tagTransgender & CrossdressersRecruiting of a Sissy Maid Ch. 07

Recruiting of a Sissy Maid Ch. 07


Chapter Seven: First Time Escorts, Chantel and Traci.

Carl meeting with Barlow over morning coffee says, "So Barlow how did things go with Chantel and Traci in Montreal?"

Barlow bites a muffin and swallows, saying, "Tony and Vic were very pleased with the girls. Chantel and Traci were great performers, the sex videos were very hard core and as normal with Tony and Vic, that true hard core sex has no fakery. Chantel and Traci got it good but were so eager to please and be professional. After all most sissies wish to be porn actors and maybe even porn stars. Knowing many men will get off watching them get used good sexually excites most sissy t-girls."

Carl says, "I love it when our Jade Maid Club t-girls do well, the videos will be good for business royalties wise. But it has me thinking that we here should turn it up a notch in sex grade videos. Ours are simple type sex videos, but maybe we should invest into better studio productions."

Barlow says, "You have a point Carl, we should look at improving our sex video productions."

The two finish up their meeting talking about Chantel and Traci possibly using them for some escort work as a reward. Carl feels they may have skills and looks that may please our more upper crust gentlemen clients. Barlow said he will meet with Benny over this today.

About 11:30am Barlow is in Benny's 3rd floor office and sits, saying, "Benny so news about Chantel and Traci in Montreal was great."

Benny says, "Yes, I'm proud of those two girls. I have seen some rough cuts of video and holy shit they took it good, hard core sex."

Barlow says, "Carl wants to give Chantel and Traci a shot at some escort work as rewards for their great job in Montreal. Benny can you find the two and tell them as a reward for their work in Montreal that they will both be given an opportunity to try some escort work, say Friday night."

Benny says, "Sounds good Mr. Jenkins, I'll find them and tell each of them of their reward and set them up for a coupe of dates this Friday night,"

Benny is now walking the floor trying to find both Chantel and Traci, comes across head maid

Penny who is back fro some off sight maids work in time for maids lunch time.

Benny asks, "Penny can you make sure both Traci and Chantel come to my office right after maids lunch and before they get on with afternoon duties?"

Penny curtsies and replies, "Yes Master Holt. I'll tell both of them during lunch."

Benny says, "Good girl, tell them to come right away after maids lunch."

Penny curtsies again and says, "Yes Master."

Penny is in the kitchen maids lunch room and sees Chantel putting her lunch meal together, a simple sandwich and coffee. She walks to Chantel and says, "Chantel, Master Holt came to me, you are to report to his office right away after lunch."

Chantel asks, "Did Master Holt say why?"

Penny says, "No hun, but report right away after you finish your lunch ok girl?"

Chantel says, "Thanks Penny." and gets on to her seat and table to eat her lunch.

Penny next walks to Traci and say the same thing, Traci to report to Master Holts's office right after her lunch as well.

Traci sits with Chantel and both wonder what is up and why must they go to Master Holt's office? They wonder and hope it's nothing bad.

After maids lunch they both nervously walk to Master Holt's office on the 3rd floor. His secretary lets them both in. Both sissy girls in their cute black maids dresses, black sheer pantyhose and black 5 inch spike heel pumps, curtsy for Master Holt.

Master Holt says, "Nice curtsies girls, please have a seat before me girls."

Chantel and Traci both submissively sit, making sure to sit tall, prim and proper, lady-like.

Master Holt says, "Girls, there is nothing wrong, you two are not in trouble. Master Luftgrin and Master Jenkins were both impressed at your pornography work in Montreal. They have instructed me to arrange for you a sissy reward. You two will have escort dates Friday night. Your first chance to give t-girl escort work a try. Myself, Master Luftgrin and Master Jenkins want you two to do good jobs. I will get back to you soon enough as to who your dates will be this Friday.

By Friday afternoon Master Holt makes sure to tell Chantel and Traci about their dates. Both are working in packaging department of Luft Enterprises LLC adult toys section. They are readying for post many parcels filled with adult sex toys and such. As in all departments male minders keep the sissy girls dutiful in their tasks. Like other departments the warehouse department has a standard 4 hour on shift followed by the cursory 30 minute maids lunch and then another 4 hours of work.

It's 1:25pm when Master Holt walks in to the department and takes a few minutes to tell both Chantel and Traci their itinerary and about their dates.

Master Holt says, "Ok girls here is each of yours situation, Traci your date is a city bureaucrat, he's used Jade Maid Club girls as escorts before, he likes trannies, so he knows what we offer and we know what type of a date he is. He is very excited to meet you tonight Traci. He is Jason a 40 y.o. divorced and a clean shaven white male who is about 6'2" and about 210lbs in weight, dark hair and generally fit for his age. He will have you dressed and meet him at a lounge called 'Buell's on 69th Ave.' at 8:00pm. It's a social lounge with an improv. He wishes to start with a few drinks, get to know you and enjoy some improv. From there he will wing it until you go to his apartment for the rest of his night. I'm going to have Biff drop you off and once you text him when your date is over, he will come by Jason's apartment to pick you up. You must collect the $400.00 agreed to price and surrender it to Biff once he picks you up."

Traci says, "OK Master Holt it sounds interesting and fun, for a first time for me, any suggestion on how I shall dress?"

Master Holt replies, "Jason wants sexy sophisticated but not trashy or as a typical night's street walker. A sexy but not too short dress or such, stockings and garters, do a good evening look makeup wise, fix your hair and a dressy evening jacket... Oh yeah and of course tall heels... Same will go for you Chantel."

Traci says, "Ok sounds good Master."

Master Holt looks at Chantel and says, "As for you Chantel, your date is a businessman from out of town, he too has used Jade Maid Club girls before, so we know him and he knows us. His name is Travis, he's married, we don't judge ok? white 48 y.o. he stands 6'4" and about 220lbs and is on a business trip, in town for three days. He gets so off of hot n' sexy trannies like you, so he wants you to be hot and sexy, but not a trashy ass slut, play it cool but turn him on. You will be driven to his hotel by Marty about 7:30pm. Travis plans on taking you out for dinner in the city's club scene and wants some fun, vibrant company from a sexy t-girl like you. After dinner he wants to walk around the club scene, taking in a drink or two at different clubs, before ending back at his hotel room for fun. You will provide it to him. You too will collect the agreed to $400.00 and will give it to Marty after you text him to pick you up. Do both of you girls understand?"

The two of them stand curtsy and say they understand. Master Holt lets them get back to work. Chantel needs not eat maids dinner as she will have a dinner with Travis tonight. Both girls will have ample time to shower, prep and dress. Both talk as they get ready for this work, excited but nervous as for each it's their first time as single date t-girl escorts. Most Jade Maid Club girls when escorting have 2 dates per evening, usually bringing in between $800-$1000 each night, but since this is Chantel's and Traci's first time they will only go with one date each. They both do hope it goes well as escorting is a nice added choice to their already quite normal street prostitution routines.

As Chantel gets ready for her first escort date, she's showered, fresh and clean, in her dorm room she puts on a black lace push up bra, her now ever so noticeable via a few months of hormones titties require her to only have a push up bra. She enjoys seeing her modest breast development. She pulls up a matching black lace lightly padded panty as her hormones are still redistributing body fat to her booty. Next her black garter belt and a pair of black sheer stockings again with lace tops. She goes through her wardrobe and finds a royal blue satin evening dress, it requires her to wear a camisole as it has a v-neck, so she puts on a black satin camisole with heavy lace trim around her décolletage, then this sexy royal blue dress. The v-neck shows the lace trim of her camisole. The dress is cut on a bias starting just above her right knee up on an angle to mid thigh on her left leg. It has 3/4 sleeve and is form fitting. She looks sexy but not trashy. Her makeup application is evening style, smokey blue-black eyes, almost purple like rouge and lip colour. Going through her shoes she pulls out a pair of blue satin style pumps with 5 inch spike heels and slips them on. She sees herself with her shoulder length wispy light auburn and blonde hi-lites wig and outfit on, in her full length mirror and she licks her index finger and touches her right hip says, "Tzzz hottie Chantel, gonna drive Travis nuts tonight."

She fills a white with zirconia detailed clutch with her I.D. $30.00 cash, some makeup and lube, then she puts on a white form fitting jacket cut to just waist height with modest tail in back. She see's it's almost 7:10pm and out of her dorm she goes. Quickly stopping by Traci's dorm room first to check on her. Traci looks great too, long blonde wig, a black and silver A-line dress mid thigh, black stockings and black leather ankle boots and with her silver jacket, she's ready to meet Jason. The two wish each other a great night and Chantel is off to meet Marty at the car.

Once she gets to it Marty gulps and says, "You look great Chantel." as he helps her in the car.

Chantel replies, "Thank you Master Marty."

They drive to the Ramada Inn where Travis is in room 537 and he waits for Chantel to arrive. Marty and Chantel small talk for the 10-15 minutes it takes to get to the Ramada Inn. Once there they agree that Chantel will text him at night's end to be back to pick her up and Chantel is off, her sexy blue heels click clock away and her lovely royal blue dress fades her into the night as Marty watches her enter the lobby of the Ramada before he drives away.

Chantel walks gracefully through the lobby her high heels click loudly on the marble floors. Pushing the elevator call button she stands and waits for the elevator to arrive. She casually sees a man standing with a news paper gawking at her and her vivacious sexuality the hottie t-girl she is. She looks at him runs her right hand through her hair and smiles as he returns said smile and her elevator opens for her as she steps on it and a couple walks off, the man double taking at Chantel, his wife or girl friend smacks his shoulder.

Now on the 5th. floor Chantel walks to room 537, knocks and waits. The door opens and standing before her is a tall, good looking brown haired man in a black button down shirt, blue jeans, black western boots.

He says, "Well, well, you must be Chantel."

Chantel smiles and replies, "Hello sir, yes my name is Chantel and you must be Travis?"

Travis replies, "Yes, and you are simply gorgeous." as he takes her hand and kisses it causing Chantel to blush. He adds, "Come on in hun."

Chantel walks in her sexy heels click, clock as Travis enjoys the sight.

Travis adds, "I love your dress, your legs are stunning and your heels turn me on. God I love trannies like you so fucking much, so hot, so sexy, so taboo in many ways."

Chantel turns and pauses, then says, "I love tall, strong men, who know how to be men, you Travis turn me on."

Travis walks to her his eyes locked on hers, he takes his right hand and brushes her left side hair and face, says, "May I kiss you? I know it's not normal practice in such dates, but I'd love to kiss you Chantel."

Chantel leans forward and Travis moves to as he embraces her and they kiss. She can feel his hard on in his jeans.

After the kiss Travis feels he must cool off and begins to put his black leather jacket on, he says, "I have a cab coming to take us to dinner, will you be with me Chantel?"

Chantel smiles and says, "Yes I will Travis." as they walk out from his room arm in arm.

Meanwhile Traci is on her way with Master Biff driving her to 'Buells on 69th Avenue'. She will soon be meeting her date Jason. Biff is quick to tell her she looks quite sexy and surely will do fine dating Jason. Biff knows Jason as a past client and he tells Traci that Jason is really into tranny escorts, he will certainly show Traci good time.

Biff arrives at 'Buell's on 69th Avenue' with Traci, as Traci steps out of the SUV, planting her sexy black suede ankle boots on the sidewalk, Biff reminds her to call for him to pick her up when her date is over and to collect the $400.00. Traci acknowledges Biff's reminder and walks towards the lounge, her sexy black and silver dress, lit up by street lights, her sheer black stockings makes her legs look so delicious and the sounds of clicking heels with each step she makes has Biff gawk at her and yell out, "You rock you sexy bitch." to which Traci looks back and smiles at him.

She gets inside a bit before 8:00pm and finds Jason who is totally taken by her t-girl sex appeal. They hit it off quite well and their date begins casually at the lounge and improv.

Back to Chantel, she and Travis, are in the cab ride to a club/restaurant called 'Calahans' a semi formal night club and restaurant. Walking inside on sees a wide assortment of people including many sexy girls and hot men, but Chantal and Travis fit in just as well. She being tall, very passable as a t-girl and sexy draws eyes of both men and ladies but some men gawk at her. Travis enjoys seeing this as she is his for a few hours.

The two of them enjoy a good meal, some drinks and small talk about each other, life and such. Feeling good they decide to do the club scene walk around, Chantel was asked if wearing her heels makes this harder for her? She giggles and says she has no problem walking most anywhere in heels.

Fresh dry cool evening and walking hand in hand Travis loves being with this hottie t-girl. Stopping here and there, another drink or two and it's time to head back to Travis''s hotel room. Calling a cab, they get in and it drives them back to the Ramada. Travis puts his arm around Chantel's shoulders and he licks his lips unconsciously as he thinks about the sex he is about to have with a sexy t-girl like Chantel.

Now up in his room, the heat of passion builds, even as a paid escort Chantel, Travis being a good looking man feels passion and heat of lust. Travis takes her by her hand and walks her to the bed and has her sit on it, his eyes want her bad, so bad and Chantel sees this. Travis takes his hands and pulls off her blue satin pumps and drops them aside as he sits on the bed and rubs her stocking clad feet, she lays back with a feeling of pure joy and she moans. Travis lays back and pets her hair staring into her sexy made up eyes.

He sighs and says, "I so fucking want you Chantel...So fucking bad."

At another part of the city, Traci is also getting intimate with Jason, his apartment is comfy and they both have had a good time so far. Traci feels Jason's wanted heat for sex with her. His eyes undress her as he pours her a drink and they first sit at his bar, she on a stool, her black sheer stocking clad legs and heels only turn up the heat in Jason's mind.

They small talk as they each enjoy a drink, the want for sex is high in Jason's mind, but the delay in gratification makes this lust he so wants in Traci much, much higher. Traci flirts like a goddess to Jason and once both finish their drinks, he can't hold back and he comes to her his hands grasp back of her head and he pulls her to him and they kiss as he just needs this fit of desire to taste this sexy t-girl. Both enjoy the kiss, as he takes her right hand in his left and he walks her to his bedroom and a comfy large King size bed.

The lights are dimmable and he has the lights sexy dim driving more sexual heat between them. Traci looks at his bed and he stands behind her, his hands on he shoulders as he pulls away her long blonde hair and kisses he neck making her wild too with lust. Traci may be a working escort but she too shall enjoy this night.

Jason begins to unzip her dress and it soon falls to the floor, her black satin slip glitters in the dim light. Traci turns and sits on his bed and removes her black suede high heel booties. As she is doing this, Jason takes his shirt off and he is nicely in shape, tight upper body. She watches him remove his pants and he is in his Jockey shorts as she taps the mattress for him to sit by her and he does. They wrap arms and hug and kiss as Jason is so horny for his lustful want of t-girl sex. Traci knows this and soon is on her knees and pulls his shorts down revealing a nicely thick, uncut 7 odd inch now rock hard cock. She tugs on it pulling it tight and soon slips her red lip coloured lips over it as Jason lays back on his bed in now soft moans and groans as Traci expertly sucks his stiff rod. She gets slobbering and sucking hard on it, hearing Jason go more and more wild with lust. His precum tickles her tongue and he is so hot he can't hold back as he spurts out shot after shot of his hot, gooey cum and Traci swallows it all like a good t-girl would. Jason is soon spent, still laying on his bed. Tracie gets up and lays on top of him and they kiss swirling any remaining cum between their two tongues. She knows Jason will want more before the night ends and they lay in arms on his bed, silent but in lust.

Back in Chantel's world, she takes her jacket off and gets on her knees as Travis sits back up, she undoes his pants and with his help she pulls them down and off, next his boxers as his lovely, thick and overly large 8 plus inches of sexy cut cock stands at attention before her face. She looks at him and then at his cock, smiles and her left hand, blood red nail polished fingers play with his balls as she them slips her lips over his tool and he sighs in lust and she consumes his stiff rod over her wet tongue. The heat of this moment is palpable as she sucks on Travis's cock and he moans in lust.

She works on his hard cock until he is near lost in want. Travis is so turned on by Chantel's expert cock sucking he is staring at her mesmerized at such a hot and sexy sight. This lust he feels towards working t-girls makes him so horny. Chantel continues to suck his manhood off and he is rolling his eyes in ecstasy as he now feels strings of his hot manly jizz spray inside Chantel's sexy mouth. Seeing her swallow his seed is adding to his orgasmic lust. Chantel pulls off of his cock and they both get on the bed and lay side by side, staring at each other. Chantel being a t-girl knows what makes men horny as Hell and she loves giving into their lust.

Soon the two of them get up and call on room service to bring up some appetizers and Champagne. Travis will soon after they enjoy the appys and Champagne be ready to fuck this hot assed, sexy t-girl Chantel.

As to fucking, back in Jason's bedroom is now a cacophony of sexual noise as Traci now only in her black bra, panty, garter belt and stockings, her forearms and head buried into Jason's bed pillows, her sexy little t-girl ass willingly up and Jason naked and sexy, ramming his cock up her ass.

Traci's cries, "Ahhh...ohhhh...ahhhh...ummmm...ahhh...ahhhh...fe...feels good...Ahhh Jason...fuck me... FUCK ME HARD!... ohhh...yes...ahhhh."

Jason zoned into his desire to fuck t-girl ass as hard as he can says, "Yeah...you like it bitch...huh?...fuck...ahhh...ahhhh..yeah man...fuck, your ass is so nice...Fuck Traci, bitches like you are the hottest...fuck toys around... Ahhhh...ohhh...ahhhh... yes...yes...yes...soon...Uhhhhhh!" as Jason lets go pounding deep up Traci's ass, filling her sexy insides with his hot cum. He drives every drop of cum he can give right up her little ass. Pulling out once spent. He falls on her now laying flat on her stomach body and kisses her shoulders as he tells her that was so fucking great.

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