tagTransgender & CrossdressersRecruiting of a Sissy Maid Ch. 06

Recruiting of a Sissy Maid Ch. 06


Chapter Six: Pornography Anyone?

Master Reggie knocks at Chantel's room door.

Chantel replies, "Come in."

Reggie comes in and says, "You packed and ready to go Chantel?"

Chantel says, "Yes Master Reggie. I have a suitcase packed with outfits for the movie and a change of clothes besides what I am wearing." Chantel wears a pink t-shirt, black skinny jeans black lace up 4 in spike heel black suede ankle booties and has a black denim jacket on. She grabs her black suede purse and is ready to go. Reggie picks up her suitcase and carries it for her to the SUV.

Waiting by the door is Master Lloyd and Traci. Traci is wearing white capris, white 5 inch spike heel pumps a royal blue satin blouse and a white denim jacket with a white leather purse. The men help the girls get into the SUV and they are are off to the airport.

Arriving at the airport Chantel and Traci know that Reggie and Lloyd are their minders. But Reggie and Lloyd are pretty fair guys and are polite and gentlemanly to the girls. They do not feel they have to be hard asses to keep Chantel and Traci inline. Sitting at a pre flight bar the men buy the girls drinks and socialize with the girls.

Reggie says, "I'm enjoying my time with you two very much, I find you both very cute, in fact honestly I think all you girls are cute and sexy. Don't get me wrong I know my job for the company but I like having good relations with you girls."

Lloyd interjects, "I agree, we have jobs to do and we know who pays our wages, but I too enjoy tranny girls, you all have a zest to you, it's an odd thing of girly femininity with touch of taboo for being genetic males...It's exciting."

Chantel and Traci enjoy the pleasurable conversations with their minders Reggie and Lloyd. The boarding call for the flight to Montreal is called over the P.A. The four of them board the aircraft and enjoy the short flight to Montreal.

Arriving at Montreal about 3:30pm, clearing the deboarding and picking up the luggage. Reggie gets the car rental done and the four of them walk to the car. The lovely sound of two t-girls heels click clocking away was exciting.

Arriving at the motel about 5-10 minutes away from the Video Production Studios, Called Canadian Beaver Productions, the girls get a room and the men get an adjoining room. Once settled in their minders are called by the set director to have Chantel and Traci at the set as soon as possible.

Reggie opens the door to the girls room and says, "Get your stuff and lets go, they want you two on the set A.S.A.P."

The girls follow orders and the four are off to the film studios set. Arriving about 5-10 minutes later they all get inside and are led to the director.

The Director meets Chantel and Traci, asks, "These are the t-girls?"

Reggie replies, "Yes, Chantel and Traci."

The Director replies, "Ok nice, my name is Paul it's lovely to meet you two girls." as he gracefully shakes the girl's hands.

Chantel and Traci blush and greet Director Paul.

The Director and other staff introduce the girls to the male actors for the series of tranny girl sex videos. The male actors on set are Vince Jones (36 y.o) Bob Fortune (29 y.o.) and Michael Hampton (38 y.o.). Other actors will be here for tomorrow's filming. The actors along with Chantel and Traci all do dry runs of the video scenes they will be performing in. About 35-40 minutes and all sorts of questions answered, Chantel and Traci are taken to the dressing room and to have hair and make up done fitting the videos each will perform in. Makeup artists and each girl enjoy some nice chit chat and girly talk.

Chantel's video will be shot first, her wardrobe will consist of a black faux leather mini dress over her black sheer stockings with lace tops and black lace garter belt. She will wear a red leather cropped jacket and red 4inch spike heel leather over the knee boots. Her character is a flirty t-girl coming home from a night of clubbing.

As the scene is set and ready to roll the first scene will be Chantel inside her car, night time and stuck on the side of the road, car not running, her cell phone low of battery charge and she is stuck alone. The Director sets up the scene and calls action.

Chantel: "Ohh dammit why won't you start you damn car." as she turns the key.

Chantel: "Lets see my phone, I'll call for a tow truck." she sees her phone is dead.

Chantel: "Dammit, Dammit, Dammit." as she looks around on the side of a dark road. She figures she has to get out and try to find a phone or somebody to help her, Cameras capture her opening her car door and swinging her red leather spike heel boots and planting her feet on the ground, then standing up, tugging at her short black faux leather dress as she closes the door and begins to walk up the road.

The scene ends and the Directer call's cut.

The second scene is set up at a studio set, it is a restaurant closed for the evening and has the owner (Bob Fortune) and his cook (Vince Jones) inside cleaning up. Chantel will have walked her way to this restaurant and will knock at the door asking for assistance.

The Director sets it and call's Action.

Chantel: Knocks on the door glass, "Hello, can anyone help me, hello."

Bob the Owner, sweeping around the bar, looks to the door: "We are closed...Sorry we are closed."

Chantel knocking: "Please can you help me...my car broke down and I need a tow truck or something."

Bob walks towards the door: "You say your car has broken down?"

Chantel: "Yes, I don't know why and my cell phone's battery is dead, can you help me, and call a tow truck?"

Bob reaches for his keys, unlocks the door and opens it allowing Chantel to step inside, her sexy outfit, red spike heel over the knee boots, sexy make up and loose, long flirty light auburn and blonde hi-light hair causes Bob's eyes to go wide: "Come on in hun, let me help you."

Chantel's heels clicking on the hardwood floor: "Thank you, I'm looking for a tow truck, can you call one for me please?"

Bob leads her to the bar area and invites her to sit: "I'll try, it's late it may be while...Would you like a coffee or a drink? My name is Bob."

Chantel smiles as she sits, her short dress exposes her stocking tops: "Thank you a coffee would be nice, it's cooling off out side. My name is Chantel"

Bob yells to Vince (the cook): "Vince can you pour a coffee for this lady here?"

Bob looking at Chantel from head to toe: "So how come a sexy dressed lady is out and about her at this late hour?"

Chantel: "I'm heading home from a night of clubbing."

Vince walks out coffee in hand: "Hello dear, here is a coffee to warm yourself up hun."

Chantel smiles: "Thank you, do you have cream and sugar?" as Vince grabs cream and sugar for her.

Bob and Vince standing and staring at Chantel quite provocatively dressed body and red over the knee boots.

Vince: "Excuse me ma'am but you look great, very sexy, love your boots."

Chantel smiles: "Thank you." as she sips her coffee.

Bob has Vince call tow truck companies to find if one can send a driver out here tonight.

Bob: "What kind of clubbing do you do?"

Chantel guarded: "A Dance club a few minutes from here."

Bob: "Is that not one of those gay dance clubs? Oh don't get me wrong I'm fine with all that LGBT stuff."

Chantel smiles: "Yes, it's a fun, very fun and sexy club for girls like me who are into being sexy and fun."

Bob: "I bet a girl like you gets a lot of guys to dance with you?"

Chantel: "Guys, gals, anyone who enjoys it."

Bob excuses himself to check on Vince and the search for a tow truck.

Bob in back looking out the small window at Chantel: "Fuck is that gal hot, fuck got an instant boner, do ya think she's a tranny Vince?"

Vince looks out the window: "Yeah I think so but who the fuck cares as sexy looking and hot as she is, she could suck my cock all night long." as he chuckles

Bob: "Yeah I agree, I' d even fuck her up her ass, who cares...You found a tow?"

Vince: "Not yet"

Bob steps back out and to the bar near Chantel: "Vince is still trying to find you a tow, you need a refill?"

Chantel: "No I'm ok, but can you show me where the little girls room is?"

Bob: "No problem hun, around the bar and down the hall, first door to your right."

Chantel walks as directed and Bob watches her sexy little body and hot spike heeled boots click clock away.

Director Paul call's, CUT!

Everyone relaxes and Traci comes to Chantel, "Good job, you look so good hun."

Chantel replies, "Thanks Traci."

Staff sets up the bathroom scene plus a mini kitchen scene. Chantel is led inside the bathroom.

Director Paul sets up a kitchen scene between Bob and Vince and call's, ACTION!

Bob talking to Vince in the Kitchen: "I'd really like to have her suck me off. Did ya see the stockings and those fucking red boots, what a sexy bitch she is, tranny or no tranny."

Vince: "Yeah man she'd be a fun blow or fuck, but what if she is not into it?"

Bob smiles: "She is alone, we are alone, ya think she would be much of a struggle?"

Vince: "Well what if she goes to the cops?"

Bob: "And say what? Officer, these two men raped me, looking the way she's dressed, who'd believe her? Besides she probably will just go on her way, she's probably loose and had sex at that gay dance club anyways. I'm going to check her out in the bathroom."

The Director call's, CUT!

The next scene is set up in the bathroom, Chantel is inside and fixing herself up.

Director Paul call's, ACTION!

Bob opens the ladies room door and see's Chantel powdering her nose as she looks at him standing in the doorway.

Bob: "Just checking in on ya hun, a tow truck will be here in a little while."

Chantel: "Ok thank you."

Bob walks in: "You know Chantel, you are quite sexy, I mean girls like you can drive dudes quite wild."

Bob walks up to her and takes his hand and brushes her hair: "You don't mind that don't ya hun?"

Chantel: "Um it's nice that you think I'm cute but maybe we should go back out and wait for the tow truck?"

Bob getting hot and turned on: "Ahh come on, lets have some fun, you look so fuckin hot." as he takes his right hand and runs it up Chantel's left thigh, feeling her stocking tops and garter belt straps.

Chantel: "Um I'm not really comfortable with this Bob."

Bob getting very hot: "Why such a cold shoulder? A girl like you must like getting it on."

Chantel: "Please cool it Bob."

Bob firmly grabs Chantel's left arm and pulls her to him as he forces a kiss on her lips and takes his right hand and holds her head into the kiss as she protests. He twists her left wrist forcing her onto her knees: "Get on your knees bitch."

Chantel in agony: "Ow, ow, ow, you are hurting me, please stop."

Bob laughs: "Or what bitch? What are you going to do about this bitch, you fuckin tranny slut."

Chantel cries out: "Ohh stop it, you have no right."

Bob slaps her face hard (a real slap) causing her to wince and shut up: "Shut the fuck up bitch, undo my pants." as he frees both of her arms and holds her head in his right hand.

Chantel protests with flailing punches and Bob just laughs: "Chantel you will undo my pants bitch." as he slaps her again.

Chantel in near tears: "Please no." as she begins to undo his pants. and they drop to the floor.

Bob fishes his stiff cock out from his boxers and holds Chantel's head tightly with his other hand then puts both hands back on her head. He shoves his cock into her protesting mouth as she bucks and fusses, her hands fail on his thighs as Bob begins to pump into her mouth and she begins to gag and choke, her protesting only makes Bob more turned on. He thrusts his engorged manhood deep into Chantel's mouth, she is helpless and her protests subside as she realizes it's better to work with a man than fight a man. She begins to assume a role of cock sucking.

Bob eases off : "There, there, that's it girl, yeah you get it now, suck my cock like you crave it bitch."

Bob sighs with joy as Chantel works her mouth and tongue bringing Bob to is wanted ejaculation. He shoots inside and down her throat volley after volley of his hot manly cum. Chantel makes sure to swallow every drop. He is now spent and he pulls out, stands back pulls up his boxers and pants. Chantel silently on her knees looks at him and what he has just done.

Bob: "You liked that right bitch?"

Chantel: "You can get in big trouble for what you just did to me."

Bob laughs: "Pfft, what are you going to do? Who will believe you?"

Bob walks out and in comes Vince. Chantel sees him and knows he is next as she wants to plead no, but knows the pleading will fail.

Chantel: "Oh no not you too? Please, no."

Vince: "Yes it's my turn hun, accept it and it will be easier."

Vince helps Chantel up onto her feet and then pushes her towards the bathroom counter and he pulls up her short faux-leather dress. He pulls her black satin panty down enough to exposed her buttocks.

Vince: "Mmm nice ass girl, I bet you do a lot of cock riding."

Chantel sighs: "Just get on with it."

Vince: "Hey, hey hun, why so angry? A sexy t-girl like you ride lots of cock, don't ya?"

Vince: "Well answer me, don't you?"

Chantel: "Yes I ride lots of cock, please just get on with it, have your dominance over me."

Vince spits in his hands: "Sorry babe all I got is spit."

He begins to push his stiff 6 inch cock inside Chantel's butt hole. It's tough sledding at first but soon he gets a good fucking rhythm. Chantel groans in near agony but Vince is grunting and pounding like a wild boar. The sounds of such in an echoey bathroom is near mind numbing but Vince is now going to reach his orgasm and fill Chantel's rectum with his hot semen, she just lays on the counter and accepts it all. Vince pulls out, does up his pants and walks out thanking her.

Vince yells back: "Your tow truck is here if you still want it."

Chantel eases herself to the toilet and the scene fades to black as she is about to wipe her backside.

Director Paul call's, AND CUT!

Chantel may have acted for a porn movie but what she endured a serious face fuck and butt fuck. Traci comes to her and helps her fix her outfit as they walk off the set, they are led back to the dressing room. Chantel's services are finished for tonight. Up next is Traci.

After a coffee break Traci is dressed and ready for her film. She is dressed as a cute office worker, white satin blouse, black above the knee pencil skirt, black sheer stockings and garter belt and black leather 4 inch spike heel knee boots. Her blonde straight long hair and sexy made up face is very office secretary cute.

The first scene is set, she walks into an office building from an under ground parkade, having to get to her office to pick up some documents.

Director Paul call's, ACTION!

Traci enters through the door from the parkade as she walks down a hall and takes an elevator up one floor. She gets out of the elevator and begins to walk to her office. She oddly notices that the elevator is being called down, but she keeps walking to her office. Arriving at the office she fumbles through the purse for her office door keys. She notices the elevator stops at the floor and the door opens and a nicely dressed in a suit gentleman walks out, she does not recognize him but it could be a worker from another office. He walks towards her and stops at another door.

Michael is his name: "Late night for you?"

Traci smiles: "Yes, I have to pull some files."

Michael: "Yeah I know what you mean, you struggling finding your keys?"

Traci fumbling with her purse, "Yes, dammit my bag is too full."

Michael walks towards her: "Here let me hold your bag as you look through it."

Traci acting a bit apprehensive, but knows a security guard is on the main floor relents: "Ok it may help."

She finds the keys and begins to unlock the door, and opening it.

Traci smiles: "Thank you, your name is?"

Michael: "Michael, and yours?"

Traci: "Traci. I got it from here Michael, thank you." as she steps into her office.

Michael hands her the bag and asks: "What do you do here Traci?"

Traci: "Stenography, I need some files for this weekend."

She walks in and puts her purse on the big desk and walks to a large set of file drawers: "Thanks again Michael."

Michael: "No problem Traci... I hope you will not be offended as I say you are very pretty."

Traci looks: "Thank you." and begins to fuss through her files.

Michael: "Would you like some help?" as he steps in and the office door closes.

Traci: "You really do not have to help me Michael."

He gets closer to her: "No problem Traci, I'm a very helpful kind of guy.

Traci: "Well ok I guess, you can check files in 'J' The name is Mitchel Jones."

Michael looks but not so involved: "You smell beautiful Traci."

Traci: "Thank you." showing a bit of concern.

Michael moves beside her, his hands grasp her shoulders and he turns her to him, she begins to worry.

Traci: "What are you doing."

Michael: "Just being friendly, are you trans?"

Traci: "What kind of question is that?"

Michael: "I really dig trans girls, cute and sexy ones like you the most."

Traci: "Well you may like trans girls but please refrain from touching me, maybe you should go."

Michael looks intently at Traci's face and he takes his hands and grasps her face drawing her towards his mouth and he plants a big kiss on her lips pressing her into the file cabinet. She tries to push him off but he grabs both of her arms at each wrist and pins them against the file drawers. He senses her distress and it turns him on. His lips stay locked to hers and then breaks loose as they both deeply breathe.

Traci: "Let me go, what the fuck?"

Michael still pinning her wrists: "Come on hun, you want it, you liked my kiss."

Traci: "No I did not, stop or you will be in trouble."

Michael laughs: "You liar, you are just another bitch, you probably used your t-girl specialties to get your job here." as he tries to kiss her again, she turns her head in protest, which pisses Michael off and he slaps her face, shocking her.

Michael: "I don't like hitting women, t-girls included but when I want something I get it Traci." he gets his kiss and she is frustrated at her inability to stop it.

He then takes her to the desk and he sits back on it: "Get on your knees Traci."

Traci: "No please don't."

Michael: "On your knees." as he raise his hand in a menacing way and she drops to her knees. "Undo my pants then pull down my briefs."

Traci shakingly does as she is told and 7 inches of cut white boner faces her.

Michael: "Suck it Traci."

Traci relents pulls her hair back over her ears and take the cock into her mouth as she wants this to end soon and tries her best to bring him to orgasm quickly. Michael leans back and enjoys the blowjob. His right hand pets Traci's long blonde hair as he works to his orgasm and he groans with joy as he fills her mouth with his hot gooey seed. He pushes her off his cock and as he does his pants back up.

Traci: "Please go now, I won't say anything if you go now."

Michael laughs: "Say what? What will you do? NOTHING!"

Michael sits at the chair by the desk, grab Traci's purse: "You are now going to go to the bar over there and fix me a drink. Scotch straight and do not lip off or fuss."

Traci gets up and fixes him his drink.

Michael: "Go get your files as I watch cute 'n sexy you."

Traci picks out some files.

Director Paul call's, CUT!

Everyone take a five minute break. Chantel and Traci talk about the pornography they are making. It's pretty hard edge but going to be good for people to buy and jerk off too they figure.

The next scene is set.

Director Paul call's, ACTION!

Michael get up from the chair as he finishes his drink. Chantel is standing by the file drawers, looking nervous. Michael comes to her and runs his right hand through her long blonde hair.

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