tagBDSMRed Handed, Red Bottomed! Ch. 01

Red Handed, Red Bottomed! Ch. 01


The defiant and arrogant looking Chutiya Begum, the dreaded female terrorist stood before me nonchalantly, almost challenging my capabilities to make her spill beans.

She had been caught last night, although she had managed to escape arrest in the biggest manhunt or woman-hunt that we had staged for more than a month. That was after the serial bombing in which she was allegedly the king-pin or queen-pin if you will, and then the horrid case of trying to poison Kindergarten kids where she had finally been caught red-handed by the very smart and vigilant Headmistress of the school and my lover, Pussikala.

I was Spankesh, the Captain of Police for the state.

I looked at the woman prisoner.

She was rabidly Anti-Christian, Anti-Hindu, in fact anti- everything except her fanatical faith in Islam, which motivated her wrongly to perform inhuman terrorist acts.

If that is background enough, there is one more thing you may like to know before I tell you how I punished her.

She was Arabic, fair and stood six feet tall, a big muscular woman with mammoth rotund buttocks that swelled under her waist big enough to occupy two adjacent seats in an auditorium.

Yes, they looked big and ripe stretching her cotton pant seats to the extremes as she moved her feet, and looked begging to be mashed, beaten and spanked to my eyes.

I asked her perhaps for the hundredth time,

"Will you or not tell me the names of your associates and where they are hidden? You can escape any punishment thereby..."

She laughed at me arrogantly again for the hundredth time, saying,

"You sissy Policeman, Is that the best you can do? Nothing you would do will make me confess about our Allah's soldiers...Ha!"

I wanted to tear her ass, and rip her bottom if she gave me any trouble, I resolved. I caught myself and regained some composure.

"Alright" I said, giving up. My hands were itching; my breath was excitedly catching in my throat,

"Tie her hands up in front of her and bend her over the table please" I instructed thus to the goggle-eyed Policewoman assisting me who was wetting her lips in anticipation looking at me.

When the Policewoman handcuffed her with shaking hands, Chutiya looked at me scornfully.

I said, "Strip her bottom now!"

The policewoman mopped her eyebrows and fumbled with the terrorist's pajama strings.

"Stop it" I snapped. "When I say strip, I mean 'Tear her dress out 'not just undress her!"

Policewoman obeyed nervously and tore Chutiya's dress down the middle till it lay in a heap near her feet.

I looked at the plump white ass cheeks presented like a waiting gift staring me in the face but yet clad in long traditional cotton panties, the Muslim women wear.

"What are the stupid panties doing there? Tear it off!" I commanded the Policewoman.

I was her Captain of Police, she dared not disobey. But all the same she was a little hesitant as she said,

"Sir, but if you bare her buttocks and bend her like this, you would even see her...her..."

"Pussy!" I completed it for her. "So what, this monster has been blowing up people and poisoning our kids! She better not hide anything from us now" I smirked as I justified.

As her bare white humungous buttery buttocks so bared, now her puffed up fat and prominent pussy lips from between her thighs showed up cautiously. She had a tuft of only a black thin bush covering her cunt as per Military training she had received under her Terrorist trainers.

I licked my lips in anticipation as those shiny fat globes moved tantalizingly as she reclined, her hands in front tied to the table.

"Bring me my set of ah, tools for this interrogation and leave" I told the assistant.

She looked at me doubtfully and seeing my set hard face, she heaved the bag of whips, lashes, paddles and belts over to the nearby table and gave me furtive look and crossed over to the door and let herself out. The door banged shut.

I turned to my prisoner.

"Now you will receive the relatively mild beginner spankings first!"

I rubbed my hands together till they were warm and moved near her big melon sized ass cheeks.

I pinched her left buttock savagely with one hand and spanked the other cheek soundly with the other hand all at the same time. She yelped, her big globes shuddered under the attack but she held on.

I now raised my hand in wide arc above my head, almost behind my shoulder and laid it smack on her buttock which I had pinched moments ago.


The sound echoed in the soundproof basement room and I asked her again,

"Are you changing your mind now?"

Looking at her determined set of jaw and gritting teeth, I commenced again.


I hit her both shuddering solid masses of globular buttocks with force and bitterness.

My cock gave a lurch and strained against my underwear in growing excitement as my hands tasted her burning big ass cheeks time and time again, each spank louder and firmer than the previous.

Ten more firm speedy spanks. Then five without a moment's respite!!

She whimpered. I will give her that; she seemed to have courage as big as her ass.

I rubbed my painful erection, a tent- like protrusion on her fast reddening ass cheeks roughly and moaned myself.

I removed a leather belt wide as my palm and short as my arm and let her pink derriere taste its sharp leathery edges. She groaned and spluttered, "You won't get anything out of me! Hmmm"

"Let me be the judge of that!" I said firmly and felt the skin on her hips with my open palm. They were already turning hot.

I spanked her left buttock that lay lazily near my left arm firmly and belted one with the leather on the other cheek in a split second interval. It sounded like two unequal explosions, one of flesh striking flesh and the other of a firm belt lashing an unsuspecting soft buttock.

Her ass reddened in a weal when my belt left her flesh and my arm raised high and long to beat her plumpness again and again. Harsh and swift ruthless lashings followed and her shuddering yielding buttock globes lost all their whiteness and turned an angry red, crisscrossed with belt marks, and she yelped and shook as my leather belt occasionally nicked her fat pussy lips in their over-enthusiasm. I probed two rough fingers in to her fat Muslim twat and found them to be hot and moist. Pinching those lips firmly, I gave her one loud spank on the crack between her ass, covering the twitching asshole and wettening pussy-hole at the same time with my big palm.

She shook and grunted and the table shuddered as her big body moved from side to side but she did not give in.

I started swearing as I belted her over pink welt covered ass, making sure some overlapped the same spots while others smacked her on newer untouched spots like back of her smooth thighs, fair and strong flanks, the tiers of fat waist etc.

I swore, "Oh, You haughty bitch, will you bomb our people again, ha?"

SMACK! on her welted ass, and she literally shook under the impact this time.

"You filthy whore, will you poison our innocent babies again? Will ya?"

THWACKK! SPANKKKK!! On her both cheeks alternately till she groaned to keep from screaming as welts criss-crossed her cheeks and blood clotted dark under the skin.

"You lousy terrorist! You are a blot on the female sex itself". This time spanking her resolutely and unflinchingly on her fat sex lips itself to drive home my point. She squirmed as the leather tips of the belt bit and lashed against her sensitive cunt.

Her cunt now shuddered and creamed and wept tears of excitement. Looking at that, I turned more monstrous and took up a firm rubber covered table tennis bat, thinking her pussy juices would now dry up with the ferocity of he paddle strokes. Secretly, however I wished otherwise. The more she got excited and cunt secreted, I had more reason to feel that she should not be enjoying herself thus, but should be hurting under punishment.

I laid the flat of the rubber clad bat on her burning red ass cheeks patted to let her a feel and then walloped her one on the junction of her ass cheeks so firmly that a few of her wet pubic hairs came pasted away on the bat in its follow-through. She gave the first signs of pain reaching her terrorism muddled mind, as her nerves protested under the ill treatment on her hind quarters.

I took two steps back and started swatting her with the bat hitting her again and again on her big buttocks and their red weals enlarged, again and again...

" Your both buttocks will dissolve under my blows today, if you don't speak up" I warned her as huge and loud spankings rained on her bloody red buttock cheeks and she stood shuddering and shaking under the punitive blows.

If anything, her pussy reacted in a unfavorable way for her, as it became more and more wet and her hot juices slowly trickled and seeped out of her excited pussy over the top of her thighs. So I could spank her more, I gulped hungrily.

I poked my fingers roughly in her pussy-asshole junction and plundered the digits inside, making her moan half in excitement and half in pain.

"Bitch you seem to lie being spanked is it? Oh I see, but you Muslim ladies should not be getting your jollies this way..." I complained and now took an evil looking wooden cane with steel tip and started raining speedy caning blows on her ever reddening and darkening skin covering her buttocks. At places now, the skin literally broke and showed pink and angry red.

"Hoooo!.... Haaa? .....HMMM?..... Oh Ho?" I grunted and groaned; and mercilessly paddled her big firm ass as she now danced on her legs. Some blows fell on her fat tiers of waist too (she was middle aged, see?) and she yelped as newer and newer spots on her behind fell prey to my sharp blows.

I poked the gashes and welts with the steel tip of the cane till it sank in them all the way and twisted it roughly, opening some of the welts. I rained some blows specifically on them immediately, so she had to strain every nerve in her throat now to stifle a scream.

"How is that for terrorism on my own part ha?" I asked through gritting my teeth, my sweat pouring over my face and neck with the effort.

I had been spanking her for over a half hour now and was nowhere near completion as her cruel eyes too begged me to stop but she did not confess. We knew that something more sinister was being planned by this group for Christmas up next week and were very anxious to know. This is why I took upon the role of a merciless spanker today!

I opened the can of water and poured large swig down my parched throat and let the rest pour over her red welted and weal covered buttocks in an obvious attempt to cool her off before I really started on her in the next session, if she did not break.

I let the steel tipped cane poke her wet large pink Muslim terrorist cunt firmly for a couple of inches while she bent her knees to accommodate the entry.

'So she cruelly liked it, ha!' I wondered and smelt the wet tip once. My nose crinkled at the pungent womanly smell of her secretions and she sure was like hell getting excited.

I let the cane speak on her upturned vertical pussy lips now!

I aimed it precisely onto the crack of her ass, focusing on her palpitating pussy; I laid it smack cracking it on the cunt lips, sometimes on her fat external labia, some other time on the wet junction where it sank into her wet innards. Her pussy flower blossomed like a big flower under the blows and even smiled pinkly at me.


She screamed for the first time in painful ecstasy, her fat legs and shuddering big ass globes shuddered frenzily every which way.

"BITCH! Talk!!!"I screamed and expected to hear her surrender. But no! Chutiya, the terrorist screamed, "NOOOOO! I won't..."and turned to me with mad eyes and gasped,

"They... They will all die on Christmas day...Merciful Allah!" She got cut off as my cane bristled firmly on her big upturned jelly of her bright red and purple ass again and again. Purple and red welts covered her huge ass every which way. All this caning and smell of sex and sweat made me sexually hungry and I was panting.

My cock was by now surging with blood, bobbing up and down and I let it hang out of the fly , thick eight inches of excited monster waiting for its own act. I went to her ass and thrust my big prick all over her hot burning buttocks and groaned.

I squeezed the soft flesh of her hurting ass firmly in both fists but she only grimaced, grunted and tolerated it.

But no go, she did not talk!

"I will turn your buttocks into pulp today, you mad bitch!" I screamed and took out a bull-whip from my bag of sin.

It was long and thick and firm and Chutiya Begum's ass was in 'no healthy condition to take more strokes from this evil punitive tool' I thought, as I wiped my sweat on it and took the first swipe on her belligerent buttocks.

Swing..slash!! Slashhh! Whoosh! CRACK!!!!!!


Thus I smashed her ever open helpless red buttocks with my arms going back in swing and lay bang on it. I could see the sharp whip ends stick into her wet pinky pussy, lick the insides and smear the liquids gathered, her all over the 'hot as oven' buttocks, stroke after stroke. She squirmed, jerked and groaned whether with pain or ecstasy I wasn't to know. But she kept swearing,

'Merciful Allah, kill all these infidels!' 'Damn the non believers'' or a 'Osama be praised' etc continually as I lashed her.

I was annoyed and enraged.

"MERCIFUL ALLAH, Is it? Why, you evil as cancer monster of a lady! You want to see more innocent people get bombed here, ha?"

She farted loudly now, unable to bear the agitation of my continuous hammering and kneeling for a long time. I took step back to escape from her gases and I raised my hands to wallop her more for it but I stopped.

I looked at the bright red and purple colored shuddering ass cheeks of hers for a minute.

She was very hurt but that was alright; and she was sexually too excited as her juices trickled copiously over her thighs in streams. Now, that was not alright!

I wanted to punish her by depriving her of the sexual pleasure.

Yes, that was it!

I suddenly stopped and she too was shocked at the suddenness and looked at me with worried eyes that had started weeping silently now. But seeing they were resolute, I went over to the door threw it open and beckoned the Policewoman who was still standing goggle-eyed.

"Bring me Mrs. Pussikala, the headmistress now. She has a couple of words to exchange with our terrorist lady!"

I knew that my dear friend and lover, Mrs. Pussikala, the Headmistress who had courageously fought with the Chutiya lady had lost two children in her school already to poisoning and wanted nothing better than punish the terrorist with her own hands.

Besides, I thought, as I caressed my straining purple headed excited cock, she was always a sex-starved wench and we could have a ball right here while we were at it.

To be continued...

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