tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersRecruiting of a Sissy Maid Ch. 08

Recruiting of a Sissy Maid Ch. 08


Chapter Eight: Chantel Moves Up at The Jade Maid Club.

Six months now into Chantel's new life as a t-girl maid and slut at The Jade Maid Club has her progressing well. Hormones have aided in her feminization and she has proven to be a very good and docile enslaved sissy girl. Not perfect but impressive to see that Mr. Luftgrin, Mr. Jenkins in reviewing all their sissy girls are now discussing Chantel.

Luftgrin says, "So it looks as if Chantel has come a long way with us here Barlow. Her income totals are among the best of all the girls. Staff report she is quite submissive and rarely gives any issues to lead to more discipline." he adds, "Her medical file is still good as well I see. She has always been a cute sissy but hormones have only made her more feminine and cute I see."

Jenkins adds, "Yes, I'm very impressed with her, but really all the girls are performing above expectations. I feel it comes from the fact that we do give them pretty good support and enough liberty to not have them fuss or be too much trouble. Of course being rather effeminate and docile, we just give them lots of feminine and sexy clothes, shoes and cosmetics and most any trans, sissy girl will be happy to be docile and well just accepting of their sissy life given they all signed up and chose direction in their lives."

Luftgrin notes, "That is right Barlow, each t-girl, sissy here chose to fall into this lifestyle, with its suitable breaking in and training has them well, accept their lives. This is good for us and for them."

Luftgrin and Jenkins continue reviewing the girls performance to date and then both go about their duties.

Mr. Lufgrin now sits at his desk and looks at photos of Chantel, he is getting a hard on over her now quite feminine and sexy look. He is very pleased at the t-girl Chantel has become. He pours himself a stiff drink and decides to call down to Benny Holt's office.

Luftgrin on the phone, "Benny, Carl here."

Benny Holt over the phone, "Yes, Mr. Luftgrin."

Luftgrin asks, "What is Chantel on schedule doing right now?"

Benny replies, "Um let me look it up...give me a moment Mr. Luftgrin...Lets see...ahh...she is in the commercial laundry this afternoon."

Luftgrin says, "I want you to pull her out early, have her shower, freshen herself up, do a great makeup job and dress well, nice sexy but not slutty and then have her come to my office...say oh by 5:30pm."

Benny replies, "Yes sir Mr. Luftgrin, will do sir."

Luftgrin, "Ok thank Benny."

Benny, "Ok bye Mr. Luftgrin."

Mr. Luftgrin now buzzes his 'retired t-girl' secretary Linda Jones, "Miss Jones."

Miss Jones replies, "Yes sir Mr. Luftgrin."

Mr. Luftgrin, "Linda I want you to make reservations for two people at 'Le Bistro Français Classique' for 6:30pm please." he thinks and adds, "Then pick up two tickets to the Symphony's 8:00pm performance tonight."

Miss Jones, replies, "Reservations for two at 'Le Bistro Français Classique' for 6:30pm and two tickets for the Symphony's 8:00pm performance. Will that be all sir?"

Luftgrin, "Yes, thank you Linda."

Master Benny Holt comes to the commercial laundry to find Chantel, he says, "Chantel."

Chantel stops what she is doing, curtsies and replies, "Yes Master Holt."

Master Holt says, "You can sign out from your tasks now and come with me."

Chantel perplexed says, "Yes Master." as she follows in her black maids dress, black pantyhose and spike heels.

Master Holt tells Maid Walton who is over seeing the laundry today that Chantel is being excused. Holt and Chantel then walk out from the laundry and onto the elevator to the 2nd floor. Master Holt fills in Chantel as they ride up the elevator that she is to strip and fully prep herself with an enema and a shower, then do her makeup and to dress up sexy but not too slutty.

Following Master Holt's orders Chantel in her dorm room then gets out of her maids dress, hose, heels and in her bra and panty goes to the sissy maids bathroom with their showers and enema station. Girls come and go and ask Chantel what's up as she tells them Master Holt has ordered her to shower up an to get dressed up sexy but not slutty.

Prepping and showering up Chantel is ready to be very fresh and clean, she dries off, spreads nice smelling moisturizer on her feminine feeling body and heads back to her dorm room. Once inside she does her makeup, nicely sexy for an evening look, purply/smokey eyes, deep red blush and lipstick, deep red finger nail polish and then it's picking out her evening outfit.

Chantel puts on a black lace bra, her t-girl titties are filling in from her 6 months of hormones, small and perky but nice. Her hips are a bit more girly now as well. She pulls on a black lace hi-cut panty. Next her sexy black lace garter belt, going through her drawer she finds two sexy black sheer back seem stockings with sex lace tops. They look so sexy and hot on her long sexy legs.

She goes through her outfits, lots of slutty stuff but hard to find anything sexy. She decides on her black lycra short dress, it may be a tad short going only mid thigh but looks ok. Some silver hoop earrings, a large silver necklace and silver bangles for bracelets. To add colour she takes her wide red with leather trim cincher belt around her waist and then puts on her red suede leather 5 inch spike heel pumps. She fixes her light auburn with blonde hi-lights loose, wispy shoulder length wig. Spritzes on some Chanel No.5. She picks out her black faux fur shrug. She stands in front of her full length mirror and checks herself out.

She says to herself, "Well Chan, you look good, I hope this outfit meets what is asked of you girl tonight."

She see's the clock and it's about 5:20pm. She hears a door knock and then it opens and stands Master Holt.

Holt asks, "You all ready Chantel?"

Chantel replies with a curtsey, "Yes Master."

Master Holt looks her over from head to toe and is very pleased at how pretty, feminine and sexy Chantel looks, "Very nice girl...very nice indeed. You look so sexy and hot, fuck we have so many cute and sexy t-girl sissies and Chantel you have turned out very well."

Master Holt has her gather her personal belongings in a clutch purse and to follow him. Chantel is quite curious as to what are the plans for her tonight and why so nicely dressed. Master Holt fights to keep her from knowing as she eggs him on for answers.

On the elevator they go and she sees Master Holt press the button for floor number 5, that is Master Luftgrin's and Master Jenkins floor. She is very curious as the two of them next enter the main offices of Luftgrin and Jenkins. She notices that their secretaries have left to their apartments and so has Jenkins left. Master Holt walk Chantel to Master Luftgrin's office and he knocks at the door.

Master Luftgrin says, "Come in."

Master Holt and Chantel both enter, Chantel is nervously curious, Holt says, "I have Chantel with me Mr. Luftgrin."

Luftgrin notices, smiles and says, "Thank you Benny, you can go now."

Holt looks at Chantel, smiles and looks at Luftgrin smiles, "Yes Mr. Luftgrin, enjoy your evening."

Chantel stands sheepish seeing Mr. Luftgrin scan her from head to toe and back up again, he says, "My my, you look stunning Chantel, you have been turned out to be such a pretty and sexy t-girl for us."

Chantel smiles and curtsies, says, "Thank you Master Luftgrin."

Luftgrin walks up to her takes his right hand and runs it softly through her hair, says, "Please Chantel call me Mr. Luftgrin for the moment and you do not have to curtsey for me. Tonight we are two adults about to enjoy a good evening together, please Chantel, relax."

Chantel sheepishly smiles and replies, "Yes sir... Mr. Luftgrin."

Luftgrin says, "Please do not worry and do not fear, I have no ulterior motives and am not testing you. I truly want a pretty trans woman as you are Chantel to accompany me to a pleasant dinner out and then to the Symphony concert tonight...You like symphony music darlin?"

Chantel smiles, "Yes, that would be very nice Mr. Luftgrin."

Luftgrin says, "My god I love our outfit, you look so sexy but also not trashy, can you turn around for me Chantel?"

Chantel says, "Yes Mr. Luftgrin." as she turns, he sees her back seem stockings and his cock in his pants is rock hard.

Luftgrin says, "Just beautiful, I love your seemed stockings darlin, you have really begun your transitioning well, are the hormones going well for you?"

Chantel smiles and says, "Thank you Mr. Luftgrin and yes the hormones are going well for me."

Luftgrin asks, "Becoming a t-girl woman is still what you want?"

Chantel replies, "Yes sir, I've come to enjoy my journey into womanhood."

Luftgrin says, "Good, I'm glad we are helping you find your way to your personal femininity." He adds, "Lets go dear we have dinner reservations for 6:30pm at 'Le Bistro Français Classique', you enjoy French food Chantel?"

Chantel replies, "I'm sure I will but I really have not eaten at fine French dining."

Luftgrin says, "I'm sure you will enjoy it, not to worry I will help you with any ordering... Chantel I want to treat you as a lovely woman on a date with me tonight. I hope you see I am a fine gentleman to a lovely woman. May I kiss you?"

Chantel surprised, this is her top Master, her owner, he can do as he pleases with her so asking permission for a kiss was odd for her, she smiles and says, "Um, oh yes you may... Mr. Luftgrin, if you like."

Carl Luftgrin gracefully places his hands on both sides of Chantel's beautifully made up face, draws her face gently to his and he kisses her on her lips. She is a bit shocked by who is kissing her but also femininely is in joy for such a gentlemanly kiss as her right high heeled leg kicks back and she gracefully wraps her arms around him. He gracefully pulls off and his eyes lock onto hers with a glowing want and lust. Chantel senses that this is more than her Master wanting just a dinner date but she smiles and says, "Thank you Mr. Luftgrin."

Carl takes her hand and they walk out of his office together, they get on the elevator and down to the main floor. A few of the girls see this and watch at what they see. Luftgrin walks hand in hand outside with Chantel and his driver Robert pulls up with his Cadillac CTS. The driver Robert gets out and around, opens the door and takes Chantel's hand to help her step inside taking care that she is in 5 inch spike heels. Luftgrin gets in after and snuggles up to her. Robert gets in the driver's seat and their are off to the restaurant. Chantel can't hardly believe what is happening. The top man in the business is taking her out on a date.

Carl Luftgrin says, "Chantel, now please listen, please call me Carl for now. We are on a nice dinner date, so please call me Carl, OK?"

She is nervous as this man has total power and control over her if he wants but she smiles and replies, "Ok...Carl, um it makes me nervous though."

Carl smiles, look at her eyes and asks, "Why? Please do not be nervous hun ok?"

Chantel looks into Carl's eyes and says, "Ok...Carl."

The connection hits and he kisses her again, she feels it as does he. Carl runs his left hand on her thigh gently as she relaxes to his manliness.

They arrive at the restaurant, Robert gets out and opens the right rear side door, Carl gets out, turns and faces Chantel as she slides out, plants those sexy red heels on the ground as Carl and Robert both stare. Carl extends his right hand and Chantel grasps it with hers as he helps her out of the car.

She says, "Thank you Carl."

Carl replies, "You're welcome Chantel."

Carl says to Robert to please return at 7:30pm, the he takes note.

Carl and Chantel, walk hand in hand towards the restaurant front doors. Carl holds the door open for her as they walk inside and wait for the floor manager.

The floor manager sees Mr. Luftgrin and comes to him, says in a French accent , "Ahhh Mr. Luftgrin, how are you tonight?"

Carl replies, "Good Pierre, good."

Pierre looks at Chantel, "And the lady tonight?"

Chantel smiles and says, "Good sir."

Carl says, "Pierre this is Chantel, Chantel this is Pierre one of the best floor managers around."

Pierre takes Chantel's hand, kisses it and says, "Hello my dear Chantel, I hope you enjoy your evening with us."

Chantel smiles, "Thank you Pierre I'm sure I will."

Carl asks for his table and Pierre walks both to it and seats Chantel. Chantel turn heads, she sexy hot but not trashy, pushing it maybe but men's eyes look and like what they see in her, women's eyes look in curiosity. Chantel may be trans but she passes well enough, even if read she looks like a lady, a sexy lady.

Carl says, "Chantel, you look wonderful tonight, you have a glow about you, a whimsical curiosity in how you look, act and talk as a t-girl. I'm being totally honest with you, you really excite me, you have for quite some time now."

Chantel smiles and replies, "Um thank you Carl, to be honest I am still very nervous about all this tonight. I don't quite know how to feel, you have immense power over me, I'm just being honest but I do so love the way you are talking to and caring for me...Carl."

Carl passionately says, "Please Chantel, please do not be nervous, I so want you to feel so comfortable with me tonight. I'm just a man and you are a woman who we are on a date together, just hoping we both enjoy each other." as Carl gently picks up Chantel's right hand and kisses it.

Chantel sighs with a bit of confused joy, "Ok Carl, ok lets both have a good time."

Carl says, "Good...lets both have a good time."

Their waiter arrives and asks for their orders and Carl orders for both of them and asks for a bottle of expensive wine for them to enjoy. The two of them sit, drink, eat and talk, talk about many things including Chantel's trans life and why she chose to be taken on to the lifestyle she has with The Jade Maid Club. To which she explains her confused gender and sexuality growing up, her crossdressing and fantasies about being submissive as a kept maid and turned out street walker. She could never understand it but simply over the last 6 months working as such for The Jade Maid Club, actually has cleared up much of her confusion. She accepts being trans and she has become comfortable in her submissive role, she enjoys the other girls and also even though all of the girls are by choice kept, that the ownership/management of the club treat these girls generally very well. Oddly the girls enjoy the role and lifestyles they lead.

Dinner goes on with more drink, dessert and some very sole searching talk by both Carl and Chantel. She finds out Carl was married and has been divorced for 12 years with two now grown children, a boy named James age 22 and a girl named Karen age 20, both lived with their mother, has a good relationship with their dad but his business was shielded from them. They remain right now no part of the The Jade Maid Club part of the companies he owns with Barlow Jenkins. Carl since his divorce has built his business and dated occasionally genetic females but does not let them be a part of the business. This has caused him some loneliness. Of course he has sexual liberties with the sissy t-girls at the club but it's not the same, sexual pleasure but no real love life. He reveals though a growing infatuation with Chantel. He tells her it has taken him all these months to actually set up and go on a date with her. This really perks Chantel up as she learns a lot about Carl.

They finish up dinner as it's near 7:30pm and Robert will be back to take them to the concert. They thank their waiter, leave a big tip and thank Pierre for a nice dinner. Chantel causes more men's and women's necks to rubber neck around as she sexily but sophistically walks out with Carl, her sexy dress, back seam stockings and red suede spike heels sparkle as eye candy.

Carl helps Chantel back into the car as Carl then gets in, off to the Concert Hall for an 8:00pm concert. They arrive about 7:40pm and Carl hand in hand with Chantel walks in and finds their center, lower balcony seats. Chantel fits in beautifully among all the other ladies. Carl is so pleased to have such a cute, sexy and whimsical t-girl lady with him. He is having a very enjoyable night and as such Chantel warms up to the fact that the man who owns her is just a proper date tonight.

The symphony is now putting on a great concert, Chantel and Carl are very relaxed and happy. During the intermission, they both stretch and walk around, getting a drink and casually walking back to their seats, tall, sexy and cute Chantel radiates in Carl's arm. They sit and Carl asks if he may kiss Chantel again and she agrees as he gives her a most sensuous and passionate kiss. A connection really may be growing.

The two of them enjoy the rest of the concert and by 10:30pm it wraps up. Carl and Chantel hand in hand walk out with the crowd and he finds Robert waiting by the Cadillac. He gentlemanly helps Chantel get inside as he then follows her inside.

Robert asks, "Where to now Mr. Luftgrin?"

Carl pauses and shows a bit of nervousness and asks, "Chantel...would...would you like to come home with me tonight?" he adds, "Please do not feel pressure, if you wish not to I will understand, we could then go back to the dorm, but I sure would be disappointed if you chose not to."

Chantel looks into Carls eyes, pauses and replies, "I would enjoy going with you to your house tonight Carl."

He smiles and says to Robert, "Please take us to my home Robert."

Robert says, "Yes sir Mr. Luftgrin."

Carl puts his left arm around Chantel as she sits snug to him she thinks, 'Hmm girl, this is interesting, Carl is an attractive 53 year old businessman, tall, but not over weight, looks fit for his age and is smart... Hmm maybe this can be exciting, he definitely has a thing for you girl.'

They arrive at Carl's place about 10:50pm. Carl helps Chantel out of the car and sends Robert home with it. Chantel sees a very nice house as Carl walks her up the walk and inside his nice businessman house.

Chantel looking around her as she stands in his foyer,says, "Wow, Carl nice house."

Carl says, "Thank you Chantel. If I may, not all my income is from The Jade Maid Club. I do operate a few other non sexual businesses too. I just happen along with Barlow to fancy sissy girls and seeing them become nice t-girls. Please let me take of your shrug."

Carl removes her shrug and they walk upstairs him holding her hand. He has her sit on a very comfy Italian leather sofa, he asks, "Would you like a drink my dear?"

Chantel says, "Umm... ok a simple Rye an Coke please."

She scans the nice living room as Carl walks to the bar and makes the drinks, his is a Scotch on the rocks. He returns, hands Chantel her drink and sits beside her.

He says, "To a gratitude of thanks for you spending a wonderful night as my date Chantel."

and they clink glasses and sip.

He asks, "Would you like some soft music hun?"

Chantel says, "Ok sure Carl."

Carl gets up turns on his hi-fi to a soft rock station and the music is comfortably soft as he sits back with Chantel, takes another sip of his drink. Adjusts himself to be able to stare at Chantel and admire her sexy look. This man is growing to have a real thing for her. She looks at him and smiles her deep red lip coloured lips stand out in desire. Carl takes his right hand and runs it through her hair as he soaks in her t-girl beauty.

He says, "Chantel I had a wonderful night with you, I so hope you enjoyed yourself too?"

She replies, "Yes Carl, I did, once my nerves settled I really enjoyed it and your company too."

He smiles and says, "Good, I'm so pleased, you must see now I really enjoy you and your company Chantel?"

Chantel says, "Yes I see and yes I am enjoying your company as well Carl."

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