When Jeremy dropped them off at their dorm, Kim kissed him hard and very passionately, and helped her sister into their dorm room. She was barely able to walk. Kim took her into the shower and helped her clean up and held her tight when they got into bed. Kassidy hadn't said much since they got home and fell asleep quickly.

They awoke at 10:00 that night and Kassidy tried to get up, but her ass was so sore that she couldn't. Kim asked if she could get anything for her, and Kassidy told her that she was hungry and thirsty, and Kim got up and got her a diet coke and called to have a pizza delivered. While they waited for the pizza, Kim told Kassidy that they should turn the guy who had fucked her in the ass for almost two hours into the police. Kassidy said no, in fact she wanted to see him again, that she had enjoyed it and wanted to have him do her again, when she had healed..

Kim looked at her, then burst into laughter, "You little fucking slut, you are insatiable, aren't you?" and she leaned down and kissed her sister, telling her "and I love it. You are a survivor just like mom."

There was a knock on the door and they opened it and Kim paid for the pizza. While they were eating she told Kassidy that she had Jeremy's cell number because she had enjoyed herself with him, and she would find out how to get in touch with Ken. He had told Kim on the way back to the dorm that it was the first time he had ever seen anyone, man or woman, be able to handle the brutal ass fucking Kassidy had received. Seem that in prison, Ken had turned quite a few men into wimps by giving them his "marathon" ass fucking, and he had never seen a woman on the outside make it more that and hour and 15 minutes before screaming out for mercy. Kim understood that, his cock was huge, not only long, but thick as hell, and here was her sister begging to have him plug her ass again. She was impressed, but also worried. Time would tell.

The next morning, Kassidy still couldn't walk so Kim went to classes alone, and she saw Darnell and told him what a son-of-a-bitch he was for leaving them, and said he and Armand may as well never ask for a date again. When she got home that afternoon, Kassidy was walking very gingerly, and she lifted her tshirt and showed Kim her ass. Kim noticed that it was still very red and she reached over and touched her. Kassidy jumped when her hand came in contact and she fell back on the bed. She told Kim she didn't know if she would be able to go home to their mother's party this weekend, even when she went to the bathroom she almost cried, and the toilet paper hurt like hell when she wiped. Kim told her she would call home and tell their mom that she had to do it on her own. Kassidy told her they would call, but she might be able to make it, they would have to wait until later in the week to make sure. Kim pushed her back on her bed and kissed her way down to Kassidy's pussy. She started to lick her pussy lips, and her clit as she talked to her.

"Are you sure you want to meet this guy again, Kass?"

"I'm very sure, Kim, it was the most incredible thing I have ever done, and I want him to do it again, when the soreness is gone, not only that, he was beautiful, and I want to be his as long as he wants me to."

Kim laughed as she said, "So you fell in love with his cock, you slut. You know that he will probably continue to share you with any of his buddies that he wants to."

Kassidy said, "Yea, I know it, but I don't care, you will always be with me won't you, Kim"

Kim only mumbled "Mmmmph huh" around the pussy surrounding her mouth, as she continued to lick her sister's cunt. She pulled out a bit and her tongue touched her sisters asshole, and Kassidy pushed her ass into Kim's face.

Kassidy said, "It doesn't hurt so much anymore, especially with your tongue on it, I love you Kim. I don't want us to ever be apart for long" and she felt her pussy start to throb as she experienced an orgasm. She hollered at Kim, "Eat me you beautiful cunt, eat my ass and my pussy" and she felt the juice from her pussy gush forward and Kim's tongue follow the trickle back to her cunt. She spread her legs wider as her sister pushed her tongue deep into her, lapping at the liquids and thought of being ass fucked again very soon. Her ass throbbed with a slight pain and her nipples got harder than they have ever been in her life, and she came again, and Kim kept right on eating her.

Kim watched Kassidy drift off to sleep, and called the number Jeremy had given her yesterday. Someone answered and when she asked for Jeremy she was told he was busy and they would have him call back. She needed a cock to suck and hoped she could get him to meet her somewhere and then she would tell him about her sisters desire to get with Ken again. She hung up the phone, and went to get a diet coke. She turned on the TV and lay back on her bed and began to finger her pussy, thinking about the wild time she had had on Saturday night until early Sunday morning. She had sucked at least 8 of the men at the house, and had watched her sister as she sucked Jeremy's cock as everybody watched and she had loved it. She felt herself begin to close in on an orgasm and closed her eyes, and then the phone rang.

She picked up the receiver and said hello. It woke Kassidy, and it was Jeremy on the other end. She explained who she was and told him she needed to talk with him, if he didn't mind. They arranged to meet at the library on campus, and he told her to be there in an hour. She told Kassidy where she was going and kissed her good bye and went to meet Jeremy.

Jeremy showed up about a half hour late, and he opened the passenger door and told Kim to get in the back seat. He told her the driver's name was Bernard and then he got in the back seat with her. He asked her what she wanted, she explained the desire her sister had, and he told her he would see Ken on Friday and let him know about the request. Then Jeremy took hold of Kim's hair and told her there was no need to waste time and guided her face to his lap. His cock was already in his hand and he pushed it against her lips. She opened her mouth and took him in.

"That's it my little cocksucker, do what you do best."

Kim began to suck, with gusto. She loved feeling his cock grow in her mouth, and the precum began to flow onto her tongue.

"Bernard, do you want some of this mouth when I'm through feeding her my cum?"

Bernard laughed and said, "You damn straight, and my balls are full of fucking cum, I haven't got any booty in over a week."

Kim heard this and sucked harder on Jeremy's cock. The sucking sounds she was making could be heard all over the car.

Bernard said, "Damn she must be working you, all I can hear is her sucking."

Jeremy leaned back and said "Yea she's doing a good job, but I'm going to let her work a while before she get's her reward."

While Bernard and Jeremy were talking Kim felt her body quiver into another orgasm, she loved to have men talk about her and she especially love to be talked about when she was having sex. She continued to run her tongue over Jeremy's cock, enjoying the salty sticky substance he was producing for her. She wanted a mouth full of his cum and she showed him just how much she did in the way she sucked his cock, and she looked forward to sucking Bernard's cock, wondering what it would taste like.

Jeremy grabbed Kim's hair and ran her head up and down his cock as he thrust his hips forward. He was fucking this girls mouth the way he loved to. He pulled her off his cock and looked her in the eyes, her mouth stringing precum from it. He turned her head and said to Bernard "See what a good cocksucker she is."

Bernard looked back and Kim sat with her mouth open and the signs showing she just had been working Jeremy's cock. He looked Kim in the eyes and told her, "I've got more for you, white slut. You enjoy sucking black cocks don't you"

Kim just nodded her head, and Jeremy pushed her back down on his cock, and she began sucking again, again the sounds in the car were her mouth paying homage to Jeremy's cock. She had his balls in her hand and she squeezed them lightly as her tongue traveled along the sides and the head of the beautiful cock. She sucked his cock for the next 45 minutes with Jeremy calling her every name that came to him until finally she felt his cock expand even more and she knew that he was going to begin to fill her mouth. He told her "Don't swallow any of my cum, just hold it in your mouth or I'll never let you suck me off again." She pulled back until just the head was inside her teeth and he the sperm began to flow. His cock jerked what seemed like 10 or 11 times and her mouth filled until it overflowed and ran down her chin, but she kept all she could in her mouth.

Jeremy pulled free and told her to look at him and open her mouth. Kim looked up at his eyes and opened her mouth, she knew it was full of his cum and was worried some more would flow out but she did exactly as she was told.

Jeremy smiled at her and told her to go and eat. Kim made a production of closing her mouth and swallowing deeply, then opening her mouth and showing him that it was empty. He told her she had done a good job, and she could again suck him when they saw each other again. She snuggled her face against his cock and kissed his balls. Jeremy said "Now suck Bernard off, we have to leave."

Kim climbed over the seat and saw Bernard already had his cock in the air for her, it was about 8 inches and very beautiful. She bent down and took it into her mouth and began to suck it. It didn't take long and Bernard told her he was going to cum, and filled her mouth with the second load of man milk that evening. When she was finished she climbed into the back seat and snuggled with Jeremy on the way back to the dorm. He fingered her cunt on the way back and she orgasmed again. When they got to the dorm she kissed him goodbye and went in to talk with Kassidy.

Kassidy was awaked when she came into the room, and Kim told her about the meeting with Jeremy. She asked her when she might be able to fuck again. Again Kassidy didn't know, but still left the option open for going to see their mom that weekend.

Kassidy asked Kim, "Will you make me feel better, Kim?"

Kim nodded and said, "I would to, Kass." With that Kassidy stripped her clothes off and turned onto her stomach. Kim kissed her ass cheeks and knew she had to be careful, and she started running her tongue over Kassidy ass cheeks and rubbing her back. Kassidy told her how great that felt and Kim slowly worked her way around until her tongue came to the top of Kassidy's ass crack. Kim took her tongue and slowly began to run down her sister's ass, spreading her cheeks as she went. She saw Kassidy's ass hole was still red but seemed to be getting better, she pushed her ass cheeks wide open and her tongue found the spot where Kens cock had been two days ago and she began to lick her sister's ass. Kassidy moaned and told her sister to take it slow, but Kim pushed deeper and Kassidy moaned as she felt the tongue enter her ass hole. Kassidy pushed her hand under her and worked it until she felt her clit. Kim's tongue stayed busy licking her sister's ass, and her nose enjoyed the smell of Kassidy's cunt.

Kassidy came as Kim worked her tongue deep into her ass hole and she drove her finger into her cunt, feeling the slick feeling of her juices. Kim knew she had climaxed and ran her tongue from Kassidy's ass to her pussy and began to lap up the juice that had just been produced. Kassidy pushed her finger into Kim's mouth and she licked it clean, then worked her way back to Kassidy's ass, and went wild, spending the next five minutes eating deeply of her sister's ass hole. Finally she had her own orgasm, turned Kassidy over and sat fully on her face, covering her with her wet cunt, and she told her "Eat me little sister" and Kassidy began to lick Kim's cunt with a fervor Kim had not seen before, and she ground her cunt into her sister's face and came again.

She swung her leg from her sister's head and they kissed each other, and held each other as they drifted off to sleep.

Kim woke in the morning and Kassidy was already up and walking around. Kim asked "How do you feel this morning, my love?"

Kassidy said, "It didn't hurt when I went to the bathroom this morning, and I can walk better. I think we'll go to mom's party this weekend. I look forward to fucking some of Johnny's old friends anyway. I remember some of them didn't look too bad, when they used to come visit us, and I'm really looking forward to it."

Kim said "Great Kass, I'm sure that ass of your's will get a workout this weekend then."

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