Red Eye


First, a disclaimer. For those that have read my earlier efforts, this story is decidedly more pornographic and sexual. It still has some of my usual ENF/Wardrobe malfunction, style antics, but if you're averse to anything remotely hardcore, you might want to look at my earlier work. And for those of you who wished my stories got a little more sexually fulfilled, I hope you enjoy this work


Coach... and a red eye no less. That goddamn admin is as good as fired.

Brenda Sharpe wound her way through the sweaty mobs of tourists and yokels to the back of the plane. Her tailored business slacks and satin blouse stuck out among the t-shirts and sweatpants.

37C. At least it was an aisle seat. She wiggled her pilates-sculpted ass into the seat and checked her messages.

Brenda hoped in vain that her row would be empty, but the plane was far to crowded for that.

Sure enough, two young kids - they couldn't be older than 20 - came bounding down the aisle.

He looked fresh off the farm. Broad shoulders, with freckles and a ball cap.

She was a lithe, elfen blonde in tiny cutoffs and a baby tee.

As Brenda slithered out of her seat to let them pass, they boy gave her a discrete look over, but it was the girl that really drank her in. True, Brenda could fill a blouse very nicely, and this one was no exception. Her trim waist and toned hips complete the hourglass silhouette.

The young couple giggled, whispered and kissed throughout the takeoff. They couldn't keep their hands off each other.

When they reached cruising altitude, flight attendants distributed blankets and pillows, and then dimmed the cabin lights.

The lovers retreated under their own blanket. Brenda opted for one as well; those four glasses of wine she packed away at the airport bar were making her drowsy.

She put her seat back and snuggled up... the cabin was still and quiet. Except for the lovers going at it next to her.

What were they up to? Busy hands... the moist click of kisses. The rustle of fabric. A breathless moan and whimper...

Brenda peeked over at them. She could see the girl, her back facing Brenda. In fact, Brenda could see almost all of her back peeking from a gap in their blanket. Bare naked! Her tiny t-shirt was bumped up into her armpits, and she arched her back in pleasure.

He's sucking on her tits! Right her next to me! Unbelievable!

The girl shifted her hips, just a little. Brenda could see the girls ass clench and gyrate rhythmically...

Is her fingering her? Was that a wet squish I just heard? I think I can smell her pussy!

Brenda was scandalized. She wanted to be angry, but she found herself getting aroused instead. She pulled her blanket up to her chin and let her fingers wander over her blouse, brushing lighting over her nipples. Her nipples hardened in response.

Brenda could just make out the slippery sounds. She imagined the young man's strong but nervous fingers exploring the soft folds of her tight little pussy, soaking her panties, her tiny shorts, even the airline seat.

Brenda's own tight little pussy was feeling neglected. She clenched her thighs and felt juice squeeze from her lips like an overripe fruit.

Her fingers found their way to the crotch of her designer slacks, tracing the seam with her fingernail. She toyed with the idea of unzipping her slacks so she could get a hand inside... but the zipper was in the back. Dammit!

What the hell am I doing? Trying to finger fuck myself next to a couple of horny teenagers? In coach no less?

Sure, she had masturbated on planes lots of times. Usually in the bathroom. Once or twice on an empty red eye. In first class. Not packed in with yokels and college kids.

Brenda threw the blanket off, unbuckled her seatbelt and made a beeline for the bathroom. She'd jill herself silly, and with any lucky, her horny neighbors would be finished and fast asleep.

She locked the door, unzipped her slacks and brusquely shucked them down to her ankles. Leaning back on the toilet, Brenda fingered her eager pussy through her panties. Thong panties, with lace trim. She loved to fuck herself through her panties, the lace teasing and rubbing her swollen vulva.

Brenda was a sopping mess. She drew the wetness up her panties like a wick, tracing out her excited clit. Her free hand unbuttoned her blouse and slipped inside her bra, squeezing her tender breast and nipple.

She imagined that farm boy playing with her tits. Big, calloused hands. Clumsy but eager to please, exploring her ample D cups. This is what a woman feels like. Not some waifish girl.

What would his cock look like? Some stiff corn-fed beast waiting to burst from his jeans. What would it taste like?

A loud knock at the door.

"Occupied, goddammit!" Brenda snapped. It was too late. She lost it. Just like that, a beautiful orgasm evaporated. She could try and reclaim it, but who knows who could be listening outside that door.

Brenda dried off her panties as best she could, redressed and recomposed herself. Her nipples were still at full attention, jutting out lewdly from her blouse. Much like her sexual frustration, there was not much she could do about that right now.

She opened the door. Her rude intruder was nowhere to be scene. Perhaps in the other lavatory.

It seemed the entire plane was fast asleep. Even the flight attendants were nowhere to be seen. As she walked back to her row, she only saw the guy's head - where was the girl?

When she got to her seat, Brenda realized immediately where the girl was - under the blanket.

A form that must have been her head bobbed slowly over the boy's crotch. She's sucking him off!

Brenda just stared a moment from the aisle, completely dumbstruck. She had the momentary urge to grab the blanket and yank it away. To reveal this sleazy little slut with a cock in her mouth to the entire plane... and to herself.

She checked that compulsion, and quietly slid into her seat. She drew her blanket up to her chin and leaned her seat back. Feigning sleep, she listened...

Beyond the white noise of the engines, she could hear it; the faint swish of saliva. The occasional slurp. The glistening crackle of wet lips and tongue.

Fuck, I can't take this anymore! Brenda's aching pussy was begging for attention. If these two little perverts could get away with blowjobs on a crowded flight, surely she could...

Brenda reached back a slowly drew down the zipper of her slacks. As coyly as possible, she tugged them over her hips and down her thighs.

The upholstery felt cold and rough against her naked ass. The exposed, vulnerable sensation was making her even wetter, as if the sound of young mouth sex mere inches away wasn't enough.

Brenda's fingers once again found her electrified pussy. She took her time, letting her fingers wander idly up and down the sopping slit. She tugged on her panties, pressing the lace into her yearning clit. Juices freely flowed down her ass crack and thighs.

The girl sat up. Brenda froze, still pretending to sleep.

Whispers... movement. The girl shuffled in her seat.

Then, the abrupt sound of ripping fabric! A gasp and a giggle. What was happening? Brenda didn't dare open her eyes. It was quiet. She strained to hear anything... the girl's breathing. Steady, excited and close. She was facing Brenda.

They were spooning... no. Not spooning. Fucking! He ripped her shorts open, and now he was fucking her from behind.

Brenda could hear the wet sliding of his cock in and out of her pussy, ever so slowly. He was fucking her as slow as possible, to not arouse suspicion. But it was arousing Brenda.

Steady and patient. In... schlick. Out... schlick.

Brenda plunged a quivering finger into her own hungry pussy, and matched tempo. So patient and disciplined for a young man. These kids may be young, but they were clearly experienced lovers.

Brenda stuffed another finger into herself. Her panties were beyond soaked, and the seat was growing damp. Even with the slow pace, she felt an orgasm building... building.

She could feel the girls hot panting breath on her shoulder, right through her blouse.

Brenda needed to peek, she needed to see this with her own eyes. These two beautiful young people fucking, right on top of her. She parted her eyelids--

The young blonde was staring right at her! This big brown eyes... those flushed red lips, parted in ecstasy... Brenda couldn't hold herself back any longer.

She came, hard and fast. She arched her back and bit her lip to choke back the cry. Hot juice sprayed from her quivering pussy.

There was a hand on her thigh, boldly sliding to her excited sex. The hand shoved her hand aside, and explored the tender swollen folds of her pussy.

Brenda writhed, her senses and body overloaded.

The young girl's other hand grabbed Brenda's blouse and yanked it open, buttons popping off. Anther rough pull, and Brenda's delicate bra broke, her fat tits tumbling free. Brenda was far too delirious to protest.

The young girl was merciless, licking, sucking and nibbling at Brenda's fervid nipple.

Any shame or reserve Brenda might have had boiled away. This willowy blonde and her young lover were the only people in her world.

Brenda reached between the girls wet, supple thighs. Her fingers found the young man's cock, patiently pumping into the girls tight, sopping pussy. Brenda teased the girl's clit, and her body tensed in response.

The young man's breathing and temp quickened. His cock sprang free from the dripping pussy, into Brenda open hand. She squeezed the stuff member, and by the second tug, it was spewing hot ropes of sticky cum up the sleeve of her blouse.

Desperate for satisfaction, the young girl guided Brenda's hand from the spent cock back to her pussy.

Brenda shoved three fingers deep into the heated snatch, strumming along the girl's G spot. Meanwhile her thumb worked that taut little clit.

Brenda's nipple fell from the girls open, shocked mouth. She twisted and panted in pleasure. Didn't know that little trick, did you?

The girl followed Brenda's lead, thrusting her fingers into Brenda's pussy. She leaned over and found Brenda's other tit, rolling her nipple gently in her teeth. Brenda reciprocated, grabbing a pert young tit and pinching its tender pink nipple.

Their strokes synchronized. Their sweaty bodies moving as one.

The young man watch them eagerly fuck each other's hands. The wet slopping sounds of their gushing pussies and their musky aromas filled the cabin.

Brenda was losing all composure, whimpering with pleasure. The blonde hushed her with a deep kiss, her tongue exploring Brenda's mouth. She could taste the saltiness of the young man's cock on her lips.

They came as one, their sweaty bodies shuddering in an orgasmic downpour. Brenda has never climaxed so hard in her life. It was like three orgasms, barraging her body and soul in relentless succession.

Brenda wasn't sure how long she laid there, weak and ravaged. Her bare tits on display from the top of her blanket. A strange woman's hand deep in her drenched vagina.

The cabin lights flickered on, and the PA chimed. The blonde pulled her hand away. Brenda's wits came crashing back; she was suddenly very aware that she had just fucked - and been fucked by - a total stranger in the packed cabin of a commercial jet. She was surrounded by scores of complete strangers, and they couldn't all have been asleep. Someone much have heard them, or seen them... or recorded them on their cell phones.

Flush with humiliation, Brenda tried to stuff her breasts back into her blouse. Her bra was ravaged, and the buttons were missing from her blouse. She had to clutch it closed with her hand just to contain her tits, and pointed nipples showed clearly through the fabric.

Although still hidden by her blanket, Brenda's slacks and panties had fallen to her ankles. The flight attendants would come through to check seatbelts. She slowly wiggled her pants up her calves, her panties rolling into a soggy knot.

Brenda could hear the flight attendant behind her, coming up the aisle. Over the knees now... this would go so much faster with tow hands, but if she released her blouse, her naked tits would spill out.

Just over the hips now. Brenda lifted her naked ass off the seat just for a moment-- and that's when the blonde struck.

The young girl shoved her hand - that nimble, talented hand - between Brenda's ass cheeks. Her crotch was so wet, it took almost no effort for the girl to slip the tip of her middle finger into Brenda's anus.

Brenda's reflex reaction was the worst possible one- she sat back down. The seat drove the blonde's finger deep into Brenda's virgin ass. Brenda was speechless and breathless--


The flight attendant loomed over her, a disapproving scowl at this sight of this perverted woman with no bra and her ass hanging out of her pants. God only knows what she had seen them do during the flight.

Brenda struggled to buckle her seat belt with one hand. Flustered with humiliation, she grabbed the seatbelt with her other hand and latched the buckle, but her naked tits tumbled out of her blouse.

The flight attendants scowl curdled into outright disgust.

"Ma'am, I am going to have to ask you to cover yourself. Your attire is... inappropriate."

Brenda scrambled to stuff her tits back into her blouse, crimson with embarrassment. Everyone saw that. Everyone heard the flight attendant's remark.

The little finger up her ass wagged, as if to say Shame shame! Brenda couldn't bring herself to try and remove that finger, or even look the young blonde in the eyes. Anal sex was a taboo she never had crossed, and now in her fevered pleasure, she was wondering why.

It was a rough, turbulent landing, and it forced- no, encouraged Brenda to bounce her naked ass on that naughty little finger.

Brenda's one hand cradled her tits, but the other was in her mouth. The one that had been in the blonde. Sucking on her fingers, tasting her subtle sweet flavor and the wetness that lingered between her fingers.

Brenda heard herself whispering "It's coming.. it's coming... oh God I think I'm--"

A thunderous orgasm erupted from the core of her being. She grinded her ass into the blonde's hand without shame or reserve.

The pilots applied the brakes, lurching Brenda forward in her seat. Once again she lost her grip on her round tits, and they spilled free. A loud, plaintiff moan escaped along with them.

The blonde's intruding finger slid free, and Brenda collapsed, exhausted. She closed her eyes, terrified to meet the gazes of every other passenger.

The taxi to the gate was mercifully short.

The moment the airplane stopped, Brenda unbuckled her belt and leaped from her seat. She wriggled and shoved her way past any passengers in her way. Even the pilot and copilot had emerged from the cockpit to witness her shameful exit.

All her focus was on containing her tits and escaping the aircraft. She had completely forgotten that the zipper on her slacks was still undone, and her naked, tormented ass was on display.

It wasn't until she hit the jetway that Brenda felt her slacks falling. With her panties rolled up on her thighs, there was nothing to hide her shaved pussy.

Brenda had no choice but to release her tits so she could hike up her slacks and zip up the fly. The passing businessmen from first class gawked at her shamelessly. She was far too humiliated to meet their gaze, and just hide her eyes under her fuck-tussled hair.

Brenda crammed her tingling breasts back into her blouse, and raced up the jetway. It wasn't until she got to the game that she realized-- shit! I forgot my carryon!

Her life was in that Louis Vuitton bag. Phone, laptop, car keys - and fresh clothes! Brenda couldn't get back on to the plane against the steady flow of passengers exiting. She would just have to wait until the aisles and jetway cleared.

She had no choice but to stand at the gate as her fellow passengers paraded past. Bra-less nipples jabbing at her semen-stained blouse. Wet panties, knotted up in the crotch of her equally-wet slacks. Some leered at her with perverse grins, others frowned disapprovingly, but they all knew. If they didn't actually see her get finger fucked by strangers, they certainly heard about it by now.

A gentle touch lifted her chin. It was the young blonde and her beau. She handed Brenda her Louis Vuitton with a smile. Brenda accepted it, speechless.

The young couple walked away. Brenda noticed the conspicuous bulge in the young man's jeans. And the young lady's cutoffs... the crotch had been torn open, turning them into a denim microskirt. Her ass cheeks peeked out, and two dripping wet tatters of denim dangled between her damp, flushed thighs. The pair walked off, blissful and unconcerned about their lewd appearance.

Brenda had an epiphany in that moment, and resolved to never let the petty whims of others stand between her and happiness. Those two kids realized joy and pleasure where all around them; all they had to do was simply open their hearts to it.

Those young kids did have something to teach her after all.

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