Recollections Ch. 08


So -- sexual adventurers. What were my fantasies? One of the things I'd enjoyed so much about our session in the alley was that it had been off-the-cuff, spontaneous. Impulsive, spur of the moment sex is always much better than anything planned. Many of my fantasies were around that, but if you shared them and made them reality, then they wouldn't be spontaneous, would they?

Hmm -- felt like I was in Joseph Heller territory.

I paused while I took another sip of my drink and ran my eyes across your body again. You looked like a model, on one of those exotic swimming pool type poses. Put the way you looked onto a poster or calendar and you'd make a fortune!

I had a better understanding of my appeal, now. And a better appreciation of what made Sammi tick. Always curious. Always wanting to experiment. They were both good qualities.

It crossed my mind that with just about any fantasy I had, the chances were that you'd already have been there, done it. My number one fantasy was to be with two women. Pleasuring them both, having them pleasure me, watching them pleasure each other. Although we'd never spoken about the bi-side of you, I felt pretty much sure that you'd already have experienced that one. Maybe more?

You'd said we could teach one another. That could well be something you could teach me. With a girlfriend? A stranger? Your mum? Hell, that was a thought worth conjuring with!! For me at least.

Better to keep that in reserve. A conversation for another day, perhaps.

I'd never had sex with a prostitute either. That had always intrigued me. So had taking a stranger, someone you just met and fancied, finding that something just clicked and going at it like rabbits without necessarily even knowing one another's name. But they were individual fantasies, not something that would involve us both.

As for you and I, one thing came to mind immediately. Well, two actually, but they combined to make one.

"Well," I said, draining my glass. "I love the idea of sex in unusual places. I love the idea of sex in public, with no one else knowing. And I love the idea of danger. The possibility of being discovered."

You looked at me. "Give me an example."

"Well, let's say you're at the cinema. Would it be possible to fuck there, without anyone noticing? Or in the changing room of a big store, with the assistants outside. Or on a beach, or picnic area, with people around."

You raised an eyebrow. It was impossible to guess what you were thinking.

"Well?" I asked. "How's that for starters? Or did you have something else in mind?"


It was all starting to come together and beginning to make sense. I was getting the vague thoughts together that had been haunting me for some time. I liked the ideas that you were putting to me. They intrigued and exited me and together helped me formulate the wacky concept that had been at the back of my mind for some time.

"Do you mind if I just whitter on for a while Alan?" I asked climbing out and sitting on the side of the pool.

"No of course not," you replied looking up at me.

"How about going in the sauna, it should be warm enough I turned it on before coming up to Kings Cross?" I told you as I stood up.

"Yes great," you said using the ladder to climb out the pool.

"This way," I said walking ahead of you and leading the way to the sauna.

Once inside you sat down on the bench. I stood in front of you and we looked at each other. "I think I'll take this off, it feels all clingy," I said peeling the hem of the wet, yellow, long tee shirt up my body, over my head and off. "Ok sit back and listen, hear goes," I said sitting on the bench opposite you.

"I'm nowhere near as experienced sexually as I have probably led you to believe. I haven't really done that much or been with that many men. But I have thought a lot about sex. In fact I've thought a great deal more than I've done. But I want to change that. There's something inside me that's pushing me to experiment, to find out, to discover, to extend my sexual and sexuality boundaries. I've read a lot recently, about sex that is and I've always been a bit of a free thinker, I studied philosophy and psychology and I wrote a thesis in the 6th form on how religion has influenced sex and sexuality: that really did go down well with mum and dad and some of the teachers."

You laughed. "Yes I bet."

Leaning back, enjoying the freedom of my nudity without the interruption of sexual arousal, I thought how nice it could be to be a naturalist, but then I smiled as I realised that the nudity would, sooner or later, be interrupted by sexual arousal. I continued.

" I believe that sex and love can be separated, just as the Scandinavians do. That you can love someone, but can also have sex with others, it doesn't have to be cheating. Not all couples have the same level of interest or the same drive, so why should one have to change? Why shouldn't they be able to find what it is they want elsewhere, but with the other's blessing."

"What sort of free love or open relationships?"

"Yes I guess so, but I don't like to label things, just let them happen, let them be, if they happen great, if they don't , then say fuck it and try something else."

"Ok Sam, but where is this all going?"

"I told you when I started, this is all more of a vague notion than a firm process."

"Yes I understand."

"In essence I want to try everything I can, I want to experiment, extend my boundaries and be, as I once read of it being described, a sexual adventurer."

"Yes I get that, but why me?"

"Ok, but don't take this the wrong way."

You replied, making me smile "Sammi, I've taken quite a lot so far, a little more won't hurt."

I returned the smile and said in a mock coquettish tone as I cupped my right boob. "Worth it though aren't I?"

"Yes Sammi you are, so come on open up."

Laughing I said, "Now now, I'll keep them closed, for the time being if that's all the same to you. Ok why you?"

"Yes why me."

"Simply because our affair will go nowhere. Neither of us expect anything other than sex from it, well perhaps an experience as well."

"Ok don't take the piss."

"I don't have to think about what you think of me, my reputation is safe with you."

"Not sure I quite follow that."

"No I didn't explain it well," I said leaning back against the wooden wall and wincing a bit with the heat on my back. I stretched one leg out straight and bent the other at the knee, making doubly sure for some reason to keep my thighs together. It was odd morality really to be naked in a sauna with a man old enough to be my granddad who had fucked me a couple of times, yet to worry about him seeing my pussy.

"What I mean is, you are experienced enough to recognise that my wish to explore sex and sexuality does not make me a slut, merely curious. Does that make sense?"


I wish I could describe the thoughts pervading my mind, the feelings running through my body, the messages that were transmitting themselves to my brain. But I can't.

But right then, the little man we all have on our shoulders (do women have women?), you know, the one who kicks the shit out of us when we do something wrong (I think he's a close cousin of our conscience) - well, he was busy congratulating me. The inner conversation was going something like this...

"You lucky bastard!"

"Who me?"

"Don't play coy. Yes, you!"

I straightened my imaginary tie and slicked back my hair in a gesture of self-congratulation. "Yes, okay, I know exactly what you mean. I am a jammy sod, I have to admit."

"Jammy sod? And some! You met this young bird completely by accident. She's young enough to be your granddaughter...."

I held up a hand. "Let's go with daughter..."

"Whatever. But she's as sexy as hell. Has a great personality. And in the short time you've known one another, she's taken you to a lap dancing club, let you fingerfuck her in an alley, given you one hell of a blowjob, let you fuck her twice in her own room and..."

"There's an and?"

"Of course, stupid. That's the point. The and is that she has a spirit of sexual adventure and has chosen you as the man she wants to explore with. Fuck knows why!"

"Hmm," I pondered. "Animal magnetism, I guess?"

"Yeah, right."

"Yeah right? What does that mean? I'm the one who's performed don't forget. I'd been worried about that, as you well know. Whether being faced with the sexy Sammi would get into my psyche and that would affect my pride and joy. But we've done all right haven't we?"

"You want a medal?"

I snorted. Sometimes I could strangle the little git during one of our internal 'conversations'

"But your age does has the one adventure," the voice said.

"And don't I know it," I replied, preening myself. "Stamina and experience comes with age, not to mention a Richard Gere-like maturity."

"Nah," the voice corrected. "What Sammi's thinking is that at your age, you're harmless enough, so you're perfect for the experiment."

Now, that wasn't quite how I was regarding the situation, but even if my inner voice was correct, I didn't give a fuck. The opportunity to play out some of my fantasies -- and hear and act out some of yours, was simply too good to resist.

"Have you finished," I heard you ask me, and I turned my attention back to the beautiful Sammi who's wide blue eyes were staring at me. Sweat was now beginning to drip from her tanned skin and a small rivulet had run down her breast and was perched on her nipple. I wondered how she'd feel about me licking it off?

"Finished what?" I asked, managing to maintain my decorum even though I was as hungry for that perspiration covered nipple as a parched man in the desert is for a drink. Okay, maybe not the greatest analogy. But you get my meaning.

"From the expression on your face, you look like you were talking to yourself," you said, with that sideways turn of your head and arch of your eyebrow that you give when you're scoring a point.

Fuck, if you only knew! "Not at all," I lied (no, not a lie, a small fib perhaps). "I was just thinking about your suggestion."

"And what were you thinking?" you asked, shifting slightly so that the bead of sweat finally dripped from your tit and onto the floor. What a waste!

"Lots of things," I said. "That I'm definitely game for it. That you've made a perfect choice of companion for your sexual escapades! That we're going to have great fun, not to mention pleasure. And that your next thesis can be entitled something like, 'How I explored a variety of sexual positions in a multiplicity of public places with a like minded adventurer old enough to be my... er... dad'."

"Dad?" you snorted.

"Absolutely. Some people have kids later than others. But that's not the point, is it Sam?"

"No? What is the point, Alan? I'm sure there's one in there somewhere."

I smiled. That was better. This was the quick-tongued blonde I found so intriguing.

"The point is, blue eyes that you get to explore everything your curious mind ever wondered about, and be able to do it with such a wonderful partner in... sexual exploration... as moi. And no, of course that doesn't make you a slut. It makes you a sexy adventuress, perhaps in the Lara Croft mould. Er..." I laughed. "Except for the tits , of course."

"Thought you like my tits?" you grinned, cheekily cupping them.

I licked my lips. "They're perfect," I answered, with all sincerity. "Now then, you've heard my fantasies. Tell me what's bubbling away in that curious mind of yours??"


"Tell you what, dad, why don't we get showered and dressed and pop out for a meal?" "Come on Sammi, I'm just starting to recover and you want me to get dressed, in any case I love looking at your body."

I smiled, "You've got all tonight and tomorrow for that, you need to save something, or I might have to look elsewhere, call up one of my twenty something superstuds."

"Ok let's dress and go."

"You use the guest bathroom, this way," I said opening the door to the sauna, "Come on this way."

Both naked, you followed me out of the pool area, through the garage, into a small conservatory and up the back stairs to my 'granny flat.' I knew, of course, that your eyes would be on my bum and, as I suddenly remembered I had when I had gone to the loo in the pub when we first met, I accentuated the swaying of my hips and wiggling of my cheeks. What a fucking diva, I smiled to myself.

"Second, no sorry third door on the right along the landing," I told you opening the door from my 'suite.' "When you're ready, pop down to the kitchen and help yourself to a drink, open any bottle of wine, but I don't think there's any Chilean Shiraz," I said pointedly.

I showered quite quickly and dried my hair. It had gone lank from the pool and sauna so, whilst I didn't really want to I'd had to wash it. It was quite warm out and I knew that the pub we were going to would be heaving and very hot. Loughton is a busy town with loads of bars and cafes, it's very much a city boy and Essex girl place, so really pretty much goes in dress and outlandish behaviour. I have a love hate with the place, at times finding it far too Essex, but at others loving the buzz. Tonight I was going with the buzz and fuck my Essex girl image, I am one, so I will be one in spades, I thought.

I went downstairs and saw that you were in the garden sipping your wine. Momentarily, I was filled with doubts. 'What the hell am I up to?' I asked myself wondering just how I would introduce you when we met anybody I knew. I couldn't answer that and thought perhaps I should forget the idea of the pub and let you fuck me in the garden instead. I saw from the kitchen window that you were headed towards the conservatory area covering the pool. I whizzed in there and draped myself in one of the big whicker chairs. You didn't see me when you strolled in and you visibly jumped when I said.

"Hi Alan, like the frock?"

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