his firm body again, this time visually feasting on his tight buns, thick-muscled thighs and strong upper body. Thinking back to her discarded novel, she muttered, "Eat your heart out, Nathaniel. My Thomas is every bit the stud you are...and he'll do ANYTHING I tell him to. He'll soon be pleasing me in ways you'd never even CONSIDER for that milquetoast, Druscilla."

Biting her lower lip and squeezing her thighs together, Lori continued to watch Thomas as he ascended the stairs to the Master Bath. The clenching of his cheek muscles as his legs carried him ever upward was making her hotter by the second. She sighed dejectedly when he'd ascended the steps to the point where she could no longer see him beyond the frame of the door. But immediately she grinned again, awaiting the even more delicious frontal view as her hunky Thomas made his way back down to her.

In a few minutes, she heard the water running in the bath. Then she once again saw her boy-toy/body servant as he descended the stairs, towel and massage oils in hand. She took extra delight in watching his cock and balls bouncing as he bounded quickly down the steps. He was still swollen with desire. His penis wasn't the least bit deflated from when she'd fondled it. That was a good sign. He'd maintained his desire, his need...and that would translate into excellent service when he massaged and bathed her....and later, when he became her lust-crazed stud.

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