tagMind ControlRed Head vs. the Pretty Red Bracelet

Red Head vs. the Pretty Red Bracelet


"So, did you find something you liked?" There was just a touch of static obscuring Ken's voice, and Chelle found herself wishing she could turn a knob or adjust the signal or something. Then she remembered that Ken was basically talking to her from almost six thousand kilometers away, and she decided that maybe she should just count her blessings that they didn't have to do this by post or something.

"Well, not exactly," she said, settling onto the bed, "but you told me to pick something out that I wouldn't wear any other time. If I liked it, it probably wouldn't work for your nefarious plan." She rolled the 'r' in 'nefarious' just a little, putting a little chuckle into her voice as she said the words. She didn't think Ken actually had a nefarious bone in his body, but they both loved to joke about his sinister hypnotic wiles. It was a little more fun when Chelle pretended he could do anything he wanted to her.

It was a lot more fun when she pretended she wasn't pretending.

"Okay, can you describe it to me?" Ken asked. "It'll help a bit if I have an idea of what it looks like when we're talking." He didn't sound frustrated, thankfully; Chelle had long ago gotten sick of guys intruding on her ground rules to the point where it was an instant dealbreaker. No webcam, no pictures. If they didn't believe she was a real redhead, she could very cheerfully believe they weren't going to get to hypnotize her. But Ken hadn't pushed on it at all in the six months she'd been playing with him...which made it a little easier to relax when they talked. And that made a lot of...other things...easier, too.

"It's a sort of chunky red bangle," she said, idly turning it over in the hand that wasn't holding her phone. "About an inch wide, with all these little metal links that are covered with red enamel. They're at a bit of an angle, so it looks like they're all drunk. Do you want me to put it on yet?"

"Not just yet," Ken said, his voice pitched just a little lower and more even. What Chelle thought of as his 'hypno-voice'. She felt it tug a little bit at her thoughts, as her subconscious tried to persuade her that she was totally supposed to be going into trance right now, but she forced herself to listen. "Just keep looking closely at it, and tell me all about it. Why don't you wear it more often?"

Chelle kept turning the bracelet over and over as she spoke, aware that she was already drifting a little as she focused her attention on the bangle. "It's pretty enough, but it's just so awkward to wear. It stretches a bit so you can get it on, but then it kind of gloms onto your wrist like it's giving you a really uncomfortable hug. It's really hard not to get distracted by the way it feels."

Ken chuckled a little. "That's actually really perfect for what we're going to do with it. I want something that you'll notice the whole time you're wearing it." Chelle felt her pulse quicken a little at his words-he'd described the idea of what he wanted to do a few days ago, and she'd not been able to get it out of her head ever since. (Which he had already admitted was part of his plan when he told her several days before doing it, but that kind of unthreatening sneakiness was why she was willing to do things like this in the first place.)

'Think of it this way,' he'd said to her in chat. 'You know how you told me that wine is kind of a turn-on for you, because you always have a glass before sex? Well, we're going to do something a bit like that. You're going to find a piece of jewelry, a bracelet or a ring or whatever, and you're only going to wear it when I hypnotize you. And after a while, you're going to associate the feel of that piece of jewelry with trance, until just putting it on will make you feel warm and spacey and suggestible. How does that sound?'

Chelle had read those words, hearing them in Ken's hypno-voice, and nodded absently for several seconds before realizing she had to type her response. 'Om nom nom,' she'd responded, before jokingly adding, 'I mean...I guess that sounds okay. If you're into it. Y'know, whatever.' Somehow, he saw right through her pretense of nonchalance.

"...going to feel so good when you put it on, pet," Ken said. Chelle realized she had spent quite a bit of time just staring at the bracelet, rolling it over and over between her fingers and drifting off into reminiscence while his words slipped into the back of her mind. Because he was using his hypno-voice in earnest now, and her unconscious self always took that as permission to start going a little bit hazy. She tried to remember what he was just saying, but the details were just so vague and unimportant that she let it go and simply listened to him speak.

"You're going to enjoy that feeling, that warm embrace around your wrist that holds you snug and safe in my will," he continued. "Go ahead and put the bracelet on, pet. Hold your arm straight out and slip it on, and let yourself focus on the sensations as you do so."

Chelle was almost surprised by how muzzy her voice sounded when she said, "Okay." She didn't feel that hypnotized, not yet. She was a little spacey, sure, but she didn't think she was really deep or anything. Ken hadn't even done an induction yet. He'd just used that voice, the one that she loved to...to sink into trance for, the one that he always used when he hypnotized her. The one that reminded her of all the times she went under before, like little echoes in the back of her mind, softening her will and making her so peaceful and obedient...

Chelle held her arm straight out and slipped the bracelet on. It was a little tricky because her eyes were having a hard time staying open.

"Do you have it on yet?" Ken asked. "You'll probably notice as soon as you do that your wrist is feeling a little bit heavier from the extra weight. It's just a little bit harder to keep your arm up like that because the bracelet is pulling it down. Not much at first, but as your muscles get tired, you'll find that it's more and more exhausting to hold your arm out. The more you struggle to keep your hand in the air, the harder it gets, until you finally can't fight it any longer and your arm drops and you drop right along with it into a deep obedient trance."

Chelle stared at her hand, watching it wobble just a little as she imagined gravity giving it a little extra tug. "Oh, you think you're clever," she muttered with a rueful smile on her face as she focused her attention on keeping her arm extended. It wasn't that she wasn't greatly looking forward to going into trance or anything, but now that he'd made staying awake a challenge, Chelle couldn't just let herself give up after only a few seconds of effort. Not when she could lie there, gazing at her own hand with pleasant anticipation, her mind already moving ahead to the moment when she finally couldn't hold out any longer and...

Her hand dipped a little. With a great effort, she jerked it back up.

And of course, Ken wasn't just leaving her to it. "I am clever," he said mildly. "And so are you. You're a very clever and imaginative woman, Chelle, and because of that, it's very easy for you to imagine your arm getting heavier and heavier and heavier. It's so easy to imagine your hypnotic bracelet weighing you down like it was made of lead, pulling your arm and your mind and your will deeper and deeper as it sinks and you sink, until it touches your body and you hear yourself say, 'I am deeply hypnotized.' And when you hear it, you'll know that it's true. Won't you?"

Chelle's eyes rolled back in her head a little. "Yes sir," she replied, the words escaping her lips almost unthinkingly. It was the first little bit of conditioning they'd done together, months ago now-her instinctive response to any question he asked during their sessions was always 'yes', and just hearing herself say it made her feel a little bit more docile and blank. Which was totally unfair, if either one of them had any interest in his being fair.

"That's right, good girl," he purred, his voice coating her thoughts like warm butter. "Your mind is heavy now. Your body feels heavy, and your thoughts feel thick and heavy, and your arm is ten times heavier than it was when I started this sentence. It's so hard to keep it in the air now, isn't it?"

Chelle couldn't help herself. She whispered, "Yes, sir." Through slitted eyes, she watched as her hand swayed in the air like a drunken bumblebee, hovering now just an inch or two above the surface of her skin. She noticed absently that it was in a holding pattern directly over her crotch, and wondered if her subconscious might not have planned it that way all along. Chelle certainly knew that her mind liked to play tricks on her when it came to hypnosis. No wonder she always had such trouble resisting, she thought. It was always two against one.

"That's right, pet," Ken continued, his words an inexorable tide swamping her thoughts and dragging them under into sleepy bliss. "And you're going to remember just how the bracelet makes you feel right now, every time you slip it on your wrist for me. You're going to remember this heavy, sleepy, deliciously exhausting feeling that saps your energy and leaves you so wonderfully drowsy for me. Every time you wear the bracelet, you're going to feel like my dreamy girl all over again, aren't you?"

"Yes sir," Chelle responded, her mouth feeling strangely loose as the words slurred out. It felt harder and harder to form words properly; she was so relaxed now, so limp and lazy as she watched her hand dip and sway and dance closer and closer to her wet pussy. Oh, fuck, she was wet. She was practically fucking drooling between her legs. It was going to feel so good when she sank all the way under and begged Ken for permission to tease her cunt. She could picture it in her mind's eye, lying on the bed and sliding her fingers in and out, chanting mantras of obedience and submission as she stimulated herself until she lost control and begged him to let her come. But not just yet, she told herself. She had to keep struggling, had to hold her heavy arm up just a little bit longer. She just had to fight that deliciously weak feeling for as long as she could, because the longer she fought, the better it would feel when she-

Chelle's fingers brushed lightly against her sensitive skin. She heard herself whisper, "I am deeply hypnotized." Then her eyes slid shut and her mind slipped away into a delicious fog.


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