Red Hot


Anyway, Polly pushed her chair away from the table and said "Well, dinner is finished. Let's adjourn to the living room and see where this conversation leads."

When we got there, Polly said "Sue, I only met you today, and while I've known John for many years, it has always been entirely within the setting of our professional relationship. I don't want to propose anything that is beyond the boundaries that you all are comfortable with. But it's been months since Michael and I have gotten to let down our hair." That was the second time that she had used that illustrative phrase. "All this talk about sex has gotten me very aroused. And John, your flattery for my hair, and presumably, the rest of my body, makes me want to act on your suggestions.

"Michael, I know that you want to stay and watch. You just love to see me fucking another man. And I'd love to have you be here too, Sue. If you want to get it on with my husband, I can assure you that he'll be a great lover. And he has the hots for you. On the way home from school, he told me how much he'd like to fuck you. Now that he knows that you are the famous SueNH, I'll bet my ass that his cock is trying to tear a hole in his pants."

John was paralyzed with shock. His mouth was hanging open, and his eyes were glazed and wide. Polly took the initiative; she walked over to where he sat on the couch, placed a knee on either side of his hips, and sat her butt down on his thighs. She leaned forward to kiss him hard on the lips, and she grabbed her long hair in both hands and engulfed his entire face in the shimmering object of her desire. Then her hands trailed down to his chest and unbuttoned his shirt. John came partially to his senses, and he tentatively massaged her shoulders and back through the oily silk fabric. Polly finished with his buttons and pushed the shirt over his shoulders and part way down his arms, trapping them at his sides. She was enjoying being in control.

As Polly unbuttoned her own blouse, Michael took hold of my hand and led me over to the couch so that I could sit right next to John and Polly. His hoarse whispers filled my ears, encouraging me to watch them while he took care of me. He sat on his haunches between my knees, lifted my skirt up, and pulled my panties off, removing my shoes at the same time. In the process, his fingernails gently scratched along the sensitive skin of my inner thighs and calves. As his fingers retraced their path back up toward my crotch, they were followed by nibbling kisses.

He took his time, teasing me and allowing me time to watch Polly's seductive lap dance. By now, she had shed her blouse. Her professional teacher's outfit had totally masked the size of her breast, which now swayed pendulously in front of John's face. I was fascinated by her nipples (which were very small and dark) and especially her areolae. I had never seen any that were so incredibly wide and pale. They were almost the same color as the surrounding skin, but the texture reminded me of large-scale goose bumps. Freckles were splattered randomly over her chest and shoulders.

Polly tantalized John with those firm breasts and tiny nipples. Whenever he would manage to trap a nub between his lips, she would pull it out of his suckling grasp. Then she twisted her shoulders more vigorously, slapping his face with the supple flesh. John's arms were still trapped, and he showed no sign that he wished to be freed. I marveled at Polly's intuitive understanding of how to make love to him- he needed to be ravished and toyed with. Normally he was the principal. tonight she was the headmistress.

I was also being teased by Michael, who was kissing all up and down my inner thighs and onto my tummy. I spread my legs wide apart, hoping to make the invitation more obvious. But still he declined my unspoken suggestion, and continued his fiendish circling. I endured as long as I could, then I grabbed him by the curly black hair and gently pulled him toward my waiting cunt. Still, he resisted, so I became more aggressive, placing my heels on the back of his neck and tugging more insistently on his hair. He knew enough to end his teasing, and I felt his mouth cover the entire mound of my cunt. He went from calculated restraint to ambitious zeal, as his fingers pulled my outer labia apart, and his tongue dug upwards through the wet crevasse between my inner lips. My clitoris was the pinnacle at the head of the canyon, and Michael's nose, lips, and tongue alternatively flicked over this protruding feature. Occasionally, his tongue reached down all the way to my anus, testing for my reactions. I enjoyed his attention to this area-until one of his thumbs tried to enter my asshole. That insidious feeling of discomfort displaced the wonderful erotic feelings that had been mounting within me. I told him not to do that, and he accepted my prohibition with a disappointed sigh.

This distraction reminded me that I was not paying attention to my neighbors on the couch. When I turned back to them, I was that Polly was now in the same position as my lover, sitting on her haunches between John's knees. His slacks and underwear were now crumpled on the arm of the couch next to them, and Polly was busy swallowing his cock. And that is exactly what it looked like. Her lips were fastened tightly around the base of his penis, and her cheeks and jaws were churning energetically. If John was endowed with an unusually long cock, then the head would certainly be embedded deep into her throat, something which I find uncomfortable. Eventually, Polly pulled back off his cock, and a streamer of clear pre-come bridged the gap from her tongue to the purplish crown of his penis. I saw that his size was more manageable, maybe 6 or 7 inches long. For Polly, this was a bite-sized snack, judging by her hungry resumption of her fellatio. Her palms cradled and jostled John's hairy testicles, and he moaned and gasped in appreciation. His arms were still trapped at his sides by the only garment that he still wore, and he made no attempt to untangle from the Brooks Brothers bonds.

Meanwhile, I was more actively participating in directing my enjoyment. I encouraged Michael to stick two of his fingers inside my vagina, and I let him know when he made contact with my G-spot. He bent his fingers upwards, exerting the pressure on that area that provides me with the most intense sensations. The swabbing of his tongue was now concentrated totally on my clitoris, and he lashed at it unmercifully. I was quickly swept up the slopes toward my orgasm. It was the kind of mind-shattering orgasm that is only provoked by the combination of expert physical manipulation (Michael certainly knew what he was doing) and the naughty thrill of engaging in outrageous and immoderate escapades with strangers. My entire body was heaving and shimmying as I clutched his head into my open cunt. I tipped my head back and let my triumphant shrieks echo off the cathedral ceiling.

As I gradually drifted back down from these giddy heights, I once again turned my attention to Polly, who was now back to her original position sitting on John's knees. His shirt had finally been removed, and he was using his liberated hands to play with his cock, massaging the hard tube of flesh. Polly looked at me and said "Jeez, I thought you were gonna have a heart attack! If you are back with us, then do John a favor and hold his cock for him. I want him to play with my tits."

Of course, I was eager to help, so I reached between them and held his cock straight upwards, jacking up and down the shaft very slowly. Polly lifted her hips upward and positioned her cunt so that the lips were wrapped over the bulging head of his penis. Her outer labia were much longer than mine, hanging loosely like thick red velvet. She humped back and forth so that his cock head sliced through her cunt and jabbed against her knot of her clitoral hood. She was so wet and puffy. Juices were smeared all around her cunt and throughout her sparse red pubic hair. Sticky, salty liquids flowed down onto my fingers, a mixture of both their secretions. When John tried to lift his hips so that his cock could plunge deeper into the folds of her cunt, she too rose up, keeping her distance. Both she and her husband could be such impish teases!

Polly had guided John's hands onto her breasts which were pink and moist with a light sheen of perspiration. She insisted that he tweak and pull at her teeny nipples, and the harder he pinched, the more she moaned in pleasure. Suddenly, without warning, she let the muscles in her legs go soft, and her cunt dropped down onto John's cock in one swift motion. She engulfed him, her wet crotch pushing my fingers out of the way.

She was as energetic about her fucking as anyone I had ever seen. As soon as she had impaling herself with John's cock, she lifted back up, and then pounded down, again and again with a swiftness and tempo that made the couch rock. Yet she was able to measure her lift perfectly, so that I could see the head of John's cock peak out from the folds of her skin at the crest of each cyclical stroke. She held tightly to John's shoulders so that she could increase her leverage, and John in turn held tightly to her ass cheeks. He tried once to match her motions with his own thrusts, but her pace was unmatchable. Her wonderfully big breasts were swinging wildly, slapping randomly against each other and John's face. Now sweat was flowing out of her pores, dribbling down her skin in meandering streams. Her beautiful hair was plastered to her face, neck and back.

Then she slowed down just a bit, and looked down at Michael, who had his head cradled between my thighs. Between her gasps for breaths, she said "Honey..., as wonderful as John is...., I need more. You know what I want.... pleasssssse!"

"Oh, yes, dear," Michael replied, "I know what you need right now. And I'm glad you asked, since I don't think that Sue is interested in this for herself. Is it all right with you, Sue, if I leave you alone for a while, so that I can help out with John and Polly? When Polly gets this excited, she needs more that one cock. And without help, I don't think that John will be able to get off-Polly's cunt is just too loose to do the job on it's own."

I was so curious about what was to happen, and my massive orgasm still left me fully satisfied and generous about sharing my new lover. I nodded my assent. Michael immediately stood up and quickly stripped off his clothes. Exhausted yet unsatisfied, Polly had slowed down a bit, and now John was able to fuck his cock upward into her. As her husband stood between John's outstretched feet, he asked John to pull Polly's ass cheeks apart. Michael spit into his hand and lathered his thin cock with the saliva and his seeping pre-come. Now I knew what he had in mind. And it was something that I had never seen before. As I said before, I knew all about anal in a theoretical sense, and my fantasies sometimes included thoughts of it. Now I was going to see it up close and personal.

In fact, even closer than I expected; Michael asked me to do for him what I had just done for John. He wanted me to hold his cock as he pushed it into Polly's ass. I asked her if this was really what she wanted. She said "I know that this is not for everyone, but for me, getting fucked in the ass by Michael can be the most exciting and arousing thing. It's harmlessly nasty and sinful, which makes it deliciously attractive for me. It's the exact opposite of what people usually expect from me. The first time, it hurt just a little, but now it doesn't hurt at all. After all, Michaels' cock is just made perfect for this."

And I suppose that it was, for his cock was incredibly thin, something like a table candle. Also, the head of his cock was kind of pointy, and it was no wider than the rest of his penis. I accepted her assurances, and so I stood beside Michael and pulled his cock down. All this talking had allowed it to become dry again, so I bent over and relubricated him with my own saliva. As I did, he reached around my own ass and combed his fingers through my cunt. The prospect of what I was about to see had me aroused again, and I shuddered at his touch.

I straightened up and aimed his spear-like cock at its intended target. With John's hands pulling her cheeks wide apart, I could plainly see Polly's anus. It was burgundy- colored, and the rim was crinkled, hairless, and puffy. She was purposely twitching the muscles of her sphincter, making it wink open and closed. Just below was a small exposed part of John's cock-the rest was embedded deeply into her vagina. For the moment, he had stopped his thrusting, waiting for this new level of kinky and forbidden sexuality.

Michael edged forward. With my help, his slippery cock zeroed in on the bullseye-shaped target. As he hunched forward, the rubbery flesh of his dark red glans compressed and deformed, and I thought for a moment that he would not, after all, be able to enter. But the muscles of her buttocks gradually softened, and with this, her asshole became more receptive. Abruptly, his cockhead popped inside the narrow confines, and Michael let his weight shift forwards with the most unhurried pace. I saw his cock slide through my fingers and disappear millimeter by millimeter-accompanied by a long, groaning exhale from Polly's lungs. As she ran out of breath, Michael's wiry crop of thick black pubic hair pressed into the skin of her cheeks. Just as when I had held John's cock, my fingers were pushed out of the way by the collision of flesh.

Michael left himself fully imbedded for a long time, allowing Polly to become comfortable with the intrusion. Finally she whispered that it was "OK, go ahead." Michael pulled himself most of the way out, and then gently eased back in, again eliciting an earthy grunt of pleasure from his wife. The third time, Polly said to John "Come on, John, I need you to fuck me too. I need you both." As John started to thrust in and out, it took him a while to figure out how to match the Michael's tempo. But soon they had it coordinated. Polly simply held her position, allowing herself to be fucked by her two lovers. Only her head moved, pivoting around on the axis of her neck as she chanted an endlessly repeating mantra: "Oh yes...., oh yes...., oh yes...." She seemed to be in some kind of trance. Michael placed one hand in the small of her back, and the other reached around and grabbed ahold of one of her meaty breasts. His fingers dug deeply into the pliant flesh.

With two long, hard cocks competing for the limited space inside her, I could only assume that the constricting tightness inside each of Polly's canals was incredible, and I was surprised at how long John and Michael were able to hold out. But at long last, the intense sensations were too much for both of them, and their own gasps and grunts mingled with Polly's. John was the first to reach his climax, and as his body stiffened into an arch and his hips vibrated with orgasmic twitches, this acted as an inspiration for Michael and Polly, triggering their own explosive orgasm. The incredible depth and breadth of their commingled sensations was fully obvious to me, painting a picture of bliss and satisfaction that is etched forever in my mind.

Michael finally was unable to control his leg muscles, which had turned to jelly. He collapsed backward onto the carpet, his softening, slimy cock slapping onto his stomach. Polly sagged forwards, momentarily smothering John with her sweaty, heaving breasts, but she slid off to the side enough to allow him room to breathe. Now the scene that attracted my attention was the view of Polly's crotch, still gaping wide open. From both her cunt and her asshole, milky white dribbles of semen pumped rhythmically out of the pulsating reddened orifices, drooling in sticky streams onto her thighs and John's testicles. It was the most carnal and wickedly erotic sight that I could possibly imagine.

Since that evening, many images and lessons are indelibly etched into my consciousness. Naturally, the images of red- hot sexuality burn brightly in my memory. But I was also inspired to question my tendency to prejudge people. My interactions with Polly, Michael, and John taught me that first impressions are often wrong. Hopefully, I learned something..., we'll see.

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