tagNonHumanRed Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood


Sabrina cursed as the car rolled to a stop. Typical, she thought, miles from anywhere civilised, time was running out and she was dressed most inappropriately for late October. She'd had no warning that the car was dying other than the engine stuttering several times, recovering for a brief; hope filled moment and then cutting out completely.

Sabrina steered the car close to the grass verge as the vehicle lost momentum and eventually stopped.


More silence except for the ticking of the engine as it cooled.

Sabrina sighed and quickly assessed her situation. She was warm enough for the moment due to the car's heater being full on prior to the vehicle's unexpected demise, but Sabrina knew that the warmth wouldn't last and the cold touch of October's fingers would soon be tickling her bare legs.

She looked out through the windscreen in the hope of some sign of civilisation, chimney smoke, sight or sound of a vehicle, anything. There was nothing immediately apparent and Sabrina felt the first flutter of fear deep in her tummy. It would soon be dark and she knew that out here, with no streetlights, the dark would be inky black and complete. She looked out of the side window and saw nothing but deep woods. The butterfly wings of fear in her belly took on the weight of bricks when she began to realise just how vulnerable she was out there alone.

Her early annoyance had been replaced by genuine concern now. The fancy dress party was no longer a priority. She was apprehensive over how she was going to get from her current location to a position of safety as night drew in and as the temperature dropped. She was dressed in her costume, all set for the party, and although she had some protection from the cold under the red cloak, the tiny red mini skirt and bare legs meant that she would probably suffer some discomfort at the very least.

'Red Riding Hood, good grief,' Sabrina thought to herself, 'what a choice for a Halloween fancy dress outfit.' She knew she looked fantastic in the costume, with her pretty face framed by the red hood and with her long, elegant, shapely legs shown off to damn near perfection, but now... Out in the cold she wished she'd brought a coat along with her at the very least.

Damn it was beginning to grow dark now ...and those woods... spooky.

Sabrina was more than a little mystified at how she had come to be in this unfamiliar place. She knew the way to her cousin's house fairly well. She drove the route twice a year probably, but she must have been distracted by thoughts of the party and taken a wrong turn.

'But where the fuck am I,' she muttered to herself and once again looked out at the gathering gloom anxiously. 'I don't recognise anything...'

Of all the times for the car to let her down!

The, with a surge of relief, Sabrina remembered her mobile phone. 'You fucking idiot,' she chastised herself, 'How could you forget the fucking mobile?'

She scrabbled around in her bag and sighed with relief when her fingers found the hard plastic shell of her phone. She held the small handset in her palm and called up her cousin's number.

A continuous monotone sounded loud in Sabrina's ear when she held the instrument to her head. She looked down at the tiny screen and saw the red sign and 'No Network Coverage' displayed.

'Shit, shit, shit!' Sabrina hissed in exasperation. She tried the number again, desperate for the device to work.

There was the same response, that irritating sound with its attendant message.

Sabrina tried another number, her mother's, growing frantic as she tried to establish some kind of link with what she was beginning to perceive as the outside world.

'Fuck! Fucking piece of shit!' Sabrina threw the phone down into the passenger side foot well as hot pricks of frustration threatened tears.

It was almost fully dark now and the cold was rapidly gaining ground over the retreating warmth. Sabrina shivered and rubbed the skin of her bare thighs in a vain attempt to warm herself. She was undecided as to what course of action to take.

Should she stay where she was and hope for a passing car? Surely there'd be one along soon. But, she'd been stuck for how long already? Ten minutes? Twenty?

Should she leave the cold but secure vehicle and try to find some sort of nearby habitation?

The choice was taken out of Sabrina's hands and she nearly jumped out of her skin when there was a knocking at the window right next to her ear.

'Jesus!' she called out, alarmed by the unexpected noise.

She peered out through the window and could just make out the vague figure of someone standing close by the car door. In spite of her apparent, imminent rescue, Sabrina delayed before tentatively winding the window down a fraction.

'Hello?' she called through the gap and then shivered as the cold air took advantage of the situation.

'Trouble?' a deep voice asked.

'Yes,' Sabrina replied. 'The car's just conked out. I... I don't really know exactly where I am. Can you help me? Is there a phone or something nearby?'

'Phone?' the man responded.

'Jesus,' Sabrina muttered under her breath. 'Have I got the village fucking idiot here?' Then in a louder voice – 'Yes a phone, I'm on my way to a party, you know, Halloween and all that.'

'I don't have a phone, not in the cottage.' The revelation surprised Sabrina. How could a man not have a phone? In this day and age!

'What about a car?' Sabrina suggested, sure that her somewhat lacking knight in shining armour would at least have transportation.

'Nope, no car.' Sabrina couldn't believe what she was hearing.

No phone, no car, what could she do? She was starting to get very cold now; she had to do something and soon.

'Look, can you help me at all? I'm really cold, I need to get inside.' Sabrina wasn't comfortable with the idea of going anywhere with a complete stranger, but what choices were left to her?

'Well,' the man spoke again. He didn't sound stupid or mean, in fact Sabrina liked the deep timbre of his voice and she had a fleeting moment where she wondered just how old he was. She couldn't see much of him through the window, but he didn't sound old. 'The cottage isn't far,' he continued, 'just through the woods there, down the path.'

'Is it warm in there?' Sabrina asked and then felt stupid; what a question!

'Warmer than out here,' the man retorted. 'You're welcome to come in and get warmed up,' the man added. 'Or you can stay here. Up to you.'

Sabrina pulled the latch and opened the door. The cold really hit her now and goosebumps grew on her bare legs within moments of the icy blast touching her skin. She climbed out of the car and saw her rescuer properly for the first time.

'Wow,' Sabrina thought to herself. 'What a fine specimen you are.'

She reacted to the sight of the stranger immediately. He was absolutely gorgeous. Tall, wide shouldered and lean, Sabrina could tell even with the heavy, quilted coat that covered him. He appeared to have just the messy, dirty blonde hair she found particularly attractive on a man, although it was too dark to tell for sure.

'If he's got blue eyes...' Sabrina thought; he'd have all the physical qualities of her ideal man.

A brief look of surprise flashed across the man's handsome features and Sabrina realised he hadn't expected to see such a length of bare leg exposed.

'Come on,' the man insisted. 'You'll freeze in no time dressed like that.'

He turned and walked away quickly. Sabrina hesitated for a moment and then followed hastily as the darkness swallowed the man. She kept up as best as she could, but her red, high-heeled shoes made walking along the uneven path very difficult.

To her relief, Sabrina didn't have to suffer for too long before the path ended at a wooden gate that was set in a high hedge. Sabrina didn't take too much notice of her surroundings and was focussed more upon getting inside the cottage. Her teeth were beginning to chatter as the cold caused her to shiver violently.

The man unlocked the front door and, finally, stepped aside and allowed Sabrina to push past him and inside.

Ten minutes later Sabrina was sat next to a roaring log fire and quietly relished the warmth it provided after her ordeal outdoors. Her red hooded cloak was draped over the back of a wooden chair and Sabrina was left wearing just her shoes, her tiny skirt and the close fitting cotton t-shirt she'd slipped on.

'So,' said the man as he walked back into the kitchen. 'A party you said, you were going to a fancy dress party?'

'Yes I was,' Sabrina replied. She surreptitiously carried out a quick appraisal of her rescuer and found, to her glee, that he was every bit as delicious as she'd anticipated. Blue eyes too!

'What shall I call you? Do you have a name, or do I simply call you Riding Hood?' The man's eyes sparkled with amusement as he teased Sabrina mildly.

'Well,' she replied and felt her face flush with self-conscious embarrassment over her costume. All of a sudden Sabrina was all too aware of just how short the skirt really was. 'I'm called Sabrina, actually,' a hint of petulance in her tone, 'but what do I call you?'

'Faolan,' he answered simply and fixed his pale eyes onto Sabrina's.

Sabrina shivered, a remnant of her earlier exposure to the elements, or was it something deeper, something primal that Faolan's stare had stirred in her guts?

'Interesting name,' Sabrina said eventually, breaking the spell.

'Gaelic,' Faolan explained, 'Irish,' he elaborated slightly. 'Speaking of Irish,' he said and clapped his hands together. 'How about something to warm you up? You must think I'm a terrible host.'

'Not at all,' Sabrina replied. 'You've been more than kind. I... I don't know what I'd have done if you hadn't found me.'

Faolan poured two half a tumblers of pale yellow liquid from a bottle that had suddenly appeared as if by magic. He handed one of the heavy glasses to Sabrina and then drained his glass in a single gulp.

Following Faolan's lead, unsure of the etiquette; Sabrina drained her glass as well and felt the viscous liquid slide easily down her throat. Not knowing what to expect, Sabrina was pleasantly surprised. The liquid had a texture that wasn't as thick as syrup, but was close to it. The taste was... well, it was... Sabrina couldn't describe the taste; it was like nothing she'd tasted before in her life, by no means unpleasant – just different. It felt as though the liquid had coated her tongue and throat, once again not in an unpleasant way, but in a way that left the taste of the stuff lingering.

'Good isn't it?' Faolan asked with a smile.

'Very,' Sabrina whispered as a glow spread outwards warmly from the centre of her body. Her limbs began to tingle, starting at her fingertips and toes before slowly creeping along her extremities.

'It's an old recipe,' Faolan explained. 'Very ancient, so they say, with magical properties.'

It certainly seemed as though Faolan's words were correct. Sabrina felt very strange, not drunk by any stretch of the imagination – just strange. She felt at ease, suddenly comfortable here in the cottage, alone with Faolan.

Sabrina stretched out on the sofa she was sat upon. She lifted her long legs up along the cushions, not caring that Faolan had a superb view of her gorgeous legs.

'Feeling good?' Faolan asked and Sabrina just sighed contentedly and looked at him, smiling.

'Oh yes,' she murmured, very good.' Her eyelids seemed suddenly very heavy, and Sabrina had to fight off an almost overwhelming urge to sleep. She looked at Faolan again, just before she succumbed to the glorious, sleepy feeling. The final thought she had before she drifted away was that Faolan's eyes had apparently changed colour. Where they had once been blue, they now looked brown.

'Strange,' thought Sabrina and then her eyelids closed.


Sabrina felt something between her thighs. She raised her heavy eyelids and peeped down along the front of her body. She felt absolutely no anxiety whatsoever as she registered the fact that she was still lying on the comfortable sofa, only now with her red skirt hiked up around her waist and her t-shirt pulled up to expose her bra less breasts. The inordinate feeling of well being she'd experienced before she'd drifted off was still with her and the sight of the delicious looking Faolan pulling the gusset of her underwear to one side didn't bother her in the slightest.

'This is divine,' Sabrina whispered as Faolan lowered his face towards Sabrina's plump, trimmed vulva. 'Lick me, Faolan,' she continued and pushed her fingers into the man's thick hair.

Sabrina sighed and pushed herself against her new lover's mouth when she felt his hot breath on her secret folds and his tongue slide between her labia. Faolan's tongue wriggled and squirmed insistently as he pushed into Sabrina's quickly oiling sex. He flicked at her clit and caused the girl to sigh loudly and then gasp as the hot pulses shot outwards from that sensitive little island.

Faolan took his face away from Sabrina's body and he moved up along the front of her until his face was level with hers. Sabrina looked into the enigma of Faolan's now brown eyes and remembered how blue they'd been previously.

In fact, as she studied him, Sabrina noticed more changes. Faolan's face had changed shape, only subtly, but it was definitely different. Once again, Sabrina felt no alarm; she still had that same curious sense of surreal contentment in spite of the fact that a complete stranger had her in his cottage, in the middle of nowhere and was now casually enjoying carnal knowledge of her. The minute physical alteration to Faolan's features didn't cause Sabrina any angst either, she just observed mildly, as though it was a completely natural event.

Faolan smiled at Sabrina as he held his face inches from hers. He pushed his lips against the girl's and felt her open her mouth to him eagerly. Faolan slid his tongue into Sabrina's mouth and the couple kissed for an extended moment. Sabrina squirmed under her lover as they kissed, she could smell the musk of her own sex on Faolan's face as he kissed her and she felt a quick thrill of lust when she realised she was tasting her juice on his tongue.

When the kiss broke, Sabrina saw that Faolan's face had changed even more. There was a distinct sharpening around the mouth and nose and he was taking on a distinctly animal countenance.

Still unperturbed, Sabrina only sighed with pleasure when the changed Faolan began to tongue her sex again. His tongue flickered lightly over her clitoris before Sabrina felt the wetness of it wriggling into her body again.

The girl cried out sharply as Faolan's tongue slid deeper into her. Her back arched as her desire burst between her legs. She was hot down there, hotter than she'd ever been before and she needed Faolan to use his twisting, insistent tongue to salve the burning.

Deeper and deeper it went, impossibly deep as the wriggling invader slithered wetly around the spongy inner walls of Sabrina's vagina. It couldn't be his tongue, the thought flashed through Sabrina's brain. It can't be, it's impossible, it's too far inside... but oh, it felt so good.

Sabrina writhed and moaned as the wolf, Faolan used his thick, long, lupine tongue to stir her deep in her belly. The wolf had plans for this beautiful, young creature. He wanted to taste her – and he was. He wanted to hear her come as he fucked her with his tongue-cock, to hear her cries of ecstasy and her sobs of pleasure as she came and then came again on his tongue.

She was so pretty, so physically divine, that the wolf wished fervently that he could take her with him, take her home with him as his bride... But he knew it was impossible, the others would never allow such a thing...

And, momentarily, the wolf was saddened.

As he knew she would, the girl gave a huge, guttural grunt and he felt the syrup of her orgasm splash onto his long, dripping tongue. As Sabrina sobbed her release into the room, the wolf felt his long, thick cock stiffen as the scent of her rushed into the large, sensitive cavern of his snout.

The scent became all consuming and the wolf felt himself slide back further, back in time, through the centuries and millennia to a more primeval time when his kind had ruled the Earth.

The time had come. The date was right; the Moon Goddess was high in the night sky, full and beautiful, like a pregnant female, just like the girl would be once the wolf had given her his seed.

He used a long, sharp claw to snip the scrap of Sabrina's underwear and then he positioned himself between her widespread thighs. Even though the man, Faolan was no longer recognisable, the metamorphosis complete, the girl still showed no sign of being disturbed. There was absolutely no sign of fear, not a flicker, as the wolf loomed over her slender, supine form. He offered the brutal head of his cock to her sodden opening and pushed.

'Oh my God!' Sabrina hissed as the wolf's cock pushed into her body.

Her reaction wasn't one of pain or fear, more one of total delight at being filled by such a member. She gulped and looked up wide eyed with longing and awe as the wolf eased more of his length into her. She accommodated the girth of him easily, with her legs spread wide as she offered herself eagerly.

'Fuck me with that awful cock,' Sabrina groaned. 'Use me, use my tight little kitty and fill me with cock.'

The wolf began to slide in and out of Sabrina's sex, his shaft pulling and distorting Sabrina's labia as the gooey flaps clung stickily to it as though reluctant to release the instrument that was giving Sabrina such joy.

The girl went into raptures as the wolf used his terrible, angry cock against her sweet body. She clawed at the furry hide of him when her climax hit – and then went berserk as the second rolled in behind – and then the third...

Finally, the wolf let out a howl and the first spurts of his semen splashed deep into Sabrina's body. He grunted and snuffled awkwardly as jets of his seed gushed from his cock and filled the sweating girl completely.

A thick dribble of cum squelched obscenely from around the root of the wolf's cock and slid down along the cleft of Sabrina's buttocks. There were more sounds of debauchery as the wolf continued to pound at Sabrina's inflamed cunt and more of the thick goo was displaced by his thrusting cock.

Finally, spent and with Sabrina lying limp on the sofa she'd just been so well fucked upon, Faolan pulled his still oozing cock from the girl's body – the deed was done, his line would continue.


Sabrina woke up with a start.

She was back in the car, the engine was running...


Then she remembered all that had happened, remembered every little detail.

She felt between her legs with her hand and her fingers came up sticky. She felt bruised and sore too, which was hardly surprising when she considered what she'd accommodated between her puffy, inflamed labia.

Sabrina knew she'd never find the cottage, that Faolan would never been seen again, but she also knew, somehow, that in a few months time she would have a very physical reminder of her brief time with him.

There was no doubt that she was pregnant, she knew that with perfect certainty, and what's more, she didn't care.

She knew she'd been chosen specially and that's why she'd been led to this place tonight, a significant date and a significant lunar phase... and a significant meeting with a man, Faolan – Gaelic for wolf.

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