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Red Blade


It's Friday night and I get ready to go out. The night is young and the streets are mine. I'm ready to out on the warpath and make someone pay for a certain injustice that was done to a friend of mine. I'm gonna do something that's very illegal and might cost me my life. It doesn't matter what happens. It needs to be done in the name of justice and revenge. That's what's up. It wasn't always like that, though. Oh, my bad. You must be wondering who I am. The name is Alfonso Brown. Little Fonzie for my friends. At least it used to be. I call myself Red Blade nowadays. I would like to tell you some of my story. It's too long for me to tell the whole thing here but I will do my best.

I'm a New Yorker born and bred. Yep. I was born in Harlem in 1980. Like many black people down there, I've had a tough life. I've gone to school and gotten my high school diploma. I also got an Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from Elmira College. I thought I was gonna make it. Nope. That's when everything started to go wrong. One night, someone came to my house and started some trouble. The guy was white. One of those foolish white guys who join the Army or some bullshit like that. He started some shit in my neighborhood. Acting all big and bad. I stood up to him. He hit me and I hit him back. He dies. Next thing I know, I'm locked up. I go to court and I am found not guilty. The coast is clear for me. I got my freedom back. You would think that was the end of it, wouldn't you? Well, it's not. While I was in jail, something happened. Someone did something to me. Take a wild guess as to what it is. Yeah, you're right. What could happen to a young black man behind bars? What's the worst that could happen? I will spell it out for you. I was in the showers when some dudes came to me and did something bad to me. Those motherfuckers raped me. They fucked me. That's not something you just forget. It scarred me for life. I haven't told anyone about it. Those guys met with my swift revenge. I allied myself with the toughest group inside the prison and made sure those men who raped me got what they deserved. I ain't gonna lie to you. I feel as though they took my manhood. I had my sweet revenge on them.

Their names were Peter, Stanley and Rick. Three macho types who enjoyed raping new prisoners and making them their bitch. Everyone feared them. They called themselves the Top Three. That's what they do. They top other men. You might not know what a top or a bottom is. A top is the man who drives his dick into another man's ass. The bottom is the man who lets another man fuck his ass. I had my gang capture those bastards and bring them before me. I punished them. I took my sweet time to fuck them and rob them of their manhood. I fucked each and every single one of them in the ass. I made those bastards suffer. That was my vengeance. Someone fucks you over, you fuck them back. I fucked them good. Like I said, prison has changed me. It's changed me forever. I went in there as a young black man who killed a white man in self-defense. I was found not guilty of murder. The ex-soldier who attacked me had a history of violence. In fact, he had been kicked out of the armed forces for that.

I'm the kind of guy who has lived a sheltered life. I was raised by my father and mother. I have two brothers and a sister. Mitchell and Jackson are living far away from us. Mitchell is married to his high school sweetheart and works as a lawyer in Denver. Jackson is a private detective in Los Angeles. My sister Nicole is a teacher. I'm the baby of the family and also the bad seed. I'm not even thirty years old and look at how much of a mess my life is. After the court case was over, I tried to get myself a job. I didn't feel like me, though. My prison experience had changed me. I had never had sex with anyone before the case started. I have always felt attracted to women, though. Now, behind bars, I had been raped by three men and brutally repaid them in kind. I didn't know who or what I was. Did getting fucked by men against my will make me gay? I had willingly fucked them, albeit as punishment for what they did to me. What does that make me? As far as I was concerned, the life of Alfonso Brown was not for me. In my nightmares, I am in that jail cell. The evil bastards are looking at me and want to mess with me. I'm a helpless newbie and I fall prey to them. I have sworn never to be weak again. I try not to think about prison but it's never far away from my thoughts.

There is a lot that people don't know about prison. Anyone who goes there is gonna come out tougher and badder than they went in. Prison doesn't reform. It transforms. Usually for the worst. In prison, it doesn't matter who is straight or who is gay. It also doesn't matter who is black or who is white. Not really. There are rival gangs and all that. There is one rule that everyone knows. Someone fucks and someone gets fucked. When I went to jail, I was Alfonso Brown. A hard-working guy. A church-going guy. An academic achiever. I was my mama's joy. A tall, hefty black man. The good son. Now, I was changed. Alfonso Brown died inside the jail. Red Blade was born in there. I came up with the name Red Blade after I used a sharp knife to make sure that the bastards who raped me would never rape anyone again. No, I didn't kill them. I'm certain that they will wish I had killed them, though. Alfonso Brown was a bookworm. He was the kid who got picked on in school. He was the nerd with the glasses. Alfonso Brown was weak and both men and women took advantage of him. No more. I am Red Blade now. I am not weak. I am strong. I don't take crap from anyone. I don't care if you are a man or a woman. Black or white. I will beat the shit out of you if you disrespect me. I don't fear cops. I don't fear judges. I don't fear the electric chair. I know what hell on earth is. I've been there and come back. There is nothing on the planet that scares me now.

When I came back to Harlem, my parents were glad to see me. Many young black men who go to jail don't come back. My folks were glad that I had been found not guilty. The man I had killed was a violent racist. What parents didn't know is the simple truth. I didn't come back. Not really. I'm not Alfonso Brown anymore. I'm someone else. Someone tougher and stronger. I ain't scared of nobody. I made a promise to myself to fight the good fight. There are a lot of evil bastards and nasty bitches out there and I'm gonna go get them. I won't hesitate. I will do what needs to be done. I will show them no mercy. Why? You know why. I am the Red Blade. Vengeance is what I do. I put the word out on the streets. That's how my double life started. By day, under the name Alfonso Brown, I worked at a firm in Manhattan. I guess I made it. I've got a new apartment, a car and I stand to make a hundred grand a year. I'm very good at computers. Always have been. The firm did a background check. They knew that I had been found not guilty of murder. It was all over the news. I had become almost as famous as that former football player who got accused of killing his wife. I'd been on shows like Larry King Live and Oprah. During the trial, it seemed that the whole world was watching. A black man from Harlem accused of killing a white ex-soldier with a history of racism and violent behavior. I was acquitted. I had become a hero to many black people. So many of our brothers and sisters are screwed over by the white man everyday. I even heard someone call me the reincarnation of Malcolm X. That was too much.

The firm couldn't not hire me. I was a hot commodity. I could easily sue them for discrimination and thanks to my fame, public opinion would be with me and so would a jury. They knew it. I started my job with enthusiasm. I thought this was it. Maybe I could get on with my life. Maybe I could have a normal life. I had been working hard since high school to get where I was. I worked hard to get good grades. I worked hard in high school to earn an academic scholarship to Benton College. I had earned my position. Once, I would have been satisfied. Oops, I'm sorry. Alfonso Brown would have been satisfied. Red Blade can't stand the lifestyle of Alfonso Brown. Red Blade is tough and fights evil. Red Blade goes after the ruthless bastards and bitches of this world. Alfonso Brown sits behind a computer all day, wears a suit and smiles a fake smile to fake people all day long. When I go out as Red Blade, I wear a lot of red. A red leather duster with a hood, red costume and red boots. I almost look like something out of a comic book. I got red leather gloves and red-tinged glasses too. I also douse my whole body in red war paint before going out. Also, I carry a long blade. It's been dipped in the blood of the guilty before. The same blade I used against those freaks in jail.

At the office, I thought that I was safe. I befriended a guy named Alan O'Braonain. He's basically mister nice guy from Human Resources. A really cool dude. We became pals. I even met his wife Darla and their kids, Jonathan and Stacy. Alan was just cool. The guy even drove me home after work one time while it was raining. As usual, cabs didn't stop to pick up black men. Sheesh! Alan was basically my buddy. I thought he was harmless. I don't really believe in people anymore but how dangerous could a guy be if he reads Bugs Bunny comics while eating at Au Bon Pain? Or gives money to the poor? Alan came from a tough environment. Dublin. The Irishman was alright. He's the only one at the office who doesn't have his nose stuck up in the air. The men and women at the office are usually ruthless and have egos the size of Montana. It's the reality of corporate America. Ah, well. Anyway, this new lady became our boss. Her name was Deirdre Wilkins. She was a tall, attractive woman with short black hair and green eyes. She was an MIT graduate and she had been at the company for four years. She had ambition to spare. I thought she was cool. Her only mistake was firing my buddy for no good reason. One day, I was in my office when I saw Alan walk past me with his head down. I stopped working and went to him.

Alan was not a happy camper. Seriously. He'd been fired. I couldn't understand why. He was a damn good worker! He was also the nicest guy I knew. Why would anyone fire him? The guy always gave one hundred and ten percent. Always. That's what he did. He was okay. I didn't know what to tell him. He'd been fired by Deirdre. Alan would do something very stupid that same night. He tried to kill himself and make it look like an accident. It was a botched attempt. He survived, but went into a coma. He was hospitalized. I didn't know what to do. Alan is the only person I've befriended since coming back to jail. He's the only human being I found worthy of friendship and trust. I felt so bad for him. Also, I felt bad for his wife. She didn't work and with Alan having attempted suicide, you could imagine his insurance company's reaction. He left his family in financial jeopardy. I didn't know what to tell Darla and the kids. I was just some friend from their father's workplace. Darla told me that with Alan in such poor condition, she might lose her house. Darla and the kids might wind up in the streets. I got mad. I hadn't felt this angry in a long time. Alan was a good man. Why did this have to happen to him? Someone had to pay and it might as well be some bitch named Deirdre and whatever other parties cost my buddy his livelihood. Time for Alfonso Brown to go for a little vacation and let the Red Blade come out to play.

An innocent man is driven to despair and now his life and his family hangs in the balance. Why? This is all thanks to a corrupt and unfair system and the men and women who run it. This is something that demands vengeance. I'm the right man for the job. I'm gonna give the corporate world a shake it will never forget. Watch it! I'm coming to get you!

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