tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRed Beans & Rice Ch. 02

Red Beans & Rice Ch. 02


Fleur was scared and confused. A moment ago she had heard her friend scream. But it was not a scream of pain and the smile on Olympe's face told her that she had just witnessed some of the mysteries they had been giggling about just that morning. Jean-Claude no longer looked stern and angry. He smiled as she stepped forward and took his hand.

"Who is this young confection, Olympe?" he said.

"Her name is Fleur, Michie Claude." The sudden use of the familiar shocked the younger woman.

"Quite delectable. How old is she?"

"Can't be sure, Michie, Seventeen maybe? Maybe eighteen. Madame bought her three years ago to work with the laundry and in the kitchen."

Jean-Claude was not surprised. Lucille was more than capable of dealing with the business of running the townhouse. He knew his field hands and the house servants upriver at BonTerre, his plantation. He was generally not aware of the menial help when he was in town.

Meanwhile though Fleur was beginning to resent the two of them speaking of her and not to her, she remained silent and very still. Jean-Claude circled around her and was now stroking her shoulders. Fleur felt his breath on the back of her neck. He pulled her closer and she felt something else seemingly spring to life against her buttocks. This frightened her and she moved toward her friend only to be held firmly by M'sieu. Olympe stood up and moved toward her.

"It's alright Chere. What you saw was alright. Remember what I told you? M'sieu was just enjoying himself. He has done it before with me and he will do it again. I don't complain. It's quite fun."

Olympe was now standing close to her. Fleur marveled at the large brown breasts that swayed under the torn shift. She could smell the musk of the older woman's sex and see that the curly hair around her sex was glistening with what must have been remnants of M'sieu's ministrations. The hardness pressing against her ass seemed to grow larger and began to push the material of her skirt into the cleft of her buttocks. Suddenly, she felt a new sensation. She felt drops of liquid rolling down her thighs like the sweat from the laundry room. But this was different. This was centered between her legs and seemed to result from a heat deep inside her belly.

M'sieu caressed her arms and moved his hands down her sides and then up to the bottom of her young breasts. Olympe stepped closer still. The older woman smiled wide enough to show off the one gold tooth that she was so proud of.

"Chere, I think the time we spoke of earlier has come." Olympe reached for the tie at the throat of her shift. As her fingers grazed across Fleur's throat, the young girl, inhaled sharply. Olympe's fingers seemed to sear her skin.

"It's okay Chere. I will be here the whole time. You will like how M'sieu makes you feel." With the tie undone the shift slipped down her shoulders. Jean-Claude let go of her breasts and the loose garment fell down her arms and left her uncovered to her waist. He stepped back and sat in a chair near the window while Olympe continued the seduction for him.

"She has such small breasts, does she not Michie? Surely, you prefer my melons to her quaint pears." With this Olympe cupped her breasts and presented them to her master and then daintily tweaked Fleur's left nipple.

"Ah!" squeaked the younger woman.

"My, my Michie, she has sensitive buds, and so large and brown. What do you think Michie; do all small breasted women have such large brown nipples? I only have my own udders to compare. You have seen the whores on Girod Street and the women out at BonTerre. What of Madame. She is not so small as little Fleur here is she?"

Fleur was shocked that Olympe would dare to speak of M'sieu's wife in such as way right to his face.

Jean-Claude remained silent though his hand began to stroke his member.

"Oh, look how hard her nipples are now Michie." Olympe bent and kissed the right one.

"No!" cried Fleur. Olympe ignored her and pulled the nipple into her mouth, sucking forcefully. She then found the nub with her tongue and swirled it around and around.

"Mmmmm!" Tears came to the young girl as she tried to sort the confusing feelings that were flooding into her. This had to be wrong. What was Olympe doing to her? Why? As these thoughts flew into her mind, the wetness between her legs began to gush.

"Ahhhhh." She heard a cry. Was it from her? No, it was M'sieu. She looked over at him and found that he had his hand around his cock and it was spurting something white and creamy. The globs flew a short distance and spattered on the floor just missing the fine rug near the bed.

With that, Fleur shuddered and gave herself up to the heat that was welling inside her. Her knees buckled but her friend was quick to catch her. Olympe was strong. One did not carry kettles of hot water and paddle thick bundles of wet clothes without developing strength. She held the girl firmly and continued to minister to the breast.

"Ohhhhhhh my", she cried and her body shook uncontrollably! The gush between her legs became a river darkening her calico skirt. Olympe held her close and she could feel the lushness of her friends breast crush against her. A new odor permeated the room. It reminded her of the scent she recently sensed from Olympe but this was flowing from her. It was her aroma. It mingled with that of Olympe and the tang of M'sieu's discharge and it was all so exiting! Fleur felt as if she was being reborn.

The older woman carried her to the bed and lay her down. Then she leaned over and kissed her full on the lips. Fleur felt her friend's tongue searching for hers. She opened her mouth and tasted Olympe. Their kiss lasted an eternity. Fleur did not want to stop but then Olympe stood over her, breasts drooping lusciously near her lips and smiled into her eyes.

"Wasn't that nice, Chere?" Olympe asked. "And that's only the beginning of your education."

End Part II

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