tagSci-Fi & FantasyRed Dog Bull Run Blows Out

Red Dog Bull Run Blows Out

byAvalanche Man©

Nipples pressed hard against the clear front body panel of our BPA's (Body Protective Armor), we were parasailed into the hot zone of New Iberiana. The BPA's were made from zenolene which is totally clear, so our fronts and backs were fully visible to anyone who looked at them. The sleeves and leggings we wore were skin tight as they would deflect off anything that was fired at us.

My entire squadron was female and known as the XSP (or Xtreme Special Patrol), and although some changed the last part of our designation to a word that starts with a P and ends with a Y.

New Iberiana had been inundated with the blow out from the Red Dog plant at Bull Run just above it. As it was located in a crater, it was literally flooded with beer. The disaster relief and rehabilation had gone well in the first twenty four hours and had then become a disaster itself. None of the residents would leave.

After a week of supporting the effort, the General Council had decided to find what was so appealing to the residents that none would leave. Under a secret edict, my squad of twenty, lovely but well armed females was to help restore order, but also find out the whys and wherefores of the situation.

Due to the heat and possible contamination, we wore nothing under our BPA's, which left our nipples clearly obvious and pussy lips very evident through the leggings. However, we were armed with the latest laser technology in weaponry. We all had a small side arm (blippers) that would fit in palm of our hand, and had high powered mini rifles (crochers) attached to our forearms. A blipper would only stun a person, but the crochers could cut a hole in a person or reduce them to ashes if at full intensity.

Along with our air boots, we were fully mobile and armed to handle any problems that came our way. Pulled by skimmer boats, we were parasailed about a mile from Lake Ponchie into the city of New Iberiana itself. After landing and establishing a command post area, we then regrouping into teams of four and began our patrols.

As the commander of this XSP squad, I went directly to Light General Pintropski who was in command of the relief and rescue effort. Although he had been zapped a memo that we were coming, he still seemed surprised to see me. Once he had greeted me by attempting to grope my nipples (hard to do through the hard, clear front of a BPA), he asked if we would take control of the inner city.

This was a strange and most unusual request as his command post and area was directly in the inner city, and my squad would normally have free range throughout the entire city. The odor of beer was also the strongest in the inner city, and all locals were well intoxicated and easily controlled. Assuring him I would relocate my command post, I took my leave as one of my teams was trying to commo me with a urgent message. His ogling me as I left made me realize why he was known as "Pee-Ski" behind his back, as the front of his tunic had a wet spot.

When my team was well away from the central command post, I opened the waves to my Bravo team that had scored a direct hit of information. A looter had been captured and encouraged by them rubbing all over him had told them why the entire effort was taking so long.

Team Bravo was lead by Sargent Quatruna (my sometimes lover) and was one of the best of all XSP in fitness drills and professional tests. Their "ratter" (informant) named Riviera Hildago, not only led them to a large stash of "Xanaduan" (the latest illegal drug), but gave the information that the rail cars wrecked in all entrances to New Iberiana were loaded with the drug. The troops of Lt. Gen. Pintropski were shipping out all the drug and supplying the residents to keep them happy and under control.

With all the beer you could drink and a free supply of Xanaduan, no wonder none of the residents would leave the city. The water and food supplies being sent in had seemed way too small for all the residents, and now we knew why they weren't interested in food or water.

Sargent Quatruna messaged that she was staying to guard the ratter and sending her squad back to our command post as it was getting dusk and night was quickly setting in. Even though I would miss her warm body that night, the entire Patrol was my responsibility and I needed to zap our information back to the General Council.

Instinct later that night made me try to check on Sgt.Quatruna and the ratter, and when I couldn't raise her through her commo helmet, I took the entire Patrol to check on her. Finding her nude body and that of the decimated ratter had to be one of the worst times I had ever suffered.

Since her weapons and commo helmet were missing, I had to immediately zap this to the General Council. I was sent a reply that an entire battalion of 5,000 troops would arrive in the morning to relieve Lt. Gen. Pintropski and his men. Although they had one of our commo helmet and could intercept our messages, it was the necessary way to handle the situation.

Sleeping in shifts that night, we guarded our position and were delirious to the see the sky covered with new troops parasailing in by the early morning's light. All of the other troops had disappeared during the night, and Lt. Gen. Pintropski was not to found anywhere either.

Within a day all of the beer was pumped out the city, and there were riots of people looking for drugs everywhere as they were now all addicted. But with synthetic replacement drugs, the situation was brought under control. Still, with heavy hearts at the loss of Sgt. Quatruna, the Patrol went back to Central Command.

A ceremony for recognition was held for us by no less than Heavy General Zinetti, and we were medaled for our quick and speedy response and service. A post humus award was given to Sgt. Quatruna, and then I was called to the podium.

Wearing my red saffron tunic with white leggings dress uniform, I went to meet the Heavy General with the customary kiss. After greeting me with a three gropes of my breasts by his hands and then gently twisting my nipples, Heavy General Zinetti had announced.

"Capitian Catrine, you are commended for your leadership and speedy results in the disaster of excess beer in New Iberiana. Though we can't replace the loss of Sgt. Quatruna, she gave us greater service than most will ever know. With GPS (Global Position Sighting), and a Direct Edict from me, her weapons were detonated this morning in Colondara."

"This will cause severe disruption in the drug business, and we also had word that Lt. Gen. Pintropski and his troops were decimated when the weapons were triggered to detonate."

Once he had given me a kiss on each cheek and groping my breasts again, I left to rejoin my Patrol. The knowledge of the end of "Pee-ski" was some but small consolation for the loss of my sometimes lover.

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