The first time Alexx had seen her was completely by accident. He'd had his face buried in his kill when he heard a soft footfall. With a soft growl he pulled the deer into the dense brush bordering the path. Silent and still he waited for the intruder to pass him.

When the trespasser cleared the trees Alexx found all the air had left him. She was stunning, skin so pale it glowed even under the trees. Her eyes were a forest peeking out of the flame of her hair. He watched her hips sway as she passed in front of his hiding space. Freckles marched across her skin like sun dapple on leaves.

Her smell hit him and it was all Alexx could do to keep a growl trapped behind his teeth. She smelled of his beloved trees and amber. If she had looked down she would have seen his eye glowing amber from within the bushes. The site and smell of her had his cock so hard it ached. There was something about her that called to him; made him want to chase and capture her. She was his, Alexx knew it to the true even though he'd not heard a word pass her cherry lips.

She was his, she was his, she was his. He felt it in his bones. Yet he let her pass him by, let her continue on her way. He couldn't have her. He knew it would never work. Alexx was a monster and him taking her would likely mean her death.

When he figured she was finally far enough away he moved onto the path and howled. He couldn't have her... but he'd never wanted anything so badly.

Despite knowing it was the last thing he should do, Alexx found himself on the same portion of trail the same time the next day. All night he thought of her, when he'd finally slept he dreamt of her. All day he saw and felt her around him. Her eyes in the leaves, her smell from the tree he leaned against. He burned for her.

While he waited he prayed she would come, hoped she would not. He didn't need her in his life. He didn't want a complication. If he never saw her again he thought he would live.

Just when he felt dread and relief that she would not come he heard her soft footfall.

This time he smelled her before he saw her. Forest and Amber. Just like that he was hard. A single whiff of her and his beast fought inside him. Struggled against his hold. Today he noticed the rust and gold of her clothing, how she wore it cinched in at the waist baring her curves. She walked confidently as if nothing here could hurt her. As if she felt comfortable among the trees.

Alexx stayed frozen to his spot as she passed in front of him.

Day after day, weeks passed as he watched her. He could barely think, hardly do anything other than wait for the time when he could see her again.

He knew no others of his kind. Could not ask anyone what this obsession might mean. Was he finally going crazy, the animal in him overtaking his life? Was she some kind of witch?

Lately Alexx had begun to fantasize about killing her. He spent his time split between wanting to fuck her and wanting to kill her. Every nerve in his body craved her. He wanted to feel her beneath him. This need, this consuming desire frustrated him. If she was gone, this need would also be gone.

Finally he started to follow her. Maybe if he learned more about her she'd be less compelling. He didn't even have to see her to follow her; the smell drew him along like a dog on a leash. Just like that he went from need to anger. A growl rumbled up from the deep of him.

The girl stopped, her heart thundering in chest, her eyes dancing around the trees.

For the first time the smell of her blood was stronger than the tree and amber smell. Now he had another hunger blossom in him.

Hunger, death and sex all in one russet and gold package.

Lost for what else to do; Alexx followed her. Kill her, fuck her, eat her. Kill her, fuck her, eat her. It became a mantra. Kill her, fuck her, eat her.

Alexx followed her to the edge of the forest. She went up to a small perfectly kept house. She was welcomed into the arms of an elderly woman. He stayed in place while she was inside. Her and the old woman set a table up in front of a window and set out dinner. Alexx watched her laughing and talking to this woman. Saw her face animated with love. The scales inside of him tipped. He needed her, wanted her, and in some way loved her. He wouldn't kill her. How could he?

Watching her he reached for himself. It seemed he'd been hard as a rock for weeks. Alexx watched as she smiled and laughed and stroked himself. He thought about her under him, of him inside her. He scented the air and pulled her smell deep within himself. As his breathing deepened and his motions grew more harried he imagined pinning her under himself, of sinking his teeth into her. He could almost hear her screaming. With that sound in his head he came so hard he lost balance for a moment.

No, he wouldn't kill her, wouldn't eat her, but he knew he'd hurt her. He though maybe he could hurt her a little and yet still keep her.

Now he followed her through the whole forest. From when she entered to where she exited to her Grandmothers house; then the same trip in reverse.

For weeks yet this was all he did. Follow her from one side of the forest to the other. He formulated several plans, and then tossed them out.

Finally he decided to just act like a normal human.

Alexx wondered how long it had been sense he'd actually worn clothing. He was horribly uncomfortable. This is what humans did, or at least what he remembered humans doing. Taking a deep, nearly panicked breath Alexx raised his hand to knock on the girls grandmothers house. He meant to ask her family for her.

"You don't even know her name?" The older lady looked up at him in confusion. "You want me to allow you to date her and you don't even know her name?"

It wasn't exactly going to way he'd hoped it would. The lady wouldn't let him in, would barely talk to him, and apparently thought he was crazy. "I love her."

"How can you love her if you don't even know her name?"

Alexx was lost. He didn't know what to say, didn't know what to do. It didn't seem to matter what he said or did, this woman wouldn't listen to him. What was he to do? He wanted the girl. "Emily" the woman had called her. He needed her and wasn't willing to back down now.

Now the old lady knew about him. What would she say to Emily? He couldn't bare to not see her.

There was only one thing to do. She was old, but game was game.

Letting his teeth fill his mouth Alexx smiled at the old lady. She managed a shortened scream in the moment before Alexx hit her.

He might not have a lot of his humanity left but he didn't want Emily to suffer overly much over her grandmother's death. Alexx carefully cleaned her grandmother's house. He'd not killed the old lady in the house but he wanted to make sure there was no sign of what had happened. He wondered what it might be like to always live in a house, to have a home and a family. It was not something he'd ever given much thought to.

After all he was not a normal man in any way. He would do his best to live as normally as he could for Emily. His thoughts grew darker and darker as he moved around the house. The images in his head were in no way normal or gentle. Could this house and his thoughts possibly live together?

All day he waited for her. Sat in the house that he'd watched her in so often. He'd replaced his bloodied shirt with the plainest shirt he'd found in the bedroom. It wouldn't do for Emily to see him bloodied. There would be many times in the future for her to see him in blood. The thought pressed him hard against the front of his pants.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Lava leapt through his veins.

When he opened the door he got his first face to face look at her. It was like she held the moon under her skin. Her eyes were a darker green than he'd known. Her every feature delicate and lovely. For a moment he found himself unable to move, much like the first time he'd seen her.

"Who are you?" Emily's voice was deeper than he'd thought and brought him out of his stupor.

"A friend."

"A friend?" She blinked up at him. "Grans never... she never talked about friends."

"We haven't know each other long." Alexx was trying as hard as he could to seem unfrightening; although he towered over her and dwarfed her. He backed up to let Emily cross the threshold.

"Where's grans?" Her eyes looked soft and worried.

"She stepped out."

Apparently it was the wrong thing to say... she started backing out the door. "Grans doesn't step out."

She was going to run.

When she turned and darted out the door Alexx tackled her. Brought her to the ground like a deer. Emily fought and struggled beneath him, her breath panting, soft frightened sounds vibrating through her.

Feeling her beneath him, hearing her brought his beast. He growled and pressed down on her. "You have to stop struggling Emily." He whispered into her ear. fighting not to bite her. "You have to stop struggling or I won't be able to help myself."

Emily was shaking and straining beneath him. "Please Emily." He could almost taste her. He was walking a fine line. Alexx didn't know what exactly he would do to her if she didn't stop. "Please."

"Why should I?" She whispered into the dirt, briefly stilling her fight.

Alexx was pressed tight against her bottom. At this moment wanting nothing more than to enter her; to thrust deep inside of her. "Because I don't want to hurt you." He ran his nose along her neck, breathed her in. "I've wanted you for so long Emily." He rocked his hips into her, pushing a gasp from her mouth. "I've never wanted anyone, or anything like this."

Emily lay still beneath him. Her heart still thundered in his head, but she was listening.

"I'm... not really human any longer. When you fight me ... I want to hurt you." She bucked once hard beneath him, her smell spicy with fear. "I've waited a long time for you." He growled against her neck. "I need you."

"Please." Emily whispered.

"Please what?" Alexx shifted to place bother her hands in one of his. His free hand he snaked between the two of them to unfasten his pants.

A soft whine escaped Emily. "Don't hurt me." Alexx fisted his hand in the back of Emily's pants and pulled. She screamed. "Please don't!" She began to fight again, straining against his hold. "Please don't." She was crying and struggling for all she was worth, trying to throw him off. "Oh, please."

Alexx covered as much of her with his body as he could. "I'll try not to hurt you." He used his free hand to caress down her side. " I want to be gentle. I need you so bad." He rubbed his penis against the curves of her ass. She whimpered.

He didn't necessarily want to force her, but he needed her now. He had waited far longer than his tolerance could handle. Alexx rubbed his nose against the back of her neck, under her hair, breathed her in again. The scent froze him. He pulled back just enough to get a stronger breath of her.

"Why do you fight me?"

Emily shook her head and slumped on the ground. "No."

"Emily. Why do you fight me?"

"Please don't." Her voice was much softer.

"You want me to force you, don't you?" She started to cry softly under him.

"No." She whispered.

"I can smell it on you. You can't lie to me."

She shook her head. In answer he started to push between her legs. She started to fight again. This time he understood she didn't fear his raping her, she feared him knowing how excited she was. She was ashamed.

"Fight all you want."

When Emily gave a strong buck he slid further between her legs. She was warm and wet already and he'd not even entered her. "I'm not going to stop Emily. I'm going to fuck you." She whined and struggled, but most of the fight was taken from her.

Unable to stop himself Alexx sank his teeth into her shoulder as he slid himself home in her. Emily screamed in pain and began to struggle in earnest. Alexx pulled out and slammed himself deep into her. She screamed again but arched herself into him. He pulled his teeth from her shoulder so he could thrust into her. Each lunge pushed a cry from her. He wanted more of her.

Alexx pulled out so he could flip her over. Her face was dirty and tear stained, yet somehow more lovely. She pummeled him with her tiny fists but she was easily ignored. He used his upper body to hold her and slid a hand between them. His fingers parted her and reached in the wetness to strum the tender part of her. Emily cried out and renewed her struggles.

The harder she fought the more he rewarded her, caressing that sensitive spot. He held her down so he could slide in her again. Being in her was better than he could have dreamed. He never thought to hope she'd enjoy herself. He slid his hand back between them to caress that tender nub again and thrust into her, harder and harder. Emily was crying out, fighting to get away, fighting to get closer.

With a scream Emily came, her body struggling wildly, tears streaming down her face. The site of her fighting the very pleasure that coursed through her sent him over the edge. Before he was entirely done he felt a horrible pain blossom in his side. He stumbled away from her, looking down to see a pair of scissors sticking out from his side. "Wh..."

Alexx turned to look at Emily to find she had run off into the woods.

A huge smile crossed his face and he let the change roll over him. He loved the hunt.

She was his, the perfect mate for him. She'd never be able to get away from him now.

He leapt after her.

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