tagFetishRecipe for Disaster Pt. 03

Recipe for Disaster Pt. 03

byLost Boy©

All characters are 18 years of age or older. A mysterious monolith has appeared on the campus of Old Miskatonic University. What secrets does it hold? What horrors might it unleash? Just have to wait and see.


The alarm went off and I opened my eyes. I stood up and walked to the window. I let the bright sunlight fall on my body and felt the rush of energy fill me. I got dressed and headed off to the university. I parked in the staff lot and that's when I saw the news vans and I was afraid someone else had been murdered. I raced over and that's when I saw the crowd around the stone obelisk. It had to weigh tons and there it was in the middle of the student commons. Where the hell had it come from? A hand clapped me on the shoulder and I looked over at a smiling Chancellor.

"Amazing isn't it," he said grinning from ear to ear. "It appeared just before dawn. The CCT cameras showed the whole thing. One second the area is clear and the next this monolith is standing there."

"Why are you smiling sir?" I asked.

"Don't be so serious son; this is publicity that will last for months. The geology department is still trying to figure out where it was quarried from. The mathematics department is working on how much it weighs. The engineering department is baffled on how it was moved so quickly and so quietly. I need you to take a look at the markings on it. You are going to head the research on it. If you can handle it I will sign off on your doctorate. What do you say son?"

"Consider it done," I said and he patted my shoulder.

"I knew I could count on you. Find some time between your classes to take rubbings and see what you can figure out. Best of luck and keep me in the loop."

I stared at the monolithic sculpture and had to admit it was gorgeous. It appeared to have been carved using some sort of laser. Much of its surface was polished to a mirror bright finish. The material appeared to some kind of fossil laden rock. All of the fossils seemed to be marine life. I called a buddy of mine in the biology department and asked him if he had seen what the press would soon dub the Miskatonic Monolith. He didn't have any classes today and was on his way. Campus security roped off the object and stood watch. I pulled myself away from the monolith and headed off to class. I collected the take home tests from the day before and asked each of my classes if they had any ideas of how the monolith had been moved into place. Speculations ran from helicopter to aliens. I hadn't seen the security footage yet but I was stumped. I launched into the beginning of the next chapter and let them go without homework.

The rest of the day went smoothly. Just after lunch the Chancellor's secretary delivered a DVD of the security footage from the night before. Written on the disk was a time stamp. I took the time to view the footage and stared in disbelief at the timing required to pull off this stunt. Two seconds, that was all the time the culprit had between the motions of two of the cameras. Two of the four cameras covering that area were fixed while the other two panned the area in six second intervals. The cameras weren't synced so there was that elusive two second gap when the area wasn't being covered. How the hell did they pull it off? A multi ton obelisk of marine stone moved silently and so quickly was just beyond belief. Yet there was the video footage as proof. If they were engineering students that pulled this off they deserved a freaking award.

I went to lunch and ran into Carol. She appeared in a good mood. When I asked she told me she was part of the team investigating the monolith. I told her I was going to help decipher the characters etched into its surface. She smiled and told me her part was tracking the stellar references involved in the shafts cut into the object. They appeared to allow the viewing of stellar bodies at certain times of the year. It really was a brilliant construction. It was definitely going to take time to decipher it and that thrilled her to no end.

"How are you doing," Carol asked with a poorly disguised expression of disappointment on her lovely features.

"Ask me Carol," I replied as soothingly as I could manage.

"Are you dating someone now," she asked and tensed awaiting the worst case scenario.

"No, but I am intimate with someone else," I said laying my hand over hers.

"So it's just sex then," she said and I nodded. "Oh thank goodness, if it's just a fuck buddy I am relieved."

"You are," I said confused. "I thought you'd be crushed."

"Nah," she said smiling. "I understand any woman wanting to be with you." She leaned in close now. "You are an amazing lover. I'd be insane to think you'd be monogamous. You've been working on your doctorate for so long. I guess I just opened the flood gates so to speak. I feel kind of proud actually. I was your first after goodness knows how long."

"Nine months," I said and she giggled in delight. "Are you busy tonight? I'd like to come by if that's okay. I picked up some new things from the mall. Besides, I owe you a blowjob."

"Since you put it that way," I said smiling. "How could I possibly say no?"

Carol finished her lunch beaming like a kid just before Christmas. She left with a bounce in her step and whatever guilt I felt about fucking Felicia fell away. I refilled my soda and headed back to the classroom. I was looking forward to another round of love play with Carol. The afternoon classes went well and passed off some of the tests I collected to my teaching assistant for her to look over. After my last class of the day I called the Widow Squire. She agreed to meet with me in an hour. I had just hung up when a small crowd of my students met me in the hall outside my classroom.

"Mr. Donahue," one of them greeted me. "We want to know if we can volunteer."

"Volunteer," I said and they all nodded. "Oh you mean taking rubbings off the monolith."

"Yes sir," another said smiling from ear to ear. "We'd love to be a part of deciphering the characters."

"Hey Donahue," a voice called out.

"Hey Ian, what's up?" I called out to one of my friends in the engineering department.

"We are setting up a 3D scan of the obelisk," he said. "How about I send you a copy when we finish and you can use that to help decipher this bitch?"

"That would be amazing," I said. "Can you send one to Carol in Astrophysics? They are looking at star alignments on this thing."

"For you anything," he replied. "Why don't you guys lend me a hand setting up the scanner?"

The crowd followed Ian like he was the Pied Piper. I headed out and drove to the Widow Squire's place. As I drove I thought out the questions I would ask her. It was a long drive to the outskirts of the city. I had plenty of time to collect my thoughts. The house was located near the top of a hill that was perched next to the ocean. The house next to it appeared to be under some kind of renovation. I pulled up into her driveway and saw all the wind chimes that hung everywhere. I wondered what it must sound like during a wind storm. The sound of that many competing noises must be maddening. The door opened and the Widow stepped out and I was shocked at how young she was. I had expected a woman in her seventies but she was closer to my mom's age.

The Widow was tall and thin with noticeable hips and a rounded backside that hinted at Latin bloodlines. Her features were a delicate blend of Columbian and French decent with a generous figure and long dark hair. Her skin was nut brown and seeing her garden adjacent to the house I guessed she spent a lot of time outside tending it. The simple dark dress she wore stopped about mid-thigh and showed off her legs quite nicely. I saw the appeal Squiggles had for her instantly.

"Thank you for speaking with me," I said and she just smiled and offered me a cup of coffee.

We stepped into her home and I felt my mouth go slack in surprise. The interior of the house looked more like a museum than a living space. I began to count the different cultures represented and came up with nine. She smiled quite proudly and told me that she had originally been Squiggles' assistant until they fell in love. She had travelled with him all over the world helping him collect his treasures.

"How the hell had he managed to smuggle these into the country?" I blurted out without thinking.

"They aren't stolen, they are simply on loan from the university," she said in explanation. "Squiggles was a leading archaeologist for Miskatonic for decades. He had an agreement that allowed him to study certain pieces until his death. All of these are going to be returned to the college in the next week or so. I am writing his biography which includes his notes and observations about the key items in his collection. It is the least I could do for him."

"Do you know if he is in any possession of any scrolls?" I asked and she smiled.

"Finally," she said with a look of relief. "That bothered him for so long. He confided in me and one other about the theft. So you stumbled on it didn't you? I can see it in your eyes. Tell me about it, please."

"I found a map or what I believe is a map," I said saying as little as I could.

"You are a clever young man," she said. "He found it by accident. He translated the inscriptions and made both of the compounds. We enjoyed an amazing sex life for years. That was until he got sick. He refused to take the elixir that could have saved his life. He begged me to hide it and when I needed it to take it and live a long life, a very long life. He wouldn't take it himself. I think he wanted to die. He was so tired at the end."

"What was Loveless' part in all of this?" I asked.

"Isaac was his oldest and dearest friend. As he was dying he finally confided in Isaac about the scroll and what was on it. He left off the fact that there were two scrolls, two parts of the map. He always meant to go after the treasure but was afraid of the dire warnings on the sister scroll. It warned of terrible guardians watching over the treasure. It described undying horrors that were older than mankind itself. He never had the courage to face it and put us both in danger."

"Of course you'd both go after it," I said as she poured two cups of coffee.

"Sugar," she asked and I nodded. "What you don't know is that the librarian burned the sister scroll." She dropped two cubes of sugar into her coffee and stirred it. "She destroyed the second half of the map unknowingly. She didn't learn about the map until it was too late." She sipped her coffee and smiled at me.

"So the treasure is lost," I said watching the Widow's cheek suddenly flush with color. "Are you okay?"

"MMMMM, I'm fine," she purred. "I just love coffee don't you?"

"Yeah..." I said and saw the light layer of sweat on her skin. "You dosed yourself?"

"Uh huh," she moaned as the aphrodisiac took over. "Fuck me and I will tell you where the treasure map is."

She leaned over and wiped my cheek with the perspiration from the palm of her hand. The effect was immediate and overpowering. The Widow stood up and lifted up her dress. I could see her neatly trimmed sex and how wet she was. I licked my lips and tried to fight off the effects of the drug and failed. I rose to my feet, snatched her up and placed her ass on the edge of the table. I knelt down and began eating her out. I unzipped my jeans as my tongue worked on her labia and clit. I freed my cock and found it painfully hard.

"He improved upon the formula," she gasped as my tongue pleasured her. "He made it a lot more potent. Do you like?"

I stood up and impaled the sneaky bitch in one full thrust of my hips. She cried out with my cock buried inside of her. I began thrusting and she wrapped her legs around me. She tore her dress open and bared her breasts to me. I leaned down and bit her hardened nipples. She arched her back and told me how long it had been since a cock had been inside of her. This was her price for the treasure. I earned it and then some. I mauled her tits as I hammered her soaked cunt.

"Take that and that you treacherous slut," I growled as our bodies slammed together.

"Fuck me... oh god yes... slam that fat cock of yours into my poor little pussy," she begged. "I need it so bad!"

I hammered her harder and harder as she tugged my shirt off of me. I felt her nails rake my back as we fucked. This could never be confused with making love. She cried out as she came and I lifted her up and off the table and began fucking her standing up. I lifted and dropped her onto my erection. Her cries echoed over the entire house. Suddenly the back door was kicked in and a familiar figure stood there with her gun drawn. What the hell was Felicity doing here? She lowered her weapon as I held the Widow impaled on my cock.

"Professor... what the hell is going on?"

"Detective... what are you doing here?"

"Oh Detective," the Widow said and Felicity looked over at the other woman. When she did so the older woman blew a cloud of powder into her face and I watched the drug take effect. "Enjoy yourself sweetie..."

"What the hell was that? Oh god... what is going on?"

"Bliss girlie," the Widow giggled. "Don't fight it; there is enough cock for both of us."

"NNNNNN god I am so fucking wet," Felicia moaned.

"Drop your slacks and bend over the kitchen table," the Widow suggested. "That's a good girl. Come on lover fuck her... I want to see your cock buried inside of her."

I set the widow down and eased out of her. By this time Felicia was bare assed and bent over the table. I stepped up behind her and slid my cock into her. She just lowered her head and grabbed the edges of the table as I began thrusting. Her grunts were so damn feral and drove me to fuck her harder and faster. The Widow was disrobing and bending over the table next to Felicia. She watched the detective's fuck faces and giggled again.

"She is really getting into this," the MILF growled. "Fuck her harder... MMMMM that's it..."

The Widow leaned over and kissed Felicia. I watched stunned as their kiss deepened and soon their tongues were dueling. Felicia cried out breaking the kiss as she climaxed. I pulled out and slid back into the older woman. I did this for the next hour going back and forth between the two of them. There were a dozen orgasms between the two of them. I came like three times and was sitting in one of the chairs at the end of it all. The widow lay on her table panting and gasping while Felicia sat in my lap clinging to me like a long lost lover. She had managed at some point to call in and tell them she was okay and all was well.

"What was that?" Felicia asked as she pressed her tits against my chest.

"Something from ancient Egypt, it is a kind of aphrodisiac," I explained.

"It works," she moaned. "What's in it?"

"Common plants of the region," I told her and she smiled. "...Nothing illegal."

"Good, I want to try that again."

The widow threw on an apron and walked half naked out to her front porch. She returned with a piece of round crystal in her grasp. She gave it to me and told me I had more than earned my reward. She staggered out of view and returned with a piece of paper in her grasp.

"That's Squiggles' formula for the powder," she said handing it to me.

I read it over and memorized it. There were small subtle changes to the amounts of the components. He had tweaked it just a bit but man what a difference! We all got dressed and I looked at the flat disk of crystal. Etched onto its surface was the complete map. Of course he had access to both scrolls so he put both halves of the map together. Where better to hide it than in plain sight. I was about to leave when I stopped and asked the last annoying question of the Widow.

"Why was he called Squiggles?"

"I thought you knew. Please follow me and I'll show you."

The three of us went into the basement which had been converted into an art studio. Decorating the walls were a dozen or so paintings that depicted dig sites from all over the world. Some of the landscapes were easily identified while three were utterly alien. I asked her where those locations were and she smiled. The Widow walked over to the steel safe located in one corner and opened it. She took out a leather bound book and walked back over to Felicia and me.

"If you promise to visit me a few times I will give this to you," she said smiling wickedly.


"Of course he will," Felicia said winking at me. "He had a great time today, didn't you Professor?"


"I know he did," the Widow added. "My poor pussy is so damn sore."

"Mine too," Felicia whimpered. "I know he'd want to earn this other reward, wouldn't you?"

"UMMMMMM... sure..." I said and they both hugged me.

The book was Squiggles' personal journal. It was a listing and description of each and every dig that he ever went on. It was a treasure trove of information. I kissed the Widow on her cheek and she told me to drop by anytime. I walked out with Felicia and she was still a little shaky. I asked her if she were okay and she just nodded. A brief brush of her lips on mine and she was heading for her police cruiser. I never saw any of this happening. I had two treasures in my possession and headed on home. I needed a shower and a bite to eat before Carol showed up. Today was definitely going to be a busy day. I was smiling and couldn't help it. Nine months of nothing and now I had more ladies in my life than I ever dreamed of.

All I had to do was crack the code of symbols on the monolith and I had my doctorate. How hard could it be? I parked out front of my apartment and had about an hour before Carol would arrive. I went inside and started a shower so I could wash off the scent of two women. I couldn't help but giggle when I thought of me, the history geek having two women at the same time. I was singing in the shower as I thought about having a third gal coming over for sex. I could always grade tests afterwards that would be the perfect thing to take my mind off of them. I dried off and noticed in the mirror that I had lost some more weight. I had very little fat left on my body now. I looked really good and I felt even better. I got dressed and started fixing dinner. I was well into cooking when the doorbell rang. I lowered the heat on the dishes and walked to the front door. I opened it and stared at Carol and how she was dressed. I looked her over and the first thing I thought of was a Japanese school girl. Her hair was done in two pigtails, she was wearing round framed glasses and she had colored contact lenses in her eyes. One of her eyes was green while the other was blue. I stepped back and let her in.

"SENPAI," she cried and flung herself into my arms. "I missed you Senpai!"

"I missed you too," I said as she kissed me.

"Ooh, I smell food. Is Senpai cooking for me? Naughty Senpai, I should be cooking for you."

She started to race into the kitchen when she tripped over nothing and ended up with her ass high in the air where I could see her striped panties. She looked over her shoulder and giggled and she tried and failed to cover her ass with the short skirt she was wearing. I shook my head and smiled. I walked over and helped her to her feet. Somehow as she stood up her top popped open revealing quite a bit of cleavage. Three buttons lay at her feet and she giggled as I stared at her tits. Carol made her way to the kitchen and looked over what I was cooking.

"How can I help Senpai?" Carol asked.

"I could use a cold beer," I said and she smiled as she walked over to the fridge.

"Where is the beer Senpai," she asked as she was bent over with her head in the fridge revealing her ass to me. "Oh... here it is."

I walked over and knelt down and rubbed her ass cheeks. Carol squealed in delight. I tugged down her panties and she never lifted a finger to stop me. I made a disapproving sound as she stepped out of her underwear.

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