tagRomanceRecycled Lingerie Ch. 02

Recycled Lingerie Ch. 02


This is the second installment of the torrid love affair between Howie and Mandy. Howie's wife, Joyce, died of cancer a few years earlier. Howie grieved for quite a while, not even dating friends from work who at least wanted to cheer him up. One day his sister-in-law, Mandy, showed up, having recently moved to the area. Howie had invited her to come over to see if she wanted any of Joyce's clothes. In all the time since she passed, Howie hadn't been able to go through any of Joyce's stuff.

While she was there, Howie started pouring some scotch from his impressive collection. After a number of different tastes, they decided it was time to get to sorting Joyce's clothes. Mandy decided to put on a fashion show for Howie, and they danced briefly at one point. They had continued the scotch tasting during the fashion show. Then Mandy discovered the lingerie chest. She modeled some and wonderfly-erotic sex ensued.

Afterward, Mandy dropped an H-bomb on Howie, revealing she was bisexual. Howie revealed in turn that Joyce and he had a number of lesbian fantasies, but that neither Joyce nor he ever acted on them, and both were faithful to each other to the end. He also revealed that Mandy was the focus of some of Joyce's fantasies, though Joyce never knew Mandy was bisexual. Neither sister had ever told the other for fear of being reviled.

Mandy and Howie fell in love, but Mandy said she could never give up her lesbian side. She said she would give up all other men, but would still have women lovers. Howie said he would not participate in a threesome, self-describing himself as the most straight-arrow, monogamous man she would ever meet.

If you also follow my Peggy & I series, you will know that Mandy was approached by Peggy, a friend from work, to help her cousin Sara with a lesbian sexual problem. Mandy lent her expertise and the result was that Mandy and Sara hit it off.

Howie and Mandy have been lovers for about a year now, and Howie has pledged his unconditional love to Mandy. It's a bit of a push on Howie's sexual envelope, but unconditional love is ... well, unconditional. He's as happy as he can be that he has Mandy when he has her. And, by the way, she relates all of her lesbian episodes to Howie, much to his sexual excitement.

For those who find our lovers seeking the impossible, there is a reality check near the end of the story that brings their intended fantasy affair down to earth for a more realistic outcome. It just goes to show us that expectations can get a little out of hand.

Let's see what Howie is about to have added to his life now ...


I came home that fateful day tired and ready for dinner and a relaxing evening in front of the television. I had just pulled a frozen dinner out of the freezer when my phone rang.

"Howie ... can I come over for a bit? I have something I want to tell you."

It was Mandy. Her voice indicated that she was excited, and that perked me up a bit.

"Sure, Honey. I was just about to heat up some dinner. Want me to heat two?"

"No. Go ahead and eat while I'm driving. I already had something."

"Okay. See you in half an hour."

I heated my dinner and ate as I mused over what the good news could be. I couldn't think of anything other than maybe she had gotten another promotion. When she bought a sexy new outfit or piece of lingerie, she always said, "something I want to show you," not, "tell you."

I heard the garage door open about forty minutes later. Mandy entered opened the kitchen door, and I saw she had something in a paper bag in her hand. She pulled out a bottle of Highland Park 18 year old Scotch.

"Get some glasses and ice."

"Fantastic. I thought you said you had something to tell me, not something for me to taste."

"Oh, I do have something to tell you. Something that needs a toast with this wonderful liquid."

Intrigued, I fetched two glasses, some ice and a bottle of spring water. She poured the drinks and handed me mine.

I took a sip, and it was heavenly. I kissed her and led her to the sofa.

"So what's this thing that needs a hundred-forty-dollar-a-bottle toast?"

"I want to tell you about a wonderful change in my life. You know I've had a number of women lovers while we've been together, right?"

"Yeah. You had two off-and-on when we met, and then one or two since. Your hot descriptions of what you do with them when we're making love pretty much identified them. So?"

"Well, I just have one now. Her name is Sara, and I met her a few months ago. She's the cousin of a couple of friends of mine from work. In her twenties."

"Robbing the cradle now, are we? Maybe new career as a cougar?"

"Howie, her cousins brought her to me. She was having problems sexually. She never understood romantic love, and she couldn't keep a lover because she was too rough and physical. My friends, Peggy and Alex, brought her to me so I could help her."

"Help her?"

"Yeah. Alex is the most romantic lover I have ever heard about. He could give you a good run for the money in the romance department, in fact. Alex talked to her and I showed her. What romantic sex is all about, that is."

"Okay. Nice of you to help a friend. So what happened?"

Mandy looked at me with the same dreamy expression she had after we made love.

"I fell in love with her, Howie. I fell in love with her. She lives quite a ways away, Connecticut in fact, but we have seen each other quite a few times now. I told all of my casual lesbian friends I'm off the market."

She had never used the word love to describe anyone but me. A heartbeat's breadth of worry touched me until I remembered that there was good news in store. I realized she was talking only about the lesbian side of her bisexuality.

"Honey, that's wonderful. But are you going to be satisfied on your lesbian side with occasional sex in a long-distance relationship?"

"Don't have to. She applied to our procurement department ... and no, I didn't pull any strings. She applied months ago and was hired yesterday. She starts in two weeks. She's moving here."

"If you have been seeing each other for a few months, why didn't you tell me about her before now? You gave a great account of your lovemaking session with Rosa the last time we fucked. I could almost feel her dusky skin the way you went on about her."

"Well, I didn't know where my feelings were going, and I couldn't quite verbalize what I was experiencing until I was sure she was the only one for me. She is so sweet, smart and sexy. She listens to every word I say, and she has become adept at pleasing me in ways I didn't know existed. She is a natural. As soon as she understood what romance was all about, she became another person. You know what a cunt I can be ... well, she melted this old cunt's heart."

She had a look on her face that indicated there was much more to this.

"Go ahead and drop the other shoe. I know there's something else you want to tell me."

"Sara learned hasty, physical sex from the boys she dated before she became interested in girls. I think most of her boyfriends considered foreplay to consist entirely of mumbling, 'Get in the truck, slut.' She didn't like the way they pretty much just assaulted her, so she turned to women because she figured they would understand her better. Problem was that she didn't understand them. She needed to learn about the romantic needs of women. I've been telling her that men can be romantic too."

"Remember when we first met and I told you that I would like to make out with you and another woman? Well, I have been telling Sara about how romantic you are, and she told me yesterday that she wants to experience it herself. You said that some day you might consider going to bed with me and one of my female lovers. Would you consider it? I mean ... I guess what I'm asking is if you are ready? It's not just with someone I want to fuck now. It's with someone I love, and my love for her doesn't diminish my love for you in the least."

I didn't know what to say. For more than a year I had been listening to her lesbian love stories when we were in bed. My late wife, Joyce, had lesbian fantasies too, but we never acted on them. Mandy's stores always got me hot ... hotter than my Joyce's even because they were actual accounts, not fantasies. There were a few times when I was tempted to let her arrange a threesome, but Mandy was pretty much right when she told others I was the most monogamous man she'd ever encountered.

I never minded her lesbian lovers. She needed that, and it made her the person I loved. The stories always made me come harder than a freight train, too. She told me the first weekend we made love that she was going to continue to have lesbian affairs, and I told her I understood that a leopard can't change its spots. She was bisexual, but she gave up all other men for me. I couldn't make her not want sex with women.

I sat back and took another sip of that wonderful scotch. I had to decide if my urges were strong enough to overcome my fierce loyalty to just one woman. I had been afraid that if I ever took her up on her offer, I might want to have sex with other women, too. Cross one moral barrier and there is a chance of the slippery slope. Now she was offering up the one and only woman she said she now loved.

Another thing that crossed my mind was that if I said no, she would begin to have three households. I considered her part of mine, though she still stayed at her condo during the week as it was closer to where she worked. If I didn't let Sara come into my household, Mandy would certainly add another or simply let Sara stay with her. That meant less time with Mandy. On the other hand, if I let Sara become part of my life, it would certainly result in Mandy and I being together more often as a side benefit, even if I didn't want to sleep with the two of them.

She could sense the depth of my thought. She apparently wanted to throw a deal-clincher.

"You know my pussy has had all sorts of things in it, including that ball-tipped vibrator you kept from my sister's toy chest. You know how tight I can still make my pussy with muscle control though. Well hers is that tight all the time. I want to see your dick in Sara's tight wet pussy while you watch me finger myself or have her lick me."

She took my finger and squeezed it while looking me in the eye.

"Tight, Howie. Warm, wet and tight."

She knew she had me. Her hand let go of my finger and went to my pants. My dick was rock hard. She unzipped my pants and took it out. She put her hand around it and squeezed again.

"You know you want this in her tight pussy. It's as tight as Joyce's was when you two met."

During lovemaking, I had told Mandy about how tight her sister's pussy was when we met. I could still feel how hot it made me when I thought about it. She well and truly had me.

Mandy stood, took our glasses and set them on the coffee table. She lowered her panties and turned around. She lifted her skirt and sat on my cock. I reached around and felt her hard nipples through her dress and bra.

"Say it."

I found myself unable to resist anymore.

"I want to fuck her tight pussy."

"Say her name."

"I want to fuck Sara's tight pussy."

Saying it out loud for the first time was incredibly erotic for both of us. I knew the last barrier between fantasy and reality was gone, and Mandy knew that her longstanding desire for sex with me and another woman was going to become a reality.

"I want the three of us to meet and go to dinner at a restaurant. A fancy one. I want you to treat Sara like you treat me. Romance her. Tell us how beautiful we are and how nice we look. I'll have her dress in a Fifties outfit, and I'll be in one, too. You'll be in your white dinner jacket and tux pants. You can kiss us when we arrive, but no touching until we get back here."

It was obvious Mandy had the whole evening worked out. She had been thinking about this for a while. When she got to the next part, her breathing became a bit more ragged.

"When we get home I want the three of us to dance here in the living room with our arms around each other. While we're doing that, I'm going to slip out and put her arms around you. I want each of you to feel the other. She's a little smaller than me but her tits are a little bigger, and I want you to experience her in your arms."

"I'm going to sit in that chair while you feel her body. I want to watch that. Run your hands over her sides and onto her perfect breasts. Begin to undress her slowly. I'm going to have her in your favorite: a bra and half-slip. Take her here to the couch ... take her here ... and pet until you can't stand it anymore. Take her hand and lead her to the bedroom. I'll reach under her slip from behind ... and remove ... panties."

Mandy's voice was hoarse by now and she was breathing hard.

"I'll sit her ... on the ... on the bed and push her back. Take off your clothes while I'm cradling her head and ... and fuck Sara-aaaaaaa!"

Mandy began to thrust wildly on top of me.

"I'll fuck her hard while you watch, Mandy. You'll watch her while I come in her tight wet cunt."

That was it for both of us. I shot up inside her and she moaned and grunted as she came hard, too. She leaned back against me and I held her. I could visibly see how much that had excited her. I could only imagine how hard she would come actually watching me fuck Sara. I knew her fingers would be buried in her own pussy while I did it, and that would make me come all the harder in her friend. What she said next was completely out of the blue.

"Would you like to watch me eat your come from her pussy?"

"Would you like to do that?"

"She suggested it while she was fingering me in the car the other day, and I came so hard I bent forward and sounded the horn for a second."

"I guess that would be a yes, then."

"Yeah, but you have to be feeling me up from behind. She was specific. Fingering me clit with one hand and fingering my asshole with the other."

My dick gave another spasm I didn't know it had when she said that.

"Uh, have you two ..."

"She and I have experimented with well lubed fingers and a tiny vibrator, Honey. Anything bigger isn't pleasurable. I've told you about others in the past, if you recall. She says that one of us doing it to you from behind while you fuck the other will stimulate your prostate and make you come harder, if you want to try it."

"Isn't that a little gay?"

"We don't want to fuck you with a strap-on, silly. If a woman fingers you there while you are having sex with and thinking only of women, then it is most certainly not gay. If I told you about a man doing you while we were having sex, what would your reaction be?"

"A case of deflatus instantaneous."

"If I said that I wanted to watch her tongue your asshole while she licked your balls, what would your reaction be?"

"Maybe a bit hot."

"So a little fingering, maybe?"

"Wow. Let's just go with what we have for now when it comes to my pucker."

"Would you like to ...?"

"Uh, well, okay. I'll do it to you. You want a finger up your butt or the vibrator?"

"The vibrator, I think. Do me until I come."

"Sure. Getting back to her scenario, is she always that specific?"

"Yeah. I taught her to verbalize and tell her lover what she's thinking. That was a huge part of what was missing in her lovemaking. Now I can't stop her. It's way erotic! While we were making love the other day she entertained me with a five minute description of how she wants to wake you some morning. Hands on your body, whispering in your ear, moving to your dick, licking down ... Hey, are you getting another erection inside me?"

"Keep talking ..."

I had indeed gotten hard again, and her words were stimulating me as much as anything else could have.

"She is going to lick down your body to your dick and then put it in her mouth."

I reached around and started to play with Mandy's breasts again. I could feel her hand move to her clit. I absolutely loved feeling her do that when we made love, and she always came hard when she did it.

"Then she wants to sit on your dick and lean back. She wants me to finger her while she rides you, and then lick her clit while you watch. Oh, god, your dick feels so good in me. I love it when she sticks her fingers in my pussy, but your dick feels so much better."

I was getting close again. I knew my pants were going to be a nasty mess, but I didn't care by then.

"What else have you two done?"

"She has very small hands ... and we ... oh ohhhhh ..."

"She fisted you, didn't she? Sara put her hand up inside where my dick is and you took it like her slut, didn't you?"

"No ... just four fingers, but yes ... ohhhh ... yesssss ... made me come so hardddd ... AHHHHHHH!"

She came so hard that when she bent forward she lifted off my dick. She put a hand out and touched the floor, then rolled forward onto it, still grunting and straining. Her skirt and slip were pulled up around her waist and I saw her cunt from behind. My previous come was dripping out. I pictured a young woman's hand there. I quickly began to stroke myself, and it only took a few seconds before I came all over the place.

We sat there, speechless, for almost a minute. Both of us were panting. Finally, she turned around and saw my state. She got up and got a wet towel from the downstairs bath and began to clean my trousers.

"Honey, we're going to have to get an AED because this young friend of yours is going to give both of us a heart attack. I can't remember the last time either of us came that hard."

"I can. Twice this month. Once when she said she wanted to have me eat your come out of her and once the first time she told me she loved me and wanted to fuck you too."


"Yeah, wow. Hey, do you want to see what she looks like? I have pictures on my phone."


She went to her purse and retrieved her phone. She showed me several pictures of Sara, she was beautiful. I saw a woman in her early-20s, about five-five and with a fairly lean, athletic figure, but with some nice curves. Sara's auburn hair came to the middle of her back. She had almond shaped green eyes and a narrow nose. Below it was a cupie-bow mouth with red lipstick.

Sara's breasts were fuller than Mandy's, maybe a 32C. Whatever bra she had on made them ride high and they were nicely accentuated by her tight-fitting polo shirt. Her hips nicely filled out a tight denim skirt that ended mid-thigh and revealed a pair of tanned and well-toned legs. She wore open-toe sandals without stockings.

"I took that one the day we met. Here's another ..."

The next picture showed her in tight jeans with the cuffs rolled up, a white tee shirt and penny loafers. Her hair was in a ponytail. She looked like she had just stepped out of a Fifties magazine.

"Yeah, Hon, she really is cute. I love your ass, but hers is really firm looking."

Mandy held up a finger and wiggled it. She laughed as she spoke.

"Yeah, it is really tight."

"Damn, that's hot."

"She wants each of us to watch another do that to the third. She's too tight for anything even half the size of your dick, but she's really into light anal stimulation. We don't want to stretch anything, just enjoy what we have."

I sat back after reaching for my glass and taking a big swig. This was a lot of information in one night. A threeway ... Mandy truly in love with a woman in addition to me ... anal ... creampie eating ... and fucking a young, tight pussy while Mandy watched. I was a bit overwhelmed as the recent passion subsided.

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