tagGroup SexRed Molly and the Lycra Clad Heroes

Red Molly and the Lycra Clad Heroes


"You are kidding?" I shouted at the van driver as he walked to his vehicle; "Seriously...you are just leaving them there?" He continued ignoring me even though I had my hands on my hips and I was tapping my foot on the pavement, to show him that I was really angry.

"At least have the courtesy to bloody answer me!" My blood was boiling as he slammed the back doors closed and twisted the handle confirming it was locked, then started walking towards the cab, where his colleague was sitting with a smirk as wide as a river was already sitting.

Just as I was contemplating leaping on his back and tearing what was left of his hair out; two multi-coloured Lycra clad super-heroes on racing bikes arrived on the scene.

"What's the problem?" The taller of the two asked as he dismounted.

"Hey! Bollocks...he's talking to you!" The other one shouted at the driver as he gracefully jumped off his bike and rested it against the wall and went to grab the driver in one fluid movement.

The van driver pushed his hand away and clambered into his cab and immediately locked the door before revving the engine and driving away as the young man banged on the side of the van shouting; "You fat fucking prick...come back here!"

I was fuming and fighting back tears as the tall young man peeled off his sporty wraparound sunglasses and unclipped his helmet.

"Are you okay?" he asked as he tenderly touched my shoulder. It took a few seconds before I recognised him as one of my new neighbours.

"Yes...yes...thanks." I stammered and sighed before waving my hands to my left; "he was delivering these drawers and things; but they refused to carry them up the stairs unless I paid them £20."

The other cyclist, standing in front of me had now removed his glasses and cycling helmet and he too was a neighbour; probably flat mates I guessed; but I wasn't sure as I'd only moved in six weeks previously and while I had seen them both to say hello to; we had been like 'ships in the night' hardly ever seeing each other; or my other neighbours either.

"I'm Lee." The shorter, stockier exotic looking guy held his hand out, and before I could take it the other nudged him in the shoulder, making him stumble. "Sorry about him, I'm Grant." The taller guy laughed as he shook my hand. "We live in number 2. You are on the top floor aren't you?"

"Twat!" Lee whispered as he softly kneed his friend in the thigh.

"Yes." I sighed again and looked forlornly at the wardrobe and three sets of drawers. "Oh God!" I gasped and shook Grant's large hand, which completely dwarfed mine. "I'm Molly...sorry...but..."

"Don't worry Molly," Grant smiled; "give us a couple of minutes to put these away and put some trainers on and we will carry them up for you."

"Will we now?" Lee curled his lip and playfully frowned.

"No...no...no...no." I gasped, "I will ring my Dad...he was going to visit tomorrow anyway."

"Only kidding!" Lee laughed and curled his tattooed musclebound arm around my shoulders and squeezed me against his chest. "Two minutes and we'll be back." The next I knew was their cycling shoes were click-clacking on the concrete as they pushed their bikes into the block of flats.

I composed myself and; as good as their word they returned in only a few minutes still wearing their Lycra kit and now wearing trainers.

"You lead the way." Grant winked; "and we will follow." The two (quite hunky) young men effortlessly lifted the wardrobe, and as I held the door open Lee accidentally brushed past me; bumping my boobs with his arm; for which he apologized (with a big grin on his face).

"After you then." Grant repeated. It was only as I made my way up the second flight of stairs that I remembered that the short skirt I was wearing was quite flared; which may have allowed them a peak at my knickers. Although I've always been a flirt and attention seeker events over the last year damaging my self-confidence and only recently; especially since I moved into the flat, was it starting to slowly come back.

"What the Hell!" I thought; and even began to discretely wiggle my hips as I proceeded up the ancient staircase. By the time I reached the top floor I was about 8 steps ahead of them, which was possibly deliberate on their part so they could see up my skirt; the rascals, and when I went to open the door I accidentally dropped my keys. By now I was beginning to feel quite mischievous and bent to pick them up, but with straight legs making my skirt rise even higher up my thighs, possibly as far as my knickers...who knows?

"Wahay!" Lee quietly chuckled "Red hair and black nylon; my favourite colour scheme!" So I presumed he had seen something that he liked. Once inside the flat they placed the wardrobe in my son's room and went back to make another couple of journeys.

Even though they looked like gym bunnies (their powerful and well defined muscles were a giveaway) by the time Lee and Grant arrived with the last set of drawers they were glowing with sweat and their cycling tops were unzipped down to the navel exposing even more taught muscles and tattoos. Myself; I was drinking my second glass of wine and was starting to have naughty thoughts.

"Thanks guys...really, I mean it...thanks. I really don't know how to thank you properly." I smiled playfully; "Do you want a beer? I think I've got a couple in the fridge."

"I suppose a beer will do." Lee pulled a mock grimace and I wagged a finger in his direction to admonish him.

When I returned from the kitchen they were sitting on the sofa so I had to lean forward to hand them the cans; making my scoop neck vest fall forward and they got a good look at my pink bra and boobs.

As they opened their beer I stepped back and sat on the arm of the chair with another glass of wine.

"So," I asked, "what's it like living here?"

It turned out that they had only moved in a few months ago after leaving University; both were engineers and Lee was half English and half Chinese; hence him looking quite exotic. They didn't have girlfriends but Grant winked that 'it didn't mean they went without' to which I admonished him with another wagged finger.

After a while Grant asked if the furniture was for my son; who he'd seen with me a couple of times.

"Yes," I replied, explaining that he was visiting his Dad for the first time in a month at his Grandparents house and would be away until Sunday evening.

By the time I refreshed their beer we were flirting quite outrageously especially when I asked about their tattoos which necessitated Lee pulling his Lycra top down to his waist so I could see that his back and chest were absolutely covered in Oriental art. This led to me getting the opportunity to compare the muscles on their arms and even thighs. I was trembling with excitement as I stood between them and ran my fingers along their arms, down their stomachs and finally across their powerful thighs. Not that I hadn't noticed them before because the lycra shorts left nothing to the imagination; but being this close I wasn't sure if Glen wasn't hiding a banana down his pants, as his bulge looked enormous and Lee's wasn't too shabby either.

Eventually the conversation drifted away and I went on to explain that we'd been living with my own parents for a few months after my husband had 'gambled away the family home.' As I spoke the last sentence I raised my left hand and stared tearfully at the wedding ring that was still on my third finger.

"Life moves on!" Grant raised his can then startled me by calling out; "Fuck your ex...Fuck him!"

"Yeh!" Lee called out, "Fuck him!" and raised his can in salute.

I raised my own glass and whispered, "f..fff...fuck him." As you can tell I'm not a shy bairn but of all my faults I don't have a potty mouth; I keep that sort of language for the bedroom.

"What was that?" Lee mocked me and cupped his ear, "we can't hear you!"

I took a deep breath and screamed "Fuck him...Fuck HIM... FUCK HIM!" Then rolled, giggling like mad as my legs went in three separate directions and my skirt ending up around my waist as I fell backwards into the chair. I was obviously a bit drunk and apologized for embarrassing them (as if!) and offered them the last two cans of beer from the fridge. They accepted enthusiastically.

"Please God will they get the message and one of them pisses off!" I thought as I filled my wine glass and took the last two cans of beer out of the fridge.

It had been nearly nine months since I'd last had sex and that hadn't been a particularly memorable experience; and what with all of my recent problems even masturbation hadn't been an option until last week; and that had only been because I was worried that it might have healed over with lack of use. Now being in a confined space with two hunky young gym bunnies was having a profound effect on me and I definitely had that special tingling feeling between my legs and was sneakily rubbing my thighs together to try and placate my 'itch' when I closed the fridge door and turned around.

"Oh." Was all I could say as Glen and Lee, arms folded and smirks on their faces blocked the door frame.

"We've been talking about how you can 'really thank us'." Glen winked.

"Have you now." I responded; but couldn't take my eyes from the even larger bulges that were now poking out from the front of their Lycra shorts.

Lee stepped forward and took the beer from me, placing the cans on the worktop next to my wine glass. Without a word he slid a hand around my waist and pulled me to him before bending forward and kissing me. A great big full-on, tongues and all, passionate kiss. When he broke off I was standing on tip toes gasping for air and my head and stomach were doing cartwheels. His free hand was now pulling the straps of my top and bra down my arm until he had to tug them past my elbow, making a boob pop out of the cup. I did nothing to stop him as he manfully lifted me by the waist and bent forward to suck on my stiff pink nipple.

The grinning Grant was now hovering over me and soon leant forward to kiss me as passionately as his friend had done. As our tongues were wrestling I felt his huge hand glide up my skirt and thigh until he was cupping an arse cheek; which he began to wobble and shake.

At this stage I should tell you that I'm 36, 5 feet two inches tall, have bright ginger hair and even for my size have an hour glass figure - 32-28-33. Glen must be 6 feet tall, tousle haired and built like a boxer and Lee was Anglo-Chinese with short jet black hair, a couple of inches shorter but much broader across the chest - a real muscleman. Both had legs like ham-shanks from the gym and cycling.

Now more confident and with less ceremony Lee tugged my the straps down my other arm until my bra was around my waist and both men suckled on my heaving breasts as one caressed and squeezed my arse as the other stroked my bubbling pussy and pubes through my knickers.

Panting heavily Lee looked me dead in the eye but spoke to Glen; "Come on man; let's go into the bedroom."

Without a word Glen took his hands off me and began walking out of the kitchen followed by Lee. I remained where I was; shaking with excitement and possibly fear.

"Come on." Lee grunted.

"I...I...I've...never done...anything...like this before." I stammered and covered my boobs with my arm "you know...with...more than...one...you know...two guys."

"There's a first time for everything; isn't there?" He laughed as he scooped me up into his huge arms and carried me into my spartan bedroom, where he deftly lay me on the bed.

"Come on Red," Grant chuckled as he kicked off his trainers and peeled his tight shorts and briefs down his powerful legs. "One favour deserves another, now doesn't it? And the way you've been staring at our dicks tells me you are fucking gagging for it!" When he stood up his cock sprang to attention. He was completely hairless which made his cock look absolutely massive as it pointed directly at me. I stared at it for a good 30 seconds when I realized that Lee was now behind me and unfastening my bra which he discarded onto the bedroom floor; then as he began pulling my top upwards I raised my arms to help; then, when I dropped them back down my right hand landed on his cock.

"Oh my God!" I gasped as my arm recoiled like a snake which made him laugh as he pushed me on my back and tugged my skirt off, throwing it across the room, leaving me in just my black nylon panties which were now glued to my pussy and the wet patch was patently obvious.

Both men were now kneeling either side of me rubbing my tits as their cocks jutted out like lances. I tentatively stroked Grant's dick, making him sigh as Lee took my hand and placed it on his red hot poker. As I curled my fingers around his shaft my eyes nearly popped out of my head as there was still as much cock poking out either side of my hand as I began slowly wanking it.

Feeling left out I guess Grant bent forward and robbed his cock across my face until I opened my mouth and let him guide it in. Within seconds he was rocking backwards and forwards fucking my mouth. If my pussy was bubbling over earlier it felt like I was peeing myself now and my knickers were sticking to me as love juice oozed out and down my thighs.

Grant now had a handful of hair and was panting, "Suck it Molly, and suck it good!" I responded by doing just that...sucking my first dick in over a year and only the third in twelve years. It felt fucking amazing as his knob filled my mouth while I licked the tip and breathed through my nose while trying to suck it out of its root.

My hand slipped off Lee's whopper as he lay down beside me and pushed his hand between my legs.

"Fucking Hell mate!" He laughed loudly; "Get a feel of her cunt; it's like she's sat on a fucking jelly!"

Lee shuffled down the bed until his head was between my thighs, still stroking my pussy through my panties, which made me shiver. Next he curled his finger inside the gusset and pulled it to one side exposing my hairy slit to his young eyes. As Grant began forcing his rod down my throat I felt Lee's breath on my pussy, then his tongue gliding up and down my labia, which was tingling like it had been stung by nettles. His face was soon buried in my hole, with his tongue slurping at my clit while his fingers began probing my hot pussy.

Even though my brain was spinning with excitement I still felt like a wanton slut as I deep throated a young dick while his friend licked out my sopping cunt. As his tongue skimmed around my hole and buzzed across my engorged clit a long finger slid inside my slit and nearly took my breath away; seconds later a second and a third joined it; and it didn't take long for a wandering finger to tickle my other hole. That area had always been out of bounds during my marriage but when that first stiff digit stroked the entrance I nervously shuffled my hips and arse to give him easier access.

I was panting like crazy as my pussy was being stretched in all directions and Lee slowly buried his finger deep inside my arse, making me gasp and when he began pressing against the membrane that separates both holes it made my stomach feel like it was on the spin cycle.

My first orgasm of the afternoon wasn't far away as Lee began chewing and licking my clit while his fingers twisted my cunt and arsehole in three different directions and Grant held my head as he slowly fucked my throat. When I came it felt like I was having a convulsion; but the two horny guys kept licking and fucking until I had a second orgasm, a minute or so later.

I was now in a blur but recognised Lee's voice as he told his friend; "My turn now for a gobble." And my head was pulled into his crotch were it was met by that fucking huge dick. Without a second though I grasped and pulled his foreskin back and began showering his velvet rim with kisses before placing my other hand on the shaft and frantically wanked it into my mouth making him purr like a kitten.

As I sucked his huge dong they were both still fingering my pussy and arsehole; at one stage it felt like I had three fingers or more in my puss and it certainly felt like they were both trying to get a finger into my arse hole at the same time.

"She looks so fucking innocent; but what a fucking dirty cocksucker!" Lee cackled; "I've always wanted to shag a MILF," "I can't believe the dirty fucker likes it up the arse," "Married ones always make the best fucks" and "It's like she hasn't had a fuck in a year!" filled the air as my nipples were now being nipped and tugged too; I was in Seventh Heaven.

I hardly noticed as Grant pulled my knickers off; but I was well aware as he lifted my legs up and his thick cock slid into my well fingered cunt. It was fucking mind blowing as I frantically wanked Lee's cock while sucking his knob as Grant banged my cunt like a steam hammer until I felt him stiffen; gasp and then my cunt filled with spurt after spurt of his hot young spunk. As he gritted his teeth I could feel him forcing the last dollops out, as deep as possible in my pussy.

Lee rolled back as Grant eased his softening dick out of my hot hole; then grunted; "Get on your hands and knees." Before I was unceremoniously rolled onto my stomach and roughly pushed and pulled into the desired position.

As I got comfortable on my knees and elbows I was aware of Grant's warm milk dribbling down my thighs. It didn't put Lee off as he gripped my hip with one hand and guided his long knob into the entrance of my stretched twat; then with one almighty thrust he filled me, like nothing else had in my life.

"Oh shit!" I gasped as he pulled all 7 inches out then - bang- back in again, "Shit...shit...SHIT!" I squealed as the exotic looking young man fucked me like a porn star; slapping my arse and grabbing my swinging tits; tugging and pulling my long nipples while spanking me. I was in another world when I felt Grant grab my hair and lift my head until he pushed his stinky, sticky cock into my mouth. My inner slut was definitely out of the box now and I began licking as much spunk and pussy juice off as his friend fucked me ragged; until the pace got too fast and with a deep guttural grunt he shot what felt like another huge load of spunk into my once married cunt.

We all collapsed into a heap; and as soon as I caught my breath I slid onto Lee's stomach and licked every last lump of warm spunk off his gnarly shaft; even lifting it up so I could get at the bits stuck to his bald scrotum. Giggling I cupped his balls and began giving him a slow and sexy blow job as Grant slid his fingers between my arse cheeks and pushed a couple of fingers into my once tight pussy and when I moved position and opened my legs further another finger slid straight up my arse too making it tingle again and me purr as I made Lee's cock nice and hard.

Once his cock was hard enough I pushed Lee onto his back and asked Grant to stop fingering me (a sentence I never expected to utter), and then I mounted the oriental stallion.

"Oh my God!" I sighed as I puffed my cheeks out while inch after inch of solid young cock slowly filled my pussy. "Jeeeeeesus Chriiist!" I gasped when it bottomed out and my squishy fanny lips pressed against his skin. My breasts now heaving and sweat was running down my back as I slowly slid back up and then dropped down again; panting for breath on each stroke. Lee held his strong arms out and cupped my boobs; supporting me as I gradually began fucking him faster and faster.

The feeling of my spunk filled cunt sliding up and down his pink pole was breathtaking and I thought my eyes might pop out of my head when he started thrusting upwards on my down strokes.

Being quite young and having already deposited a big load of gunk inside me only a few minutes ago I took full advantage of the situation and had the fuck of my life; cumming another twice; much to their amusement.

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