tagSci-Fi & FantasyRecycled Reused Ch. 03

Recycled Reused Ch. 03


It looked like nothing changed, except she disappeared. The light was instantaneously dimmer and at the same instant she was gone, except she wasn't! The floor was transparent and she was there. Standing in the exact spot in a doorway exactly like the one here. She looked up and smiled and waved at me. At where she thought I was. I waved furiously back. I probably looked like an idiot. It dawned on me that she couldn't see me. She wasn't looking right at me but kind of next to where I was.

She turned and left. I glanced quickly around me and noticed the room was exactly like the one below but darker, lit by half from below. The drains in the floor were there but transparent. The light disk in the ceiling below me was there too, dark from above, but the rest of the floor was clearer than glass. I rushed to follow. To see where she was going but caution got the better of me.

I peeked out the hallway and saw that it ended about 20 feet down, right where hers did, but she was already walking out and the door to mine wasn't even open. The door to my hallway wasn't transparent. The walls weren't either. They were shiny metal, just like in the rooms below me.

The light in the hallway came on as I approached, as if recognizing me or was on a motion sensor. For all I knew, giant 'Martians' were sitting in a control room watching, deciding when to turn lights on. I thought about watching to see if anybody came or went down below but as I considered it, the lights down below went out. There was a quiet rushing sound. A hum. Something was going on down there but I couldn't make out anything, the light from above glaring on the transparent floor but not enough light came up from the shiny floor under it to make out what was going on.

I looked down the hall. My stomach rumbled. Might as well get this over with.

I walked down the hall, and as I expected, the door whisked open. Onto another hall. I was somehow surprised that there was no line of guys. In fact, I got the sneaking suspicion that wherever that line of guys was, it was going to move in about 20 seconds.

Everything else was the same, except for the floor. The floor was dark. Transparent, but revealing nothing. I looked to the left and to the right and the light in the hall led to the right. The left was dark. Down the hall to the right I could see light coming up from below. It was another room, or hall or something. Throwing caution to the wind, I rushed down there. Ran.

I came upon it, screeching to a halt, the skin on my feet making squeaking sounds on the floor as I halted. There below me was the line. Guys. Standing in line. Waiting. And then, whether coincidence or not, they moved.

They looked almost dead. Like machines. I could feel their fear of the unknown yet I was in the unknown they feared. Wake up! My mind screamed at them. Their line bumped forward. The guys, expressionless. Is that what I looked like? Did someone stand here and scream at me to wake up? Did Kera? Is this how Kera watched me? Like an angel from above?

I didn't wait for the line to bump forward again. There was nothing there for me. I had seen everything down there. Done everything there was to do. That part of my life was over. I needed to move on, badly.

I looked ahead and then walked right over the heads of the guys below me. The hallway turned to the right again and there was a function station. In a room. All by itself. Door open. Waiting. Inviting.

I had cum already, what, three times in the space of just a few hours. I wasn't ready. My muscles for orgasmic purposes were achy. My cock was achy. But there it was. I did need to pee though. I walked up and mounted the dais and climbed into the familiar machine.

I fitted my legs into the slots and toes into the sockets. I guided my anus over the plug and nuts and cock into the pouch and tube. I lay on the forms with my mouth over the rest-gag and arms into the armholes. The door whisked down and the chamber formed to fit me in every detail. The familiar caress was like coming home in a way. But coming home after a long night out partying. It was reality, coming home to roost. Waking from a dream. A dream that had a beautiful woman in it.

The familiar sensation of another tube slithering into my penis completed my return to reality. The plug in my ass swelled. The ejaculation sequence began on my hard worked parts and I thought about Kera. I ejaculated forcefully, but painfully, my muscles upset at being used again so soon. The penis tube flushed and retracted and my anal cleansing began. I pictured Kera. She smiled a lot. Who was watching me right now?

The chamber finished and I got out. My skin had the old familiar residue on it. The chamber lights went out but it did a cleaning cycle anyway. I had never seen one dark before. The lights came on in the hallway across from the chamber and I started toward it. As I rounded the corner and walked down the next hall I spied another bright spot in the floor. I didn't rush up to it like I had the first time but when I got there I saw something I didn't expect.

The women's line.

Below me was a line of athletic looking women. They were different ages but they all looked great! They were totally naked. And hairless, except they had hair on their heads. For some it was slicked this way or that. Long or short. Curly or straight. All different colors. Like normal! Their breasts were big or medium. I could see about ten women in the hallway. As I stared at them, my brain sucking it all in, I came to the slow realization, looking at their faces, they were just as dead as the men.

They were all beautiful in their own fashion, but lacking animation. Spark. It wasn't there. Presumably they had it, but it was hiding.

I continued on my way. At the corner, I turned and stepped into a room with a sustenance station. I got fed. Then it was off to an exercise station. The belt. I got glimpses of the men and women below me in hallways but my brain had already somewhat dismissed them. I was more focused on what lay ahead.

After the exercise station, there was a cleansing station. It was different. There was the chamber, but above my head and at my ankles were loops of the crystal clear material on transparent armatures from above and below. I stepped in, unsure of what they were for but a little frightened that they might be for my hands and feet. The lights went out except for coming from the loops. My suspicion confirmed.

I went ahead and did it. The loops tightened and lifted me, spreading my legs and arms. Then, another armature came out of the ceiling. It was crystal clear too. It had a nozzle-brush type of thing on the end and began spraying and scrubbing me. The scrubbing used the familiar surfactant and the brush/nozzle was FAST. It knew every inch of my body and how to scrub it. I didn't understand at first why the difference but then realized that the brush was exfoliating my skin very lightly.

My skin was invigorated. It felt like I hadn't been clean in years! When the brush/nozzle finished, it disappeared and out of the chamber walls sprayed WATER! Cool, clear, clean water. It washed the surfactant from me. I tasted the water. It was fantastic! I took a swallow. Gulped it down with such pleasure. I opened my mouth for another but the water shut off and a drying cycle began. It was just as vicious as usual. It blew the water from me, leaving me moist but mostly dry.

The chamber door whisked open and the lights came on leading me away. A few droplets of water fell on the floor behind me as I walked to the next hallway. I felt capital. Clean. And not greasy.

The lights lead me to a room down a hallway that had light coming up through the transparent floor. There was a sofa-like feature of the crystal clear plastiyc/rubber material running around the outside of the room. That was new. But what really shocked me was the room below was a function station. For women.

Directly below, just a few feet away, the line of women came up a dais, closer to where I stood. The line entered from my left and exited to my right. A woman was getting out of the chamber. She looked completely expressionless. The chamber door went down and it did a cleaning cycle and then back up. The next woman in line moved to get in. She was well put together. Her breasts were large and nipples and areolas puffed out nicely.

She slipped her legs into the slots and then maneuvered her butt and vagina over plugs and sat down gently, wiggling, presumably to seat them comfortably up inside her. She lay forward on the forms and put her mouth over a mouth gag and slipped her arms into the armholes. The chamber closed on her and fitted to her over her legs, butt, back, neck, head, arms. Immediately I saw a stream of liquid leave the tube below her vagina and tubes that left her breasts turned light with milk. Her breasts were being massaged. Sucked. Drained of milk. Manipulated.

For that matter, so was her but and vagina. There was movement in there. More than in the guy chamber. Her body tensed, and bursts of fluid washed down a different tube from her vagina. This went on for some time. About the time her breasts stopped giving milk, her contractions stopped and then something else started. A stream of brown poo shot down the butt plug tube. It was flushed, and then the chamber opened. It released her.

She stepped out casually. Expressionless. Her hair plastered to her head by the chamber. She didn't even fix it. The next woman stepped up and the process started all over again. I sat down on the sofa feature and it gently molded to my butt and thighs. I sat there and watched.

There were thin girls. Thicker, girls. Black girls. Asians. Every shape and color. Many of them had short hair but not a majority. They all had a few things in common. Their nails were gone. None of them were flat chested (Some of them had commanding breasts). Their breasts sagged with the weight of milk. They all had puffy nipples. Not so puffy after leaving the chamber. There was no expression.

Then there was a new girl. I spotted her instantly. She was terrified. It looked like she was moaning before she even turned the corner. Her hands gesticulated more and more the closer she got to the station. She couldn't bring herself to even look at it. She kept turning and turning. I saw her whisper or try to speak but the others ignored her.

She climbed the dais when the girl in front of her got out. I didn't think she had any clue that it wasn't just a rest chamber or something. She shook her hands back and forth and before she realized what she was doing she was getting in.

She slid her legs in. She was confused on what to do. She hadn't paid attention. She went to sit down and THEN discovered the plugs. She screamed and looked as if she was going to leap out of the chamber. The girl behind her said something. I couldn't hear but the girl in the chamber closed her eyes and sat down. She was crying. The plugs slipped into her and she more or less bounced down the rest of the way.

She reached her arms forward and lay down. She hesitatingly placed her mouth over the gag. The door closed. The chamber contained an explosion of emotion. I could see her body shaking with sobs and surprises. I didn't know if a woman could orgasm in that condition but she did. Forcefully. Her breasts produced no milk, but there was sucking going on. Her bladder was full of yellow urine. Everyone else's urine is pale or clear.

If her orgasm produced ejaculate, I did not see any. There were definite full-body contractions though. Then her butt was cleaned. She recoiled the little that the chamber would allow and recoiled again and again. I felt terrible for her. The poor girl. Taken so fully advantage of by a machine. She didn't have a clue. She just did what the others did.

The door opened and she tried to get out. She had some difficulty getting off the plugs. Her first attempt was if they weren't still in her but she realized her mistake and lifted up and clambered out and landed squarely on the floor on her hands and knees. She was sobbing. The woman behind her said 'go'! Or something like it. The poor girl crawled down the dais and into line. She stood up about the time the line bumped again.

The lights in the rest station came on. It was time for something. I followed the lights out. I did a routine of function station, food station, exercise station and then I was sent to a sleep station. I could not be more ready for it. It was directly over another sleep station where was a woman sleeping, the light dim. I climbed into my pallet and passed out.

The lights blinked on and I looked around. The dark, transparent floor below me revealed nothing. The doorway was open and the hall light was on to the right. I got up and walked out. I walked down the hall to a function station and was met by Kera!

She slammed into me for a hug and a kiss. Her breasts mashed against me. Her lips locked on mine, my head firmly grasped between her hands.

"Ugh! It's so good to see you." She intoned, very excited.

"You too!"

"I didn't get any free time after I left you yesterday. I got debriefed and then it was pods, the rest of the day."

"What was the debrief? Do you actually talk to these aliens? What do they look like?"

She chuckled. "We're the aliens, remember?" She winked. "Yes, we meet 'face to head-like thing'. They are, not, anything like us really. I think that is why they are so fascinated by us. We are an enigma. We talk through a communicator device that translates but they don't talk with words or speech. I don't know what generates the language for them. They may be telepathic for all I know."

"So, what, did you go sit at a table and have a round-robin discussion?" I smiled, unable to imagine it.

"No. I went to a chamber and they are visible through the wall and you speak with them."

"What did you talk about?"

"They just wanted to know about you. They asked me what being with you was like, if I had any problems they didn't see, or if I anticipated any. They want to know if you can produce more. Or if you will balk at performances."

"What did you tell them?"

"I told them you would probably be fine if you were treated as well as the rest of us."

"Did they ask if I wanted to go home?" I joked.

She looked at me very seriously, considering. I was getting concerned when she spoke again.

"I have never heard of anyone going 'home' as you mean it. If it was on the table, would you want to go?" Her eyes were measuring.

What do I say to that? I started to say 'Of course!' but never got it out. She saw me start and I think she suspected what I was going to say.

"I guess I don't know. I have wanted nothing else since I got here except to know why."

"You have sleep, food, exercise, health, rest. What more can you get back 'home'?"


"Freedom is relative. Were you ever completely free?"

"Well, no, but-"

"We should not be talking about it. I am sorry. I let myself be hurt because I don't want to think of you away from me. I am being selfish."

It was the first time she had ever interrupted me. Talked when I was talking. I was startled by it. I had hit a big nerve.

"But don't you want to go home?" I asked.

"There are rules there, and rules here. There, is work, food, sleep, play, love. Here there is work, food, sleep, play...and I believe love."

She paused. I never thought about this as a life choice.

"There is disease, hurt, famine, war, lies. Here there is no disease, no real hurt, no famine, no war that touches us here, no lies. None to speak of or I know of anyway. There is clothes, pretense, fashion, the Joneses. Here there is nudity, honesty, what you see is what you get. There, there is a life that has gone on without us. People that have moved on. Living, loving, playing softball without us."

I wasn't sure what her endgame was. I didn't buy into her point of view but it's merit was undeniable and honest.

"Sure, we are in their hearts, but they are not thinking about us much. Here is a new life. There is time to live it. There are people to live it with and share it with. I won't lie to you. It has challenges. Much taller mountains in some ways than Earth. Challenges for you you probably could never dream of on Earth. But is it any worse. Could it even be better?"

She paused and looked at me. Her words sat on top of my consciousness, not wanting to sink in but they began to. She took my hand and smiled.

"I am sorry for interrupting you. Come on. Let's get your day started. There is plenty of time to think and talk about things philosophically later."

She led me up the dais and helped me into the function station. Tucking her words away for later I let her. She handed me into the station as if I were her lady. I smiled at that. It felt funny but somehow right. She looked amazing. The skin on her upper chest was flushed slightly. Her nipples seemed pinker than yesterday.

I fed my butt onto the plug and sack into the pouch. My erect penis dropped into the tube and I leaned forward. She sat down on the floor in front of the chamber below me and to my right. Why would she do that? Then, as the door whisked shut and I was pressed in upon, I realized it was so she could get a closer look at me ejaculating! I closed my eyes.

The process started and I pictured her sitting there, her pussy lips pressed against the floor, her juices making a wet spot. I was ready to ejaculate and a contraction hit my loins before it was even induced by the chamber! That had never happened before. My bladder was still emptying when it happened. Then, when the machine started contracting me I was ahead of it. I could feel her eyes on me though I couldn't see her. I knew her gaze was on my utterly helpless body. I felt naked inside.

My ejaculation started and I could feel it leaving me and I faintly heard her squeal and start clapping! I couldn't help but feel myself laughing, as much as the chamber would let me. It finished me and cleaned out my rectum while she watched. It was humiliating but somehow hilarious. I was used to it in front of the guys. It was like taking a dump in a locker room with the guys but in front of her it felt like my deepest secrets were put on display, on stage.

The door opened and I saw her stand up, hands clasped, her flushed face split in a huge smile, her eyes filled with excitement. I was smiling and I got out of the chamber and she grabbed my hand.

"That was awesome! I have been wanting to see you do that up close since I first saw you."

"I'm glad you enjoyed it. I feel somehow really, really exposed." I said.

"That's what makes it so awesome! Knowing you knew the whole time I was watching. Meow! That was hot!"

I understood. I wanted very much to see her in the function station chamber. Almost as much as I wanted to see her on me again. I wanted to see the milk stolen from her nipples and her pussy pulsate on the phallus. I even wanted to see the poop shoot down the plug tube, taken from her, whether she willed it or no.

"Come on. Lets go to the food pod!"

I followed along, her hand pulling me. I was already wrapped up in her excitement and happy to be dragged along. She was beautiful. My eyes trailed down her bouncing breasts and I glanced at her pussy and stared at her ass as she dragged me down the hall. She looked back and saw me staring.

"See something there you want?"

"Yes. Yes."

"Good. I don't know if we can do anything about it but we'll see."

She dragged me into a sustenance station room there were several chambers.

"Why do you call them pods?" I asked.

"Why? What do you call them?" She asked back.

"I call them chambers. This is a sustenance station with chamber."

"Oh. Well, I guess that is at least as accurate. Maybe more. Different people call them different things. Sometimes not very nice things."

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