Although they were both single and he certainly didn't look his age, he was still aware that she was in her 20's, while he was in his 30's. Her legs hadn't gone unnoticed though; the more she wore leggings, the more they accentuated her thighs and ass so well. Flitting from one relationship to another, she wasn't seemingly looking for anything long term and they were friends first and foremost. Then the Xmas night out took place. During the meal, they'd spoken and she'd asked his advice about guys, but later in the pub, he knew he was starting to look at her in a different way. They were talking about another failed date for her when he chimed in.

"You know L, maybe you just need a guy for a bit of fun" he quipped.

"Totally. That would suit me perfectly. But where do you find someone you're comfortable with and don't feel pressured by?" she asked wistfully.

"I empathise. I was so bored last night, I went on this website. Um, might shock you though" he joked.

"No way. I'm tipsy already, nothing would shock me. What was it?" she challenged him.

"Well, actually, here's a cool pic from it" he said, flipping open his phone and selecting the image he'd found.

It showed a guy kneeling in front of a woman in an office but in her hand she held a leash which was fastened around his neck. Her legs were bare and one of them was over his shoulder.

"Now that looks like heaven" he admitted.

"Phew, you're not kidding. I want to be that girl!" L said drunkenly.

"L, hope you don't mind me saying this, but you're totally hot. I bet a thousand guys would be happy if you were that girl" he complimented her.

"Nah, really?" she asked.

"Yep, I'm definitely one of the thousand" he said bravely, with a smile.

"P! You're terrible!" she gushed but he could see she was beaming.

"I'm only telling the truth. Anytime you wanted. I'll bring the leash" he joked.

"Let me know when you have the leash then" she replied saucily.

They tried to make small talk but the conversation had clearly aroused both of them and after rejoining their colleagues, they had another drink, before he decided to put all his cards on the table.

"L, can I say something frank? Don't get annoyed, just hear me out" he said.

"Go for it" she told him, smiling.

"Well, a leash is all well and good, but perhaps I'd need some practice first. And erm, it's not that late, I have keys to the office. And I'd love to put a smile on your face" he blurted out.

L looked surprised, then embarrassed, then aroused, then unsure.

"Okay, I didn't expect that. Besides, it would be too risky" she said.

He was elated. Rather than simply say no thanks or even worse walk away embarrassed, she had said it would be too risky!

"It wouldn't. I have keys, the bosses are off home and it's close to Xmas so no-one will be going back there of a Friday evening. And I'll make you a promise. I guarantee you won't regret this. I'm quite talented" he assured her.

L looked around the room and seemed to reach a decision.

"What, you please me and I stand there? That's it, no onus on me to do anything?" she checked.

"None whatsover. Unless you want me to please you in any other ways. No, I just want to turn you on" he added.

"Okay, you leave first. Then I"ll be out in about 10 minutes" she told him, walking away before he could say anything more.

He approached a few of the group and said he had to head off and meet an old friend for Xmas drinks, then left. Going across the road, he waited at the bus stop until eventually, L came out. He crossed towards her and they walked to the office in silence. 5 minutes later, he decoded the alarm and once in, locked the door behind them.

"Um, your desk at the front, or my office?" he asked.

"Your office" she responded, walking past him to reach it.

They entered and he approached her, but she turned away when he went to kiss her.

"No kissing" she said and he nodded; it was her call.

Instead, he knelt down as she leaned against his desk. She had tight trousers on and he removed them, with her knickers. She still wore her shoes as he held her hips and without waiting longer, he leaned forwards to kiss her bush. Then his tongue parted dark velvet and he tasted her for the first time. She gasped but didn't say anything as he began to lick her pussy, but one of her hands came down to press on his head, while the other leaned into the desk.

"You have unbelievable legs" he told her a little muffled.

That seemed to break the ice and she visibly relaxed.

"Thanks. I go to the gym 3 times a week; I've always had good thighs but I've never wanted skinny ones. What do you think of my ass?" she asked him, her boldness returning.

"Well, it's always looked divine in leggings but I'll know better when I lick it in a bit" he replied boldly.

"Will you indeed? I'll hold you to that" L replied and then paused as if remembering something before a smile broke on her face and she hooked one leg up, one thigh draping over his shoulder.

They didn't talk for the next 15 minutes and as he began to try out some of his best known results achieving oral moves, she didn't seem any closer to orgasm. L must have been enjoying it but felt the need to explain too.

"If I was sober, I'd be halfway to my 2nd orgasm by now. But I'm drunk although I still want at least 2. So you'll be there a while I guess. Unless you're not much good and that's the reason" she said jokingly, trying to wind him up.

"If you were sober, you'd be on your way to a 3rd one. Don't worry, I'll be here for as long as it takes" he assured her.

Saying that to her made him realise his knees were starting to protest on the wooden floor. L had both her hands on his head now, one of them entwined in his hair. He held onto her firm thighs, caressing one of her asscheeks while he licked her velvet pussy.

"This is going to take ages. Are you sure you're not just rubbish at it?" she continued, berating him.

"I think you should be the judge of my efforts. I'm merely here to please you" he replied.

"My ex used to really struggle to make me cum, it really bugged me. I thought you were, oh hang on, yeah, now that feels awesome. Get your tongue all the way in me again like that" she insisted as he had begun to tongue fuck her.

Gradually, his insistent probing was turning L on more and more until she grabbed his hair and pulled him up a bit higher until he was sucking on her now engorged clitoris.

"Fuck, yes! Don't stop, I'm cumming!" she yelled then her thighs shook and she almost tore his hair out with pleasure as he brought her to orgasm.

Gradually the pleasure peak subsided and as she became aware of how sensitive her clit felt now, he knew that too and stopped. Turning her around gradually, L put her hands on the desk then gasped again as she felt his tongue snaking in between her ass cheeks and searching for her asshole. He found it quickly and after a few attempts, his tongue was inside and he began to drill gently in and out of her asshole.

"I thought you managed to hold an air of mystery but when it comes down to it you're just an asslicker, aren't you?" L said mockingly to him as he did just that to her.

"How can I help it? Your ass is amazing" he tried to placate her in between thrusts.

"Thanks, I've always thought I had a nice ass. I'm not complaining at this, I'm just saying from now on when I see you I'm just going to think of you as an asslicker" she continued, a little degradingly.

"I'd lick your ass anytime you want me to, as often as you want" P said in response.

"That's because you're just a dirty fucking asslicker. Aahh" she sighed as his tongue buried itself to the hilt in her anus.

"You're enjoying it though" he tried to counter her insults.

"Fuck, aah. Yeah, keep doing that, really deep. Yeah. Um, I'm not denying I'm enjoying it. But really, I wouldn't jam my tongue up someone's ass. What kind of person does that? Shall I tell you? A dirty ass tonguer. Aah, even though I'm pissed, this feels good" she declared smugly.

He didn't respond but kept drilling her until he suddenly became aware of something going on above him. L had turned on her camera phone and glancing behind her at him on his knees, she had the phone poised above with her arm stretched behind her. He didn't say anything but kept going while L kept the phone in place. After about 5 minutes, her arm became tired and she withdrew it, along with the phone.

"Guess what? I've just filmed you asslicker. It's pretty clear from this you have your tongue up someone's bum but no-one knows it's mine. I think this might come in handy, what do you reckon?" she told him.

"Um, for you to enjoy after?" P said timidly.

"No asslicker! So other people can see it" she slurred drunkenly.

"C'mon, no-one would be interested in that" he tried to say as if it didn't mean much.

"They would if I stuck it on youtube with your name attached" she said triumphantly.

"Please L, c'mon, I thought you were enjoying this" he pleaded with her, resuming his tonguing of her ass.

"That all depends. We can maybe come to some arrangement to make sure it stays out of the public domain. Fuck, you can go deep. Oh, that's it. My leg's are getting tired though" she muttered.

"Why don't you sit on my face and have a rest?" he offered her.

"Why didn't you suggest that earlier? Okay, lie down then and then keep going. This is really turning me on now" L said excitingly as he lay down and she let her crotch descend until it was comfortably on his face.

"L, please don't upload that" P asked her again as softly as he could.

"Depends really. Actually, before I tell you, take out your cock" she said suddenly.

He reached down and freed it from his jeans and all 8 inches sprang to life.

"Not bad, not bad at all. But if you think you get to fuck me, you're wrong. You've not really earned that yet. Anyway, if I do let you, at least I know it's a good size. Now then, how about this? Whenever I want oral, I'm just going to click my fingers and I want you to come running really fast to get on with it. That includes asslicking obviously. And I'm going on my hols to Spain in September with my girlfriends so when I want to go out for drinks in town and I want to avoid spending lots of money, I want you ready to come and buy all my drinks so I can save for my holiday. And if I'm in the mood and I haven't taken a shine to another guy when I'm out then I might use your tongue. How does that sound?" she summarised excitedly.

"You are so sexy. I would be happy to be at your beck and call" he said, hoping this would prevent her from drunkenly humiliating him online.

"An hour ago, I didn't expect to be doing this, but here we are so I'm going to enjoy it. And you're going to spoil me in so many ways, aren't you?" said L, sitting down hard on his tongue.

"Uh-huh" he managed to say and she laughed.

"Your dick looks quite good but I'll keep it for another day maybe. Get back to my pussy and show me how much you love licking it" she told him and gasped as he did what she wanted.

"You taste amazing" I said, hoping to win her over more.

"You bet asslicker. Say, next Friday I'm meeting the girls and guess who's going to keep the vodka's and cocktails flowing? Oh and make sure you are looking hot; I want my friends to be uber jealous when they see you. I want you to be looking as handsome as possible because I know that I might be fucking the living daylights out of your face afterwards" L said with lust in her voice.

Over an hour later, she had cum twice and was exhausted. He booked a cab home for her and made sure she reached there safely. The following week, as arranged he met L in the pub, where she was with her friends.

"Hiya, erm can I get some drinks in?" he asked her.

"Sure. Margherita's all round" L said smiling broadly at him.

He was dressed up and her friends were indeed eyeing him enviously.

"Who is that L?" they asked almost in unison.

"Just a guy I know. Think he has the hots for me; honestly, it's embarrassing how much he grovels though" she said smugly.

Her friends were impressed though and she let him buy more drinks when that round was finished. By this point they were feeling tipsy and L approached him as he stood at the end of the bar.

"Stick around in case I have a use for you later. Asslicker" she whispered in his ear then drifted back to her friends.

Time ticked by and at one point, L was flirting with a guy at the bar while her friends were either talking amongst themselves or also being chatted up. The guy leaned down to whisper something and L walked outside with him to the beer garden which was fairly empty. P was standing near the door to it and could see her as she began to snog her admirer. After several minutes they stopped and she giggled as the guy passed her his number and took note of her own mobile. Then they went back inside. L spotted P quickly and sidled up to him.

"Well, are you going to give make me cum or just stand there and irritate me?" she asked him.

"Um, sure thing" he responded.

Her friends waved her off, no doubt thinking she had scored with a hunk when all the time she had him wrapped round her finger tighter than an elastic band. P had no initial plans to fall for L but seeing her kissing another guy had created a slight pang of jealousy.

"Um, did that guy get your number?" he asked innocently.

"He was nice. Yeah, I gave him my number; he wants to meet me next week. Got to admit, I wouldn't mind getting it on with him. Anyway, why are you asking?" she quizzed.

"Um, just wondered. You're free to do what you want" he quickly added.

"I know I am and you'll come in handy tonight. Actually that's a good point you raised though. While we're having our fun, don't you embarrass me by dating any girls or getting up to anything with anyone. Not while we're having fun, okay?" she told him.

"But you just said you might meet that guy" he said confused.

"Duh! Of course I did. I will do whatever I like. But the same doesn't go for you" she swiftly explained as they approached his apartment.

Once inside, he wasn't sure how to progress things and moved to kiss her, but she shoved him away from her.

"Don't ever kiss me! Trust me, I could have kissed every guy in the bar tonight but I don't need to kiss you. You know exactly what we're going to do" she said, rolling her skirt up and turning to lean over the counter.

He shrugged and nodded.

"Whatever you say L" he agreed and began to kiss her asscheeks first, before moving to the dark valley in between them.

"That's it, get right in there. I feel so horny tonight and I'd better get a top class asslicking from my own filthy grovelling asslicker. C'mon get right up me" she insisted as his tongue slipped inside her tight opening after some effort.

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