tagLoving WivesRed Nancy Goes Back to Black

Red Nancy Goes Back to Black


Nancy climbed stealthily into bed and slipped under the covers in the quiet darkness of the early morning. She laid on her back without uttering a word and quickly fell asleep with her mouth agape. Moments later I awoke from her loud snoring and I rolled toward her, sliding my hand up her pale, meaty thigh and snuggling close.

My cock, stiff with morning wood, pressed against her warm flesh and my fingers ran through her neatly trimmed pubic hair. She rarely slept naked and never when sober and my heart started to pound hard in my chest. Her body tensed as my fingers curled over her pubic mound and pressed against her warm vulva.

Her labia parted and my fingers touched the slippery mess between her strong legs.

"Stop," she slurred drunkenly. Her eyes remained closed and she grabbed weakly at my wrist, trying to extricate my hand from her soaking wet pussy.

I ignored her protest and pushed two fingers inside her, making her moan softly. She continued to try to pull my hand from her sloppy cunt but her protests lessened as my thumb began to rub her hard clit.


"Because I want you too," my wife pleaded. Her legs loosened and parted slightly and she breathed deep and steady.

"Were you bad?" I asked firmly as I pulled back the covers exposing her pale, freckled body. Her small, pink nipples stiffened and she looked up at me with a tinge of trepidation in her half closed, unfocusing eyes.

"No," Nancy replied defiantly. She clutched my wrist and held my hand against her pussy. Her full hips began to undulate and her meaty legs started to quiver.

"Tell the truth," I continued. I'd suspected that she was cheating on me for several months but I'd had no proof.

Her breathing labored and she shook her head. Her body trembled and she closed her pretty blue eyes as she teetered on the brink of an intense climax.

I pulled my hand from her needy sex and she whimpered like a scolded puppy. "Tell me the truth and I'll let you cum." I wiped my slimy hand on her big, soft tits and looked at her with a firm, unyielding stare. My cock continued to throb and twitch and the smell of pussy mixed with cum assaulted my senses.

"Yes," Nancy said meekly. Her body went slack and a tear filled her right eye.

I kissed her tenderly and rolled between her legs. My cock slipped effortlessly into her cum filled cunt and my tongue plunged into her warm mouth, entwining with hers as I started to thrust my hips.

Her hips wiggled beneath me and her painted pink nails dug into my side. She looked up at me with crazy, drunk eyes and sobbed.

"I'm sorry," she cried quietly. Her hips met my thrusts and I felt my climax start to build. I breathed deep, drawing the pungent aroma of sex into my lungs and lifted her ankles onto my shoulders.

My cock plunged deep, pounding against her cervix as I trust hard and fast. I approached the point of no return like a run away freight train and her pussy started to spasm as she again teetered on the brink of orgasm.

I pulled my dripping dick from her gaping, pink pussy and she groaned with disappointment and need.

"Who was it?" I asked feigning anger. I had accepted in recent months that my wife was a cheating whore and the shocking part was that it didn't bother me. In fact, each time she went out with her friends, as she'd done that night, I had gotten excited imagining her fucking another man.

"My ex," Nancy replied nervously. She bit her bottom lip, making a sexy pout and I flipped her onto her belly and climbed between her legs. The pale moonlight shone through the open blinds, illuminating her gaping cunt and could see evidence of her lover's recent deposit.

"Which one?" I asked. My voice trembled, betraying my excitement , "Mark or Dan?" she'd had a dozen rx boyfriends before we were married and they'd all been tall and good looking. That wasn't unexpected given that she was a busty redhead with a pretty face and big, beautiful blue eyes. I didn't know all of her exes but Mark and Dan were the last two she'd dated before me.

"No," she replied sheepishly, "it wasn't either of them. It was Ahman."

Her admission took my breath away. Ahman was a dark skinned African from Nigeria. He was tall and sinewy with a deep voice and a heavy accent. Nancy had dated him for almost a year but after they broke up, because he'd been cheating on her, they continued to hook up regularly for no strings attached sex right up until we met.

"For how long?" I asked. I was afraid to ask but I had to know. My head was spinning but my cock was rock hard and I rammed it into her deep and hard. I was angry, hurt and confused but still very excited.

"Hours," Nancy purred softly, "all night." I couldn't see her pretty face but her words and tone left little doubt that she'd had a great night and my cock twitched at the thought of my wife getting railed by her Nigerian ex.

"I meant how long have you been fucking him?" I clarified as I lifted her ass off the bed and fucked her hard from behind. My thrusts were wild and filled with anger.

"Oh, we never stopped," Nancy panted. Her fat, juicy ass rocked back to meet my hips and our bodies slapped together making a deep cupping sound as we built to a powerful crescendo. "I wanted to end it. I really did and I tried dozens of times but I couldn't." Her voice trembled and she groaned loudly as she came on my throbbing dick. Her pussy clenched tight, milking me as she writhed in ecstasy.

I was close and my body started to tense as I hate fucked my cheating wife. My anger mixed with ravenous lust was overwhelming and I slapped her big round ass hard, leaving a red hand print on her milky white flesh.

"Oh, harder, hit me harder," Nancy squealed as she wiggled her ass and looked back at me over her shoulder with fire in her eyes.

I slapped her again and then again. My heart was pounding and I laced my left hand into her thick, wavy red hair and rammed my cock into her like a jackhammer. My right hand continued to slap her bright red ass and my balls tightened. I erupted violently, spewing copious ribbons of thick, virile semen into her warm, fertile womb.

I pushed Nancy onto the bed, my spent dick slipping from her cum soaked cunt and I collapsed beside her. My climax had been epic and my chest heaved as I recovered from its ferocity.

A feeling of sadness and melancholy came over me as my orgasmic euphoria morphed into something dark.

"Fuck Baby," Nancy said in a low, raspy tone. "That was hot. When you slapped my ass and pulled my hair."

"Do you love him?" I asked, ignoring her as I delt with my conflicting emotions.

"No, god no. It's just sex, really good sex," she smiled brightly and rolled onto her side. She reached down and grabbed my slimy, spent dick. "He's dominant and aggressive like you were tonight. He's like that every time and it's like an addiction."

"How many times have you fucked him since we've been married?" My hands were shaking and my cock began to swell anew as my wife pulled and squeezed it in her soft warm hands.

"I have no idea how many times we've fucked over the last ten years. Over a hundred I'd guess. We'd go long stretches without seeing each other and I'd think I had broken the addiction, then he'd call out of the blue and the next thing I knew we were in bed again," she continued to stroke my dick and it grew hard as she tried to explain her addiction.

Nancy moved between my legs and looked up at me with a soulful gaze and a glimmer in her eyes. Her long tongue slithered up my shaft, licking the mess of juice and cum from my flesh as she gently caressed my balls.

"Do you like hearing about him fucking me?" She asked as she held my gaze and took the bulbous head of my throbbing manhood into her eager mouth. She sucked hard making me moan and then gripped my slippery shaft.

"Yes," I confessed. I couldn't believe how excited I was.

"Do you want the details Baby? Do you want to hear about how he bent me over the trunk of my car in a parking garage downtown and fucked me from behind before we even made it inside the club?" She smiled and stroked me with a brisk, firm rhythm.

"Oh God," I groaned. My heart thumped wildly in my chest and my head was spinning.

"Do you want to hear how later, after we'd been dancing for an hour or so, he dragged me into the men's room stall and I blew him until he jizzed down my throat?" She let go of my pulsating prick and then straddled my waist. Her silky cunt enveloped my dick and she groaned loudly as she took it balls deep.

"Tell me more," I panted. I'd never dreamed the I could get so excited hearing about my wife's infidelity. I felt absolutely ravenous and I began to thrust upwards, slamming my cockhead against her cervix.

"We fucked once more in his car in the parking garage. It was after the bars had all closed and people were everywhere. The car was rocking and I was screaming like a little whore behind his tinted windows. He came deep inside me, filling my little pussy right before I drove home to you. Then you fucked me while his cum was still leaking out of me." She bent down and kissed me. Her tongue plunged into my mouth and entwined with mine. I felt my orgasm approaching and my cock pumped erratically into her depths.

"Do you want to cum Baby?" My wife teased.

"Yes," I hissed wantonly. I grabbed for her hips but she brushed my hands away and flashed me a mischievous grin.

"Okay, but first you have to do something for me." She climbed off my pulsating dick and nodded. I knew what she wanted. It was what she always wanted and my body tensed.

The heavy, pungent aroma of her cum filled pussy wafted over me and I started to wretch. I'd gone down on her after sex before but never knowingly after she'd had another guy cum inside her.

Nancy lowered her sloppy cunt onto my mouth and I started to lick her clit, avoiding her dripping hole. Her body moved languidly over me and her breathing deepened. She grabbed my head and ground her sex against my face, smearing it with cum as she started to climax.

A large dollop of cum dropped into my mouth and I struggled not to gag. I didn't know if it was his or mine and I quickly swallowed to get it off my tongue.

Nancy rubbed her pussy against my face until her climax ebbed and then moved gracefully off my face. She turned around and impaled herself on my dick, reverse cowgirl style. Her thick, heavy body slammed down on me hard, and fast, making our bed creak and slap against the wall.

I sped past the point of no return and my cock exploded in her murky depths, emptying my balls as she continued to ride me hard. I felt oddly content with what had happened and I pulled her into my arms. We kissed gently and I listened to her heart beat.

"I love you," I said happily. I was at peace and I felt surprisingly close to my cheating, slut wife.

"I love you too Baby," she smiled. "Are we good?"

"We're good. One thing though, can I watch?"

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