tagErotic CouplingsRecruitment Sex Test Pt. 02

Recruitment Sex Test Pt. 02

byThe Big Bopper©

Jessica went to a job interview with a difference ... a BIG difference. To prove her credentials as an applicant for a senior marketing role at a major multi-national food company where she could be required to use sex with the retail chain buyers to get big orders, she was put through a 2-hour sex test. To use an old British expression, she passed with flying colours.

Jessica's Story Continues

Chapter Two

The wait to hear if I'd made the next stage was harrowing, but fortunately not over long. I was contacted within five days and an appointment set up at each of the two companies. As Jason had predicted, the HR manager at each company conducted those interviews and coincidentally in both cases, the CEO dropped by prior to the end, possibly to make a visual assessment given the extraordinary demands of the positions available. 'Smart enough to understand the marketing procedure,' was the way Jason forecast, 'and attractive enough to tease and tempt a male retail buyer.'

Also, as Jason predicted, not a word, not even a hint, was said about the sex aspect when carefully detailing the job description at either interview. It was obvious that management were distancing themselves from what their new employees might be expected to do, that's why they used a company like Dependably Discrete to handle all that testing up front and off site.

Four days later, Jason called me with the good news that the company offering the lesser amount wanted to appoint me. That didn't faze me, I was just happy to win one of the positions. And 130 grand a year was still top money compared to what I had been earning. I couldn't stop from asking if the woman assessed as very good at anal had got the other position and Jason confirmed she had.

We completed the formalities, like how much notice I needed to give my current employer and a starting date. He advised that a formal employment contract would be mailed to me in the next few days and I was to sign and return it as soon as possible.

My life was about to change considerably. My income almost doubled from the day I started at the new company, although that took my gross up to a higher tax scale, meaning that my nett didn't double. My wardrobe more than doubled too. One of the first things my new boss (the CEO) suggested was for me to start building a collection of outerwear, different styles that were more attuned to having older men notice me. 'Dress to impress' was how the boss put it. As for the intimates, I was sent off to the classiest lingerie store in town to make my selections ... I had only ever dreamed of being able to buy such expensive top quality intimate items.

I settled in quite well with my new employer. Several weeks went by while I studied and absorbed all there was to know about the products we sell. The HR manager never made any reference to the sex part of my job description and I began to wonder when I might be unleashed to turn on the charm with clients.

About five weeks into the job, the CEO called me in for a one-on-one meeting one afternoon. He is such a lovely guy, told me I should call him Geoff. "Jessica, I have left you alone to work your way into this position but I think now is a good time for you to take on full responsibility for new business development. Nobody here other than I knows how Jason tested and briefed you for this job or what I'm expecting you might need to do to get us the additional business we require to maintain our rapid increases in the bottom line."

"I was beginning to wonder when you would ask me to put all my supposed female charm into practice. I mean, you've been so generous, I have almost a complete new wardrobe and I'm driving the latest model company car ... I feel like I should be paying my way by now."

"I am sure you will be shortly Jessica, I didn't want to rush you, just let you move along at a steady pace. You are such a beautiful young woman, I can't see that any man with sexual equipment that still works wouldn't want the excitement of being with you for a night or two."

That was a curious way to word it, 'with sexual equipment that still works' ... is he implying that some of my potential clients might be so old that they could have a problem getting it up or was that some secret admission of his own circumstance? He looks to me to be about sixty but such a lovely distinguished man, always polite when he has discussed what I might be required to do with the clients and never overtly sexual toward me. I think it would be sad if he were not able to still enjoy life's greatest pleasures.

"Jessica, now it is time for me to throw you out there in the big wide world. One of the big four supermarket chains that we supply has just appointed a new man as national buyer for certain of our product lines, but specific for us is our cake mix range. We do very well at that chain for so many of our other products but we have never been able to get any shelf space for our cake range. Our main competitor has constantly blanked us out there."

"What do you know about this new buyer?"

"Well, not a lot unfortunately. He is not a local, they have brought him in from the U.K. We have contacts in England doing a bit of research for us, trying to find out his background, including whether he might be married or not. All we've got so far is that he's around 40. I hope the age won't bother you."

"No, that's ok, Jason was very thorough in telling me what to expect, honest in telling me that not every client would look like Brad Pitt and that I could expect older and even obese men as well as, hopefully the odd hunk too."

"Ha ha, well I hope you strike it lucky first up, I guess a man of forty can still be a hunk, even if not at my age. By the way, I should brief you on how we previously approached winning new business. We always had men in your role and the buyers are usually men. So, our guys would take the buyers to long lunches, get them boozed up, maybe take them to a casino and even put a heap of gambling chips in their hands. We would take them to strip clubs if they seemed interested in that, even pay for them to get the top girls at brothels if they appeared so inclined. But that approach hasn't worked much of late, hence this decision that I took on my own to hire a beautiful young woman such as yourself and grant you full autonomy once you're out there one-on-one with a client to do whatever you decide it takes to get the business. Our board of directors have no knowledge of what you might need to do with certain clients who we think have underspent with us for years."

"Thank you for the opportunity, I hope that I can justify your faith in me."

"Jessica, I'd like you to call this guy, his name is John Harvey, set up an initial meeting so you can suss him out, and then if you get on well with him, I will leave it to you to determine the right time to invite him out to dinner, get him away from his work environment and lay on the charm. No pressure mind you but my estimate is that if that chain were to stock our cake mix range nationally, we could expect a first-year return of more than twelve million ... easy as that. We would also pay you a generous bonus for that sort of result."

I went back to my office and called John Harvey immediately. I got through to him and was immediately taken by his lovely accent - very British. But he also came across as very abrupt and formal. He did agree for us to meet but asked if I would wait another week since he was still settling in to his new position.

I waited another week and phoned the following Monday. He scheduled a day and time to meet with him in his office. I dressed with plenty of sex appeal in mind, but no little black dresses yet ... I would save that for when I could get him out at night away from his office.

We got on reasonably well, I got him smiling a few times, and I walked away from this initial meeting satisfied with the progress made to date. He had told me that he was a career retail trade strategist back in London and this local supermarket chain here in Australia had head-hunted him to apply his distinctive retailing skills locally.

I did baulk when he told me he was married with young kids ... I guess I hadn't considered that aspect, that these potential clients could have families. New sexual relationships can bring out certain emotions between the two involved and I didn't want to be the cause of any marriage break ups while doing my job. I would need to control how emotionally involved any of my targets might become.

John's full story was that his wife wasn't happy that he had accepted this new job, she was reluctant to move out to Australia and certainly didn't want to take the kids out of their current posh English schools, so she was initially not following hubby halfway around the world. Geoff was ecstatic when I told him that, forecasting that Harvey would soon - if not already - be feeling somewhat sex-starved and would be ripe for what I could offer him.

A week after our first meeting, I decided to try to move us to the next level, calling John Harvey to invite him out to dinner one night. To my surprise and frustration, he said no. 'Damn,' I thought, 'back to square one!' Then, while relating to Geoff that I was getting nowhere, I happened to mention John telling me of his love of horses and how he rode regularly back in England. Geoff jumped at that, turns out he has an old buddy who operates a rural horse stud. The only drawback - or could it be an advantage - was that the property was way out of town, like a four-hour drive each way. It would be best to make it an overnight trip to allow us enough time to ride some horses.

After having been rejected for a simple dinner one evening, I didn't have much faith in getting him to agree to come away with me over a weekend despite my CEO's confidence. I called John with this invitation and to my delight, he eagerly accepted. Tentatively, I warned him, "John, it's a fair distance, it will be best to stay over on the Saturday night," half expecting him to change his mind. But he said that was no problem and he would book and pay for his own room separately if I told him where I intended to stay.

I had to insist that I take care of making the bookings, telling him he could pay for his room if he wanted, but that it was easier to book it all together. Of course, I had no intention of booking two rooms, only a suite with king size bed and a spa bath but no need for him to know that until we arrived. The scene was set.

I began to get nervous as the big weekend approached, doubts began to form in my head as to whether I could pull this off. I had never dated a man older than 26 yet here I was thinking I could charm and seduce a mature 40-year-old man of the world. What if he blew up when he found that I had tricked him into sharing a room? It could be a huge embarrassment.

I left the office early on the Friday afternoon, heading home to pack, meticulously selecting particular lingerie combinations, testing them out in front of my full-length mirror. I only packed shirts/blouses/tops that buttoned in front, my intention being so I could nonchalantly leave the top buttons undone all weekend, showing off my ample bust to best advantage.

As arranged, I picked John up in my company car on the Saturday morning and we headed out onto the open road through beautiful countryside for the 4-hour drive to a town called Mudgee to connect with horses. I have only ridden a few times so Geoff's friend who runs the stud property selected a good easy-going horse for me and I managed to pull it off. John and I rode together for an hour or so before he got into an earnest discussion with the property owner over some of the differing methods of looking after horses in our two countries. I took the opportunity to slip away and drive into town to find the motel and check us in.

I still hadn't devised a good plan for revealing to John that we were sharing a suite that hopefully would lead to us sleeping together, so my nerves returned as I contemplated how he might react. I checked us in and they gave me two keys. I placed our bags in the bedroom of the suite and then returned to the horse stud.

By now, John had become so involved that he was working in the stable, washing and rubbing down several of the horses. The couple that owned this spread had taken such a liking to John that they invited us both to stay for dinner. John was so into the horses that he seemed keen to have a longer chat with our hosts but I was emphatic in declining, informing the stud owners and John that we had plans for dinner.

"And besides," I added, "the last thing I need would be to get caught driving the ten miles back into town after too many wines." That did it, everybody sagely nodded their heads that I was making sense. So we left the property around 5.30 and headed off to the motel.

"That was a great idea of yours," said John as I drove, "suggesting we stay over. I wouldn't have wanted to face a four-hour drive back to Sydney tonight in the dark on unfamiliar country roads."

Chalk one up for me. I hope he recalls that when I have to confess that we will be sleeping together. I have no inkling as to how he will react. He's shown no sign yet of being the slightest bit interested in me from a sexual point of view. I mean, a woman knows when a guy is interested, you spot his eyes scanning your body, noting where it curves, maybe he will touch you here and there. But John Harvey showed none of that, there was nothing. I'd even bought the tightest pair of riding jodhpurs that I could fit into without bursting a seam and stretched and bent and twisted boldly in front of him. I recalled checked myself out in the fitting room mirror when I bought them and seeing they looked like a second skin down my legs and around my compact arse.

I drove into the motel and directly to the car space outside our room. "I've already checked us in," I told him as he looked in the back of the car for his overnight bag.

"Oh good, when did you do that?"

"While you were discussing the history of horses with our hosts."

"Oh yeah ... err, sorry about that Jessica, I do get a bit carried away when anyone talks to me on equine matters."

"That's ok, so long as you have as much enthusiasm when I start to talk to you tonight about stocking our cake mix range."

He laughed, "Ok, it's a deal."

I handed John one of the keys and he took it and unlocked the room door that we stood outside, "What time do you want to meet up for dinner then?"

Oh oh, here we go, the moment of truth. Maybe it should be called the moment of lie because now I was going to have to, "Err, no need to arrange that John, it seems that we have to share."

"Oh, do we, I didn't expect...?"

"Yes, the motel screwed up the booking, but fortunately they have us in a suite so I'm sure that we can keep out of each other's way if that's your preference."

"Err, they didn't have any other rooms? I don't have to have a suite."

"No, it's a total screw up and they are booked solid this weekend." I desperately hoped that he would accept what I was saying and not storm into the reception office to demand separate rooms. I added, "Come on, they told me the suite was big and roomy so let's go in and see if we can make the best of it."

We entered into a type of living room initially. It had a sofa, a couple of comfortable single chairs, a dining table with two upright chairs and a kitchenette in the corner. There were two doors off it, one to the bedroom that a peep inside revealed was dominated by a massive king size bed, covered with a bed spread that was white with a huge red heart stitched into it. My first thought was that it looked like a romantic love nest and I wondered if he had a similar thought, actually I pondered if it doubled as the honeymoon suite.

We both stood there in the doorway, taking it all in. "Not even twin beds," mused John, sounding as if he would contemplate sharing a room but not a bed.

The other door led to a large bathroom where the centrepiece was a spa bath, "There you go John, hop in the spa and soak away all the riding aches and pains. We can sort out sleeping arrangements later."

He seemed happy to accept that plan, fortunately ... and he disappeared into the bathroom. I could hear the sound of water running and I guessed that he was filling the spa bath. Not being a regular horse rider, I was feeling a few twinges so I sat down to tug my riding boots off and pull down the tight figure hugging jodhpurs to bare my legs and hips, thinking that John would be a while luxuriating in the spa bath. I took a cold rum and cola from the bar fridge and sat on the sofa to watch some TV.

I heard the motor start up to pump spa water around and hoped he was enjoying the experience. As I sat watching TV in only my panties, white blouse and bra, I felt a sudden compulsion to undo the remaining buttons on my blouse. I intentionally left the top two buttons undone when I first put it on this morning, hoping that free glimpses of my ample breast flesh struggling to be contained within a brand new mauve lacy bra might tantalise my first targeted client.

If it had turned him on, I hadn't seen any indication all day. John and his wife had been apart for about six weeks now. As Geoff had told me yesterday when we had a final briefing before I left the office to embark on this weekend, most red-blooded men would surely be feeling a need in their loins by now despite the oft-expressed traditional stoic stiff upper lip of the English ... described as a person who shows great self-restraint in the expression of emotion. I'd prefer something else of his to be stiff rather than his upper lip.

Was I moving a bit too quickly, perhaps coming across as too obvious by opening up my blouse to give far more than just a glimpse of my bra and bulging breasts and in removing the jodhpurs to reveal my skimpy panties and shapely bare legs? Possibly I was, but I needed to get things started if this weekend was to work.

The best that I could find on local TV was boring and I closed my eyes, intending only to rest them but instead I must have drifted off. So I was startled awake to find John standing in front of me, clad in a white towelling robe. I guessed that the motel must provide them to guests using spa bath rooms. How long had he been standing there watching me as I dozed? Had he taken full advantage while my eyes were closed to have a good look, to check out the goods?

"Oh, sorry John," I said on seeing him there before me, although unsure what I might really be sorry for.

He said nothing about my semi-clothed state, "That's ok, you look most relaxed. You did all the driving today, maybe you'd prefer to eat in tonight?"

I had developed a game plan for the seduction of my client over this weekend and, strangely enough, staying in to eat wasn't in my plan. Logically, you would think it would be. But I had researched the town in advance and discovered this universally recommended little restaurant with supposedly great ambience ... you know, great food, subdued lighting, romantic atmosphere. It seemed to beat room service.

So without even contemplating that he could have been swayed to prefer staying in by coming from his hot spa bath to find me half undressed on the sofa, I blurted out, "No John, I got a great recommendation on an Italian restaurant just across the road, we really must try it out."

Damn! Did I blow an unexpected opening to get him into my best opening?

"Okay then," he conceded, "that spa bath was really good, I highly recommend you have one too. I've begun running the water for you."

"Oh thanks, but have we got time? I did book for six thirty."

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