Reciprocity Ch. 02


Mary took control immediately and began moving herself up and down, slowly at first but with ever increasing frequency and force while Carl and I remained relatively motionless. Mary's verbal displays were matching those of her body, and her moans increased in pitch and volume with every increase in her downward thrusting. Moans soon turned toward verbal commands, wants, and desires.

"I want it up my fucking bum," she grunted as she kissed Carl hard, "I want you to fuck me cunny and bum," she said again, kissing me this time, "I want both of you up me bum next time. Oh, fuck me hard...harder," she pleaded while kissing Carl again.

Carl began pumping in rhythm to Mary's gyrations, and Mary no longer had any control over her inhibitions. Fed by her ever increasing sensations of eroticism, her mind began conjuring up every possible sexual scenario and deed, to which she showed no reluctance in expressing, or no potential reservations in performing.

"Fuck my mouth, both of you fuck me in the mouth...Fuck me ass...Oh, keep fucking my cunny," she begged over and over as if we would deny her any request.

Wrapping her arms around our necks, she pulled Carl and I closer to her face so that she could kiss us simultaneously, and she continued with a new set of demands, each punctuated by a loud, panting intake of air, "Fuck Carl...I want you to fuck Carl...I want to watch as you and Carl fuck each other."

It was all getting too much for me. I was already in a heightened state of arousal before the double penetration, but with Carl and Mary's syncopated gyrations coupled with Mary's erotic commands, I could feel my own impeding climax build to the point of no return. With that, I held her tight against me so that she was virtually immobile, and I began plunging into her hard and fast.

Carl sensed what I was doing and also fucked her with increased vigor, while punctuating each of his trusts with verbal taunts of his own, "So you want to watch me get fucked, do you? First you're going to take it in the mouth until you beg me to fuck you in the ass. How would that be?"

Mary only offered a loud moan in reply.

"Say it," Carl demanded with a laugh, "say how you want me to fuck you in your ass."

Again Mary only offered a moan in response, and then latched tightly onto his mouth and drove her tongue into him.

I had no more control left so I started to come; and as I felt the strength slowly ebb out of my limbs with each spasm, I reached down and touched Mary's clitoris. The effect was as if I had flipped the switch of a spring-loaded toy. Mary's body noticeably stiffened, she uttered a loud rejoinder to my actions, "," but she never finished her sentence as I immediately sensed a warm fluid inundate my groin, and felt her lower torso twitching uncontrollably.

I was momentarily spent, and fell off onto my side. My knees and thighs were aching from the long, awkward position I had held them, and I started to rub them vigorously in order to get the blood flowing again.

Mary and Carl were still in a frenzied state of arousal. I didn't think Carl came this time; not that it would have mattered as Mary violently pushed him onto his back, straddled his head, and then pounced down on his still swollen member with her mouth. She was sucking on him hard and furiously, pulling him all the way in so that her chin repeatedly slapped against his belly. It was extremely erotic, as well as a little frightening, to see how Mary was devouring Carl's cock.

She made no more pretenses at ladylike decorum or pious dalliances toward love and affection. She held Carl by the knees for leverage, and would literally throw her head down onto him like a predator attacking her prey. I watched in amazement as she, time and again, engulfed his member fully in her mouth and then release him, and at each release she would command Carl to eat her pussy, and each time forcing her groin harder into his face.

Whenever Carl complied to her satisfaction, she would fully engulf his cock, and held it in for long stretches while she swirled her tongue around or shifted her whole head around to make his cock press firmly against her sunken cheeks. A large pool of her saliva was gathering at the base of Carl's cock and on his stomach. She wet her fingers with it, and then pulling Carl's knees up and closer to her head, she plunged one and then two fingers into his exposed anus. Slowly she worked her fingers in and out of him while she continued to suck on his cock.

It was not long before I was hard again and was thinking about getting reacquainted with Mary, given that the position of her ass made for such an inviting target. However, she had other designs; for as I started to move in and mount her from behind, she giggled and said, "Where are you going, you naughty little boy? I told you I wanted to watch you two fuck."

I shifted my position so that I was kneeling over and looking down at her. A mischievous smile was on her face as she continued to play with Carl's erection.

"What are you waiting for?" she asked with a playful laugh. "I thought you liked being watched?"

I decided to play along with her impish taunts, "It's not that, but didn't I hear you plead earlier that you wanted it up your fucking bum, or something like that? Of course it was difficult to clearly make out what you said over all that incessant moaning of yours."

She just smiled again and said, "Later. This first."

"You really want me to fuck your boyfriend, don't you?"

"Fiancé," she corrected with another mischievous grin.

"Then I had better have some lubricant first. I don't want to hurt your poor fiancé."

As if on command, Mary opened her mouth, and passively waited for me to enter. I toyed with her some more by placing my cock close to her mouth but not putting it in or quickly pulling away when she tried to lunge forward. I taunted her in this manner until she started to give a frustrated laugh, and then I plunged my cock into her waiting mouth.

She accepted it greedily, uttering what sounded like a contented sigh before she performed fellatio on me with the same enthusiasm she had been doing to Carl. I continued to taunt her; but instead of denying her my cock, I took great pains in keeping it inside her. I put my hands firmly on her head and pushed my cock in as far as it would go, and held it there. Occasionally I would pull back so that she could grab some air, but mostly I would hold her head and shift my cock around in her mouth, saying sarcastically, "I'm really going to need a lot of lubricant."

She would mumble some type of half-hearted protestation at my treatment of her, but her eyes told a different story as they looked up at me. But I played along with her little charade of being too refined to endure such treatment, and said, "Think of this as part of my price for banging your fiancé. It's just reciprocity."

My words seemed to excite her more. She moaned something inaudible, and then reached around and forced Carl's face even tighter into her vulva with her hand. There we were; and it might have made an amusing sight for any observer, with me holding Mary's head firmly, my cock almost fully drawn into her mouth, her clamped down on Carl's head forcing him into her, Carl with his arms wrapped around her upper thighs, and all of us grinding ourselves this way and that against and into each other.

Mary was the first to come, or at least I think she did. I noticed it as an abrupt hesitation as her body went momentarily stiff; and then I saw a subtle, but continuous trembling in her legs that caused her to sit back farther onto Carl's face. When the trembling ended there was still a ravenous gleam in her eye as she spoke hoarsely at me, "Now put it in him."

Mary grabbed my cock, and guided me into Carl's waiting orifice. The insertion was easier this time, and I had felt little resistance when I gradually pushed into Carl. Mary was captivated, and watched the whole process with eager attention. Carl let out a subtle moan, one that suggested pleasure accompanied by a little bit of pain. Soon I was able to slowly work my cock in and out of his ass with little resistance. His moaning came louder and more frequent as I saw his fingertips dig firmly into Mary's buttocks.

Mary went back to her playful taunts as she continued to watch intently, "Does it feel good having your ass fucked?"

Carl only mumbled a reply.

"And such a lovely fat cock too, stuffed up your bum," she continued with a giggle, "Fuck his ass harder. Fuck him as hard as you fucked me."

I complied with delight, and slammed into Carl's ass with ever-increasing force. Mary giggled again, and then spanked my ass to try to get me to fuck him faster.

The increased force of my penetration had deflated Carl's erection somewhat, and I reached down to stroke it back to full erection; and while still holding it up I said to Mary, "You're neglecting your fiancé."

She dove back down onto him, and took back full control of his shaft. Up and down, mouth-over-hand she rapidly pumped on his swelled member. Her lips fully pursed and making a perfect seal around his cock. Her cheeks well sunken in and indicative of the force of suction she was exerting. Carl could only grip Mary's cheeks harder, pull his face further into her groin, and moan uncontrollably.

My climax was approaching fast, and too soon. To stave off the inevitable, I pushed into Carl as far as I could, then held myself still while Mary continued her oral assault on his cock. Every now and again I would shift myself around so that my cock could firmly press against Carl's prostate. The effect, although subtle, worked. Carl started a crescendo of moans that signaled he was also nearing climax.

For whatever reason, maybe by accident because she needed to give her mouth a rest, or maybe by design as a last sluttish act of pure erotic flamboyance, Mary released Carl from her mouth but continued to stroke him rapidly with her hand. The result was a long, heavy string of semen that caught her across her open mouth and nose, and then another with almost equal accuracy. She allowed one more spasm to fall thickly across her chin and drape down onto Carl's stomach before putting him back into her mouth, and there she held him until he went soft.

I feverishly resumed my own thrusting. Mary, sensing my approaching climax, took a hold of my swinging balls and gently pulled on them.

She smiled up at me, and purred, "I think it's your turn, John. Your little milkmaid needs her cream."

That was all I could stand. I slammed one final time into Carl's ass and came inside him. Breathless, we all collapsed onto the bed.

As our breathing began to subside, I smiled to myself with the thought that this was shaping up to be a very fun weekend, and I am sure things would have continued to exceed my wildest expectations except for Carl's off-hand remark, "That was even better than the first time."

The statement was so innocuous and came so close on the heels of our latest group exploits that I did not even notice the verbal land mine he had just tripped on, but Mary picked up on it immediately.

"What did you just say?" was her initial response as she got up on one elbow.

Carl still hadn't realized the mistake he just made, and repeated himself before I could stop him. It was too late for me to do anything now except sit back and watch the train wreck unfold.

"That's what I thought you said," said Mary as she sat upright, "What a complete imbecile I've been this whole evening."

"What are you talking about?" asked Carl, who was finally waking up.

Mary ignored him and said almost to herself as she stood up, "And it makes perfect sense, too. All the sly looks you two were giving each other. The easy complacency you fell into and allowing another guy to suck your cock. And not just suck your cock, allowed another guy to stick it up your bum, all with no complaints or hesitation. It was all too easy." She paused in thought, and then looked at me. "And you, saying 'It's what I usually do when I'm going down on a guy.' You knew he would like a finger up his bum because you two have already been buggering each other."

Now that she had guessed the truth, Carl tried to make light the deception, and in so doing actually made matters worse, "Okay, Okay...Yes, we've been...been involved..."

Mary stared incredulously at Carl, "Involved? That's a cheeky way of putting it. How long were you going to let me go on acting like an asshole before you said something?"

Carl started stammering like an idiot with Tourette's syndrome.

"You two must have had a grand old time laughing out your bums, watching me make a fool of myself. Letting me think this was even remotely my idea."

"It wasn't like that at all...," Carl tried to say.

"Oh, get stuffed, it wasn't. You probably had it planned all along..."

Carl cut her off, getting defensive, "Hey, don't try and turn this around on me. You have an equal part in this, with your, 'Let's stay up and talk,' crud. I was ready to call it a night before you got the ball rolling..."

"Me!?" Mary exclaimed, and then continued in a mocking tone meant to sound like Carl, "What was that crap in the car about John being gay, hint hint, he's really a cool guy, wink wink, I think you'll really like him babe, nudge nudge, if that wasn't trying to get some ball rolling?"

Carl looked at her as if she were insane, "How in the hell does that get the ball..."

"Don't change the subject. You always do that whenever I make a valid point. You try to change the subject."

I had sat up by now as the argument went back and forth between them. It had only been a few minutes, and it looked like it was going to continue for some time. As it was, I was trying to figure out a way I could exorcise myself from the room without getting pummeled by Mary, and started to slowly inching myself off the bed. I should have remained still because she caught sight of me trying to leave, and thus turned her full-throated ire in my direction, "...And I blame you the most!"

I should have stayed out of it. I should have just sat there and quietly taken the punishment for whatever grievous offense she had conjured up in her mind that I had committed against her. But Carl wasn't the only dumb fuck in the room so I went all in, "What the fuck did I do?"

"You and your reciprocity...," Mary started to say.

"Yeah," Carl chimed in on his own, surprising me with his attempt to shift some of the blame away from him.

I looked at both of them and started to laugh sarcastically, "Oh don't give me that bullshit, either of you. It's not like I had a gun to your heads." And then turning to Mary, I said, "Christ, you're such a hypocrite. If you weren't unjustifiably pissed right now, about the only thing that would keep Carl from sucking my cock would be you, but only because your fat head would be in the way because you were sucking me off first. You're just pissed off now because we didn't tell you."

"That's right; I'm pissed about that..."

"Okay, so don't try and play Little Miss Innocent after the fact, and the fact is you wanted this to happen regardless of whether you knew anything or not. I bet that whole bullshit argument you made earlier about bisexuals lacking the courage for their convictions was just some twisted way of goading me into this threesome..."

"Oh, bollocks," she said in a way that meant that avenue of discussion was closed, "At least you could have told me about you two at some point tonight before I made a total ass of myself."

She paused to think again. I was about to reassure her that our intention was not to make her out to be a fool, when she turned to Carl with renewed anger, "Wait a minute. Just how bloody long have you two wankers been buggering each other?"

There was no way I was going near that question, and I was hoping Carl had the good sense to keep clear as well. I was wrong.

"What difference does that make?" asked Carl naively.

"I bet the moment you came out here and out of my sight, you two were on each other."

I kept saying to myself, Carl just agree. Agree to anything she says now. Just tell her, 'That's right, dear. It was a momentary lapse of reason. I was always thinking about trying it with a guy. I was horny, and John was willing and available; but when I got it out of my system I knew I wanted to marry you...' It would have worked better than the truth at the moment.

Carl's answer was meant to show her that he didn't just fall into bed with anyone or at anytime, but it had the opposite effect, "It just happened a week ago. There was nothing going on between us before then."

Mary shook her head, "Let me get this straight. You asked me to marry you. I said 'yes'. And then you went off and buggered the first person who would have you?"

Carl got indignant, "No, it didn't happen that way at all!"

"It sure sounds like it. Did you start sucking his cock right after you proposed, or did you at least wait a day?"

"You mean sucked his cock like you did not more than five minutes ago?"

"Don't change the subject...," said Mary, realizing she had fallen into a verbal blunder of her own.

"I'm not changing the subject; I'm right on subject. What's the difference between now and five minutes ago or the difference between now and a week ago? Huh? Tell me!"

Mary looked like she was going to explode. Her head shook from side to side as if she were contemplating what she should say next; but having failed to come up with a cogent argument, she pulled out the final female gambit that usually ends all discussions, "If you can't see the bloody difference, then maybe we should rethink our relationship."

With that, Mary ripped the bed covers out from under us, took Carl's pillow, and said as she slammed the door on us, "I'm sleeping on the couch."

The silence seemed to stretch out for an eternity, but finally I said, "Well, I guess we can forget about any more fun and games for the rest of the weekend."

"What the fuck just happened?" asked Carl.

I reclined back on the bed, wondering if I could sneak passed her and into my room without being waylaid, and then said, "I told you, they'll have a surprise waiting for you around every corner."

Carl sat and went over the events of the evening in his head. "I don't get it. I let my fiancée bone my friend. I let my friend fuck me in the ass, partly because she wanted to watch. I liked it; she loved it...Christ, we all fucking liked it, but somehow I'm the bad guy. Doesn't that sound a bit hypocritical?"

"Yeah, a little," I answered, "but look at it from her end. What if the roles were reversed, and you found out she did it behind your back. Wouldn't you be pissed?"

Carl thought for a moment, and said with irritation, "Oh, fuck me. What the fuck happens now?"

"At least she didn't demand to be taken to the airport immediately, that's a good sign," I said offhandedly.

Carl looked at me, and asked in earnest, "What would you do?"

"Apologize. If she means anything to you, apologize, and right now before she stews on this for too long. You're going to get the shit kicked out of you before this weekend's over, so you might as well get it over with now. If you do that, you might get back into her good graces before she leaves on Sunday."

"You really think that will work?" he asked in a tone of disbelief.

"Well if her desire to keep the relationship going outweighs any thoughts of vengeance, you'll make out okay; but I'd only give three-to-one odds against that you get through this evening with your nuts intact."

Carl let out a sigh of dejection, and said weakly, "Oh, fuck me."

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