tagCelebrities & Fan FictionRed Light District Blues Ch. 02

Red Light District Blues Ch. 02


Author's Note: This story is completely fictional and did not happen. All characters and names are fictional and were made up.


Miami, Florida

Darkness had faded over the city with the evening hours closing in to give breath to the night life that was slowly awakening. When the sky had turned into pitch black, it was up for the light to be cast from the various signs and buildings that flickered in old neon lights and cheap white lights through out the streets of North Beach. Within the seedy belly of the underworld, this was the dawning hours of for various businesses. Neon lights lit up a slew of cheap motels, strip clubs, and sex shops around several blocks. This was the place known as the 'red light district' by the word of mouth from those who had witnessed a new wave of urban decay slowly rotting the town's core into the dirty place it had become.

Through the night, the street corners became occupied with various individuals almost as if they had owned a certain spot on the block. Some small time pimps liked to observe the streets, but they were never seen as the big fish out in the ocean of sleaze. The real pimps and madams collected their cash from the back of clubs or motels. It took less than a week for any hoodlum roaming the streets to learn that most of the run down motels were operating as brothels. Unsurprisingly, prostitution wasn't the only poison pumping through the veins of North Beach. Anyone who had a habit in the forms of smoking, snorting and needles could find their fix with a variety of dealers in town. Only those who had knowledge of underworld figures had a sense of where the drug flow was coming from. For anyone's vice, weather it was drugs or sex, they could find what they wanted quite easily around the district.

The core building of several blocks stood tall with a pink neon sign in the shape of lips. It flashed in three motions, demonstrating a kiss. From above at the top of the building, a round piece glowed with bright white lights while blue and pink neon lines covered the exterior of the white walled building. In pink lights, the sign lit up with the words 'Sex World'. For every person who walked through the entrance, they were greeted with the flashing sign as if it were blowing a kiss to each customer. Sex World was a prominent strip club in North Beach, as it had already grown to the status of the largest and most successful strip club in all of Miami Beach. Behind the walls of the club, powerful people sat in the offices. A madam and two pimps were inside, running their businesses with a string of hookers who were on the streets and inside the club.

Standing near a Stop sign, a red haired girl brought a cigarette to her lips and took a slow puff. As she blew out the smoke, a look of impatience had washed over her face while she stood waiting for some action to pick up at any minute now. Tonight was Bella Thorne's first night out in a new career. Leo had set her up as one of his street girls, just to test the waters of how much money she could bring in from fucking suckers looking for a quick fix. Bella wasn't bothered about being thrown out in the streets to begin. She figured that she was going to have to impress this man more than just being a famous name. Since she was just a street hooker under Leo, she was not allowed entry beyond the doors to the Sex World club. Leo had told Bella that she would have to earn a pole on the center stage of the strip club. Only his finest girls worked the clubs, where he was sure they would be earning a few thousand dollars off every customer. Bella may have impressed Leo and his boss Rafael, but now she had to truly work her way up the ladder of the business.

From the corner, Bella stood tall in a pair of black high heels with fishnets covering her legs. A tight pair of Daisy Dukes style jean shorts covered were worn with a black thong visible due to being pulled up too high. All of this could be seen from her unbuttoned red sports jacket, as she had on nothing more than a pink bra. The jacket itself held much importance, as Leo had supplied her with it instead of letting her go out with a purse. There was large pockets inside where she carried a smartphone he had given her and she could store her earnings inside the pockets. Over her neck was that same metal razor blade necklace she always liked to wear, noticeable with the heart designed in the middle of the flat ornament. The same gold septum piercing was still hanging from her nose while her makeup was done with purple glitter mixed with her eyeliner. For once, Bella didn't wear her usual arm bands and various bracelets. Leo had told her that the more jewelry she wore, the easier a target she would be for a thief who may try to mug her. His warning was enough to make her reconsider wearing too much jewelry or anything gold over her wrists. Some excess glitter ended up on her chest, but Bella never minded the shiny coat whatsoever. She finished off her slutty attire with bright red lipstick, matching the red of her jacket. The cool air of the night flushed over her skin with a breeze of excitement for Bella.

Her outfit was enough to make any working girl a magnet for a police squad car that was prowling the streets. It was funny to Bella cause she usually dressed this way and never had a problem apart from paparazzi cameras taking photographs of her. There was nothing to fear, as this part of town had been ignored by the police. Miami Beach had a history of corruption within the department, as this was just another chapter in that tainted legacy. This was her first night out on the block, as she had already passed by other women who were walking the street in similar outfits. Still puffing on the cigarette, Bella wasn't as nervous as Leo seemed to believe she was. It was her first night out, but she was confident that she was about to make a good bit of money off some horny men needing service. So far in the past half-hour, Bella had witnessed a few cars drive slowly by the sidewalk with men peeling their eyes over the girls standing there. There was a black Lincoln car that had picked up a girl across the street, standing near the entrance doors to Sex World.

Before she had stepped foot on the streets, Leo had went through various discussions with Bella about the price of her services. He had told her that most working girls used their own prices for sexual needs, encouraging Bella to draw the line of where she was comfortable with charging men. With her fading status as a celebrity, she liked the idea of having high prices though Leo was fast to tell her no. If she wanted to raise the cost of her services, she would have to work her way up to becoming a top whore inside the club. A street hooker had to be realistic with charging the male strangers who were to approach her for a quick fix. Such an opportunity soon presented herself as Bella watched a black Honda pull up near the curb. From inside the vehicle, she could see the white color to a button up shirt with a tie. Since the car had stopped and she seen the eyes of what appeared to be an older business man, the wrinkles visible from his forehead. Bella approached the right side door, clacking her heels loudly over the concrete beneath her shoes. It appeared that she had met a potential customer, he would be her first. When the window came rolling down, she smiled and leaned down to greet him with her voice speaking in a seductive tone.

"Hey, looking for a good time, honey?"

It was a generic thing to say, but Bella was relying on her charm alone to try and reel him in. The man gazed back at her with a cold face, difficult to read without an expression. His hair was white, the eyes were blue and he appeared to definitely be an older man in a suit. After a moment, he spoke back in a typical Florida accent.

"Yeah, I'm looking for someone like you. Get in."

This seemed too easy for Bella. The man had been observing the block and found what appeared to be his hooker of choice. She pulled the front passenger's door open and climbed into the stranger's car. Once the door was shut, Bella took a deep breath as the Honda pulled away from the block and now she was in a moving vehicle with a customer. He didn't look back at her, keeping his eyes on the road as Bella soon noticed a wedding band sitting on his left ring finger when she took a glance. Bella's imagination began to roam wildly in silence. Was he the type of man to cheat on his wife with prostitutes? Did he do this often? She would never know, for she wasn't about to ask any personal questions.

"So, you were looking pretty cute on that corner. I haven't seen you out there before, what's your name?"

"I'm Bella."

He finally turned and smiled at her, flashing a sinister smile with his faded yellow teeth.

"Pleased to meet you, Bella. You can call me Nate, that's my name. Now, how much do you normally charge for your services?"

Now was Bella's moment to negotiate. She moved her lips into a smile, ready to play out what she had practiced for all day.

"That depends on the kink, honey. What do you want me to do to you, Nate?"

The man busted up laughing as he focused on driving. There was something about her voice that made him chuckle.

"What do I want you to do to me? That's real funny, I like you already. You've got a good smile."

"Thank you."

He licked his lips, turning the steering wheel as they headed down a different block in distance from the club and where he had first picked Bella up. All she did was sit in the passenger's seat, gazing around and staying quiet. Bella was nervous, but she didn't want to say anything to give this man any clue about her tensions. Thoughts streamed in Bella's mind of her friend Donna and only a few days ago when she had tempted her back in the club. It was a funny thing to reconsider, tricking one man had led her down the path to now taking this role as a working job. Every few seconds, Nate would glance back at Bella studying her facial features. The car pulled into an alley way between two buildings creating ample space. When the wheels stopped turning, Bella knew what he was about to ask. Nate seemed to have made up his mind, judging by the new expression over his face. Once he shifted gears, he was ready to discuss business with her.

"I know what I want from you now, baby. You've got nice lips, how much does a blowjob cost?"

With the raising of his eyebrow, Bella knew now that this was her moment to try and reel in a solid amount of cash. She smiled at him, quick to reply.

"You want me to suck you off, huh? That will be three hundred dollars."

"Three hundred bucks for a blow job, sweet Jesus."

She giggled softly while nodding her head. It was best not to try and push the limits justifying a price. Bella replied softly, ready to throw in a small offer to him to try and net herself a bonus from this man.

"Yeah! If you wanna cum on my face, that will be an extra fifty, I don't mind."

"I don't like making messes in the car. How much would it cost for you to swallow all of it up?"

An interesting question had given Bella the advantage to raise up the price now if she wanted to. Since this was her first customer, she wasn't comfortable yet in negotiating a higher price, so she would settle just with the same amount she had previously offered to him.

"It's the same price for a facial."

"Alright, I can afford that then."

After replying, Nate reached down into his right side pocket and pulled out a black leather wallet. Bella watched as he counted out a total of six bills for fifty dollars each, rounding up to three hundred total dollars in cash. He then counted out two twenty dollar bills, throwing in a single ten dollar bill which would be for the extra. He took the bills out and folded then before placing them above the dashboard of his car. In the alley way, a light pole flickered from above, illuminating the darkness as Bella could see within the car. He never shut the engine of the car off, as this was to be a quick and easy fix before he left this part of town. Bella watched him unbuckle his belt and then slide his pants and underwear down in the seat. She twirled her tongue around her puffy lips as she looked down at his semi-hard pole.

"You ready to suck me off, baby?"

"Mmmmmm, yes."

Nate reached out with his right hand, going to the back of her head as Bella soon felt him gripping her hair and shoving her down.

"Earn that money, baby! Suck that fucking cock!!"

She let out a moan before Nate's control had been shown. Bella didn't have time to react to anything the man was saying, as he quickly leaned her down towards his cock. With her lips parted, Bella twirled her tongue around his cock while her lips sucked on the first few inches. Nate was already in control, breathing heavily as the sound of his voice and the engine of the car could be heard. Bella gagged over his fat cock as he began to push her head up and down, controlling her movements.

"Ohhhhh, yeah! That's it! Suck it, baby! You gotta earn my money, you little slut!"

Bella found it somewhat difficult at first, since the man was in control of her movements. Nate gripped her red hair tighter, pushing her mouth up and down over his pole as he could hear her slobbering and sucking on it. She gagged at first, but since his cock wasn't as long as it was in fatness, Bella found it easy to devour his shaft and orally pleasure him. Soon, she felt him let go of her hair as she began to aggressively bob her head up and down.

"That's it, that's it! Suck it, you nasty whore! Yes!!"

The more she slobbered over his cock, Bella felt the wetness developing with her own mound beyond her daisy dukes shorts and behind the black thong she had on underneath. Giving a blow job from the passenger's seat of the car was a difficult position, as she wished so dearly that she could shove one of her hands down to finger her own dripping clit. Since his hand was no longer in her hair, Bella focused all her efforts to quickly pump her lips up and down his fat cock. Over and over, she sucked him as if she were competing with any other working girl on the block that he could've picked up besides her. 'Mmm, mmmm, mmmmm' Nate raised his head, closing his eyes as he began to cry out. For an older man like this, Bella was amazed how easy she was already pushing him beyond the point of no return into a climax. She originally figured it would take more effort than just quickly slobbering on his pole.

"OHHHHHH, GOD! YES, YESSSSS!! Make me cum, you little whore!"

Nate opened his eyes, bringing both of his hands down to the back of her head now to hold her in place. Bella knew he was about to blow his load and give her a mouth full of spunk. She heard him grunt as she pushed her lips all the way down to the base of his cock. For this position, Bella refused to let go. She wanted to taste his cum just as much as she desired that money sitting on the dashboard above.


Just as he yelled loudly, Bella tasted his hot creamy seed spilling into her jaws. She swallowed it down as fast as she could, just as she was greeted to more cum washing around in her saliva. Nate ran his fingers through her long red hair, letting out several whimpers and soft cries as he was experiencing his orgasm. After a whole minute, he finally moved his hands away from her hair and Bella knew she could raise her head back up. Her lips made a loud pop sound as they came off his swollen cock. She closed her lips shut and then glanced at Nate, looking at the exhaustion over his face as she swallowed his cum and let him see the movements in her throat. Bella then parted her lips, demonstrating to him that she had cleaned her oral hole by swallowing all of his cum. Nate didn't say a word at first, the old man just gazed back at her before nodding his head.

"That was great. You're a pretty good whore, Bella. You know how to use your mouth, I like that."

"Thank you!"

"Take the money and get out of my car, see you around."

That was it, not another word spoken to him. Bella reached across the dashboard and collected up the folded bills while Nate was pushing his pants and underwear back up. As she began to open the passenger's door, she heard the metal piece of his belt buckle clanking. She stepped out of the vehicle, feeling the night's cool breeze hit her once more as her left heel splashed over a puddle of water in the pavement. Once she walked away from the black Honda, Bella opened up one of the inside pockets of her jacket to shove the money in as she watched the car speed out of the alley way as her first customer from hooking had disappeared within seconds. Wham, bam and thank you ma'am, those were the only three words she could think of in her head after a fast blow job with the old man. Still tasting the cum in her mouth, Bella decided to go around the block to a motel to get a bottle of water to wash her mouth out before she returned to work waiting on another customer.



A row of light poles was visible among most of the streets. Bella had soon realized this after she had walked the block a few times. Where there wasn't a pole near the streets, there were signs for the cheap motels that were always open around midnight. Some of the signs had busted lights, others were flickering and needing obvious repairs. Bella observed everything with her eyes as she took her walks, watching the other working girls that were near by. Some of them waited at places while others walked the blocks, hoping to come across any passing car. Bella decided to make her way back outside the Sex World club, knowing that she would still have that spot right across the street near the Stop sign where her first customer had discovered her over an hour ago.

Near the Stop sign, Bella had been greeted to a duo of older women who had taken over the block. They wore matching latex dresses, one in red and the other in white. One of the women had dyed platinum blonde hair and a busty chest, the other had brunette hair and what looked like an enhanced busty figure. When Bella tried to stand near them, they were quick to tell her in vulgar words to leave. She realized quickly that it wasn't worth arguing with them, for they had probably owned that corner of the street for a long time given their obvious older ages. Bella walked back across the street to the front doors of Sex World. As she stood near the club, she reached into her red jacket to take out a cigarette and her lighter. She lit up a quick smoke before walking the corner, her heels clacking in the rhythm of flickering white lights on the wall.

Bella couldn't help but wonder what Leo was doing inside the walls of the club. She checked the cellphone he had given her, clearly showing no text messages or anything. For his lack of supervision, she was somewhat angry with him. All he had done was give her tips and a good prep talk before letting her loose on the streets to make some money. Before she went out, Leo told her that if an opportunity for her came up tonight, he would call her if he needed her. More than anything, she wanted to tell him about her first customer, but she didn't want to send a text message or reach out to him. Maybe he would truly call her back if he had an opportunity for her, at least Bella could hope. From behind her, bright lights were slowly approaching. When she turned around, Bella was blinded by the rectangular lights to a DeLorean DMC-12. The cigarette fell from the right corner of her lips, but she wasn't bothered by losing it. The car slowly pulled up to the sidewalk, the left side window rolled down quickly as a voice called out to her.

"Hey you..."

From beyond the windshield, Bella couldn't see a face though she heard the low pitch of a man's voice. She stepped over to the car, approaching the front passenger's side door where she leaned down and looked into the vehicle. Before Bella could speak a word, the man was quick to call out to her.

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