Ann easily feels the moisture of her arousal settle against her silk panties. She hears Dianne take a deep breath, locking in the fragrance of her sex. "You're wet too," Dianne whispers, before dragging the panties down Ann's hips, thighs, and calves.

"Shut up pet," Ann says, chastising the young girl. "If I'm so fuckin' wet, then dry me off," she demands.

She hears a soft gasp and knows that Dianne is both eager and apprehensive to do her bidding. "Come on slut, this is what you've been waiting for." Ann turns around; her puffy swollen lips, full of arousal and covered in juice wait for Dianne's cleansing touch.

Ann stands still, willing her friend to act and yet almost fearing the touch of her tender tongue on her glistening mound. There is still a way out, Dianne can change her mind. Ann fights an inner battle with herself. She bites down on voicing to Dianne that they could end all of this; she doesn't want it to end. She needs Dianne to be strong and to take the next step that will bind them forever. When she feels the heat of the woman's breath on her cunt, she knows that Dianne is not backing down, and neither will she.

Delicate fingers spread open her lips, parting the succulent skin that frames the hardened nub of her sex. Dianne takes another deep breath, before closing the distance between her mouth and Ann's juice-laden center. She sweeps her tongue up and then down the slitted flesh, pausing briefly at the tight hole, before turning her head to cleanse the right lip's inner skin. The soft petals of flesh, coated in arousal are bathed by the flat of Dianne's firm muscle. She treats the other side with the same knowing care, washing away the proof of Ann's need. The ministrations however only bring forth more nectar and Dianne eagerly laps it up.

Ann pushes her fingers into Dianne's hair, pulling her deeper between her thighs, bucking against her face and covering the young woman in juice. "Fuck yes," she mutters through tightly clenched teeth. She feels Dianne's tongue on her clit; her eyes clench tightly as her hips roll forward and back.

Dianne pushes two fingers into her cunt and begins to finger-fuck her with slow deliberate strokes. Ann's legs tighten as her muscles constrict around the invading digits. She feel her abdomen spasm and knows that it will not take her long for her to come, not with her eager lover so expertly working her way in and out of her slick hole.

"Fuck, oh fuck Dianne," Ann cries, "my little pet. So good --- oh fuck yes. Yes!" Her chest rises and falls as Dianne increases the tempo of her dancing fingers. She feels the touch of the woman's teeth pulling at her clit, shoving her tongue across the tip as she keeps herself anchored to the pulsating mound before her. Ann pulls her lover's hair, pushing her deeper, screaming her name and shaking her head back and forth.

Dianne refuses to let up on her attack. She scoops several dollops of juice up and presses it against Ann's anal opening. She teases the tight bud, playing with the sensitive skin. "Oh God!" Ann shouts as her cum flows in waves and cascades over her lover's face.

There are bright colors of red and gold exploding behind Ann's clenched lids. She fights for air; her lungs are starving; breathing is a hindrance, yet a necessary evil. She lewdly gyrates on the young face between her legs, as Dianne drinks and suckles deep the honey that has been awarded to her. The teasing presence of her finger against Ann's ass pushes deeper, sending another shock wave of lust through the older woman's body, and with it more cum flows, which Dianne quickly devours.

Ann watches through a fog as Dianne slips away, removing her panties and rising to her feet. She cups Ann's breasts, fondling them before bending her head to suck on one nipple then the other. Still somewhat in a daze Ann stands there on trembling legs. Pulsating beats of her heart ricochet deep within her veins as her hands come up and limply rest on Dianne's shoulders.

She tries to focus on something other than the feeling of teeth nipping at her breasts. She feels the nimble fingers of her friend, slide up and down her back, over her rips and across her hips. Tiny touches caress her pussy, stroking the tender flesh that has been so easily conquered. She blinks away the fog, forcing herself to take the lead and bend her young lover to her will.

She pulls her hair and lifts her back up to her full height. Their mouths once again touch; their tongues again are thrust together in a forbidden dance of sin. When Ann pulls away, the scent and taste of her release rests on her lips and chin. She smiles at Dianne before pushing her back.

The young woman stumbles onto the bed. Her stilettos adding inches to her lithe figure and their bright red color is a contrast to Dianne's inviting skin. The light from the bathroom, more evident on the bed, cast a beautiful halo of gold around Dianne's mound. Ann pushes the woman's legs further apart, hooking them over her arms and settles herself against the mattress and Dianne's sex. She looks up, taking note of the excitement in the young girl's face and licks her lips.

"My little pet, your cunt is so wet," she whispers, before blowing a puff of air on the trembling lips, "it wants me -- you want me -- my sweet baby girl -- so needy. You did so well, pleasing me." She kissed the inside of her lover's thigh. "I am going to reward you pet," she takes a deep breath and trembles at the fragrance that blankets her, "your scent is intoxicating and your taste -- I have no doubt you will taste just as lovely."

Dianne whimpers, shakes her head yes and rolls her hips upward. Ann glares at her, bites her inner thigh and hisses for her to "be still". Immediately lust rolls over Dianne's visage and Ann easily recognizes it. She tilts her head and bites the girl again. Juices seem to slide easily from Dianne's cunt. "We are going to have so much fun," Ann whispers before launching an attack on Dianne's gaping mound.

This time she is the one working to bring a climatic release to her partner. Her gaze is fixated on Dianne's eyes as her tongue makes circles back and forth along the walls of the woman's puffy lips. She massages them with her lips, teases them with the flat of her tongue and uses the tip of the muscle to invade the promising hole of her sex. She dips her fingers into the dark channel, scooping up fluids and using them on Dianne's nipples.

As she feasts on the woman, she coats each breast with generous helpings of clear liquid silk. Her own desire builds as she eats away at her Christmas dinner. She climbs fully on the bed, abandoning her lover, while positioning herself above her. "Eat me out again," she demands, wanting to come and come hard.

She sits on Dianne's face, rubbing herself up and down on the grinning beauty. "That's right, bitch," Ann says in a hushed passion-filled tone. "I'll come again before you, because you're my whore and you're here to please me!"

Dianne moves her hands to grip Ann's hips. She pushes the woman back and forth on her face, eagerly drinking what she can capture while being fucked in the face by the moist folds of Ann's sex. Ann's cum squirts again. Dianne holds her while she comes, whispering words of adoration against the woman's sex.

Ann answers back with words of her own, proclaiming her love for her friend as well as promises that their desire will never be quenched. She rolls around and settles her pussy against Dianne's mouth; her own lips hover inches away from Dianne's quivering mound of flesh. The two women dine on each other. Ann sucks and strokes Dianne to a screaming climax, while Dianne cleanses the remains of her lover's second release, only to be rewarded by a third.

The sound of soft gasping and deep draws of breath come from each woman. Ann rolls over, turns herself and crawls up to settle against Dianne's sweaty form. She touches her face, kisses her lips and strokes her hair, before nuzzling her breasts. She feels peaceful and almost childish for wanting to be cradled by the young woman.

Dianne's hands stroke her back, toy with her hair and settle around her, hugging her closer to her bosom. She kisses the top of her head before whispering of her love.

Ann chokes back tears before answering the young woman with words of that echo her friends; words that have been sheltered far too long. When she looks up, she sees that Dianne has more strength and wisdom than Ann had ever given her credit for. She is everything she wants in a lover and so much more than she realized she needed.

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