tagSci-Fi & FantasyRed Academy for Girls Ch. 01

Red Academy for Girls Ch. 01


Red academy for girls is an advanced school for those between 18 and 21 years of age, who wish to excel in the future of art, science, literature, and athletics.

'Where are those two?' I thought. Lilly and April were my best friends and I often felt lost without them. Sure they were lesbians often making me a third wheel but just about everyone else thought of me as weird.

My name is Trish and I'm psychic, not that I can tell what you're thinking but sometimes I see little flashes of the future and I can usually feel you're emotions. And I don't have a boyfriend because on top of that I'm incredibly average. Average height, with choppy brown hair to frame my face, I wear glasses, and besides the fact I have very nice boobs I'm not worth it.

Lilly and April used to be the real boy killers. Lilly is blonde petite and just slightly short. April is a redhead with a perfect hourglass frame.

They needed to be here today anyway because there is a new girl here and I have this funny feeling she's going to be our new friend.

"Lilly!" April cried out in the midst of the orgasm that rippled through her. Lilly smiled mischievously and fingered her harder.

"Honey, we have school today." She said as April calmed down.

"Shower first?" April asked. Lilly answered by dragging her to the shower.

Now April took charge coming behind Lilly and soaping her up playing close attention to her nipples making them stand erect. Lilly let her take charge feeling Aprils hands send suds down her stomach closely followed by her fingertips. Taking their time, her hands found Lilly's perfectly smooth pussy and rubbed the outside of the lips teasing her. Lilly shivered. April found Lilly's clit and started to rub it almost sending Lilly to the floor. April used her other hand to pull on and tease one of Lilly's nipples. Lilly moaned going crazy from the touch. April left Lilly's clit and pushed a finger into her warm pussy.

At this rate they weren't going to make it to class on time...

The new girl had dyed purple hair which surprised me because most student couldn't get away with it from their parent much less the school but there was no way it was natural. I was the color of grape candy and it cascaded down over her breasts in swirls. She was more pear shaped though with wide hips. She looked perfect in her uniform as she stood in front of the class and looked around.

"Class," The teacher started, "This is our new student, Mercy, she just transferred from the public school." Mercy smiled and gave a little wave.

I let my mind sweep over to my enemy, Brittany, to see her feelings on this. She seemed appalled and disgusted by this girl already. This wasn't going to be good the new kid. Brittany was the queen bee, you were either friends with her or, like me and my two best friends, alone.

"Trisha, are you paying attention?" the teacher asked, frustrated. I lazily looked up and saw everyone looking in my direction.

"I'm sorry what is it?" I asked with my eyes half open just to annoy the teacher.

"Would, you show Mercy around? She has the same classes as you." The teacher sighed.

"Of course." I stood up and grabbed my bag. Once outside with Mercy I smiled.

"Hi," Mercy said. She was a bit taller than me

"The Schools Easy Enough to figure out. There are four levels and two sub levels. The upper levels start with the same number as the level like a hotel room and the sub levels are either A or B. plus the bathrooms are usually centralized." I smiled. She nodded.

Then, I say Lilly and April running this way.

My name is Mercy and I have a secret nobody has ever been told, but that's for later. I was listening to Trish when two strange girls came running towards Trish and almost knocked her over. Trish was expecting this apparently and side stepped into me. This made me realize how amazingly attracted to Trish I was. I usually wasn't attracted to anyone really but something about Trish made my pulse race. It would be very hard to keep my secret around her, but I love challenges.

The girls who mobbed Trish were apologizing for being late when they realized I was there.

"Trisha! There's a new girl!" The blonde one said.

"Mercy," Trish turned and smiled at me, "These are my friends Lilly and April. April, Lilly, this is Mercy." I tried to smile but I'm sure it came out odd.

Luckily, the class bell rang. It made everyone but Trish jump. Trish was starting to worry me, it seemed like when she found something annoying she'd get that sleepy expression with her eyes half closed. Just as soon as the bell was done Trisha Dragged me to our next class, geometry.

The last of our classes for today was swimming. I changed into the once piece uniforms in the stall just to check my secret before I met Trish outside. This would be a good time to explain part of my secret. When I'm not aroused I look like an average girl even my pussy, but when I get turned on my clit acts like a penis and swells to ten inches long and one inch thick. Luckily I don't usually get aroused. So I looked amazing in my suit. I came out and saw Trish and tested my reaction. Nothing, I was fine.

Trish Lead the way towards Swimming.

Swimming is my favorite class. Water is my happy place. I only hoped Mercy liked it because when she came out changed she looked nervous. I was beginning to suspect she was shy but I wake it a practice not to pry into people's feelings often. She seemed fine though once we got swimming laps to get our times.

I was on a swimming team before so this wasn't hard at all. Trish seemed to have this peaceful smile glued to her face and before we even knew it the class was over and so was the school day. Most of the girls just changed and went to the on campus dorms, but some did stay and shower. That what wasn't what got me I gathered my clothes from the changing room lockers and turned to see Trish naked, her full tits still slightly wet and her nipples somewhat hard from being free of the restricting swimsuit material. Her pussy as I could see was shaved clean. I needed to hide I could feel it coming out.

I ran into the bathroom stall and sat on the toilet trying to clear my head but my dick grew and snaked up my stomach trapped by the swimsuit. I touched it threw the material and immediately wanted to let it out. I couldn't while people were here. Not while the problem sat behind the door hiding my shame.

"Mercy?" Trish called, "Everyone's left are you alright?" I looked through the small crack on the door. She was still naked. My hand incoherently started rubbing my cock. The other hand was snaking its way to my wet pussy.

"I'm not feeling good, Trish, why don't you just go on without me?" I bit my lip to suppress a moan as my cock throbbed.

"Well, I have to take a shower real quick so let me know." She went to the stalls a few over that were curtained showers. I took my swimsuit off and gripped my protruding cock.

I think for the first time my hormones went wild because I watched myself sneak over to the shower where Trish cleaned herself and got in. Before she could protest she was against the wall and my cock was against her bare ass. It was so soft.

"Mercy, Stop, please." Trish pleaded, she may have even been crying. I didn't care. She smelled like chlorine but her skin was soft as I raised her off her feet slamming her pussy down on my bare cock. I moaned in immense pleasure, she was so tight she had to be a virgin. My hands felt up those perfect breasts. The nipples were hard and her pussy was getting wet. I started thrusting into her fast pushing my entire dick inside her. I licked her neck and I heard a little moan escape from her.

I was thrusting in her so fast I just felt pleasure and something I'd only ever felt alone. I was about to cum, but now it was going to be inside someone, inside Trish. I heard her gasp as I started pumping into her. Shot after shot on my cum was filling her. I finally fell to my knees my dick going back to its normal state.

She sat across from me with that blank half asleep stare. I looked at her guiltily.

"What was that about?" she asked, surprisingly she was taking her rape in stride. I felt the tears coming to my eyes. I raped her. I'm just a monster.

To be continued....

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