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Red Light Green Light


Jessica glanced at her reflection in the mirror and smiled. She loved the way her red dress clung to her body, but at the same time she couldn't believe she was going out in public wearing it. The dress was low cut and showed off a large amount of her cleavage. Jessica's breasts were large to begin with and after two children had stayed large, soft, and round. The back of the dress had a band around the middle of her back, which conveniently hid her bra strap, but otherwise her whole back was showing. The skirt was knee length, but had a slit up the side. Jessica worried that if a gust of wind blew everyone would see her panties.

Jessica's hair was down around her shoulders. She worried that her curly hair would go frizzy and was using all her will power not to touch her hair. Shannon, her hair stylist, had told her that the more she touched her hair the more likely it was to frizz. Jessica bit her lip and waited for the taxi. The lights of the taxi lit up the front lawn and created shadows against the toys and lawn furniture. She went out and quickly got into the car.

The driver was in his twenties and smiled at the woman. She told him where she needed to go and he drove off, trying hard not to stare at her cleavage. Jessica had tried to get out of going out this evening, but Dana wouldn't take no for an answer. Dana was Jessica's best friend and newly divorced. She wanted a night out on the town and had begged Jessica to come along. Jessica used to love going out with her friends, but once she was married, a mother, and a stay at home wife, her priorities changed. She knew her husband would not be impressed about her evening activities either.

Just before the cab pulled up to the bar, she slipped off the two rings on her left hand and slipped them into her purse. She checked to make sure it didn't show that she used to wear a ring on her ring finger. She grinned and realized that no one would be looking that closely and she was just a little neurotic.

"Fuck you look gorgeous!" Dana came running towards Jessica and hugged her tight. Dana was wearing a stunning pink dress and high heels. She knew exactly what she wanted and wasn't afraid to go after it.

"Thanks Dana. I'm so nervous."

"Oh fuck. Don't be. Look it's a fun party tonight. Just take the red glow stick and watch me flirt with any guy with a pulse."

Once a month, Dana's favorite bar had what they called 'Red Light Green Light' night. Basically, everyone was given a glow in the dark bracelet with one of three colors. Green meant you were available, red meant you weren't, and yellow meant you weren't sure. Dana grabbed a green bracelet and was about to hand Jessica a red one when she changed her mind.

"Give me green. I want some fun tonight."

Dana glanced at her best friend and wondered if this was a good idea. She knew that Jessica and her husband were having problems and wasn't sure whether she should step in and say something.

"Sure. Just don't get into any trouble."

"I won't."

The two women entered the bar and were immediately taken aback by the atmosphere. The music was loud and the walls and floor were vibrating with the bass of the music. As people passed by, there was a swirl of red, yellow, and green. From a distance, there seemed to be more yellow than any other, but it could mean that the greens were hooked up and gone and the reds had given up on trying to have fun without hooking up and gone home as well.

"Tequila shots. Like the old days."

Jessica smiled and let her friend lead her to the bar. After a short wait, they ordered two shots each and quickly gulped down the liquor and then sucked on the lemon. The alcohol burned on the way down, but felt good. The second shot was better and Jessica felt light headed. She closed her eyes and when she opened them she was faced with him.



He was about the same height as her with short brown hair and brown eyes. He was wearing a green glow stick, which she had noticed right away. He was in jeans and a polo shirt, but she guessed he normally wore a suit and tie. He glanced down at her breasts and then at the green glowing necklace around her wrist. Jessica could barely breathe. She was so turned on and knew she should say something about why she was wearing a green necklace.

"I'm going to go dance. Have fun." Dana interrupted the staring contest to tell her friend where she was going.

And with that, Dana was lost in the crowd. She was a big girl and could take care of herself. Jessica turned back and smiled at the cute guy in front of her.

"Nice dress. It looks absolutely stunning on you. Although, I must say it will look more stunning bunched up on the floor next to your bed, especially since I'll be fucking your brains out on that bed."

Jessica coughed. Had he actually said that? She blinked and processed what he said. It wasn't a cheesy pick up line. It was daring and sexy and something she totally didn't expect.

"Excuse me?"

"Or we could go back to my place. I'm staying at a small cottage near the lake. If we go there, your dress will be bunched up on the porch since I won't be able to make it inside before fucking you senseless."

Jessica took a deep breath. She was beyond aroused. This man was so forceful and aggressive and assertive. She wanted him so badly. Her pussy was dripping with moisture and she was trying to think straight. She could barely talk. She tried to put together a response in her head, but he didn't give her a chance.

"Your place is better. Call me Adam."

Jessica let him lead her out of the bar and into the cool air. Jessica didn't realize how stuffy the place was until she felt the cool air against her bare skin. He led her to his car and they got in. She figured it was a rental and didn't say anything as he drove towards her house. Her mind was racing. She realized that her bedroom was a mess and that the kid's toys were all over the place. They were at her mother's for the weekend, but still she should have cleaned up a bit. When his large hand stroked her thigh gently, she gasped.

"You're beautiful Jessica."

Jessica grinned wide. He pulled into her driveway and they got out. She got her keys out and watched as he noticed the toys on the front lawn.

"I was going to clean those up. I'm sorry."

Adam stopped and stared. The tone of her voice made him upset. She was pleading with him to forgive her for not cleaning up the toys. He realized how silly that was. It didn't matter if the toys were everywhere. It didn't matter if the dishes weren't done. Her tone of voice spoke volumes more then the words itself.

"I don't care that there are toys everywhere. I don't care if the laundry isn't done. I don't care about anything other than you."

Jessica unlocked the door and barely had time to step in when her husband grabbed her and kissed her. It was a heated kiss that left her breathless. He kicked the door shut and ran his hands up her dress, pulling it over her head. He latched onto her nipple and sucked hard. Adam desperately needed her.

"Oh god!" Jessica ran her hands down his body and tugged on his jeans. She looked into his eyes as her small fingers undid the button and then slowly unzipped the zipper. The crack of the zipper echoed in the large foyer and was almost drowned out by their pantings and moanings. The moment she undid his jeans, he let go of her perfect breasts and pulled down his jeans and boxers.

"I need you right now."

Jessica could only nod. She watched as he led her up the few steps to the living room and sat down on one of the couches. He motioned for her to sit in his lap and she obeyed. She felt him tug her panties to the side and slide his throbbing member inside. He didn't need to see if she was wet. He already knew she was. She moaned as his hardness filled her. It was a comforting feeling. Even after all these years, she loved that first thrust. She loved feeling him inside her, not moving, just resting inside her.

Adam knew that his wife loved the first few moments of him inside her and didn't move quite yet. He brushed her hair away from her face and looked into her eyes. She stared back. Her eyes were saying so much all at the same time. Part of them was apologizing for her being so neurotic, a part of them were telling him how much she loved him, and another part of them were begging him to just fuck her.

Adam chose the last option and gripped her hips, bucking her up and down on his cock. He felt the smooth walls of her pussy rub against his shaft and he began to pant and moan.

"Where did you put your rings?"

"In my purse."

Adam reached across the couch to grab her purse. He searched for her rings and then found them. He held her left hand and slid the two yellow gold rings onto her finger. Jessica was trying not to grind and buck, but she couldn't help it.

"That's better. Now I can fuck my wife properly." Jessica giggled as Adam stood up and flipped her over so she was on her back. He thrusted against her while holding her legs in the air. He pumped and grunted and before long felt Jessica's pussy gripped his shaft. Jessica was always quiet when she came. She was loud before and after, but during an orgasm she held her breath. The room was quiet and the moment she finished she cried out.

"Oh god baby."

Adam leaned down and kissed her hard. He thrust his tongue into her mouth and grunted as his cock flooded her pussy with cum. He normally took forever to cum, but tonight was different. Tonight he wasn't just having sex with his wife. Tonight he was making love to the only woman he had ever loved.

"I love you Adam."

"I love you too."

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