tagBDSMRebounding Ch. 03

Rebounding Ch. 03


I awoke with an itch on my nose, but when I moved to scratch it, I was bound. I tried again, moaning out, because suddenly I felt an ache in my chest. Panic. I suddenly remembered the sense of dread I had in going for the soda machine. While I was there fighting with the dollar changer, there was a car that pulled up behind me. I glanced to see a man in a white ball cap, nod and smile at me. I smiled back and nodded. I didn't wait for the dollar to go through again. I stuffed it in my jeans pocket and turned to walk away. For some reason, I felt fear. Deep, hard fear. I felt his presence before I heard his footsteps. I hadn't been able to see his face clearly and hadn't recognized the car. I thought about how many women were abducted raped and murdered, and wondered if I could outrun him. I tried to run, but felt a hard kick on the back of my shoe and my flip flop seemed to be stuck on something behind me. I lunged forward, falling. Strong arms grabbed me from behind.

Here now, petrified in the moments upon waking, I pulled at both arms, panic turned to hysteria. I cried out. There was something blocking my mouth. I could taste rubber. I convulsed as far as my arms and legs would let me move. I tried to lift my hips, and buck against anything I could. I was bound tightly. I couldn't open my eyes. They were blocked by something. I cried out, louder and louder, until I felt a hand on my lower abdomen, just above my pelvis. It was large, and warm. Fingers splayed across me, the palm of the hand just above my groin. I stilled. The touch was firm, yet gentle.

"Shhh" the voice soothed, "Quiet girl, no one can hear you." I fought the urge to scream again. I was more afraid of what would happen if I disobeyed that if I didn't and I went silent, and still.

My mind began to race and wonder. My heart was racing. I could smell liqueur and mens' cologne. I could feel something touching my thigh, between them, laying on the soft surface I was on. There was a creak coming from above in a pattern, like a squeaky ceiling fan. I gulped and tried to swallow my spit as I choked on a sob. Tears were soaking my hairline. I felt his hands smooth over me. He rubbed deeply, yet gently over my torso, down my hips to my thighs. He kneaded the flesh softly and moved down over my legs and back up again. He avoided my private areas, but I could tell I was completely naked. It felt like rope binding me to the bed.

He was close to me. I could feel him, all of him. He hovered over my groin then passed it. He did this again when he went back down. I calmed myself as he spoke softly. I couldn't make out what he was saying. I couldn't focus.

"Shhhh Shhhh Shhh" he repeated, over and over.

"Would you like to me to touch you some more?" He asked, hovering near my breasts, just below, massaging my ribs softly. Ordinarily this would tickle, but I was petrified. I didn't respond. I felt some of his weight down on me as he leaned in close. He breathed in the scent of me and moaned.

"Baby shake your head. Tell me, do you want me to touch you some more." I was afraid to answer. Afraid not to. I shook my head no. He touched me anyway. Hard. He was rough. He pinched, pulled, twisted, slapped, and ripped at my flesh. He did this for a few moments, then slowed, and gentled.

"Do you really think you get to choose?" He asked as he cupped both breasts in his hand at once, and squeezed, hard.

I shook my head again. He let go.

"Good girl," He said and continued to massage the rest of my body. He bypassed my breasts on the next two rounds, but brushed over them softly on the next several trips. It seems like hours passed as he spoke softly to me, telling me how beautiful I was on his bed. He told me how soft my flesh was and how incredibly delicious I smelled and tasted.

"I hope you don't mind, I had a kiss while you were asleep," He said and massaged the area of my upper thighs, just at the crease a little harder. I held my breath and tried not to start crying again.

"You tasted so sweet. Just how I knew you would." I exhaled slowly and tried to stay calm.

"I love how you've changed your hair," He said softly and bent to kiss my stomach. I cringed at the touch. His whiskers were rough. He laughed and pressed his face into my tummy and moved over it softly. "I love how ticklish you are," He said, then moved down.

"Do you want me to taste you?" He asked, his face moving up to my breasts. I went blank. Not sure how to answer. I nodded.

He nipped at one of my nipples, then the other. He kissed then caressed them with his tongue. He sucked and nibbled on them. He wasn't touching any other part of my body. Just my breasts. I could feel his hands on either side of the mattress beside me.

He trailed his kisses up to my neck and over the gag in my mouth. He nipped my ear then moved back down. He hovered over my breasts for a few minutes more, starting to nibble and bite them. He pulled the flesh back with his teeth and let go.

"I'm going to taste your pussy now," He said just before sliding down, bypassing my stomach. He spread my lips gently with his fingers and filled me instantly with his tongue. When he pulled it out, he pressed it hard against my flesh and started to stiffly move over my clit, up and down, then in circles. He kept going for a while. Every now and then he would reach up and pinch, twist, pull and smack my nipples. He started biting me. I could tell there were going to be marks.

"Would you like to yourself?" He asked, just before lifting up to remove the gag. I nodded. He kissed me. He plunged his tongue into my mouth and probed me. He kissed me hard, and passionately. He lay down atop me, his clothes against my flesh and ground himself into me. I could tell he was hard. I could tell he was large.

"Do you want to feel my fingers inside of you baby?" He asked, reaching down.

I nodded my head.

"Do you want me to eat your pussy some more?" He asked, reaching into me. My neck arched at the feeling of his two fingers.

"Yes," I said through hoarse voice.

"Do you want me to finger fuck you, baby?" He asked, slipping a third finger in, and starting to work it into me, faster. He moved down to take my clit in his mouth. I moaned, even though I knew I shouldn't. I tightened my muscles around him and he moaned.

"You want it don't you?" He pulled out his fingers and I could hear him licking them. "You're so fucking wet. You like me having this control over you, don't you?" I nodded.

"You like it when I finger your tight little pussy baby?" He asked and I nodded again.

"You like it when I chew on that tiny little clit?" I nodded and moaned. "Like it when I suck hard on it, don't you?" He was working his fingers deeply into me. I was trying to rock my hips in rhythm with him. He moved back up to kiss me some more and fucked me harder. I felt my womb start to tighten and my toes curl. He stopped.

"Now, now, let's not get too anxious to cum honey." He said and moved away from me. He returned the ball gag to my mouth as I resisted. He stepped away. I could feel him close, hear his breathing. I also heard when he unzipped his pants.

"Im going to let you feel my cock on your skin," He said before climbing back onto the matress

"Would you like that?" He asked, and bent to kiss my neck. He nibbled my neck and collarbone.

"Would you like me to fuck you?" He asked, but I couldn't answer. He was rubbing his cock over my clit, pressing against me before I was sure what he was doing. He pumped himself over me a few times, then pulled away, never entering me. Hot wetness hit my stomach, and sprayed up onto my breasts.

"Sorry honey, I've been watching your body and touching you for hours in your sleep. Next time I get hard, I promise it'll be all for you." He walked away. IT seemed like forever until he returned. He had a warm rag, and used it to wipe his semen off of me.

"Do you think I can untie your legs, baby?" He asked, and I nodded. "good. If you resist or kick at me, I will punish you," He said and bent to bite my pussy. HE bit it hard. "Do I make myself clear?" I nodded. Tears started to well up again. He loosened my left leg and then my right. I pulled them up and stretched them out a few times, leaving my feet together, knees up, closing off access.

"Spread them." he said, and waited for me to move. I didn't. He positioned on his knees just behind them. "Spread them, now," He said, and I obeyed.

"This is for giving me a hard time baby," He said then shoved four fingers into my pussy, hard. He fingered me with them, until I was just about to cum, and pulled back. He slapped my face and grabbed my breasts, roughly. He fingered me some more, just until I was almost back tot he point of cumming then repeated. He bent to bite my nipples and all around. He ran his nails over my body and sucked on my thighs.

"Are you going to disobey me again?" He asked firmly.

I shook my head.

I'm going to untie your hands, and I am going to flip you over. If you disobey me, I am going to hurt you. When I hurt you, you will not like it this time. It will not be a good hurt, and it will not go away shortly. Do you understand me?" I nodded my head, and lay still as he untied me. I waited for him to tell me to move my body and roll onto my belly.

"Upper body down on the mattress, turn you head to your right and ass up in the air. I want you to reach your arms up behind your back. I complied. He tied my hands tightly together, and I felt like I couldn't move them at all. I felt a trickle of something wet on my ass once he had me tied, then another. He was pouring something into my asshole.

He slipped a finger into my ass and bit down on one ass cheek.

I felt something slide inside my pussy at the same time and clenched down on it, as it was cold, I tried to move, but he slapped me and took a tight hold on my hair. His voice was firm.

"Do not fight me. You will regret it." I nodded.

"Good girl" He said and lightly slapped my ass.

The next thing I felt was his mouth, closer on my ass cheek to my hole. He sucked my flesh in, bite by bite and left marks there too. I could feel one spot start to swell as he slipped a second finger into my ass. He was stroking in and out of me now, his opposite hand fingering my clit. The ice was temporarily abandoned.

"Your asshole is so tiny," he said and moved to lick it too.

" Is it a virgin?" He asked, and I shook my head.

He rubbed the ice over my ass then slipped it in, a little bit. He played with it, at the tip for a while, then moved it in further. The contrast of hot and cold was exhilarating. My clit was on fire.

He kept circling it with his fingers. I kept rocking my hips to his rhythm. I started to tighten to orgasm, and he plunged the ice all the way into me, pulling back everything else. The climax peaked, then dropped completely. I felt infuriated. I started to move so that I could get away from him, he overpowered me. The ice was deep inside of me, and soon so was his cock. He was thick and hard and I cried out, as the pressure from both sides had me ripping in shreds. I struggled to buck him off of me, and he held me firmly.

"Now is a good time to struggle baby," He said, pushing the ice pop back into me, as it pushed out under my strain. He bit my shoulder and back and pumped roughly into me.

I was flat on the bed now, overpowered by his weight, and starting to relax, to let him have his way. I could feel the wet mess from the ice melting rapidly inside my hot ass. He was reaching all the way inside of me with his cock as he slammed into me. He was long and thick and powerful. As much as I shouldn't, I enjoyed it. I stopped focusing on what was going to be my fate and let the wave ride. I felt like I needed to rush the orgasm before he could stop it again, and I did. He was cumming just after me, and collapsed upon me. I struggled to breathe for a moment until he moved. He had cum deep inside of me. I closed my eyes and let myself relax as he pulled away from me.

I awoke unbound and naked, curled up to Mark. I wondered if it had all been a dream. My boyfriend of seven months was a wonderful man. In my sensory overload, or was it a dream, I imagined it was him taking me, it was his voice I was hearing, I was sure.

"You okay baby?" he asked, as I tried to sit up quickly. I reached for my wrist and he laughed

"Did you like that?" he asked and I knew it was him. I smiled and lifted onto my knees. I had to use the restroom, and moved to get off of the bed.

"I did. But please excuse me, someone bound me and wouldn't let me empty my bladder!"

He laughed as I bounced my way into the restroom. There were toys laying on the sink. I took a few moments to remember the events and went back into the bed to snuggle some more.

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