tagErotic CouplingsRecipe for Disaster Pt. 02

Recipe for Disaster Pt. 02

byLost Boy©

All characters are 18 years of age or older. Here is part two of our four part jaunt. Our protagonist makes the acquaintance of a cute little thing named Carol. She studies the stars and their movements while he studies her heavenly body. Sparks fly as the repressed girl finds an outlet for all that sexual tension. Feel free to comment, vote and offer suggestions. Oh and keep looking up.


The morning passed quickly enough. The students were getting ready for Graves' funeral. I hadn't had any contact with any of his family and I was unsure if I should even attend. The choice was taken from me when Professor Loveless reminded me just before lunch to wear my nice suit tomorrow as the entire staff of the history department was going to attend the funeral. I did like the fact that he included me in the grouping of staff. That boded well for my thesis. I ate lunch in the cafeteria and even had some of the other grad students sat with me. They had also been tapped out by their various department heads to attend the funeral.

"How are you adjusting," Carol Manning asked between bites of her salad.

"You mean after the break in," I replied and she nodded as she chewed quietly. "It took a few hours to put things back in place and scrub it clean."

"I understand the sterilization process," Michael Jefferson replied. "If my personal space was violated like that I'd have to do the same. You have to take back what is yours."

"Exactly, did they ever say what he was after?" Carol asked.

"I have no idea," I said staring down at my grilled cheese sandwich. "Why he chose suicide by cop also has me puzzled."

"He was so damn smart, why throw it all away on stealing from the university and you?" Michael asked shaking his head in disbelief. "It makes no sense."

"I know that is what scares me. If he has an accomplice this might not be over." I said before taking a bite of food.

"I didn't want to bring that up," Carol said frowning. "But I was thinking the same thing. Be careful, I would hate to see anything happen to you."

I glanced over at her and smiled while she blushed and fled the table her salad only half eaten. Michael just sat and smiled as he continued to eat. He laughed and handed me Carol's backpack that had been sitting next to his leg. I smiled and took that and my own as I stood up and looked for her. She couldn't have gone too far. I found her just outside sitting on the steps that led to the parking lot. I set her backpack next to her and sat down. She clutched the pack to her chest and blushed furiously. Carol was the typical socially challenged twenty year old. She was highly intelligent having entered college at sixteen and if things went well she'd have her doctorate before she was old enough to drink.

"I will be cautious," I said breaking the awkward silence.

"I hope so," she stammered. "I... like you..."

"I like you too," I replied and she looked at me in an expression of abject fear. "Maybe you can help me with something." Her face changed to one of hope and she nodded slowly. "I need to find out what Graves was after. Do you think you could help me with some research?"

"I would love to help," she said confidence kindled in her eyes. "What are we looking for?"

I couldn't help but smile when she said we. I told her about my theory. Graves might have been the one that broke in and killed the night watchmen. If he did he was after either a scroll or a tablet. We need to find the oldest listing of the university's holdings. She smiled and told me she could help after her first afternoon class. I told her I would be in the main library. She leaned close for a second, blushed and then stood and raced off. It was so hard to decide if she were cute or not. She hid behind those glasses, her severe hairstyle and the baggy clothes. I suspected she was hiding something delicious beneath that disguise.

I stood up and headed for my car. I had to make a purchase before I entered the library. Thirty minutes later I returned with what I needed. I walked over to the library confident in my success. I braced myself for the conflict I was about to enter. I knew the domain was lorded over by the dread personage known as Branwyn O'Reilly. While Branwyn was only the assistant librarian she was anal retentive and possessed a level of OCD that bordered on insanity. If you dared to leave a book out on one of her tables you'd find your privileges revoked until you proved to her that you could use the library with the respect it deserved. I ran afoul of her in my freshman year. I learned my lesson quickly while others didn't take her seriously until finals were upon us and they were banned from using the library at a critical juncture. She made believers of them then. They were begging and pleading for access to the library and only after they had prostrated themselves before her did she allow them to enter. Yeah, she was that kind of crazy.

"Mr. Donahue," Branwyn said in greeting as if we were once bitter enemies and now mere detracted allies.

"Hello Branwyn," I said holding up a box for her inspection. She sniffed the air and then smiled.

"Is that what I think it is," she asked licking her supple lips.

"Of course it is, do you think I would forget your favorite thing in all the world, well second to the library of course." She took the box from me and slowly lifted a corner and sniffed the contents again.

"It is... it is Heavenly Hash," she giggled with glee. "You went to my favorite store to acquire it too." Her eyes narrowed suddenly as she held the box to her ample chest. "What do you want Donahue?"

"I need to look into the lists," I said in a low conspirator voice.

"The lists are not for the likes of you," she replied. "But seeing as you have brought forth such an excellent bargaining chip as this, I will allow you to peruse them for twenty four hours and no more. Get thee hence the clock is a ticking scoundrel."

"I love you too Branny," I said and saw her go scarlet.

"Never again call me by that title rogue," she growled.

We had a brief thing a few years back. I had seen the secret freak beneath the sheets and I had to admit it, I missed her. I made my way to the rare book section. From there I entered the holy of holies, the list. There was no rhyme or reason to the list and if there was only Branwyn and her mistress knew the secret. I began on the left most side of the list and began. I read each and every manifest, catalogue and cross reference material it contained. Why this had never been digitized and entered into the computer system was beyond me. Two boxes in I realized why it was still in this condition. I began to notice entries that contradicted each other. I stopped and set down the page I was reading. I went back two boxes and dug through that until I ran into the other listing for a box of Assyrian tablets held by the history department. The first page listed 22 tablets while the other page listed only 21. The only difference in the two listings was the dates and a small clerical reference in the form of a cryptic character.

I looked for a listing of said cryptic characters and found it in the box labeled one. The very first sheet of the very first box was a series of what I would forever call afterwards the Librarian Runes. There were seventy two of them and each had a very specific purpose and meaning. The character on the list I had been looking over informed me that one of the tablets had been misidentified. It had been Babylonian not Assyrian. The rogue tablet had been reassigned to the proper box. I was sure to find a similar rune when I came across the Babylonian list and I did. I wanted to make a photocopy of the Librarian Runes but feared the wrath of Branwyn. So I spent half an hour memorizing it and then returned to the lists.

Two hours into my quest and Carol appeared. She plopped down and started working on the other end of the lists. I asked her what she had used to bribe the gatekeeper and she just giggled. We would comment to each other when we found an interesting tidbit of information. The archives would be a complete shambles without the lists and that was gospel. I had to hand it to Librarians and their dedication in keeping this heap of chaos under control. Four hours into our quest I found what I was looking for. I had begun to learn the pattern and began leap frogging through boxes until I hit my mark.

"I have it," I said softly and Carol leaned in close. "Wait, this is wrong. There is no second dynasty scroll in that collection."

"You have discovered the secret at last," a voice said from behind us.

Carol and I turned to face the enigmatic Head Librarian. She was an ancient crone and had to be in her late eighties at least and yet she didn't carry herself like an octogenarian. Her back was ram rod straight and as she paced she moved with a grace of a much younger woman. I remained silent waiting for her to explain her earlier words, she never did.

"Someone stole the scroll," I said and the pacing stopped.

"Yes, to my utter shame that is the case," she said in a voice so cold I nearly shivered.

"You caught whoever it was trying to change the lists," I said in speculation and the wizened face smiled.

"Exactly, that is why I came here when I heard two people were accessing the lists," she replied with an expression that was both condemning and forgiving at the same moment. "You are tied to the scrolls that were removed from this hallowed establishment. The thief is dead is he not?"

"One of the thieves," I said and she nodded. "I fear someone tampered with Professor Loveless' master list. That is why I came here. I wanted to see who steered Graves in my direction. I don't believe he killed the night watchman. I think his partner did."

"You want to clear the name of a dead man." The librarian said and became contemplative. "He is dead. But if you are right you are looking at a well-connected individual. Be careful young man, you might not like what you find. You might be missing the key question though."

"Why, why would someone risk everything for an old scroll? Is it just the money or something else? Do you know what was on that scroll?"

"I do. I wasn't always a librarian. The scroll contains two alchemical equations. One was a potent aphrodisiac and the other was the reputed Elixir of Eternal Life. I suspect the scroll is in the hands of a private collector not knowing the danger he owns."

"Danger, how can an elixir of immortality be dangerous," Carol asked.

"They are both dangerous," the librarian replied. "The sister scroll warns of the uses of both potions. Immortality is a curse and only brings pain and sorrow. In the hands of the wrong person it could wreak untold amount of damage. Imagine a serial killer receiving immortality."

"You've read both scrolls," I said and she nodded. "How is the aphrodisiac dangerous?"

"It only works on women and over time enslaves them to the drug and its master. It doesn't bring love only longing and lust. I suppose there are worse things in life. It does bring out the unbridled hunger within every woman. It tears down the walls and leaves the woman open in ways no man can possibly understand."

"It bears the soul open for love or dismissal," I said and she looked at me eyes narrowed, she nodded.

"Have you had problems sleeping young man," she asked and I reacted before I could stop it. "I see. Perhaps there is hope in the world still. You have found your answer, leave the lists."

I put the boxes back into their proper order and condition with Carol's help. When we finished we were once more alone. I looked at her and asked if she'd like to go for coffee. Carol blushed but accepted my invitation. As we stepped out the Head Librarian was waiting.

"I would speak with you," she said to me.

"I'll catch up with you," I told Carol. She smiled and headed for the exit.

"Where was it, where did he hide the scroll," the librarian asked.

"I don't know who he was but he hid it behind a much larger scroll. He rolled them up together and left it there."

"Fucking brilliant," she said smiling. "Where is it?"

"Safe," I said and she frowned. "Literally, it is in a bank vault."

"I can't believe I am saying this but burn it. Before he can get to it, burn the scroll and forget it ever existed. If you do, I will give you something no man has ever laid eyes upon. If you promise me I will believe you."

"I promise. I am tired of it hanging over my head." I admitted and she laid a hand on my shoulder. I looked at the youthful unblemished hand. It was only then did I understand.

"You... you took it didn't you?" I asked and she smiled. "You didn't share it because you knew what it would do to him."

"A very insightful young man, go, she is waiting for you."

I left the library and Carol was waiting outside. She smiled as she took my hand and guided me to a nearby coffeehouse just off campus. It was popular not just with the students but business people as well as a few gamers. They were seated around two of the tables they had pushed together. One guy was narrating to the others while they reacted and some even tossed dice for whatever reason. We ordered our drinks and I let Carol pick where to sit. She chose a corner booth.

"It is perfect for people watching," she said opening up to me.

"What do you see," I asked.

"Some are regulars like me while others only come every so often," she replied. "Ooh, Mr. Gray is here!"

"The man in the gray suit," I said and she nodded.

He looked to be in his early to mid-forties with an expensive gray suit and matching tie. He was impeccably groomed and wore a gold wedding band on his hand. He ordered a coffee and sat nearby. I watched him and saw the clever way he took off his wedding band with one hand. He must do it a lot if he could place his hand in his jacket pocket and a few seconds later it was off without a struggle. I asked Carol what she knew about her Mr. Gray.

"He always orders coffee," she began. "Sometimes, he orders a muffin if he missed lunch. He has several women that he meets for business meetings, though they are usually pretty short and they always leave together."

"Do the women know that he is married?" I asked as an attractive blonde walked in. She locked eyes with Mr. Gray but continued through the line and ordered a fancy drink. "She's married too. Can you see the tan line on her ring finger?"

"Not from here I can't," Carol admitted. "You must have eyes like a hawk. So Mr. Gray is having an affair?"

"Several," I said. "I suspect there is a hotel nearby where they perform their business."

The blonde sat down opposite of Mr. Gray and they held hands like old lovers do. She was stunningly gorgeous and wearing what appeared to be a very expensive dress. The look in her eye was one of a young eager partner that wants to feel the experienced cock inside her again and again. He had her won over with pretty words and flattery. Did her husband know what she was up to? Did Mr. Gray's wife know about his infidelities? I took out my phone and took a picture of the two. I caught her face quite clearly but only a marginal profile of Mr. Gray.

"I have a picture of Mr. Gray," Carol said and took out her phone.

She swiped through a dozen or more photos when she showed me a clear image of the older man. I knew that guy from somewhere. It was in the back of my head but I couldn't place it. I let it go for now as the couple got up to leave. Carol pointed out several other regulars that came and went as an hour or so passed. I was getting hungry and I heard her belly rumble. We decided to continue our little adventure and get a bite to eat. There were a dozen or so restaurants on this street and we settled on a little Thai place a block and a half away from the coffeehouse. The air was getting cooler and Carol huddled closer as we walked.

"I forgot my jacket in my car," she said shivering.

"I'll keep you warm if you like," I told her and she smiled up at me.

I opened the door for her and she did a little dash into the interior of the dimly lit restaurant. We took another corner booth but this time we were more focused on each other. I sipped my water as she made up her mind what she wanted. She was hiding so much of her beauty but she must have her reasons. I let it go for now. When and if she wanted to tell me she would, or not. A petite Asian girl came by to take our orders. That's when it hit me; I knew who Mr. Gray was. I placed my order and handed over my menu as Carol stared at me. She had caught my aha moment. I waited until our server was gone and whispered the real identity of Mr. Gray.

"He's one of my neighbors, his real name is Tony Rhodes and he is very married. He has two grown kids. He lives across the street from my parents. So I guess he's really their neighbor."

"So you have your own place," Carol asked and I nodded. "I live on campus," she said. "I share a room with a gal from California. What a nightmare. She never leaves unless every hair is in place and she is dressed to perfection, her words not mine. She is okay with being an average student since she has a lot of male companions. I won't say that she's a... you know..."

"Slut, it's okay to say slut nowadays all the kids are doing it," I replied and Carol giggled.

"She gets around, a lot," Carol added. "She is pretty and all but so damn shallow. If she were a pool you couldn't drown in her. Wait, that didn't make much sense, did it."

"Original I have to say and yes it makes perfect sense. I have a few students that lack some depth. I had one that was quite complex and so very disappointing."

"You are talking about Graves, that boy shot by the police. I heard all about it. Well, what was in the news. He was caught robbing an apartment and came out armed. They killed him on the lawn."

"It was my apartment he had robbed," I said softly. "That's why I went to the library today. I suspect he also robbed the school of those scrolls and tablets. I wanted to see what they might have been looking for."

Carol was ashen and I took her hand to sooth her shock. Our food came and we ate in silence for a long time. I think she was trying to process all the information. I let her think everything over. Tomorrow this would all end when I retrieved the scroll and burned it. I would take the librarians advice and try and put this all behind me. A part of me cringed when I thought about destroying a second dynasty artifact but the knowledge it carried was too dangerous to let into just anyone's hands.

I barely tasted my food after a while, I was so worried that whoever was behind this might strike at me again. Carol asked me about my family. I shrugged and told her about my parents and how well they managed to get along after twenty five years of marriage. I spoke well of Briana and left out the annoying things sisters do to piss off their older brothers. She told me that her mother had raised her alone after a bitter divorce early on. Mom was an astrophysicist and as Carol put it, scary smart. She expected nothing but the best from her daughter. That's why she is trying to get her doctorate as soon as she can so her mother will ease up.

"I had to study all the practical subjects and there was little time for socializing. I guess that makes a little awkward in the dating department."

"We all have our strengths," I said. "Lean into them and you'll do amazing things."

"What about you," she asked. "Do you find time to date?"

"Oh me, no," I admitted. "I am too focused on my thesis to do much entertaining or that sort of thing."

"So uh no girlfriend," she said in a slightly pitched voice.

"Nope, unclaimed property I guess you could say," I replied and saw the look of satisfaction on her face.

We finished our meal and we headed back to the university. Carol cuddled close to stay warm. I was surprised at how warm I felt. I could see her breath but I was fine. She once more took over and guided me to her car. She unlocked the trunk, took out a jacket and swapped out backpacks. She slipped on the jacket and then slid the pack over her shoulder. I gave her a questioning look and she just smiled.

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