Red Line Curls

byDecayed Angel©

I hadn't noticed her walk up, I was leaning against a low wall waiting for the Red Line back toward the Metro Center when I looked up and there she was. Immediately drawn by her short, curly blonde hair I wondered how she just suddenly appeared just a few steps in front of me. I hadn't really been paying much attention to the people around me, but I should have noticed someone with such sexy hair if she walked by. Looking at her more intently, I did see she was tall, nearly as tall as me, but she was fairly slender. My only view was from behind, so I didn't see her face until she turned to look up at the sign to check on how soon the train was expected to arrive.

With my luck, I had expected her to be either very old or very unattractive, but the brief glimpse I got of her face encouraged me. She wasn't stunningly beautiful, but certainly someone I would call attractive. I certainly felt attracted to her. When the train arrived, I followed her into the car and sat at a seat not far from her. Once in the train, I could look a bit closer at her face. Her eyes were a deep, almost steel blue and she had very prominent cheekbones, giving her an almost rugged beauty.

Her lips were full and large, colored almost a maroon red by the lipstick. Looking down her neck, I would see that she worked out some. With small but nicely shaped breasts, she had a slight hint of cleavage showing from the blouse she was wearing. Looking intently, I thought I saw the slightest hint of bra.

Suddenly I noticed her close her jacket and when I glanced up at her face, I could see she caught me glimpsing at her breasts. She had an odd look in her face, it seemed as if she was proud she had attracted my attention, and proud that I took the time to look her over so closely. Smiling, she let her coat fall back open and reached up to adjust her blouse, exposing a bit more for me to gaze at.

Feeling my cock grow in my pants, I waited until she looked away and quickly adjusted myself, but before I could finish, she had looked back my way. I made a face and shrugged as she tossed her head back, letting her curly hair flop about her face. She was enjoying the discomfort she was creating in me. Soon the train pulled into Metro Center and I stood up, holding my bag in front of me to conceal my erection. I stepped off the train, noticing she was also getting off at this stop.

I headed toward the escalator up to the Blue Line, but she hooked her arm in mine and turned me in another direction. Not sure what she was doing, I was about to say something about needing to make the Blue Line, when we moved quickly past some fare machines and she turned me into a small corridor. Looking at her face to figure out what was happening, I saw an expression that seemed to border on sheer anger and sexual passion.

"Where are we..."

"Shh, I know a place," she said, pulling my arm hard. Reaching the end of the corridor, she turned me to her and pushed me hard against the wall. If I had wanted to resist her I wasn't sure if I would be able to, but at that point, I didn't want to resist. I stood motionless with my back against the wall as she quickly unbuckled my belt and unzipped my pants. Pulling out my hard cock, she slipped it in her mouth and began sucking it hard. One of her hands moved up and grabbed the shaft of my cock and began stroking me as she moved her mouth up and down over the head. Her other hand grabbed my balls and began squeezing, not too gently.

I began thrusting my hips back and forth as she fucked me with her mouth, sucking very hard. Getting close to coming I pulled back some and said to her, "But I want to do you too."

Standing up, she asked, "Are you sure?"

"Yes, I want to do you and then you can finish me off, okay?"

"Okay, but I may surprise you."

"I like surprises," I said, kneeling down as she unfastened her pants and pulled them off. Her panties were still on, so I reached up and feeling something strange, I pulled my hand away. Then putting my hand back there, I grabbed the elastic on her panties and pulled it out and down, exposing her growing cock. I froze, my head spinning, wondering how I got into this. This sexy woman... was... but her breasts... I stood up and slipped my hand into her blouse, feeling her breasts, feeling the hard nipples slide across my palm. Reaching my hand back down, I felt her cock again and then said, "What are..."

"I am what you will let me be. On the train I was a sexy woman, why not let me stay a sexy woman."


"You liked my hair, my face and you loved my breasts, why not this?" she asked, cupping her hand beneath her balls and holding herself up.

I thought about it for a second, and then looking into her eyes, I leaned forward and kissed her hard on the mouth, my tongue sliding in between her lips. Opening her blouse I moved my mouth over her nipples and sucked one and then the other. After a few moments I kneeled down and took her cock into my mouth, sucking it hard like she had been sucking me.

With one hand on her balls and the other stroking her shaft, I moved my head up and down on her, sliding my tongue around the head. I could taste the slightly bitter taste of her precum and moved my head faster, sucking and licking her fast and hard. Her hips were thrusting, pushing her cock in and out of my mouth, at times nearly choking me. Finally, she grabbed my head and held it tight against her as she came, shooting her cum into my mouth. Pulling back from her, I swallowed once, and then again, but still spilled come of her cum down my chin.

Hooking her hands under my arms, she lifted me up and kissed me, licking the droplet of cum from my chin. She then kneeled down and took my cock back in her mouth. I was so turned on from sucking her, that in just moments, she had me about to come. Pausing a bit, she tried to tease me some, but I wrapped my fingers in her curly hair and held fast while I moved my cock back and forth in her mouth. She continued sucking, and her hands seemed to be all over me, on my balls, on my shaft, squeezing my ass. The sensations were overwhelming me until I finally arched my back to her and came, spurting my cum deep into her mouth. I could feel her swallowing again and again, until the last bit of cum dribbled from my cock.

She then stood up and kissed me as I stared into her beautiful eyes again. Quickly pulling on her pants she whispered, "Goodbye," and turned and walked back down the corridor. Quickly pulling on my pants and fastening them, I rushed out trying to catch up with her, but she stepped on the train and the doors closed between us. We stood, separated by the glass in the door, just looking at each other. As the train started moving, she opened her jacket and adjusted her blouse to give me one last peek at her bra. She then blew me a kiss as the train quickly sped away.

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