tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRecession Ch. 02

Recession Ch. 02


Jessica had promised to look after her friend Mary. The day after making this promise she started to make good on her word.

Jessica and Mary were enjoying a late breakfast in the kitchen.

"Mary, Now that I'm going to be looking after you, I need to make a few changes around here. Don't you agree?"

"Yes Jessica," Mary answered meekly.

"Okay - I need to look at all your bank and credit cards statements and see what sort of financial mess you've got yourself into. Go and fetch them all and bring them to me now."

Mary did as she was told. She was very neat and organized in terms of her financial papers. Jessica took out a pad of paper and a calculator and started to make notes. As she was a very good investment analyst by trade, Mary's personal finances caused her few issues to understand. About 15 minutes later she finished writing, put her pen down and looked at Mary.

"You are in a real mess girlfriend. You've no job so no money coming in, and no savings. What's your plan - you going to whore yourself out and get out of debt on your back?"

Mary's eyes filled with tears from both her dire situation and her friends brutal talking.

"Stop that at once," said Jessica, leaning across and dabbing at the younger girls eyes with a tissue. "Hand me my purse."

Mary did as she was told. Jessica took out her checkbook and picked up her pen. She wrote out a dozen checks.

"That should do it - we'll post these off this today and you'll be completely straight."

"But it's so much money - how will I ever pay you back?" asked a still tearful Mary.

"I told you I'd look after you and I mean to keep my word. Yours debts are my debts - they're cleared now." Jessica took Mary into her arms and hugged her. She kissed the girl on her forehead.

"Okay - there are going to be some more changes made around her. Quite frankly you're never going to get a job in this market so you may as well stop looking. You'll carry on staying her for nothing. I'll pay for whatever else you need as well. For a start we'll definitely need to go shopping. How you look will reflect directly on me. I'm going to put the baby in your room, across the corridor from the master bedroom, and you can have the room next to ours. It'll make it easier for me to look after you," Jessica said.

Mary nodded in agreement. Jessica always liked to have her own way and in the circumstances she had no room for complaint. Her new room would be smaller but she had few possessions.

"I'll be able to go straight into your room through the bathroom - it'll make it a lot easier to keep an eye on you," Jessica added smiling. "We'll share my private bathroom. Let's go see about moving you in."

Mary followed Jessica into the master bedroom of the apartment. The room boasted 2 bathrooms. The simple (and small) toilet/shower on one side served as Jason's bathroom. On the other side of the bedroom was the more lavish room used by Jessica. It actually consisted of two rooms - one containing a large walk in wardrobe and a dressing table. The other was a large bathroom containing a 2 person Jacuzzi bath. Mary's new room on the other side was small - containing only a single bed and a small wardrobe.

Having shown her the new bedroom, Jessica took Mary went back to Mary's old room to start packing.

"We'll share the dressing room as well as the bathroom," Jessica stated. "I don't let Jason in there at all - it's my refuge. It'll be easier if you get rid of your toiletries and use mine."

This made sense to Mary; she now had so little cash that she was obliged to use the cheapest soaps and shampoos. Jessica used only top of the range products - hence her skin was flawless and she smelt wonderful. Jessica had produced a large bin liner and started to discard Mary's toiletries and also her personal hygiene items.

"I think we'll get rid of your tampons too. You'll be much more comfortable with maxi pads. Let me know when you start your next period and we'll get you sorted out. You don't look after yourself properly - you never have."

Jessica opened Mary's wardrobe and looked inside disapprovingly.

"From now on I choose what you wear. You have very poor taste. Most of this will have to go - don't worry I'll buy you new things. You look much cuter in dresses - all these pants and tops are dowdy."

Mary colored in embarrassment at the criticism but Jessica did always have a great sense of style so surely she knew best? Jessica had by now discarded most of Mary's clothes apart from a couple of summer dresses. She then moved on to Mary's underwear drawer.

"My mother would think most of these are too prudish! Also white isn't good for you because you leak a bit and also don't wipe properly - it's hard to get your undies clean. Mrs Jackson complains about them all the time."

Mary turned even redder after the revelation that Jessica discussed Mary's underwear with her cleaner!

"Don't be embarrassed honey, it's just another thing we'll work on. From now on you'll be using my bathroom so I can keep a close eye on you in that department," Jessica reassured the girl, giving her a quick squeeze of encouragement.

"Anyhow, we'll shop for new undies too. I'm also going to get you some bras that actually fit - can't have you bouncing around all over the place. It distracts Jason and that'll only lead to trouble! In future I want you to only use my bathroom. Always knock before entering - there's no lock on the door from your room but there is on my side. However you're not to ever lock that door. Jason knows better than to go into my bathroom so it'll only ever be me coming in or Mrs Jackson to clean. Understood?"

Mary accepted the loss of bathroom privacy with a little nod.

"I like to get into a regular pattern of what happens when. We'll forget about that today but tomorrow we'll get you into a routine. I think the baby's just woke up. Come and help me with her."

Mary adored the baby Sarah and always loved to help with her. Perversely this was the one thing that Jessica trusted Mary with - and Jessica was a very conscientious mother.

By the end of the afternoon, the room changes had been completed. Mary was left with only the barest of wardrobes but Jessica promised her a shopping trip to remember the next day. Following dinner, Jessica suggested that Mary watch a DVD with her and Jason. The trio sat on the sofa in the lounge with Jessica sandwiched between her husband and her friend. Mary was tentatively sipping her second glass of wine - her companions were quite considerably ahead of her in the drinking stakes.

"You'll love this," said Jessica hitting play on a DVD she'd just put in the machine.

The film had no credits and rolled straight into the action. Mary was shocked to see the screen fill with a young naked blonde with the biggest breasts she'd ever seen straddling a big black cock. She started to utter her excuses and get to her feet. Jessica gave her a stern look "You'll watch it and like it. Who knows you may learn something!"

Jason chortled in amusement "Perhaps Mary should get her tits out so we can compare her to blondie on the screen for size," he suggested.

Jessica laughed. "I don't think that'll be necessary tonight. My Mary's a big girl but not that big!"

Mary forced herself to try to watch what she thought was a disgusting spectacle on screen. Every time she tried to look away, Jessica would redirect her eyes to the screen.

"Time for some fun here I think," Jessica said. "Give me your glass Mary."

Jessica filled the glass from the bottle behind her and handed it back to Mary. "Now drink it down in one - you're falling behind"

Mary did as she was told - suddenly the room seemed to get hotter and she felt very woozy. Jessica took the glass back and refilled it. "Now you little drunken slut, reach across me, undo Jason's zipper and take his cock out"

Mary flushed scarlet but reached across her friend as ordered. She unzipped him and pulled out his hard hot cock - needing two hands to properly grasp it.

Mary waited for the seemingly inevitable order to take the cock in her mouth again but to her surprise her friend gently pulled her upright again. "A promise is a promise - I'll take care of this but you're to watch and learn".

So saying, Jessica grasped her husbands cock firmly in her right hand and started pumping it. Jason closed his eyes and sighed contentedly. Jessica then stretched her left arm out and pushed her other hand under Mary's skirt. Mary jerked upright in horror. Jessica leaned her head in closer to Mary, "I will do what I want to you and you'll like it - Okay?"

The startled girl nodded in agreement. Jessica smiled and kissed the tip of Mary's nose. Jessica slipped her finger into her friend's panties and started to slowly rub her friend's clit.

"That's better - I'm going to wank you both off and you'll hopefully come at the same time."

Jessica started to speed up her rhythmic hand movements - pulling her husbands erect cock with her right while rubbing her friends clit with her left while avidly watching the action on the screen.

"Mute the DVD sound please Jason," Jessica requested. Jason did as he was asked. The only sound in the room was now coming from Mary. As Jessica rubbed her button, Mary let out little gasps. These developed into full blown panting.

"That's better - I like to hear Mary come." Jason grunted in agreement and went back to concentrating on his own growing excitement.

Sensing that Mary was almost fully aroused, Jessica stopped rubbing her friend's clit.

Mary groaned in disappointment and pleaded, "Please don't stop now - please!"

"You want some more don't you Mary?"

"Please yes - please now."

"I might slip a finger or two inside you - but only if you ask nicely"

"Please - finger me - make me come"

"Where do you want those fingers Mary?"

"In my pussy Jessica - please!"

"Little girls have pussies - where do you want it Mary? Say it!"

"In my cunt - I want your fingers in my cunt. Finger fuck me please!" Mary almost shouted.

"Good girl Mary," praised Jessica whilst simultaneously shoving three fingers into Mary's wet cunt.

Mary's gasp of pain was immediately replaced by pants of pleasure as Jessica vigorously finger fucked her. Jessica plunged her fingers in and out of her friend's cunt while pulling hard on her husbands cock. Within a couple of minutes both her "victims" came noisily and messily. Jason's cum spurted over the front of the sofa and collected on the carpet. Mary let out a desperate cry of "Oh no" and promptly wet herself.

"It's so sweet when you do that but a little messy and smelly," Jessica admonished Mary while wiping her hand dry on Mary's skirt. "Jason and I have some more fucking to do - can you clean up the mess in here? Good girl."

So saying Jessica bent to kiss her friend on the lips and pulling her husband to his feet took him away into their bedroom.

A humiliated but still aroused Mary, walked into the kitchen awkwardly in her wet panties to find some cleaning products.

In spite of a hangover from the wine and soreness in her cunt, Mary slept well in her new bed. She awoke to discover Jessica gently shaking her.

"Come on sleepy head - its 6.45 - this is the time you now get up. Come with me"

The sleepy Mary followed Jessica into their bathroom.

"Time for your morning piss - don't take too long!"

To Mary's horror, Jessica stood watching her expectantly. Mary opened her mouth to object but seeing the look on Jessica's face she thought better of it. She hitched up her nightdress, sat on the toilet seat and obediently urinated. As she finished she stood and reached for the toilet paper. Jessica was too quick for her, grabbing a handful of toilet paper sheets, thrusting her hand between Mary's legs and dabbing her dry.

"Good girl - that wasn't so bad was it? Time to get Sarah up and give her breakfast."

The next hour passed without incident. Jessica prepared breakfast for the baby and for the 3 adults. Jason rushed through his breakfast and went off to work. Just past 8am, Jessica put the baby into her cot to sleep and took Mary into the bathroom once more.

"Okay - the next important element in your routine. Every morning after breakfast at about this time you'll have a shit while I watch. Take your nightdress off and do it now."

"No - I won't do that in front of you Jessica. Please don't try to make Me.", Mary pleaded.

"From now on, you do exactly what I tell you when I tell you."

Jessica grabbed hold of Mary's nightdress and pulled it over her head. She tossed it into the corner of the room and pushed the now naked girl towards the toilet.

"Sit and do as you're told or I'll put you across my knee and give you a good spanking." she threatened.

Mary sat on the toilet. Jessica sat o the side of the bath watching her.

"I've got all day - it'd be best if you got this over with. You're going to do it - it's just a question of time." she said.

Mary closed her eyes, concentrated and pushed. This produced a small and smelly fart - much to Mary's embarrassment and Jessica delight. She pushed harder and felt something move in her bowels. She pushed a little harder and felt something start to slip out of her ass.

"Good girl - just a bit more" Jessica encouraged her.

Mary gave one more push and a small piece of shit came out of her ass and plopped into the toilet bowl.

"Oh well - it's a start," Jessica said giving her friend a small kiss on the cheek. "Wipe yourself and we'll get dressed - you can have another shit session later."

Mary followed her friend into her bedroom. Jessica opened Mary's closet and extracted the shortest skirt Mary possessed and a little halter neck top.

"Come into my room to dress," she ordered.

The naked Mary did as she was told. Jessica handed her the clothes and told her to dress. The skirt was very short - cut well above the knees. The top was plunging and in addition to showing an acre of cleavage, Mary's big breasts bulged out the side.

"We'll buy you new bras as I promised," Jessica said.

"But what about panties - I can't go out like this!" Mary protested.

"Hang on a second," Jessica said. She stepped over to the corner of the room and took the lid off her laundry basket. She rummaged around for a few seconds and then pulled out a little white thong. "Here - you wear this. It'll be neat to have you smelling of me"

The thong stank of sweat and was damp - Jessica had clearly worn it to the gym. Mary put it - grimacing in distaste. She was sure that people would be able to smell her coming. To finish the look, Jessica gave her friend a pair of high heeled shoes to wear. They only had 3 inch heels but Mary was unused to wearing any heels.

Thirty minutes later the two women entered the Target store in the local mall. Mary tottered along on her heels, trying desperately not to fall over. Her unfettered breasts jiggled up and down and side to side as she walked. All the men in the mall stopped to watch her as she walked by. There were plenty of hand gestures showing that Mary's assets had been seen and appreciated.

Jessica led Mary to the lingerie section and went straight to the middle aged Latino woman serving. Her name tag identified her as Isabella.

"My friend is badly in need of a new bra," she informed her.

"Yes - I can see that - what size does she require?"

"I'm not sure and Mary really isn't good with these things - perhaps you'd better measure her?"

"Of course - would you both like to step inside the changing room?"

"That won't be necessary - you can measure her out here"

The assistant looked at Jessica and Mary curiously but fetched her tape measure.

"On second thoughts," she said, "I'd better use the big tape measure".

Jessica nodded in approval and the emboldened assistant started taking the measurements.

With all the humiliations that Jessica had lately forced on Mary, she couldn't honestly say that the experience was the most humiliating in her life but in normal terms it ranked very highly. The Latino assistant measured Mary in the middle of the shop in view of a number of both female and male onlookers.

She kept up a detailed commentary. "My you're a big girl - let's see how big these jugs are - 42DD, that is big and no implants!"

In addition to the commentary the women pinched and squeezed and touched at will.

Now that Jessica had all Mary's measurements, she went to the shelves and selected Mary's new undies. She selected big white front loader bras and little white cotton panties. "We'd better try these for size before we buy" she told Mary. "Can you help us, Isabella?" she asked the assistant.

"Of course I can," the Latino assistant smiled happily.

Isabella guided Mary and Jessica into the changing rooms and ushered them into a large room.

"We use this for wheelchair customers so there's plenty of room for three people," she said.

Jessica and Isabella sat on the 2 chairs in the room.

"Okay - strip" ordered Jessica "Quickly now - Isabella must be a busy woman and you haven't got anything she hasn't seen before."

Mary obediently took off her top and skirt, she paused briefly before removing her panties and looked imploringly at Jessica but there was no mercy to be had. She stood naked in front of the 2 women trying to cover herself with her arms.

"Be a good girl and lower your arms - let Isabella see what you've got" admonished Jessica.

Mary did as she was told and Isabella eyed her critically.

"She's all tit and ass," she said. "Very slutty looking".

"I agree," Jessica replied. "It's not just the appearance either. Look at these."

To Mary's horror she'd picked up her dirty throng and passed it to Isabella. She looked at the dirty white item in disgust and to Mary's horror raised it to her nose and smelt the article.

"She certainly is ripe. Shall I get something to clean her up a bit?"

"Good idea - do you have a damp cloth of any sort?"

"I think the cleaners may have left a floor cloth - I could use that."

"Should be okay provided it's damp."

Isabella disappeared for a minute and then reappeared holding a wet, dirty looking rag.

"Stand still, while the nice lady cleans you up a bit," Jessica said to Mary.

The smiling Latino held the cloth in front of Mary's nose so she could smell the rank odor. Then she slowly reached down between Mary's legs and started vigorously rubbing her slit, making sure to flick the girl's clit with the backwards stroke.

"Lets make you nice and clean you dirty little slut," she said.

Jessica watched the proceedings with approval - this woman was a really nasty bitch.

Mary struggled to control herself but the woman's rough treatment inevitably started to arouse her. She started to emit little panting noises.

"I think the little slut is enjoying this," Isabella observed.

"I think so too - Mary darling lie on your back on the seat and spread your legs wider. Isabella needs to get all the way inside to clean you properly"

Mary obediently did as she was told.

Isabella crouched between the girls legs and pushed the dirty rag into her wet cunt. Using 2 fingers she rotated the cloth inside the girl and started vigorously thrusting in and out. This rough treatment accelerated Mary's arousal and she started to pant louder and louder.

"Come for Isabella you little bitch," coaxed the shop assistant. She thrust in and out harder and harder.

After 5 more minutes rough treatment, Mary's back arched and she came in her usual fashion.

"The little bitch has pissed all over my nice clean floor," complained Isabella.

"That's very naughty Mary. Clean it up at once!" ordered Jessica tossing Mary her dirty thong.

Mary dutifully got down on her hands and knees and started moping up the puddle using her undies. Isabella and Jessica watched approvingly. When the girl had finished, Jessica told her to get dressed again. Mary gratefully put her top and skirt back on again.

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