Red Pt. 03


*Sometimes our heart reacts in ways we would have never imagined. Certain keys unlock certain lockers in our brain, which we never knew existed, and new caves reveal themselves; caves that are waiting to be explored.

This is a continuation of the adventure Avi wanted to go on but has now gotten Shana interested and excited. To see how the unknown winds drag their ship into deeper waters, please read on.*


Perth. Month 1. Day 21.

The clock showed 6:59 PM and I had not seen much of Avi the entire day. I was starting to have doubts, but I reminded myself of the rush I had on those couple of occasions, and got on with the preparations. I had spent the whole day outside preparing for the evening. I had found the perfect present for Avi. I finished touching up my red lipstick and looked one last time in the mirror. I could not believe how ravishing my 5'6'' frame looked in the red latex suit and the high heels. My waist long lustrous hair was braided in a very tight French braid. It was painful, but the idea of Avi possibly grabbing and pulling it later, got my juices jumping.

I picked up Avi's present and walked towards the Red room. I was imagining Avi sitting inside, waiting for me and the sound of my heels making his heart jump with every click. Walked near the hidden door and noticed that it was already open. My lips reformed into a wide grin, but I controlled it and tried to maintain my commanding demeanour. Avi was already sitting on the piercing chair and to my surprise, was completely naked. I could not resist the allurement of the situation and I went running towards him and flung myself onto him. I felt his penis grow hard in seconds, probably faster than my watch could count. I started rapidly kissing him and as expected, he grabbed my braid and pulled it hard. As an effect, my nails dug deep into his skin only leading to our kiss being intensified. Sweat began to crawl within my suit and the uncomfortability just made the restless and enhanced the experience. Finally, I broke the kiss off and said,

"Are you ready babe?"

"No, I am not. I am a little afraid. But since you have chosen to walk this journey with me, I feel more excited than afraid and hence here I am!"

"Hey Avi! This is what you always wanted, right? To have a partner in your kinky adventures? I was of course shocked with all this and I still am. But a loud voice within me is shouting, standing on the podium of my heart and saying that this is what I want! So, since we have agreed to dive into it, let's see what you have for me and I will show you how I will make you pretty!"

"Pretty?", said Avi with an obvious shock in his voice.

I took him by his hand and led him to the bed and we both sat holding each other's hand. "Bitches first", I said, gesturing him to reveal the jewellery he had chosen for me. He put his hand under the bed and revealed a box. He had chosen a thick, metallic black nose ring for me, a little gothic, I would say. I liked it. It was not my style, but nothing so far was my style anyway. I looked at the ring and said,

"O! you are so sweet!" and kissed him, "but I have something better for you."

Saying so, I took my box and revealed the jewelry I had for him. His face was as stunned as beautiful the nose ring was. It was a golden ring with studded diamonds and a single letter 'S' dangling from it. I think somewhere in my heart, I still wanted to punish him for what he had done to me during the first week.

"How could I possibly wear this? Are you crazy? What will people think? And honestly, I don't think I am even comfortable with the idea of wearing it!" said Avi.

"You better shut the fuck up bitch!" I said in a sensual voice as my lips slowly approached his. I grabbed hold of his penis and squeezed it a little. In exchange, he grabbed my hair and pulled it. I further tightened my grip and the whole cycle result in making us both aggressively horny. He pulled me by my braid and smashed me on the bed as you would smash a spoon of cherry jam on your toast. He got my suit and boots off and started kissing every little inch of my body. Starting from my toes, his lips started scaling my curves and finding their ways northwards. They took a rather long pit stop at my vagina and paid their respect. His tongue served me to orgasm and then his lips began their ascent towards my breasts and then back to my lips. I could feel the new energy running in him. I was more sure now that he wanted this nose ring dangling from his nose, even though he pretended to resist. And finally, his masculine pole found my feminine hole and two satisfied souls lay next to each other. The uncertainty started to increase in the air and I asked him for the last time,

"So, are you ready then?"

He did not say a word, but his kiss had signed the deal. I got out of the bed and silently walked and lay on the piercing chair. I was a piercing-virgin. I had never really bothered getting anything pierced and mostly used clip-ons. Hence my heart was beating faster with every step that Avi took. So far, this all seemed very exciting in my head but finally seeing it take shape, made me anxious. I was about to get out of the chair when Avi handcuffed my anxiousness to the chair. Avi was a certified piercing and tattoo artist, but weirdly he had just 2 ear lobe piercings and no tattoos. He just enjoyed doing it to others and never had the interest of doing it to himself. A long train of thoughts was running through my mind and simultaneously Avi prepped for my piercing. Before I realised, he was working on my nose and after a surprisingly mild prick, I could feel some additional weight on my nose. Avi had given more thought to the ring than I thought. I was heavier than I had expected. I needed to get used to these additional weights now. And so, just like that I had my first piercing. It was official now. Our journey had started. Avi had an immediate hard-on and I thanked him well.

I could not do Avi's piercing myself. So, we went to a piercing studio. The piercing artist seemed rather amused looking at the jewelry Avi was going to be wearing. It was even more amusing to see the awkwardness on Avi's face after the piercing was done. He was shying like a little girl. Honestly, it was a little weird looking at him shy this way, wearing a shiny piece of jewelry on his nose. I needed time to get used to all these changes. It was a familiar face but with a difference like having the same usual day but with a pink coloured sun. We both walked quickly towards our car and drove home with silence sitting in our back seat. The obvious question of 'what have I done', was clearly painted on Avi's face. But his hard penis was also as obvious as bright red lipstick on a pale face.

Perth. Month 2. Day 17.

Sex had been so great in the past month. But there were other things that had changed too. Avi was acting naturally a little feminine at times. He was helping around a lot in the house. He had resumed working of course and what about the nose ring? I let him wear a simple, thin one during the day. But when he was home, the shiny one was back. And now there was also a little tweak - instead of the 'S', there were the words 'Bitch' hanging from his nose ring. Taking inspiration from my idea, the tag 'Slut' was now dangling from my nose ring. It made both of us horny even looking at those words dangling from our noses, and of course made sex a very frequent activity.

It had been a month since we got the piercings and we both were realising that it was about time to get something more done. Avi suggested that we get 5 piercings this time and he picks the first 3 and I pick the other two. And since I was getting to choose one less, as compensation, I was to pick the jewellery for both of us. He was inviting trouble by letting me do it, on purpose of course.

Perth. Month 2. Day 18.

So, we sat in our Red room. The room had some additional toys now. There was an array of dildos for both our pleasure, a red latex suit for each of us now, suspender slings, whips and some more clamps and weights. Avi handed me a chit with his selection:

1. Tongue with a barbell

2. Navel piercing

3. Ear lobe piercing

I could see that he was taking it easy; may be for my sake or for his own. Now I had to add two more to the list. I wrote mine down and handed it to him

4. Nipples with a chain connecting both

5. Septum piercing

Avi gave a weak smile, especially after reading the last one. He was trying to maintain the damage to the hidden parts, but I was hell bent on making his punishment and shame visible to the world. It was then decided that I had a week's time to gather the jewelry and he would pierce me and get his piercings done from the same person as before.

Perth. Month 2. Day 25.

I was already sitting in the piercing chair waiting for Avi. He walked in and said,

"What do you have in store for yourself today? Let's begin!"

I gave him the jewelry I had picked for myself. The Tongue barbell and nipple rings with the chain, were rather simple. But I had chosen a rather big septum ring which touched my lower lip. My idea behind picking it was of course to make Avi feel embarrassed and hence I was ready to bear a little extra weight. And for the ear lobes, after the initial healing, I had planned on wearing some heavy, dangling metallic jewelry - again, for both of us. After a couple of minutes and unbearable stings later, I could feel the additional weight hanging on my body. The feeling was just getting better for me, but worse for Avi. Because now it was his turn to get pierced and he had no idea of the jewelry I had picked for him.

We went back to the same piercing store. This time the piercing artist realised that we were definitely up to something. She only chuckled once looking at the jewelry for Avi and asked,

"So, you want your sissy to wear the same jewelry as you?"

"Sissy? He is my husband. And I am not sure if he is my sissy. We are both new on this journey and frankly, I have no idea what I want out of it and I am not sure of our roles either. We both just enjoy what is happening and are going with the flow. Once the river hits the crossroads, we will decide on the further directions to flow in."

"So, you are just curious then? Interesting. I like it!", she replied. "My name is Abby."

"Oh! Sorry to have not asked you before. My name is Shana and that is my husband Avi."

Abby proceeded to work on Avi and within minutes, Avi was transformed further. I did not like the way he was looking with all the feminine jewelry, but it sure made me very wet. I could not wait to have him eat my pussy with that new barbell. But that had to wait until we both had healed. For now, I just wanted to make him shove his stiff penis in my vagina and fuck me hard. Avi got out of the chair with a heavy sack of embarrassment hung around his neck.

"I am guessing that even you have your nipples and navel pierced, Shana. Do you want me to have a look at them to see if they are done properly?", Abby said directly her words at me.

"Sure. Actually, Avi has done those. He is supposedly a good tattoo and piercing artist and so far, he has been very gentle. But I don't mind the opinion of an expert eye." And hence I got into her chair.

She asked Avi to wait outside and he obliged, for reasons I only later understood. Abby took my top off and looked closely at my navel and then my nipples. As she was looking at one nipple, her hand grabbed hold of my other breast and she aggressively started squeezing it. My eyes started to close and my indulgence in the moment, let out a little moan. She picked up the hint and began kissing me. My mind was not in a state of thinking and my hormones did all that they wanted to. There were multiple conflicts in my mind but they were all being burned by the fire Abby's hands and tongue were creating. Abby quickly proceeded to undo my trousers and made me realise the accentuated effect that the tongue piercing delivered to my vagina. She had two of those - a ring and a barbell. How could I not get myself to stop her? Had my heart accepted an alternative life and entered this world completely? These thoughts were thumping louder in my head than my silenced moans. My hands grabbed the chair and the feeling of cheating on my husband, grabbed my soul. But finally, she cleaned me well and kissed me on my way out, giving me a taste of my own juices and the realisation that I had cheated on my husband with another woman.

Looking at my disoriented state, Avi asked, "Are you OK? You seem a little hazy."

"I am alright. There are just too many things that are changing and I need to get used to it. You look cute BTW; almost like a slutty ladyboy. I want you to take me right here! But let's wait until we get home."

The walk back to the car was just as embarrassing as the last time. We both were feeling very different with all the jewellery and I for sure, was confused. I had just been pleasured by a woman and I had liked it. I turned my face towards Avi, whom I really loved. Yet the thought of Abby would not leave my mind and made me smile like a flower who had encountered fresh light.


Do you think Avi should be slowly transformed into a ladyboy sissy or should he take charge and punish his cheating wife?

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