tagBDSMReceiving a Kiss of Leather

Receiving a Kiss of Leather

byMo chailin rua©

Author's note- This short story is a companion piece, an echo, written from the submissive point of view, to Kiss of Leather by tigress2831. I urge you to read it.

* * * * *

She didn't give me much to do today; it didn't take long to mark off everything on my list. i had plenty of time to make dinner and take a long leisurely bath. After fluffing my hair dry and taking a quick glance at the clock, i disappeared into the closet, going to the back and opening up a large chest. On a small hook in the domed lid hung a leather flogger, worn soft with use, the tails of it slightly stained. The sound of grinding catches my attention and i know She's pulling in, tired from a hard day. With a smile, i'm rushing through the house to take my place to greet Her, before the door, on bended knees with my thighs spread open for Her, and Her favorite flogger held within my teeth. Hearing the garage door close sends my heart to skipping and my eyes fall to the floor right in front of the door, anticipating Her.

She appears before me, like i've summoned Her from a dream, taking the pleasure tool from my teeth and kissing me tenderly. i can't hold back the moan that escapes me at Her touch and She pulls back, having me stand before Her.

As She makes Her way to the dining room, i go to the bar to fetch Her wine, checking the cut crystal glass for chips or flaws before dispensing the fragrant drink into it. Kneeling on my pillow, i caress my body with the glass, knowing She is watching, hoping this shows Her how much i love Her, then present it to Her, before serving up the delicious dinner that has been prepared.

As She dines, on bended knees i wait, quietly on my pillow, the hitch in my breath the only reaction to the caress of Her fingertips, at times gliding over a taut nipple, or sliding between my thighs. The soft strands of the flogger, dripping off the edge of the table right in front of me command my attention otherwise, causing a soft blush to rise on my skin, thinking about what will happen tonight.

She requests a bath, so the table is quickly cleared, her wine glass refilled, so it can be prepared. Many times i've done this and each time i so enjoy getting everything ready for Her, showing Her how much i care about every aspect of Her life. As the tub fills, i light softly scented candles, then dim the lights, casting the room in a golden glow. Richly scented musk oil is added to the water and given a stir with my fingertips. The last touch, soft smooth jazz, fills the air. Without turning, i hear Her start to undress and my mouth is suddenly dry.

Padding up softly behind Her, i can't resist the urge to touch and with gentle caresses ease Her clothing from Her, my heart beating erratically and my breath catching at the sight of creamy skin. The soft silk of Her robe covers it from my view as i hold it for Her to slip into and i morn the loss of such an awe-inspiring sight.

"Good, thank you my sweet. On the bed, lay on your stomach, hands over your head and legs apart." Her voice is soft but the authority it holds is unmistakable.

"Yes Ma'am," i breathe.

Crawling up onto the bed and lying in the requested position is...humbling and exciting. More so when the restraints are added, binding me securely. And then Her touch comes, brushing through the slickness on my thigh, deepening my ever-present blush. i cannot hide my arousal from her. A whispery touch feathers over my open sex and i can't hold back, my hips rocking up, seeking more. More comes in the form of a sharp slap to my tush, causing me to gasp sharply. "Oh Ma'am."

Her laugh sends a shiver down my spine as She murmurs, "Not yet my sweet little one."

i know She's left the room; the electricity in the air has faded. Through the open doors i hear Her slip into the water, moaning softly as the heat eases work weary muscles. Soon other sounds were wafting through the doorways though. Sounds that made my pulse race, my body tremble. In my mind's eye, i can see Her, the way her hands are moving over Her body, how She touches herself to elicit those sensuous moans.

The leather cuffs rub against my skin as i writhe against the sheets, straining for some relief for my throbbing sex, feeling juices seep from inside me to dampen the sheets, leaving me in a state of arousal that i can't combat. A loud moan from the bathroom and the sound of water splashing let me know that She has reached Her climax while i shudder uncontrollably, biting back a cry of frustration and need.

By the sounds i hear now, i know She's leaving the bath, leaving me here to lay here, my senses sharpened, the sheets smooth and cool against my breasts, stomach, pussy. Warm air gliding over my back, my tush. The soft leather that encircles my wrists, my ankles, rubs delicate skin. Will She leave me here, in anticipation? Or will She come and deliver me from this sweet torture? My body shudders, hips undulating slowly against the bed as the answer is provided, heralded by the distinct swish of the flogger through the air. Laying my head against the sheet i see Her in the doorway, Her wrist setting the pleasure tool into motion.

"Please Ma'am." My voice is just above a whisper, as i plead with Her.

"Please what?"

"Oh my god, Ma'am. Please touch me," i moan softly.

She steps close to me, the heat of Her body caressing mine as I gasp.

"How wet is My girl?"

The damp sheets beneath me turn my answer into a moan, "Oh, Ma'am, Your girl is very wet."

Suddenly Her touch is there, stroking my fiery sex, my hips lifting once again off the bed to seek more as She scoops up my essence on Her fingers. "Mmmmm, My girl is very wet."

Looking over my shoulder at Her, i witness the most erotic sight i've ever seen, Her tongue lapping my juices from Her fingers. Then to send me careening to the edge, She moans quietly, "My girl is so wet and tastes so good." Her hand is on my tush again, stroking the smooth skin, and i can't bite back the long low moan that slips from my lips.

Just as quickly as it came, her touch is gone, replaced with the swish of the flogger and the feathery touch of the tails against my skin. It stings a bit, not enough to hurt really but i can feel my skin heat from those soft strands. Yet its not enough and my hips rock back in silent supplication to Her.

Now the little leather whips burn my skin; She's wielding it with a bit more strength. My breath hitches, and i tug at my bonds, to get away or get closer, i'm not sure which.

"Ma'am, pleaseeeee," i beg.

"Please what?"

"Please, Ma'am. Please make my ass pink."

It's enough to make Her stand back, gaining more movement, more swing and i feel it as it strikes hard, a loud WHACK that lands on the curve of my left cheek. i know what is expected.

"Ohhhh, Ma'am...thank You, Ma'am." Even to me, my voice sounds reedy with want.

WHACK! Another blow lands on the other side of my bottom. "Ahhhh, Ma'am... thank You, Ma'am."

Trailing down lower on the left cheek... WHACK! "Mmmm... Ma'am, thank You, Ma'am." More and more the words are moans.

WHACK! To the other side again, the flogger falls. "Ahhhh, Ma'am...thank You, Ma'am."

Now the slaps come stingingly hard against my skin, which grows hot. i know its taking on an almost red hue. WHACK! On the left side, and my voice explodes from me, "Arghhhh, Ma'am! Thank You, Ma'am!"

A matching strike to the right...Whack! brings tears to my eyes. "Ohhhh, Ma'am! Thank You, Ma'am!

A pair of slaps are next, harder than any of the previous ones, landing on the already stinging left side...WHACK! WHACK! They bring me off the bed, arching and writhing, leather tightening around my limbs. "Please, Ma'am! Thank You, Ma'am! Please Ma'am... i... oh god, i...uhhhh...need to cum!" My voice is filled with sobs as i moan for relief from my own torturous arousal.

Matching strikes to the right...WHACK! WHACK! have me screaming as they hit the tender flesh. "Ahhhhh, Ma'am! Thank You, Ma'am! Oh.. Ma'am... PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!"

Through tear filled eyes, i see the flogger land on the bed beside me and i feel Her touch, stroking my fiery skin, a cry escaping me before i can swallow it back. Sobs wrack my frame as Her breath touches my need.

"Now, my sweet. Cum for me!" She demands.

Finally, i am free to explode in a shuddering climax, my body arching wildly as Her mouth covers my wanton pussy. "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, Ma'am...Oh, God, Yesssssssssssss!!!!!!" She is stroking my begging clit with the flat of Her tongue, drawing me to the next peak and then the next, my body spasming with the force of it.

Even before i come down, She's beside me, freeing me from the cuffs and tenderly holding me to Her, hands stroking over my skin, carefully cupping my reddened bottom.

My eyes are so heavy but i manage to open them, gazing up at Her, before letting them slide shut as She kisses me softly.

"I love you my sweet little one." Her voice soothes as much as Her touch.

My voice is barely a whisper before sleep overtakes my exhausted body. "i love You Ma'am."

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