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Red & Blonde


"Sure you gotta go?" asked the beautiful blonde in David's bed. He stood at the foot of the bed in a suit straightening his tie before a mirror, taking quick glances to see his naked girlfriend's breasts exposed by the thick white divan she was wrapped up in.

He chuckled. "I'm sure. It's important, I make this deal, then we're out of this country and it's Dubai here we come." He looked himself up and down, noticing his girlfriend, Hannah, doing the same. Satisfied with his appearance, he returned to the bed to sit on the edge, lean down and kiss his girlfriend's lips. "Do us a favour, will you?"

"Anything for you," Hannah grinned.

"My sister's really down after Mark left her, can you invite her over for a coffee or something, cheer her up you know?"

"Sure, I'll grab a shower and give her a call."

"Thanks. I'll call you when I get there."

Hannah wandered around the one-bedroom apartment in the nude; beautiful 34D breasts sunning themselves in the August sunshine that beamed through the large back doors. As her toast cooked, she stepped unashamedly onto the balcony of the third floor property, exposing her breasts, pert ass and shaven pussy to whoever could see. She hoped many could, and were watching whilst getting themselves off.

She showered under the hot water, thinking how great her life was as she rubbed lemon-smelling shower gel on her boobs, and how she didn't really want to go to Dubai. She'd certainly miss London; all her friends were here, as well as family and... David's sister.

"Hey Tanya," she greeted, sitting on the settee in a bikini she planned to sunbathe in on the balcony before long with a cordless phone at her ear, "how you doing? Good. Hey, listen, do you fancy a coffee and maybe lunch? I'm gonna get bored getting a tan by myself. Cool, yeah, come right on over."

Tanya Douglas was a tremendous looking person; an achingly beautiful redhead with perfect C cup breasts and an exquisite dress sense that showed off her fantastic ass.

Hannah, despite being in a long-term committed relationship, was bisexual, and had had more than one previous lesbian relationship before meeting David. Unfortunately, she couldn't say the same for Tanya, who had been in one relationship since school and had been dumped by her ex Mark two months ago. She hadn't been short of offers; guys and girls loved her body and soft Scottish accent. And from David, Hannah knew she loved that.

Tanya arrived an hour later, and agreed to a coffee.

"Was out last night," she said, watching Hannah stroll around in her bikini, looking amazing with her body, blonde hair and tan. Hannah almost swore she saw Tanya checking her out, but wasn't sure. "Some guy came onto me."

"Oh yeah."

"I recognised him."

A little more suspiciously, Hannah repeated, "oh yeah?"

"Old business partner of David's. The one that screwed him over for that US deal."

"Man, haven't missed that bastard. David's transfer was the best thing that ever happened to him."

"I know."

"What did you say?"

"I fucked him."

Hannah almost dropped the mugs she was carrying from the cupboard to the kettle. "What?"

"I fucked him. I was kinda drunk, he was kinda drunk, we just fell into a cubicle and I fucked him. He was shit."

Hannah fell into fits of laughter, as did Tanya, and the two caught eyes; an eternity passing where they almost fell for one another. "Sugar?" Hannah asked.

"Sure, just the one though."

"Good girl. Bring your bikini?"

"Got it on."

Hannah pointed outside. "Go out to the balcony, I'll be there in a minute."

She finished making two coffees, watching Tanya step onto the balcony and strip off. Her top came off, then her tight jeans; so tight around her perfect ass, she was struggling to get them off. The material stroking her ass as it left her body for the floor caused her red bikini bottoms to get caught up in her ass crack. Hannah was left breathless by the pert ass half-bared to her, and felt a little moistness on her pussy. She touched herself there, feeling the drip of pre-cum soak through the crotch of her pants and sighed in pleasure. Tanya straightened herself out and chose a sunbed to lounge back on in her bikini.

Hannah refrained from touching herself anymore, instead walking out onto the balcony and handing her companion one coffee, whilst taking the other for herself.

"So, tell me more about last night," she grinned, sitting on the bed facing Tanya. Tanya, to take her coffee, sat up too and faced her brother's girlfriend.

"What's to say, he was shit," Tanya replied. They'd never spoken about sex before, or any of them having it, but that was largely because Tanya hadn't been having much, and she didn't want to know the details of how her brother was between the sheets. "We get into the cubicle, I get my boobs out and he gropes them so hard, I squeal. Look, I got a bruise," she continued, pulling down one cup of her bikini to show her left breast, and a slightly bruised nipple.

"Ouch," Hannah said, reaching out and touching it. She immediately pulled back. "Sorry."

"Don't be," Tanya said, but didn't giggle; instead leaning forward as if turned on. She reached behind herself, played with the clasp of her bikini top and then just tossed it to one side. "Touch the other one if you like."

"Tanya!" Hannah said unconvincingly, "you're my boyfriend's sister. You'll be chief bridesmaid next month."

"And? Come on, I'm family, so it doesn't count as an affair."

Hannah laughed almost nervously, expecting Tanya to join her, tell her it was a rouse and put her bikini top back on. But she didn't; just smiling at her knowingly. "I didn't know you liked girls."

"I like you," she replied, and in the first show of nervousness since she arrived, tentatively leaned forward and stroked Hannah's bikini straps from her shoulders. "I know you're experienced in lesbian sex, I wanna... you know, experiment. Comparing breast sizes at a sleepover when I was in school doesn't count."

"Erm... Tanya, I think you're hot," Hannah explained, "but..."

"No buts." She stood up and in full view of half of London, pulled down her bikini bottoms to reveal the rest of her naked body. Her fantastic ass reflected in the patio glass, but Hannah's attention was taken by the tidy pubic bush right in her eyeline. Goddam it, Tanya was at just the right height for a pussy licking right here, but wait, she thought.

"No, no, put your pants back on," Hannah replied, looking away.

Tanya was far too deep into this to come back now; she'd made her move and she knew from a tiny moist patch in the crotch of Hannah's pants she could barely see that she was excited. Looking at her pussy lips pushing almost through the cotton material, she saw a little more moisture leak out.

Hannah seemed to sigh unexpectedly, almost in pleasure, before stopping suddenly. Tanya saw this as a sign to continue, and put more pressure on her brother's fiancée to fall into this.

She took a step forward, and grabbed Hannah's head before pulling the perfect blonde's face back towards her and to her bush. Hannah was almost too startled to be startled in the first place, but any shocked reaction soon gave way to the sheer desire within her; this hot naked redhead she'd been lusting after ever since she'd been introduced to her three years ago was keen on her, and Hannah couldn't miss this opportunity. If David got this deal, in a month they were married, and in two they were moving to Dubai, and then she'd never get Tanya into bed with her.

She looked up between the beautiful breasts hanging above her head, and reached up to grope them before sticking out her tongue and taking a long lick of her cunt. Tanya groaned quite loudly, and looked down to Hannah with a smile, before stroking her hair.

Hannah stood up, looking deep into Tanya's eyes and then closing in for a tender kiss. Tanya wasted no time; she knew she had about two hours before her brother got in, and she didn't want him to catch her nude in their soon-to-be marital bed. The thought of her brother catching her naked was what had kept her from making her move so long.

She wrapped her arms around Hannah and quickly turned a tender kiss into a full-on snog with her tongue clashing against the hot blonde's. Her hands expertly unclasped Hannah's bikini top and tossed it to land perfectly on the railings of the balcony; hanging almost thirty-five feet above some unsuspecting old lady's head.

Tanya continued to move faster than maybe Hannah was happy with. Hannah wanted to savour this, but Tanya wanted to just get to the point quickly, and so she stopped kissing Hannah and dived her head down to the blonde's beautiful breasts. Man, she sure saw what her brother saw in her; she was gorgeous and had a perfect body just begging to have every inch licked clean.

She took a nipple into her mouth, sucking on it and groping the other breast whilst Hannah shut her eyes, panted Tanya's name and dropped her panties halfway down her thighs when gravity did the rest and introduced the material to her ankles. Tanya took a look at the beautiful pussy before her; silently begging her to eat it, and refrained. She had a good reason, though.

She smiled, grabbed Hannah's hand and led her back inside; immediately moving for... not the bedroom, but the sofa.

Two beautiful women fell onto the sofa; Tanya first as she pulled an increasingly keen Hannah on top of her. Their tits pressed against each other and their tongues once more touched as their lips missed their target; both too passionately wanting this to concentrate on doing anything other than just licking their tongues. Tanya ran her hands softly down Hannah's sides but as soon as they touched the blonde's wonderful firm and pert ass, she gripped it hard and wrapped her legs around one of Hannah's.

Hannah knew what this meant, but she'd done this position before and she'd never found it too pleasurable. She pulled away from the kiss, and with her tongue still hanging out, drew it down Tanya's chin, neck, throat and down to her chest where she made circles around both the erect nipples. Foreplay was great, but she was so wet, she could barely wait any longer. She stood up off Tanya, who went to stand up too, but she was shoved back down.

Hannah lifted a leg up and straddled Tanya's face and expected to have to wait a second before Tanya got the idea; but the Scottish slut was so horny and wet, she grabbed Hannah by the ass and held the glistening pussy to her face; licking it like she'd been licking her tongue.

Hannah screamed, then moaned Tanya's name before grinning to herself, stroking her hair behind her and then lying down so her head perfectly met the perfect redhead's crotch.

Fuck, she thought, Tanya was a natural lesbian; so fucking good at licking cunt. Mind you, women were just better at it because they knew what they wanted. As good as David was in bed (his cock was tremendous and he knew just how to use it... finding Hannah's g-spot on their second date when they fucked in the back of an empty taxi), he was only as good at licking pussy as a guy could be. And straight away, a complete amateur at girl-at-girl was better than a guy who had licked Hannah's cunt hundreds of times.

"Tanya?" Hannah groaned, taking a little break from where her passionate licking was beginning to take its toll on her jaw.

"Yeah, babe?"

"I've always fancied you."

"Same here." Hannah went back to licking, but Tanya asked one last question. "Hannah?"


"Will this be a one-time-only thing?"

As if to seal the deal, Tanya pushed a finger through Hannah's willing pussy lips. "Absolutely not. Not if I've got anything to do with it."

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