tagSci-Fi & FantasyRecreation Ch. 02

Recreation Ch. 02


"I must say, Ms. Jones," Lieutenant Jonathan Hollister noted smugly, "that DNA Forward Corporation's Recreation system has really helped our investigation unit in unprecedented ways since we installed it nearly three years ago. I must admit that I was quite skeptical at first, but your colleagues have really created something virtually revolutionary with Recreation!"

"I'm very glad you feel that way, Lieutenant," Ms. Jones replied, sitting opposite the officer's desk when he gestured to the unoccupied chair. He was aware of how her eyes tracked him as he rounded the desk to sit in his chair.

"Now that known and potential criminals know that our investigatory time has reduced so dramatically, crime has dropped by nearly fifty-five percent. I don't know if you are aware of this yet, but Luna II's Customs Service is expressing great internal interest in acquiring Recreation for its own use, instead of coming to Luna II Police whenever they believe criminal activity or criminal elements are passing through the border and they have DNA evidence they want to check."

"No, I wasn't aware of that," Ms. Jones admitted, a smile upon her face. "Perhaps you could discreetly direct me toward the appropriate persons at Customs so that I can initiate a dialogue?"

"And help you increase your own commission? Absolutely! That's the very least I can do after what you have already done for Luna II Police. I will need to do a little research to determine who is really spearheading the effort within Customs, or at least who is making the most noise about it, and I should be able to get that information to you by the end of business tomorrow."

"That would be splendid, Lieutenant."

"Now, down to the real reason you're here today, shall we?"

Ms. Jones simply smiled. "Do you really think I'm here to upsell you?" She batted her eyes for extra effect.

"Just a suspicion," Lieutenant Hollister admitted, "but not an ill-advised one, in my opinion."

Ms. Jones laughed softly. "Well, you are definitely right with your suspicion. I wanted to give you a heads-up about Recreation Mark II, which is nearing the customer beta-testing phase now."

"Mark II? What have you done, decreased the total time from hours to minutes?"

"No, better."

That took Lieutenant Hollister quite by surprise, and he knew the surprise was clearly tattooed to his face. However, in the past three years, he had formed a very good business bond with Ms. Jones, so it did not unduly concern him.

"The official marketing materials are not yet ready, although they should be by the end of the month, so I can give you a proper presentation at that time," Ms. Jones acknowledged. "However, what I can tell you now is that Recreation Mark II takes things to the next level, by truly recreating a person, animal, plant, or whatever, based upon DNA."

However, Lieutenant Hollister was not so comfortable with Ms. Jones that he was not extremely embarrassed by how low his jaw hung at this statement.

"The Mark II is definitely more expensive than the original, there is clearly no doubt about that. It is also much, much larger, requiring a large room. Do you remember those antique two-dimensional vids of what computers were like back in Old Earth's Mainframe Era?" The officer nodded, finally closing his jaw again. "Then you remember the size of those early computers, taking up the space of entire large rooms. The Mark II is very much the same, and we do hope to bring down the size – and the cost – within ten years, ideally within seven years. Just think of the possibility: Instead of an image of someone created from the retrieved DNA, this will allow you and your investigators to actually create a living replica of that person, based upon the DNA evidence your investigators find at a crime scene."

Lieutenant Hollister leaned back in his chair, the idea dancing about in his head. To be able to have a living replica to study could have its uses. Perhaps the replica could be used in a line-up, an identical and hopefully less-threatening copy of the suspect used for the line-up while the suspect remained in custody or even while the suspect was still on the run. Perhaps the replica could be led back to the crime scene and the surrounding area, if for no other reason than to watch how other people react, to help the investigators locate witnesses to be questioned.

"We firmly believe that Recreation Mark II will also quickly gain legal recognition as to its accuracy," Ms. Jones added, "in the same way that the original Recreation has been recognized legally across the Sol System."

"But bringing a Mark II-created replica to a courtroom could present some very interesting challenges," the Lieutenant noted aloud.

"That is very true," Ms. Jones replied. "In fact, the primary challenge at this point is that, for some reason, the Mark II recreations only live about two hours before they die and begin to break apart, back into the original organic components which had created them."

"How long does it take to replicate someone using the Mark II?"

"For a really young, small person, like an infant, about three hours. For a full-grown adult, up to thirty hours."

"Wow. That could be a major setback after the gains we've achieved using the original Recreation."

"The original Recreation system is still in place, so within an hour, your investigators can still have an image of the person based upon the analyzed DNA. Then at that time, if it is deemed necessary to create a living recreation, then that process can be initiated."

The Lieutenant made up his mind instantly. "I definitely need to look into this. You've definitely piqued my interest, Ms. Jones. As soon as all your official materials are ready, I want to hear about this. I'll alert my secretary to give you priority to anyone who calls to meet with me – anytime, day or night. And I'll especially try hard to get you that promised information by the end of business today."

Ms. Jones smiled. "Thank you, Lieutenant. You are definitely too kind to me!"


As Jonathan lay on the bed with Sherri ensuring his erection remained rigid and tall, he closed his eyes and imagined using the Recreation Mark II to make a copy of his beautiful submissive, of any of the young women he had "found" who might also share his interests. The two-hour life limit was indeed a bother of sorts, not necessarily affording the time he liked to take with some scenes, especially for a scene in which he applied pain and pleasure in equal, slowly-increasing measure upon Sherri's willing body.

It would also be interesting to have two submissives at once in a scene. He had contemplated that concept for years, and a few times had even asked Sherri what she thought of the idea, but she had always emphatically declined, and he certainly respected her wishes. However, if she were to share him not with a stranger but with herself, then she might be more willing to try a threesome scene.

Then again, he could perhaps leverage the replica in some way. Perhaps as a punishment, he could have the replica restrained and forced to watch as the real Sherri was severely beaten, adding psychological pain to the physical pain. Perhaps to create some jealousy, the positions could be reversed so that the real Sherri was restrained and forced to watch as he made love to the replica.

"What are you thinking about, Master?"

Jonathan opened his eyes again, looking down his body at the naked young woman fondling his genitals. "I'm thinking about a potential surprise for you, thanks to cutting-edge technology," he replied with a smile.

When she grinned in response, his mind was made up. Somehow, he would need to create a replica of Sherri and turn his fantasy of a threesome to reality.

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