Red-Hot Rita Ch. 02


I was encouraged as we kissed, waiting for Rita to let me fuck her. Finally, she rolled me on top of her. My cock was against her flat stomach. She reached down between us and held it firmly. Lightly she ran the head across her clit and through her pussy lips. I could feel her juices coating me. It was the best feeling until she held my cock against her pussy hole.

"Now slowly push forward baby. Ooohhh!"

I could feel my cockhead parting her. I held my breath as her pussy lips folded around me. Rita put her hands on my hips, holding them there with just my cockhead in her ring. Slowly her let my weight down so that my cock penetrated her inch by inch.

"MMMmmm...yes Paul. Slowly. You're so big."

"Aahhh. So good Rita. I can't believe it...."

She exhaled and relaxed a little more. She was just enjoying fullness while I was enjoying both the tenderness of her lesson and the tight grip of her cunt.

Less than half of my cock was in her now but Rita made me wait. She took my face in her hands and kissed me. Then looking into my eyes she said, "Your cock is so good Paul." Her eyes moved down between our bodies, "Look at us. Isn't that beautiful. It feels so good honey. I'm ready for more, are you?"

I adjusted my position and the movement of my cock caused her to flinch.

"Oh careful honey. You could really do some damage with your big cock. I'm going to need some practice to get used to how you stretch me Paul."

I smiled as Rita spread her legs wider. "I don't know if I can take all of you in this position." I pushed deeper as I clutched Rita tightly in my arms. Her tits pressed hard against my chest.

"Oh yes. MMmmm so big. Ahhh!!! Easy... Yes... Back and forth now, pull back and forth baby."

In a sexy even motion, our bodies found a lingering rhythm. It felt so good I wanted to ram myself in her. But Rita controlled my slow thrusting by closing her thighs on my hips to limit the penetration.

"Do you like this honey? Doesn't my pussy feel good. I feel so nasty doing this Paul. Oh gawd! My pussy's on fire. I'm gonna cum soon. Oh so good!!!"

"Ahhh Rita, I love it. I want to..." I caught my breath and started pumping faster.

"Oh like that Paul. Yes...short strokes, not too fucking much!!! Oohhhhhh, jeezuz! Honey...Ooohhh! Mmm...My pussy is...yours!!!" Rita was almost incoherent as she moaned her way to orgasm. I looked at her face as I felt her spasm on the top half of my cock. I was happy knowing that I could make her cum and gave her a few quick jolting thrusts for emphasis.

Rita was still breathing hard as she pushed me up so I couldn't push. "Mmmm wait Paul. Give me a second." I started kissing her neck, tasting her flesh, feeling the sperm swimming in my balls. I knew I was going to lose it soon.

Rita crawled out from under me and had me lay back. I willingly complied, feeling our bodies slide apart, watching to see what she would do next. She straddled me and again rubbed my cockhead against her drenched love hole. As she rose up, she held my shaft and then without warning, Rita impaled herself on me.

I groaned loudly and she screamed. Her hot wet cunt swallowed most of my cock in one smooth motion. I let out a grunt of ecstasy and Rita shook and grimaced in a mixture of pleasure and pain. It felt like she was cumming again, the way her inner muscles clenched on me. She was so slippery tight—it was the best feeling in the world. My balls tingles and I knew I was going to cum. Rita was sitting down harder on my cock moaning and groaning incoherently. Her pussy drenching my cock as she pressed on my chest and worked her thighs to ride me.

When all of my cock was consumed in Rita, I erupted violently, crying out in emotion. A look of passion ignited Rita's face as she bounced and felt my explosion inside of her. The bed was shaking and Rita just kept riding up and down on me as I flooded her.

"Oh Yes Rita! I'm Cumming!!! Can You Feel It??? So Good! Ughhh!!! Yes! More!!!"

"Cum Paul! Ooohh You're Filling MEE!!! Fucking Me So Goood!!!" She began rubbing her clit furiously. I could feel her tense up. "Oh my gawddd! You're so good in me! I'm gonna cum on your cock!!! Paul... Baby, YES!!! YES!!!" She picked up her rhythm and slammed on me a few times. I grabbed her bouncing tits and held her up as she leaned into me.

We were sloppy wet at the point of our union, her cunt muscles clenching on my flexing cock. "Oh look Paul, your cum is seeping. It's so much inside of me." I could feel it but looked to see. Her pussy was a delicious vision with our juices coating us. Rita sat fully down on my cock then and began to grind her hips.

My cock was still hard and it was twitching inside of Rita. She had her eyes closed and I just stared at her. When she had caught her breath, she looked down at me and smiled. "Oh Paul...mmmm. That was amazing. And you're still hard if my pussy is still sending me the right signals after that."

"Oh Rita! Shit!...I can't believe... It feels so good!...OH!...Thank you...." She cut me off with an impassioned kiss. It felt so good to be inside her, the body against mine, her hard nipples on my chest.

Rita began to slide off me and pulled back down my body to lick my cock and balls causing a tremor in my strengthening cock. She looked at me with cum-glistening lips and whispered, "Time for a new position." She then turned around and presented her ass to me on her hands and knees.

I moved into position behind her and held my cock against her pussy lips as I stared at her asshole. She rocked her body back and forth, her pussy lips bumping my cockhead until my cock penetrated her. Rita gasped and kept on doing this until she was taking more of my cock with each movement. Then she pushed back and held my cock by flexing her pussy muscles. I grabbed her hips and began to control the tempo.

Long slow smooth thrusts into her slick hole pushed my cock into my groin, followed by the pull of her velvet grip as I arched my hips back. It felt like my cock was growing longer and longer. Each movement making our connection tighter. Rita propped her head against the bed and started to play with her tits. She moaned and I exhaled with each thrust.

"I'm ready baby. Harder, fuck me harder Paul!" She urged after a few minutes.

Rita started fucking me back as I pumped her. Pistoning my hips, I squeezed her ass to maintain my leverage. We both worked our bodies faster as the echoes of our pleasure filled the room along with the slapping of Rita's ass against my thighs. That sound spurred me on and I jackhammered her cunt, fueled by the stamina of having cum once already.


I could only respond to Rita and the feelings I was having in a long-low-drawn-out-moaning-grunt as I pounded away. Watching her ass cheeks ripple was so beautiful. It all felt so good. I was outside my mind ramrodding my cock into her, possessed by the most incredible feelings a man could have. Truly indescribable.

After a minute or so, I had to stop. Rita was a mass of hot flesh bent over in front of me. She was breathing hard as I held my cock in her, caressing her ass. We were covered in sweat and tingling from the intensity.

"Oh shit! I'm gonna be so sore tomorrow Paul. But it's worth it baby. I want you to cum again. In my mouth this time." She pulled away and forced me to pull out. Turning around she attacked my cock with her mouth as I laid back.

Rita's lips were all over me. I knew she was a cock sucking expert from the night before but now she was driving me insane with her lips, tongue, and throat. She took her mouth away from my cock and held it.

"I want to taste you Paul, fill my mouth." She slurped. "Cum in my mouth." She went back to work, it didn't take much after the jackhammering in her pussy. Her hands stroked my cock as she inhaled the head with a vigorous cum hungry sucking action. Suddenly I erupted, shooting streams of cum. "Ahhh...ahhh...fuck!" I bellowed just as the second explosion shook me. Rita pulled away after the third rope and the next one spurted onto her face. My cock kept dribbling cum after that and Rita licked it up, swallowing again and again.

"Oh Rita!" I was feeling uninhibited after I caught my breath. "You're so hot. I'm lucky...Thanks for making my first time so good."

She looked up at me. "Don't be so formal Paul. You just fucked me better than anyone ever has and now I have your cum on my face."

"Oh gawd. I can't believe it. You're the best Rita. I...I love you...."

She let the comment pass and only responded by kissing my cock and then moving up into my arms. "Paul, that was incredible. It won't be the last time you get to put that beautiful cock in me. We'll do much more together. You're very sweet honey. Now let's get cleaned up. You'll love this."

We showered together and I took pleasure in washing my cum off Rita's ass with my soapy hands. When she turned to let the water wash the cum off of her face I got behind her and held her. "Next time when you fuck me from behind, play with my clit and pull on my nipples like this." She took my hand and put it on her pussy and then put the other on her tit.

"I love your cock Paul. I think I'm going to need it everyday if we can manage. Instead of working in the yard, I think you're going to have to be my fuck toy."

"Oh. Rita that would be great."

The thought of being Mrs. Wilson's fuck toy and having sex with her daily was more than I could ever hope for. I wondered when her husband's next business trip would be but I knew we still had a few more days together.

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